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Top Niches for Online Business: 10 Most Profitable Niches in 2023

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Today, I am going to disclose a list of 10 top niches for online business (2023), which showed tremendous performance last year, and are expected to that were remarkably

which I found really great impact to make money online as a full-time marketer.

If you are in confusion about the niche, then first know, what is a niche in affiliate marketing.

In my earlier post, I explained how niches are present everywhere, all around us. There is a huge market throughout the internet, and you just need to pick up the right one as your niche. To get the success you need to be very specific.

As per my commitment to one of the visitor, I have created this post exploring 10 highly profitable niches which you never considered in the past.

Before start, we have a few agreements…

Don’t worry about the agreements. I am introducing you with 2 very simple terms and conditions, which will lead you to the door to success.

  1. I am introducing here 10 top niches for online business which maybe you like or may not, because everything depends upon your interest and experiences. However, to learn more about selecting a profitable niche of your interest head over here.
  2. If none of these 10 niches matches to you, just leave me a comment, I’ll get back to you more suggestions. This will help you to figure out the right niche.
  3. If you are an intermediate and experienced, suffering from a niche idea, you can also look to select a perfect niche here.
  4. If you are an absolute beginner, better you skip this tutorial and head over here or do this…

So, I guess you agree with the terms and condition. Shall we move further?


What other people say…

If you check the internet you’ll see several platforms are advising you about some heavy traffic but general niches. I already passed through several training sessions from different organizations.

I have seen most of the courses and even many online folks suggest to start a business with niches like diet, hair fall solution, dating. To be honest, these are heavy traffic niches but too general and too broad. You never know how many people in the online world are running behind these niches and thus producing heavy competition too.

Why need to narrow down the niche idea?

With a broad niche like dieting to lose belly fat, although you are expecting heavy traffic, in reality, this is pretty tough to compete with the experts already hold their position from years. If you search for a related keyword you’ll see 50k or more traffic in these niches, but if you notice the keyword competition, you’ll understand the fact.

I’m not discouraging you to choosing a broad niche, even you can get success like others if you build up your website proper way. But as a beginner or intermediate, you have better options to earn 6 figures.

Let’s narrow it down and discover some unique niches. In these 10 niches, you’ll get much less traffic than a broad niche, but still, any one of them has a strong ability to reach you to 6 figures.

Let’s explore the top 10 niches…

I understand you are highly excited to check out those 10 niche ideas which can make 6 figures for you. Just a little more words… I am starting soon.

I am requesting you not to expect a deep investigation like this one for all these 10 ideas, because it takes huge time and space. But I’ll explain the major details like…

  • A general description of all.
  • Keyword statistics for some among those.
  • Your opportunity of affiliate marketing.

So, Let’s start…

1. How to Get a Six-pack

Six pack tutorial is one of the top niches for online business.

Description: This is a highly fascinating area in the younger generation, especially teenagers. If you are experienced in this field, I mean if you practiced exercise in past or worked as a trainer in a gym, then this is a golden opportunity for you explore your experience in front of the world. You can create useful contents sharing tips for building a six-pack, even make video training and tutorial and sell them online.

Keyword strength: Take a look at the keyword statistics below.

Top Niches for Online Business.

See, how many traffics you’ll get if you create contents with only this few keywords. It’ll cross 20000+ in a month (add all the “Avg” numeric to get the total traffic/month for all these keywords). If you research more with the keywords you’ll find much more than this. You can easily hit 50000+ traffic per month if you create 30-40 useful contents with different high traffic keywords.

However, if you put some more effort, generating 1 million unique traffic is just a matter of fact. Now guess, what’ll be your monthly revenue with more than 1 million traffics per month.

One thing I just forgot to mention, that is the competition of your keywords. I am not going to describe this for all the 10 niches, because if I do so, it’ll become a very long article. I am showing this only for this one. Now follow the QSR which represents the completion. Lower the QSR, lower is the competition. If you are not aware of QSR in keyword research check this article.

Knowledge about top niches for online business

Now see the QSR column. The first one is getting so much traffic but competition still didn’t cross 200. The second one is just unbelievably low competition keyword! Just, other high traffic and average traffic keywords are also not high competition keywords. If you search more, you’ll find hundreds of low competition keywords related to this niche, which can easily promote your website to the first page of Google (the prime criteria to make money online).

Affiliate opportunity: Firstly you can promote your own business if you are running a gym. Secondly, you can upgrade a local exercise center and make money from there.

