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Let Get It Started: Turn your passion into a full-time earning source

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Are you willing to turn your passion to a full time earning source? Are you dreaming to achieve success in online marketing and work from the comfort of your own home?

If all of your answers are “YES”, then you reach to the right place where you are going to discover something amazing, that can really change your entire life.

Let get it started here without wasting time.

In this entire article, you are going to discover very valuable advice from a person who is making a full-time income from affiliate marketing. He earned all his success by simply turning his passion into profit.

Would you like to know a little about the person?

It’s my story actually. Yes, I’m going to share all my experiences with you.

When I started my online journey nobody guided me like this, nobody came to support me when I was losing money and getting frustrated. Everything I had to figure out by myself until I discovered this platform.

Being a researcher in the chemical industry, I had to spend a lot of time in a hazardous chemical environment which started to ruin me slowly. In addition, an away from home job kept me far away from my loving family for years. I just wanted to get relief from such mental and physical barriers.

Let Get It Started article represents an image of my office days
I was a full-time employee in chemical laboratories, fought day and night with a harsh chemical environment

I started searching for alternatives to figure out a way to work from the comfort of home. But the journey was not smooth at all. Initially, I joined some science-related freelancing jobs, but the payments were not good enough to replace my day job. Later I started joining some other platforms, discovered scams, lost money, got upset.

Certainly, I almost lost my hope about the work-from-home dream and become a super affiliate.

Blessed by the GOD, one day finally I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, though initially I was not delighted at all thinking I just discovered another scam. But still, I subscribed there because it was a FREE subscription option.

To be honest, I never looked back again.

Before I started my online journey I had almost zero knowledge about it. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, I invested most of my free time to learn all about online marketing. I was still continuing my full-time job, and kept learning at Wealthy Affiliate training platform. After months, when I find my websites were generating an amount that’s higher than my office job, I finally took my long-awaited decision; I shifted myself to the online world as a full-timer, leaving the day job.

Let Get It Started - do whatever you want, Turn your passion into profit
I love traveling, and now I have the freedom to travel wherever I want with my family and friends

Today I can proudly say, earning a high-end 4 figures ($) per month (even 5 figures in some lucky months) from online is not a big deal for me.

My ways to make money online

Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce, selling digital products, freelancing, etc are some most popular ways to make money online. I got involved in some of these methods, but I found Affiliate marketing is the most sustainable way. You need minimum investment for affiliate marketing, while it offers a huge payback in return.

In fact, affiliate marketing is the pioneer method that can convert your passion into profit.

Affiliate marketing is fully about promoting other’s products; neither you need to be a manufacturer nor you need to store lots of products in your shop. What you have to do, just promote the products you are passionate about, and promote them in a proper way.

The method is pretty simple and anyone can do this, but I must say, a proper learning curve is highly essential to get success in affiliate marketing.

As an example, traveling is my passion, and I turned my passion into my full-time earning source even though this is a very high competition field. In fact, I earned a massive profit from this particular high competition niche marketing.

Let get started affiliate marketing
This is exactly how affiliate marketing works

How did I achieve this success?

It’s very simple! After I joined WA, I concentrated on the WA training lessons, and requested help from the community to uncover all the tricks and methods which can help me to promote my niche website. And I received the result slowly but permanently. That’s why I am eager to help you out if you really want to turn your own passion into profit.

(Though I am passionate about travel, this doesn’t mean I am running my online business only on travel niche, rather I also own several other very successful niche websites.)

In the beginning, many people actually become tired of finding a legit platform among thousands of scams online. In fact, many people lost a lot of many in search of a real program. it’s just like a puzzle!

I think you are the lucky one that you reach out here on this page so early before wasting so many bucks in scams. In the next phase, you are going to explore something 100% legit which can actually change your life if you follow the tricks and formula.

