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What is Alidropship? – An Alidropship Products Review

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What is Alidropship? I recently discovered, thousands of people are searching on the internet for a perfect answer to this particular question. And, I believe the exact answer can only be disclosed upon delivering an Alidropship product review because the actual answer is hidden behind the functions of Alidropship product.

In the recent era, I have met many people who are interested to build up an e-commerce store, but due to lack of proper guidance or low capital, they often get back. Few people even waste money due to unconsiousness. Are you one of those people? Have you tried to build up your own e-commerce store? Or, you are interested but never dare to step in?

The reply of "what is Alidropship" is nothing but e-commerce solution.Whatever you did, I guess, you are interested in building e-commerce, otherwise, you shouldn’t be here right now.

Are you familiar with the term dropshipping?

May be or may not be, but I must let you know that, dropshipping is a simpler and hassle-free version of conventional e-commerce stores. And today I am going to introduce one such company that can help you to build up a successful e-commerce store without much difficulty.

It is Alidropship, and this company offers you two ways to build an e-commerce store, (1) build your own store in your own hand using their plugin, (2) Buy a ready to use custom store from their platform.

So, let’s start without wasting time.

Product Name: Alidropship

Price of the Products:

  • Alidropship Plugin: $89
  • Alidropship custom store: $299, $499, $899

Owners: Yaroslav Nevsky, Ilya Dolgikh

Perfect for:

  1. The people who are looking to build up e-commerce/online store with a limited investment and hassle-free experience
  2. People who want to build a profitable web store, while prefer to avoid extra burdens such as product storing, packing, shipping, inventory maintaining, etc.
  3. People who want to include unlimited stock in their pre-formed online store having Woo-commerce plugin.

Our Rating: 91 out of 100

Author’s appearance in e-commerce: A short introduction

In the online world, I earn from two sources,

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. e-Commerce/ dropshipping web stores

My appearance in the online world happened with affiliate marketing which I learned from a very reliable source. The platform led me to such a financial position that I never needed to look behind further. After my initial success with affiliate marketing, I decided to build an e-commerce store with one of my favorite niches.

It is never easy to build up a conventional e-commerce business by your own effort. It needs a lot of effort, money, and manpower. It is needless to say each and every success comes with a lot of effort. Nothing is easy in this world, and whoever invites you to join some easy eaning source or a get-rich-quick program, that is a scam for sure (as per my personal past experiences).

So, considering “hard work” as a general, the other factors are not easy to overcome. It needs a lot of money to build up e-commerce because you need a big collection of products and a safe place to store those. You also need a lot of manpower to maintain the store, customers, website, inventory, packing, etc. Additionally, you need to keep in mind about shipping and proper delivery of the products. You need to pay in every step.

To be honest I personally didn’t have a big problem with money because of my regular bulk earning from my other websites related to affiliate marketing. But I was searching for an alternative way, such as maintaining everything in a hassle-free way right from the comfort of home.

My search was ended when I discovered Alidropship, the best match for my requirement.

Author’s journey with Alidropship

What is Alidropship? It is kind of e-commerce.
Dropshipping business model is much easier and hassle-free than conventional e-commerce

I am presently operating 3 successful e-commerce websites in different niches, one of them was built by myself using Alidropship plugin and other 2 are Alidropship custom stores. That’s why I have very in-depth experience of the platform and its products and it is my great pleasure to share these all with you today.

When I started my first drop shipping website I was really inexperienced about building e-commerce, but their ready-to-use custom store let me get my first sale within just 27 days. I started to work hard further and within the next five months, my website managed huge traffic and sales. It is obvious that my previous knowledge about blogging and SEO (search engine optimization) helped me a lot, but there is no way to ignore the efficiency of Alidropship products.

After gathering experience, I further purchased Alidropship plugin and converted one of my niche website to e-commerce. Recently I started my third store which was necessary due to the demand of my existing customers. It is new and hence not much successful one till now, but I am hopeful about this one too.

If you are looking to start a general e-commerce store, you should have a very good financial background and high potential to work on the field as well as in the office. And if you are willing to start a very successful e-commerce store with much less struggle like me then you should continue reading below to explore Alidropship.

What is Alidropship? – A General Overview

Alidropship is a gateway to manage and build an e-commerce website in a quick and easy way. Hundreds of people throughout the globe have chosen highly efficient Alidropship plugins and custom web stores to improve or build up their e-commerce business. However, I am one of them as well.

There are various Alidropship products for beginners as well as experienced within the platform; you can choose any of those as per your requirements.

Alidropship business model is extremely simple. This is very much like e-commerce, and popularly known as dropshipping business. Whatever you purchase, a custom store or an Alidropship plugin, the facilities of the dropshipping business model remains unaltered.

What is dropshipping?

