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Free Keywords Search Tool : Get A Perfect Result with Jaaxy

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Welcome to my brief review of a free keyword search tool.

Are you looking for high-quality keywords for your website campaign? Finding high-quality keywords for free is not very usual because most of the premium keyword research tools don’t offer any free plan.

But, you have an option, this is a limited offer. Let’s try whether it can solve your problem.

Simply start your search below to find out high-quality keywords for your website. It’s FREE to use only with us!

Important criteria you should know about keyword research

If you are trying to build up a successful website, keyword plays a vital role, especially in search engine optimization (SEO). Most of the people choose keywords in the wrong way which diminish the chances to rank well in Google and ultimately leads their websites to a profitless dead shell.

Finding keywords for your website in a proper way is the prime job if you are looking to build up a successful website.

To find out the right keyword for your website contents you have to focus on the following things:

  • Average search per month.
  • Completion of the keyword.
  • Keyword quality in terms of SEO

There are many keyword research tools in the market, but most of them fail to generate perfect results for all the above three metrics.

Other than our suggested keyword research tool (Jaaxy), Soovle, Ahrefs, Google keyword planner, Moz keyword explorer, Google trends, Google search console etc are few other options for you to discover ideal keywords for your site. They produce good to average results, but they are either relatively complicated to use or produce only partial information.

Since my online presence, I tried several keyword search tool, but I found Jaaxy is the most satisfactory in terms of result production, accuracy, and user-friendliness.

How to check Jaaxy results

Jaaxy generates the result in simple numerical form while some of other premium keyword research tools produce their result in graphical form. The inbuilt software within Jaaxy has the ability to convert the graphical results to the numeric form.

When you get a list of results with their data in numeric, it is much easier to compare them. I am showing you the example later.

Now, let’s show you the ways to check Jaaxy results.

Within Jaaxy dashboard you’ll get total 5 metrics which explains the strength of a keyword. That means it gives you an idea of whether a keyword will help your website to rank well or not.

1. Average monthly search (Avg): These are the number of traffics every month. That means how many people are searching for the same keyword term per month. Higher the searching traffic, higher the probability to get your content exposed to the internet world. More it’ll be exposed, more chances to rank on the first page of Google. Once your content gets ranked on the first page you’ll be starting to get millions of visitors. The average monthly search appears as “Avg” in Jaaxy.

High traffic keyword = Better ranking = Higher visitors = Higher sell

2. Traffic: This is the probable numbers of visitors you may get on your website per month. All the visitors searching with your selected keyword may not visit your website. A certain percentage of them will visit actually. The term “traffic” in Jaaxy explain the number of traffic who probably can visit your website.

3. Competition (QSR): This is the most important metric in keyword research. QSR tells you how many more websites are competing with the same keyword. If there are plenty of websites using the same keyword you’ll be in a tough competition. Less is the QSR less will be your competition and hence higher chances to appear in the first page of Google and other search engines. You get plenty of visitors (and a great business) when your website appears on the first page of Google.

Less QSR = Less competition = Better rank = higher sell

The QSR is a unique feature in Jaaxy. Many other keyword research tools fail to produce such an excellent result for keyword competition.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This is another important metric. Getting high average search and low competition is not everything about a good keyword. Search engines play a vital role too. The search engine does not like a very long keyword or a meaningless keyword. Even search engines do not like very high competition keywords too. Before choosing a keyword you must have to focus on SEO measure.

Jaaxy is once again a great tool to measure the SEO for any keyword.

5. KOI: After gathering all the data Jaaxy provides a general idea about the strength of a keyword. It appears in any of the 3 words… Great, normal and poor. This is just for your general suggestion, but you can’t choose a keyword depending only on the KOI metric. Rather, you have to compare all the above data proper way to find out the best keywords for your website contents.

Still, need an in-depth explanation? Click here to know, how to find keywords for websites.

6. Domains: It just shows you the availability of the domain (.com, .org, .net) for your selected keyword. This is useful only if you are searching for a new website domain with that keyword term.

The following image can help you more to understand Jaaxy

I can understand, you are still suffering to locate the metrics. Without a pictorial diagram, sometimes it becomes difficult to understand how to start.

So, let’s have a walk through Jaaxy.

Know all about the free keywords search tool.

See, in the above image where Avg, Traffic, QSR, SEO everything has been assigned for your simplicity.

The keyword, “Online keyword research tool” is a very low traffic keyword, only 40 people search per month with this term, whereas “Keyword research tool” is a very high traffic keyword. However, the second one is a very high competition keyword too. That means it is very difficult to rank well with this keyword, especially if you have started a new website.

Now move downward within the image and see the term “What is keyword research tool”. This one is a perfect keyword with high enough traffic and very low competition.

For more details explanation visit here.

How to get Jaaxy for free

You can use Jaaxy for free through the given links in this website. Simply search for a keyword in the Jaaxy search box given at the top and bottom. You just need to sign up for the free use and they’ll offer you 30 keywords research for free of cost. For full-time access, you may become a Jaaxy member for $19/month or $199/year.

However, you have a better option to use Jaaxy for absolutely free. This platform offers you full access to Jaaxy for FREE of cost. If you are looking for a free keyword search tool this is my #No1 recommendation.

There are of course some genuine reasons behind my recommendation. If you a beginner or intermediate in the online world and want to make money using your website, you may need some in-depth knowledge in this field. Otherwise, you may face a lot of trouble, as I did in my early days.

This platform offers extended guidance right from scratch. Their vast and step-by-step training courses will teach you to create a website, select niche, find keywords, create useful contents, optimize the search engine, and ultimately show you the secret tricks to make money online. In addition, you have a great opportunity to access one-to-one live training sessions in a variety of topics.

Story doesn’t end up here at all. More exciting things are waiting for you inside. Besides the in-depth training courses, you can create up to 50 websites in several niches (topics) within this platform. They offer you 24×7 site support, important tools like site builder, site manager, free keyword research tool (Jaaxy), amazingly supportive community and many more.

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My final opinion

If you are an expert in online marketing you can choose your direction, because you are already know how to cross the barriers.

But for the beginners and intermediates, there is no better place than this platform. With so many facilities, they cost you only $49/month for the premium membership, which becomes cheaper when you subscribe to their yearly plan, it is just $359/year. This is the lowest cost platform I have ever seen in the online world, who are offering so many things under one roof.

There is more good news for you. You don’t have to pay a single penny to test the platform. If you want to join as a starter member, you can join for absolutely FREE of cost, nobody will ask you for credit card details. As a free starter member, you can access the keyword research tool, Jaaxy for FREE (limited access), you can create up to 2 websites as a starter member, you’ll also get some training lessons and other facilities.

I don’t think there is any other platform who offers you all these facilities for absolutely free of cost.

Now it’s up to you.

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If you have some query, feel free to drop that in the comment box, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

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Thank you for your attention.

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