Let’s see what other members are saying

Wealthy Affiliate is like a birthplace for the super affiliates throughout the world. Since 2005, Thousands of successful affiliates made their appearance right from this place. I already mentioned my personal experience. Now let’s see what others are saying.

There are thousands of success stories within Wealthy Affiliate because every day a great number of people share their daily achievements within the community wall. It is really not possible to show all of those here in this small article. I have picked up the screenshots for some significant success of recent time, Check the following screenshots.

Let get it started with the success stories

The above images showing you success as affiliates, which means these are their earning by promoting others’ products. However, there are also several members within the community who sold their successful websites at a huge price. Just take a look at the following screenshots.

Let get it started with selling your successful websites
They sold their successful websites at high prices

I hope you can understand the fact. Wealthy Affiliate can really lead you to the dreamland if you follow their way. In fact, you have to follow them exactly as they are guiding. You have to complete all the tasks, you need to work hard at the initial stage.

Don’t worry, there is no upsell within Wealthy Affiliate. Within WA you’ll be never asked to purchase something, but you’ll be directed to complete your tasks and practice regularly; very like your childhood day, your school teachers used to ask you the same.

So, how do you think?

Let get it started

Now, let’s show you some very important things which you should remember before starting an online business. Continue to read the following sections.

Rules of “Tripod” for start up an online business

After several years of experience in online marketing, I figured out some basic rules to start-up a successful online marketing business.

Rule 1: A simple trick to avoid scams

Let Get It Started for fraud alert to survive in online marketing businessIt is pretty frustrating to uncover so many scams in the online world. I don’t understand why some platforms try to make money by frauding people, while a dishonest way never lasts long.

Scams are really dangerous to subscribe… both financially and mentally. If you get sucked again and again you will be losing the confidence and faith and finally get retired from the online business, which is really unfortunate.

After I lost my money during the early stage in the online world, I strictly decided to check a program first then decide, preferably the FREE version. And I suggest you do the same, join a program only if it offers a free subscription. Then you check the quality. If you are satisfied then spend your hard earn money to buy that. This is probably the best way to avoid scams.

The rule is very similar to any other physical product you purchase from the market, such as a camera, a laptop or a mobile. When you buy any of these from a shop you get a scope to check the quality, you purchase them only when you are satisfied.

In a similar way you should subscribe to the FREE version of a digital product first ( generally, scams don’t offer a free version), check whether the platform is exactly the same as they claim or not. Then you take your decision whether to purchase the paid version or not.

Rule 2: Overcome the fear

Every day more than 5 billion people are surfing the internet, looking for various information. It is needless to say, there is a huge scope for starting an online marketing business, and in fact, there is a great number of underwhelming people throughout the world who have the ability to earn money online.

But I have seen many people suffer from a fear to do something new. Many of them afraid because they are not a techie person, and they think without technical knowledge they cannot run an online business. This is ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

Anybody can start an online marketing business if he/she gets proper guidance.

Earlier I already said I had no idea about online marketing before I joined the WA platform (I am excluding the scams where I joined before, because I learned nothing from those scams, but just lost money). To be honest, I was an absolute beginner in online marketing. However, a step-by-step learning curve taught me how to step forward, and eventually, I have been largely benefited and enjoying an amazing life today.

So I’ll strongly suggest you to overcome the fear, because online marketing is a very simple but highly profitable business if you have good knowledge about the tricks.

Rule 3: Why failure? – let’s solve it

Have you been sucked previously in online marketing?

I understand, fear of failure is a huge obstacle for starting over again. But have you ever tried to figure out the reasons for the failure? If you did, I’d love to hear from you so that I can help you out (leave your message in the comment box below).

One thing I can say, in this industry, helping hands are highly essential for getting success, but unfortunately you’ll get a very few numbers of people who offer you a helping hand.

But, gladly speaking, I can show you a community where each and every member are eager to help you out anytime, you’ll get perfect solutions whenever you are in trouble in your business. I really admit, there is an amazing strength in working together.