You’ll have an online store on a specific niche, import products to your webstore in wholesale price, change to prices as per your choice which will be shown by your visitors. Your customers will visit your webstore, they will choose a product there and place an order. Then you have to forward the order to sellers, pay them at a wholesale rate, and your job is done. Now just calculate your profit and deal with the other customers. Sellers will complete the further tasks, such as packing, shipping, inventory maintaining and updating tracking info.

See the diagram to understand, what is Alidropship.
Alidropshipping business model — No tension for storing products, Packing, Shipping, and inventory

If you run conventional e-commerce, you have to take responsibilities for all these jobs, and simply you need huge manpower and money (as I discussed earlier). This is the basic difference between dropshipping and conventional e-commerce. Among several other dropshipping companies, Alidropship the biggest and most popular one.

As per my opinion, a custom store is the most well-matched for the newcomers and for those people who are busy in other activities (Busy to operate other businesses). I personally bought my third one, a custom store, because of my extremely busy schedule.

By installing AliDropship plugin you can have full control over the business, which means you’ll have absolute freedom to manage your store. If you use Alidropship woo version, you’ll have more freedom, because you can add your own products there along with imported products from Alidropship. Many e-commerce business persons use Alidropship woo version to maintain stock, besides their own products.

I am coming to more details discussion later.

The founders of Alidropship

Alidropship company run by the incorporation of a big team. In fact, such an innovative business can not be standing straight without the perfect team. Yaroslav Nevsky and Ilya Dolgikh are the founders of this company. I have never been connected to Ilya, but I had several conversations with Yaroslav who is really a very polite and helpful person. He solved several problems after I built up my first e-commerce website with Alidropship.

Alidropship Founders
Founders of Alidropship

I must say a few words about Alidropship team, especially the customer care. They are very helpful and most of them can solve any problem instantly. The only negative, they don’t have 24×7 support, rather they’ll continuously solve your problem during office hours only, but not before or after.

Alidropship Products: The building options

As I mentioned earlier, in Alidropship you have two options to create an e-commerce store. (1) Ready to use custom store and (2) Alidropship plugin for WordPress websites. Other than these major products, Alidropship platform also contains many other useful products and services inside. Let’s have a tour.

(1) Ready-to-use Custom Store:

The expert developer team of Alidropship creates a unique web store according to your niche. You’ll become the owner of that independent dropshipping website which will be hosted within Alidropship platform.

What are the things and facilities included in an Alidropship custom store?

Niche research: They will select a high potential niche for your long run web store as per your interests.

Premium domain name: Their chosen high potential search engine friendly domain help to grow your business in an easy manner.

Unique appearance: The developer team will build a website with a professional look which includes a custom logo, header image, icon, favicon, banner, everything.

Responsive design: Your website will be responsive for all types of devices, such as desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Alidropship plugin: The Alidropship plugin will be included in your custom websites so that you can select any products from Aliexpress as per your niche and import them to your website.

Ready to sell products: When you get your custom store in hand there 50-200 product (depending on the plan) will be included there for immediate sale.

Unlimited orders: You can process unlimited monthly order, there are no bindings.

Real-time order tracking: Your customer can track their order once those will be shipped.

Payment gateway: Ready custom store includes PayPal and credit card gateway facility. You can include any credit card gateway which is supported by your country, there are many options.

SEO: Manual and automatic options to optimize the search engine help your website to rank well in Google and thus increases traffic.

Social advantages: The developer team will create a social page for your website and also integrate social buttons and widgets on your website.

Promo video: Video promotion will be included if you buy the highest budget website ($899).

Social media promo tool: This tool automates your products to social platforms. Similar to the last one this tool will also be included if you purchase a custom store of the highest budget.

You need to spend a one time fee for creating a custom store which is categorized into three segments with gradually increasing facilities, $299, $499 and $899. It is needless to say that you can grab the highest facility if you choose the most expensive one.

(2) Alidropship Plugin:

Now come to the cost-effective option. Price of the Alidropship Plugin is relatively much low, that is only $89, and this one works fine in a WordPress website. But first be confirmed, can you build up an e-commerce website by yourself? Do you have some past experience in developing a website? Your targeted traffic will not be there if your website doesn’t have a professional look and if it is not easy to handle. Additionally, you have to take deep care about SEO, social and other facts.

If you are familiar with these jobs I would suggest you go for Alidropship plugin. The Plugin comes in two versions:

Alidropship Plugin: Directly works with Alidropship platform and Alidropship themes.

Alidropship Woo plugin: If Woo-commerce is pre-installed to your website or you are intended to incorporate Woo-commerce plugin to your website, then this one is perfect for you. This plugin works with Woo-commerce plugin and Alidropship Woo themes.

In $89 you’ll get both plugins together (you can not buy either plugin). You cannot activate both of them at a time. So before installation, you must decide which one is suitable for your requirement.