And lastly, you have a great opportunity to promote several online body fitness organizations through affiliate links. There are many such organizations in the internet world. Besides, you can promote high proteins, bodybuilding accessories, clothes related to exercise, etc.

2. How to become a freelance writer

Description: In the present era people started to hate their regular job, and the rate a job-hater increased more than ever. Thousands of people are focusing to become a freelancer so that they can become their own boss. But most of them don’t know anything about online business. So they search for ideal platform and websites where they can learn everything about online business. If you are an experienced freelancer, you have a great scope to earn millions of money from this niche website.

10 Top Niches for Online Business

Keyword strength: The following statics will give you an overview:

Once again you can see how much traffic you are getting with only one keyword. This is around 30000!! So you can understand how strong the niche is. If you know how to find keywords for your website, users can discover hundreds of keywords which are related to this niche. So, if you start working with this niche, you can easily drive1 million even more traffic. Earning in 6 figures with this niche is just a matter of time.

However, the only drawback of this niche, you have to learn about the field may with the help of any legit platform. If you already have some idea about the topic you can choose this niche and start a website immediately. This is an extremely profitable niche.

Affiliate opportunity: There are thousands of related organizations in the online market who offers pretty high revenue for promoting their company. You need to register their program and put the affiliate links proper way within your website. Once your website will become popular you’ll start generating a lot of revenue from their affiliate programs.

Alternatively, you can start your own online training classes, or you can work as a freelancer for others. This is even more profitable.

3. Beach Holidays

Beach holidays is one of the top niches for online business.

Description: If you choose a whole travel & leisure niche, it is really a very broad one. However, you have to face strong competition with several travel websites including Tripadvisor,, Holiday Q, etc. But if you narrow this down to a more specific niche like “beach holidays”, your website will become popular to a range of beach lovers. They’ll be expecting to get the best information from your website. If you travel a lot in the beaches throughout the world you can generate creative blogs, which will grow your business to a great extent.

Keyword strength: See the statistics below, how many traffics have been generated with the most simple keyword of this niche. There are thousands of beach destinations in this world and if you can create blogs by only 20% among those, it will attract huge traffic. Maybe 2 millions or more.

Beach holidays is one of the top niches for online business

Affiliate opportunity: Tripadvisor, Expedia,,… there so many options for you. However few among them offers a pretty high commission. If your blogs become popular people will start to believe you and they’ll click to your links to book the best hotel for their dream holidays.

With time, you can grow up your own travel business and promote your properties in the same website. Even you can promote your local tour & travel companies to generate some extra earnings.

4. Camping Sites

Camping site is one of the top niches for online business.

Description: Like the last one you can narrow down the whole travel market and choose “camping” as your specific niche. Backpackers are mad just mad of camping. Have you ever tried this? Under the sky full of stars of into the deep forest, or beside the hilly river… camping tents are available everywhere. If you have some camping experience, this is one of the most profitable niches for you. Because who experienced camping he/she loves camping. When interest and experience mix together nobody can stop you to generate awesome blogs.

Keyword strength: This is 20000+ traffics per month for a single keyword research result. If you add some camping sites in your website one by one 1 million traffic per month will be just a matter of time. Who will stop you to generate 6 figures from your camping niche website?

Camping is one of the top niches for online business

Affiliate opportunity: The affiliate opportunity is quite the same as the last one. You can promote some camping sites to earn revenue. Additionally, you can introduce some camping related essential accessories on your website. You can become an affiliate in some online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc. and promote their products to earn revenue.

Lately, you can start your own camping business within a certain region and you can also promote the local camping companies.

5. Hiking Gears

Description: People who are interested in camping, almost the same are your target audiences in this niche. A huge number of travelers in the world are addicted to hiking, trekking, and camping. What you do, just marrow down your niche market. Instead of hiking destinations, you just focus on the accessories required for hiking. If you are a hiker you know it very well, what are the essentials in hiking?

Hiking gears is among top niches for online business

Keyword strength: As you are more specific this time, the range of monthly traffic is also decreased a bit. But never mind with the number, the average monthly traffic already crossed 20000+ with single keyword research. You have many more keyword options. If you select them wisely and create useful contents, you can easily cross 1 million traffic on your website.

Affiliate opportunity: You’ll be getting a wide range of affiliate opportunity with this niche. If you search in Amazon you’ll find there many hiking gears such as hiking shoes, backpack, clothes, tents, etc.; even the camera and lenses are also related to this niche. Pick them one by one and start creating useful contents, I can assure you, 6 figures is just a matter of time (and of course your effort).