However, if you got sucked by exposing scams after scams in the past, it’s really unfortunate. But it’s time to start over, I’ll show you an absolutely legitimate platform, which can guide you to your success.

Hundreds of fellows start online business every week in several online programs (maybe a scam or legit), some people achieve success and some get sucked.

Have you ever thought, what are the reasons behind?

Only four things make a difference. I love to call it “DNA strands”. Do you know why?

DNA strands within our body get formed only when 4 nucleobase pairs join together through phosphate linkage. DNA never forms if any of them is missing.

Similarly, these four formulae offer stability and success to your online business, while the “learning curves” may be compared to the phosphate linkage (phosphodiester bonds). phosphate linkages (phosphodiester bonds) are the backbone of DNA and learning curves are the backbone of online marketing.

In simple words, if you miss any of them you’ll get imbalanced and end up with no result.

Let get it started with formulae of “DNA Strands”

My success didn’t come overnight. Since I started my online journey I faced failure… failure… learning… failure… learning… mind set… help… success… learning-help-learning… success-success-success… I actually faced such a curve. It is not accurate, but this is a basic outline to explain how I achieved success.

Honestly speaking, the road was not easy, but the learning curves and the other four factors greatly supported me all the way. I can never deny the contributions from any of them.

Just like me, many other folks are getting success in the online world in their own way. But over years I discovered that every success is standing on four basic factors, which I prefer to call “DNA strands”.

As I mentioned earlier, proper training courses are mandatory for online success, which is the reason I didn’t include it to formulae of “DNA strands”.

So, first of all, you must check the quality of courses within a platform (if the platform offers any courses). Then focus on the formulae of “DNA Strands”.

Formula 1: Website

let get started for creating website
You must own a website to start an online business

The first and foremost alert: Don’t start an online business without your own website.

You should be careful about it. Without a website, you’ll be unable to build up a long term online business. Your website is your own foundation, your own brand, and your own business platform.

Maybe you have noticed several platforms offer you get-rich-quick schemes by,

  1. Providing a business page (not a website)
  2. Offering access to a website that is controlled by the organization themselves.
  3. Not providing anything like a website but you have to make money by some other process.

From my personal experience, I can suggest avoiding all these types of programs. By subscribing to some of these programs, you can earn limited money (or even No money) for the short term, but in general, most of those are scams (lead you to lose money by continuous upsell).

It is strongly recommended to join a program that provides you an option to build up at least one website from where you can operate your business by yourself.

What are the reasons behind this?

  1. You’ll have full control over your business.
  2. You can turn your passion into profit, only if you have your own website.
  3. You can upload (or post) the best description to your website (on any topic you are passionate about).
  4. A unique description on your own website must pay you back and helps you to earn increasing profit day-by-day for a very long time.
  5. Your website will be your very own brand, the platform will just host your business website.
  6. You’ll have full control over your business (I repeated it intentionally).

Caution: Sometimes you may need to build up more than one website to grow your business (in the later stage), so it is better to choose a platform that provides you an option to build multiple websites.

Are you getting scared about building a website?

Believe me, it is so simple now. You can launch your very own WordPress website within just 5 minutes from now that will be up and running online, and most importantly you can launch your website for absolutely FREE of cost.

Furthermore, you’ll get very in-depth step-by-step lessons to build up your website. Don’t be worried.

Let Get It Started, Create your website

By clicking the above button, you’ll reach a page where you can create your free website. Just choose a casual website name and type in the given box. It’s simple.

During the process, you may need to fill a formal sign up form. It is absolutely FREE to sign-up for the starter members. Nobody will ask you for any credit card details.

After completion of the simple sign-up process, you’ll be guided by the experts inside. They’ll direct you on how to create your first website for FREE of cost. Don’t worry I’ll there also to help you inside.

