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What is niche in affiliate marketing?

Beginners in affiliate marketing often get confused about the concept of niche. Are you facing the same issue? Can’t you decide what should be a profitable niche to monetize your blog? it’s a very common matter that almost every beginner faces, and it’s not unusual if you are struggling with the same thing. Let me help you by providing a clear idea on “what is niche in affiliate marketing?”

What do we mean by a Niche in the Online World

What is niche in affiliate marketing?
Don’t worry too much to select a niche. Just follow the steps.

If you think about online marketing, there are plenty of niches around us. Anything you are associated within your life may be considered as a niche. Now to explore a niche market you have to be a bit specific because for running an online business, you need to have some knowledge about the specific niche that can help you to generate revenues.

Another important thing: for earning money from a specific niche, you have to have interest in it. That means, a niche may be one of your hobbies, your area of expertise, or something on which you have in-depth knowledge. Being a blogger, you have to produce thorough explanations on every topic that is associated with your niche; and you have to shout out your knowledge in front of the world, I mean the online world. If you can offer plenty of helpful and useful information based on your niche, your audience will start loving you as well as your blog; certainly, your blog will become popular. When a blog becomes popular, it also converts to a money machine; this may be via affiliate marketing, or Adsense, or product selling.

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So, the basic theme is>> More popular the blog = More traffic = More earnings

So what is a niche?

Niche is basically a specific area of a broad market. For instance, Amazon is a web platform with a broad market area where you can find several niches like men’s clothes, women’s clothes, travel suitcases, mobile phone, etc.

Let me simplify, how you can choose a niche for affiliate marketing.

How to choose a niche for affiliate marketing

It is pretty simple to choose a niche. But often we get confused when we start searching for a very perfect and profitable one. Even in my early days, I also suffered from the same problem.

In my early days, after a lot of research, I started building my affiliate site with the “hair fall solution” niche, because during my research I found this one is a very popular and profitable niche. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an in-depth idea about it. And most importantly I didn’t have minimum interest in that field, probably because I don’t have a bald head or massive hair fall issues. I just chose the niche because it’s popular.

So, as a result, my blog experienced a premium failure and end up with no earnings! After a few months, I closed the blog and started a new one. But, this time I chose my niche very wisely.

In the following sections, I am showing you 3 ways to select a niche for affiliate marketing. If you follow these, it’ll become much easier for you to find the right niche.

Suppose you are an affiliate of (you know Amazon offers an affiliate program). As I said earlier, you’ll get a huge market within Amazon to explore. Now click on the ‘category’ button within Amazon, and figure out the following things…

Find out which are the area of your basic interest

What is niche in affiliate marketing?
You can choose clothing accessories as your niche

Firstly, you have to check out which types of products are attracting you mostly. Suppose you love to travel. So travel accessories may be your basic attention. If you love to wear nice dresses then your attention will be towards the clothing department. If you are a fancy photographer, camera and lenses will be your love. In this way, you can figure out a broad niche from a broad market.

After the initial selection, your broad niche might be…

  • Clothes and clothing accessories.
  • Travel accessories.
  • Camera, lenses, and accessories.
  • Home and kitchen accessories… and so on.

Narrow down the topics

The above-mentioned niches are still broader, and a broad niche often faces much competition. Better, you should narrow down the niches for your start-up business.

Suppose you have initially chosen “clothes and clothing accessories”. Now it can be divided into male clothing, female clothing and kids clothing and corresponding accessories. So after narrowing down the clothing department, you have niche options like…

  • Female clothing
  • Female clothing and accessories.
  • Male clothing
  • Kids clothing.
  • Female shoes.
  • Shoes for hiking… and so on.

Now it is up to you, how much you want to narrow down your niche. It should be narrow down up to a certain mark. If you are extremely selective, you may face problems to find out keywords for your contents.

Though I exemplified the niche market with Amazon, you have several other options to specify your niche. Because of, Click Funnel, Shopify, Tripadvisor, host Gator, Blue host, Wealthy Affiliate, there are many companies in the online world who are offering affiliate programs.

Suppose, you love to travel. In that case, you can choose ‘tour & travel’ as your niche. If you love to teach, you can choose ‘teaching and learning’ related niche. If you a health and fitness conscious person you have the option of choosing health or fitness as your niche.

So now, Is the basic concept of the niche is clear to you?

Now find out a niche you are experienced about

As I told earlier, it is difficult to build up a business, if you do not have enough idea on a topic which you chose as your niche. Even I have been suffered in past by selecting a wrong niche.

Suppose you have chosen “Travel” or “Travel Accessories” as your niche, but you never (or very rarely) traveled. So, it doesn’t make sense. Because you have to write useful travel blogs to increase traffic in your website. If you don’t have sufficient travel experiences then how shall you do it! Your money and time both will be wasted ultimately.

Again, if you have experience in software development but no more you are interested in the same field due to certain reasons, still you can choose it as your niche. Why?

You can at least create useful contents on a topic about which you are experienced. Useful and helpful contents will attract visitors and ultimately you can make money from that website. When you start earning from a niche, your interest will grow up automatically.

Yes, money can do this. But this will happen only if you have expertise in a field, which leads you to create useful contents for your website.


So these are the easiest ways to select a niche as per your interest and expertise. You’ll get a better idea about the top niches in online business here.

Do you know what is niche in affiliate marketing?

If you are an absolute newbie in may need more in-depth idea not only about a niche but also about keywords, SEO, content creation, increase traffic and ultimately make money online. I’ll suggest you do this…

The niche websites I build up so far (just for an idea)

I am running 7 websites at this moment. Not all of them are profitable but few are highly profitable. Some websites remain non-profitable due to choosing the wrong niche, about which I was either not interested or I had no experience.

I am highly thankful to Wealthy Affiliate (website development & training platform) for my success in the online world. From this platform I learned everything from niche selection, keyword research, writing contents to make money online, and ultimately build up super successful websites.

I own the following niche websites:

  • A hair fall solution niche website (no profit so far) – before joining Wealthy Affiliate
  • Hiking shoes niche website (very limited earning) – before joining Wealthy Affiliate
  • Science discovery niche website ($900 pm on average)
  • House power generator niche website ($1100 pm on average)
  • Travel Accessory niche website ($1900 pm on average)
  • Make money online niche website ($100K so far) – my life changing foundation
  • Travel niche website (growing up – competing with a lot of leading websites in the market)

If you are interested to learn more, you can check out the following this.

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If you have any query in this about “what is a niche in affiliate marketing”, you can post your query in the comment box below, I shall be more than happy to answer you.

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