6. Pet accessories

Description: Not everyone but many people love pets. Dogs, cats, turtles, tortoise, rabbits, birds are some most common pets and people like to spend time with them at home. They actually become one of the family members and the owner always take care of them. If you a pet lover, you can easily share your love story (for the pet) to your blog to build up a strong online business. How do you think? Can’t you share what are goods and bads for a pet?

Keyword strength: Though the keyword strength is not as high as the earlier topics. This is not bad at all. If you can optimize the keyword search proper way, you’ll get hundreds of low competition keywords. You can search for keywords for a certain category of pets and their accessories.

Pet accessories is among the top niches for online business

Affiliate opportunity: Pet accessories are available at all online stores. You just sign up to them as an affiliate, get links and put the links in your website proper way. Besides, you can start a pet store, where you’ll get orders via your website.

7. Hair loss treatment for women

Description: If you see at the health market, you can notice hair loss is a serious issue in the present days. But overall hair loss treatment is a broader niche. However, women are always a bit more conscious in this issue, because they love to see themselves more and more beautiful. So if you choose female customers (suffering with hair fall) as your target audience, It’ll be a very wise step.

Keyword strength: You can see below the traffic is fair enough. You can find out several other keywords like reason of hair loss, how to stop, what are the treatment, related medicine, review a particular medicine or therapy etc.

Affiliate opportunity: You’ll get a number of companies are offering natural medicines, therapy, etc. You can promote their products on your website. They offer a pretty good commission.

8. Emergency needs

Descriptions: Nature’s disasters such as thunderstorm, cyclone, flood, earthquake doesn’t come with any prior news. It is true that disasters are not a daily happening, but still, most of the people prefer to keep themselves well-prepared for emergency supply. Needs of the power generator, emergency lights, survival gears are always high. So, if you choose emergency supply as your niche you’ll be the gainer for sure. Let’s take a look over the related keyword to realize how many people are searching for emergency accessories.

Keyword strength: I am showing you the keyword research result for two emergency supply. Just take a look at the range of monthly traffic.

Emergency lights are among the top niches for online business
Power generator is among the top niches for online business

You can see the strength of only these two keywords. There a lot more survival gears which are your target products for this particular niche. Your website can generate 1 million of traffic per month very easily.

Affiliate opportunities: Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba, and many other companies are selling a wide range of survival gears, emergency lights, generators, etc. You have a great chance to monetize your website with them.

9. Anti-aging treatment

Description: You never know the strength of this health niche. People all over the world like to look themselves younger, especially females. People are searching always for every way to keep their skin glossy and glorious. You have a very high chance to make 6 figures with this niche.

Keyword strength: Take a look below, see how much traffic you are getting from only one search result. Further, you have the option to search for keywords with specific products and services.

Anti aging is among the top niches for online business

Affiliate opportunity: You can promote several vitamins, anti-aging creams, serum, diet tutorial, etc. Many companies offer high revenue for a single sale.

10. Specific gardening

Description: Gardening is a broad niche. There are many people on this earth who love to spend time with the green world. Are you one among them? if “YES”, then there is good news for you. You have a great chance to explore your experience in the world. Many people prefer organic gardening, many like to create gardens full of colorful flowers. However, even after strong wish, many people cannot build up an open-air garden due to insufficient place; but they fulfill their desire by creating hydroponic gardens. So, you have an option to narrow down your niche idea to organic, hydroponic, or real gardening.

Hydrophonic gardening is among the top niches for online business

Keyword strength: See the strength of the keyword from a single category. There are many other gardening categories, accessories with which you can create individual contents. Guess how much traffic you can attract in this niche market.

Affiliate opportunities: You can promote gardening accessories and nurseries via affiliate links. Besides you have the option to promote your local nurseries and sell plants and seeds.


I have completed the list of 10 top niches for online business. None of them is a broad niche but all of them are profitable in their own strength. I suggest every beginner start with such narrow niches rather than a broad surface niche. Because narrow niches offer much less competition, and hence more profit in the early stage.

Did you find out one niche that matches your passion or experience?

Have you decided to start your online business with the same?

Do you really want to make money from that niche market?

If all are “YES”, then…

==> Get some awesome training from this program to make it real <==

But if you don’t get any suitable niche, please let me know by posting the issues in the comment box below, I am getting back to you soon.

Which niche topic you liked most?

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Thank you for your attention.

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