Formula 2: Perfect keyword research tool

You need some essential tools to build up a profitable website. Here is a list below:

  • Firstly, you need a site building platform to launch your website perfectly.
  • You need a genuine keyword research tool that yields accurate results.
  • Content creator tool that helps you to stay unique and grammatically error-free.
  • Site ranking provider tool to check the position of your website.
  • and others.

Although you can avoid some of them, but to build up a successful online business, you must need a genuine keyword research tool, which can produce accurate results.

Yes, the keyword research tool is a big deal. An inaccurate keyword research tool can ruin your online business. Keywords are one of the major factors that determine the website ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), and thus also determines the organic traffic on your website. So, it is important to grab the right keyword research tool.

There are many online platforms who even doesn’t provide free access to a keyword research tool. You have to purchase it either externally or as their upsell product.

I suggest you select a platform that includes free access to a world-class keyword research tool into their package. It saves a lot of money.

Formula 3: Mindset and hard work

No success comes without mindset and hard work. This is a pretty simple fact. It is true that hard work can’t offer you equal profit in different sectors; few sectors offer a huge turnover, while others can offer only a moderate return. But hard works always pay you back.

Affiliate marketing is obviously among the former category, it offers you a huge payback with time, but you need to have the proper mindset and ability to work hard which lead you success.

When you learn something new, you need to practice it regularly. It is very usual that, if you skip the practice session you will be unable to succeed. Remember, every successful personality such as Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sachin Tendulkar, Micheal Jordan, Jeff Bezos, Stephen Kaufer everybody went through hard work and deep mindset for their passion.

Let Get It Started to work hard for success

Success never comes overnight, rather after several failures you’ll see the glory of success if you work hard in a continuous and systematic way.

You should not be defeated by the failures, rather you have to start over, set your mind, learn again, and practice hard. You should never forget this formula if you really want to succeed online and wish to turn your passion into profit.

Maybe in the internet world, you find some get-rich-quick schemes, and thinking “how they can provide you such an opportunity?”

Believe me, there is NO existence of get-rich-quick scheme, this is an absolutely forbidden term, and nobody ever got rich overnight without any hard work. It is my suggestion that, please AVOID those platforms that are offering any such get-rich-quick schemes, because all of those are scams.

Formula 4: Helping hands

Let Get It Started - help each other
There is a great advantage to work together

I already mentioned, there is a great advantage to work together rather than being selfish. When you start an online business you may face several difficulties. If you get sucked repeatedly, you’ll get frustrated and your frustration will stop you to chase your dream.

How will be it, if someone helps you out in your difficult time and provide you a genuine solution so that you may roll on smoothly again? – Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out such an angel, and it is the cruel truth.

But, I can lead you to such a community, where each and every member are eager to help you out whenever you need some help for your business. You’ll positively get an expert’s guide to solve any of your problems.

YES, I am also a proud member of that community, which never let me sink but always stood by me in my difficult days. Fortunately, today I own the same expertise to help others (especially the beginners) and I also expand my helping hands to the new community members as per my knowledge base.

It is obvious that if you work together and help each other, success will come at a faster pace; but most people don’t realize this fact and try to walk alone. I am really fortunate that I found such a great community with tons of helping hands and I’ll be happy to help you to reach out there to that amazing community.

Are you ready to get started?

Let Get It Started: join the amazing community

By clicking the above button, you’ll discover a simple sign up form which is absolutely FREE (choose to be a FREE starter member). No credit card details required, just keep your wallet away.

After completion of the formal sign-up process, you can access the community dashboard. The experts within the community will guide you inside and tell everything about “how to start your journey”. If you face any problem regarding your start-up online business, you just ask the community for a solution. There are several options, community wall, live chat, site support, you can ask your query anywhere. You’ll get the proper solution instantly (or within minutes).

Let get it started with absolutely FREE of cost ($0)

Now you have a clear understanding of the necessity for getting rolled through successful online business. You should remember the rules of “tripod” and formulae of “DNA Strands”, as I personally do always.

As I promised, I am guiding you to a platform that fulfills all the 4 formulae of “DNA Strands”, and you can register there for absolutely FREE of cost! (remember the first rule of “tripod”)

Let Get It Started: join us for absolutely FREE of cost

Now let me describe, how the facilities inside Wealthy Affiliate fulfill the formulae of “DNA Strands”. In fact, in the following section, you are going to explore the long list of facilities the platform provides you.

>> Learning Curves

Learning curves are compared to the phosphate linkage within DNA strands. No phosphate linkage, no DNA strand; similarly No proper learning curve, online marketing gets sucked.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you very in-depth and step-by-step training courses on online marketing. Inside Wealthy Affiliate you’ll get:

  • 12 phases of mandatory courses (online classroom) on affiliate marketing, which contains 100+ lessons.
  • Weekly live training that explains recent updates in online marketing.
  • 1000+ additional training sessions which are highly important for any type of online marketing.
  • Unlimited tutorials and training videos from the community member and experts that can solve any of your problems instantly.

As a FREE starter member, you can start your official training courses by clicking on the image below.

Let get it started - entrepreneur courses

>> Website building facilities

Remember the first formula of “DNA strands”. No website, no online success. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting –

  • Up to 10 websites (as a prime member) or, 1 website (for FREE starter member) – [you can launch and build a website in any niche you are passionate about].
  • All the sites you’ll be launching are fully functional WordPress website.
  • More than 5000 free WordPress themes (limited access for starter members).
  • An awesome site builder to launch your website within just 30 seconds (after login).
  • Ultimate training courses to build up a profitable website.

>> Tools within the platform

Tool facilities within Wealthy Affiliate fulfill the second formula of “DNA strands”, they actually provide you FREE access to one of the best keyword research tools on the internet. I already explained how important the keywords are.

Within WA you are getting several tools like,

  • A high-end keyword research tool that provides very accurate results (Jaaxy).
  • Website ranking tool (Jaaxy again!).
  • Site builder – launch your website within 30 seconds.
  • Site manager – Manage all your websites from a single dashboard.
  • Content creator – Create your website content without error.
  • Others – Other tools that help in better ranking for your website.

>> Helping hands and supports

This is the last formula that I described in the above heading. I am skipping the third formula because that is totally up to you. After learning new things and tricks how many times you’ll spend on practicing them, that should be decided by yourself only, after all, it is your own business.

But Wealthy Affiliate fulfills the last formula; you will get a great community here with tons of helping hands. You may face difficulties with your online business anytime, and all your business-related queries will be solved instantly within Wealthy Affiliate, because people in this community are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. You’ll probably never get another platform that provides such a facility. Let’s see how you’ll be benefited.

  • You’ll get personal help from myself and other experts within the community.
  • Drop a question within the community wall, you’ll receive a solution by another community member.
  • Drop a query in live chat, you’ll get a reply instantly (either solution or direction).
  • Thousands of tutorials and training videos posted by the members, those materials can solve most of your doubts and problems.
  • 24×7 site support: It solves your website-related errors within just a few munites (hours required in case of high traffic or difficult errors).

Usually, all the above-mentioned facilities are not applicable for a FREE starter membership (as mentioned in the brackets), but the list of facilities you’ll get for FREE of cost is more than enough. And for a FREE membership NO credit card details are required, so keep your wallet away while signing up.

You can compare the full list of facilities for a FREE or premium membership in the image below.

You can also join as a premium member, where you’ll have instant access to all the facilities within WA. in that case you have to pay either monthly ($49/month) or yearly bill (yearly payment offers a huge discount – $495/year). But I suggest you join as a FREE member, read and check the platform well, and decide whether to upgrade or not. It is totally up to you. Even you can stay there as a FREE member for a long time, as long as you want.

Let Get It Started: Join as a FREE starter member

That’s all I had to share with you. If you are interested, you can read the Wealthy Affiliate review here.

If you have any sort of query on this topic, you can drop the question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to helps you out.

Thanking you.

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  1. Henderson

    Making use of the platform too switch your passion into a make money opportunity is not a hard thing to do at all and this is exactly what I did with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Through Wealthy Affiliate, I was able to learn so many things. Before I decided to become an affiliate marketer, I had first already tried out some other platforms and was also scammed and It was Wealthy Affiliate that changed my life. I am a premium member currently and I enjoy everything there. People should really get it started.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your personal experience.

      I am glad to hear, Wealthy Affiliate has changed your life. You are not the only person, there are tons and thousands of other people who are becoming a full-time entrepreneur with the help of this awesome platform. The complete facilities and great training sessions within Wealthy Affiliate platform are the ultimate reasons that make you a successful affiliate marketer. 

      Considering my past experiences, I can say, there is no other platform in the online world that can provide you so many things at such a price (in case of premium membership).

      Best wishes for your online business.

  2. Wildecoll

    There are lots of ways of making money online and it all depends on what your passion is, what area you can perform better. I really enjoyed reading through your story, really inspiring and helpful, I’ve picked some things from what you’ve written. I’m into affiliate marketing and I can really say it’s been a very useful and lucrative business, and I absolutely agree with you that someone should get adequate or at least a prior knowledge of what it’s really Del’s with. This applies to anyone in order to perform better. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your insight.

      It is nice to know that, you are already in affiliate marketing and I hope you got the essential knowledge that are required to run your business for the long term. It is very true that, although affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business idea, you can’t survive without a proper learning curve (as you agree with me). It is just like, you can’t chop the vegetables well without a sharp knife.

      I’ll be happy to help you out if you face any problem regarding your online business, just contact me here again.

      Best wishes.

  3. Danijel

    Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have experience with the Wealthy Affiliate platform for over 2 years now and I am very satisfied. People when starting are often skeptical about the platform which is normal, we are afraid of everything new but until we try, we can’t know and judge. I definitely recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform to all folks who want to work online.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to meet another satisfied fellow from Wealthy Affiliate who is there for over 2 years. People who join this community, generally stay forever. 

      I pointed out the reasons, and hope you (or any other community member) will agree with me.

      1. WA offers you a sustainable business platform where you can generate your full-time income.

      2. You can complete the official training within your first year, but continuous updates on the present business scenario and weekly live webinar help you to stay updated and implement those in your online business. Who gonna miss these facilities.

      3. The yearly renewal rate for the premium members is very low in comparison to the facilities they offer.

      4. A great community within the Wealthy Affiliate help you out always if you face a problem regarding your online business.

      5. Their site support is very prompt. I have rarely seen such quick action on any other hosting platform.

      6. Websites’ are pretty fast. I never experience any breakdown. Its full credit goes to the hosting platform.

      7. You are getting an awesome keyword research tool for FREE. Jaaxy produces very accurate keyword results that help your website to rank well in Google.

      Who gonna miss such a long list of facilities, when people are earning a very sustainable income while hosted in Wealthy Affiliate.

      It is very natural to be skeptical when you are going to try some new things. But Wealthy Affiliate is offering a FREE subscription. You have the option to check the platform without spending a single penny. So there is no reason to try this.

  4. Wildecoll

    I must say it’s always difficult to make this decision of turning your passion into your full time earning, many people really don’t know how to expand or establish that passion which they have into something really big to the extent that they’ll depend on it’s income. You’ve done justice to this and I think it’s really nice that you shared your experience to make other people learn. Thanks.

    1. Dr. SD

      Well said! Most of the time people feel difficulty in taking such a decision. In fact, most people don’t know where to start for turning their passion into profit. Few people are afraid to try new things because of the fear of scams. 

      people should know, still, there are some very legitimate platforms in the online world, people should meet them to have a fresh start-up, and achieve unlimited success. Here in this article, I shared my very personal experience especially to help those people who really wish to do something with their passion rather than sticking to a 9-5 day job, as I did. Here is a great opportunity for all those folks. 

      Are you one of them? If you are, then just follow the ways I mentioned above, you’ll be greatly benefitted, I can assure you.

      Best wishes.

  5. water life

    The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a very helpful and useful community that provides you with the training and tools you need to create your own business in affiliate marketing. For me, it can be very profitable although I have not yet managed to reach the desired level, but with effort and hard work, I will succeed. DNA Stands is something I read with great interest, as is your entire enlightening and very useful article.

    1. Dr. SD

      I am delighted to know you like the formulae of “DNA strands”. These are something that I summarized after a very in-depth analysis of my entire business career, and these formulae greatly helped me to achieve success.

      Although you haven’t managed to reach the desired level till now, but if you follow the rules and the formulae, I hope you’ll achieve your success very soon. Hard work always pays you out.

      Best wishes.

  6. John

    Oh, this is a very nice post that you have written here on your website. Many people do not know that those passion that they have can be turned into something better. Something that can earn them an income. Personally, I think that it is very easy to do that with wealthy affiliate because all the tools that can help one have a successful business online is on that platform. Nice one you have here breaking things down.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, you are absolutely right.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a place where you’ll get each and everything you need for starting an online business, building and growing it, and achieving success from it. Most importantly WA provides awesome training on online marketing which really explored some hidden tricks to leverage sell. People who want to start their own online business, shouldn’t miss this platform.

      Besides all these essential materials, I must mention about the great community within the platform. The members will jump in to help you out whenever you are facing any problem.

  7. wesley underwood

    I feel this was very helpful and great info needed to know before jumping into this type of business. I myself is still working hard at it myself. Thank you for such a powerful article it really opened my eyes to my own emotional attachment even though it’s small things they too are still attachments. This has helped me make more of an informed decision.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi, Wesley,
      It is my great pleasure that the article helped you to make a better decision. If you are working hard for a similar business, you must receive the payback soon. Hard work always pays you back. But one more thing I’d like to suggest you, make sure you are working hard in a properly directed way. The legitimate lessons actually teach you how to work hard to get results. If you are already following any such courses then it’s fine, but if you are working hard on your own direction then you must check out whether it is right or wrong.

      Best wishes for your success.

  8. LeTisha

    well i had never heard of drop shipping before! all of this information really shed some light on the opportunities that are out there – Thank you!

    1. Dr. SD

      Oh yes, dropshipping is a kind e-commerce with a pretty low investment. You can learn all about dropshipping from THIS ARTICLE.

      Best wishes.

  9. Bob

    I liked your story and how you came upon Wealthy Affiliates. Lots of tools there to get you started without all the upsells I see with other programs.
    Does it take long to start earning money? Is there any cons with Wealthy Affiliate?
    The reason I ask this is that all the programs I have looked at or bought had no shortcomings in their programs. It wasn’t until you started the program that you found the problems.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Bob,

      It’s my great pleasure to reply to your query.

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    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you, Jerry.
      here in this article, I didn’t only share my success story, but I actually shared my own experience. I didn’t achieve success overnight, but I followed a path, went through an exciting learning curve, worked hard and finally reach my destination. I shared the hidden way that helped turning my passion into profit, and I am expecting it’ll help many other people who are struggling to achieve success.

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    In any case, I moved on from that and I happened to stumble upon Wealthy Affiliate somehow when I was looking up a definition for affiliate marketing and for some reason, I felt very comfortable with it because I was learning so much for it. I’ve just started and I love the fact that you were honest with your journey and you gave examples of others’ journey as well. All of this encourages me to keep pushing.

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    1. Dr. SD

      I am sorry to hear about your former story of getting scammed by someone. It happens in the online world as most of the people start their journey without any experience. And scams are always ready to suck you by any chance.

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