If you purchase Alidropship plugin to build up your WordPress based webstore by your own, you have to maintain and focus on niche selection, keyword research, domain, web appearance, website design, social and SEO by yourself. Other facilities like importing products from Aliexpress, payment gateway, order tracking, etc. will be provided by the plugin itself.

There is a limitation in product import. In an Alidropship plugin-based self-made WordPress website you can import up to 10000 products at a time, which is sufficient I think. In an Alidropship Woo version website, it is suggested to import up to 500 products at a time to avoid difficulties. If you are building a specific niche website, “500 products” is not bad at all.

How Alidropship plugin imports products in a self-made WordPress website?

This is a really impressive technology. The Alidropship plugin installed to your WordPress website will link up with Aliexpress via a media, that is Alidropship Google Chrome extension. So, you have to install this free extension to your desktop. Once the extension authorizes your website you will be allowed to import products from Aliexpress, and not only the products but you can also import everything about the product, such as title, description, images, attributes, review everything. But it is suggested to create the title and the descriptions in your own language.

Use AliDropship to create your own business

(3) Paid Add-Ons

There are several Add ons within Alidropship platform which helps to increase your sale. You can purchase those add ons separately if you wish to utilize those.

Countdown Timer: Encourage your visitors to complete their purchase as early as possible.

Facebook Business: Creat Product catalog to increase your Facebook market campaign.

Recent Sales Pop-up: Engage visitors by showing what other people have just bought from your web store; makes your store busy-looking.

Google Merchant: Upload your store catalog to Google; A great way to attract visitors.

Upsell: When your customers buy something from your store, encourage them to buy related products using this plugin.

Social Rabbit: The ultimate tool for auto-run and auto-promote your web store on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and boost your social traffic.

(4) Paid services

There are several paid services available within Alidropship platform and you can choose any one of those as per your requirements. The services are like, Add on set up, AliDropship Plugin Setup, Social Rabbit Plugin Setup, Custom Design, Custom Development, Social Media Setup, SEO Starter Pack, SEO Copywriting, Promo Video Creation, Email Marketing Setup, Hosting, Hosting Setup & Support, etc. Few services cost one time, few are on an hourly basis and few services are a yearly basis.

Things I like about Alidropship Products

During my long experience with Alidropshop and it’s products I clearly defined the positives and negatives of the platform. Let’s discover the positives first.

Importing any product from a Huge collection

How many products you can keep in a conventional start-up webstore? And how much are you ready to pay for it? Suppose its a clothing store, and you must have to keep at least 500 clothes for sell. So, calculate how much you have to spend buying those clothes. Additionally, you have to take a photo of each and every clothes with models, upload them to your website, write a description, inventory maintain and many other jobs. Don’t forget to include to costs of building the website and manpower.

Alidropsip custom store and Alidropship plugin provide you a great facility to import any product from a huge collection of Aliexpress, absolutely free of cost. That means there is an investment to buy products and rent/buy a place to store them. Facilities do not end here only, rather you are getting readymade photos, descriptions, and even customers review for totally free.

Isn’t this a great positive to start e-commerce? For me it’s amazing!

No shipping, No inventory

After importing the products in your website your main job is to maintain your website, that means work for driving traffic to your website for more and more sale (few of Alidropship paid add-ons even capable to promote your products automatically). Once you get an order to your website from a customer, just place it to Aliexpress, pay the wholesale price to the seller and contact the seller (preferably). You don’t need to think about further process. The seller will do everything for your customer, packing, shipping, updating. Even you don’t need to maintain any product inventory. Leave it to the seller, you’ll get updates automatically.

Automatic update

Where I ended the last line, I am starting right from the same. The system is fully automated! Your website will automatically get updated about the price change, stock change, order fulfilling, tracking details, etc. So much automation really makes your job easy, and this particular features help you to run multiple websites at a time or spend your free time with family or traveling the world freely (but you should have to response your customers regularly, it’s your business).

Turns a WordPress website is a fully functional e-commerce webstore

Getting a ready custom store is fine, you paid for a custom e-commerce store and you get it. This is very professional. But experiencing the beauty of Alidropship plugin really great! It can turn your normal WordPress website into an e-commerce store; not only an e-commerce store but it is actually a fully functional dropshipping store! Pretty Amazing!

If you have a niche blogging or affiliate marketing website and you want to turn it into fully functional e-commerce, I think there is no better option than Alidropship plugin. Again if you have a pre-built e-commerce store with a few products, and certainly you felt the website should contain more products, you have a great option to install Alidropship Woo plugin to your WordPress backend and import related products. Woo-commerce supported Alidropship plugin is definitely a huge plus.

Product customization

Alidropship plugin contains another facility, which is applicable in all three versions of dropshipping stores, (1) Alidropship custom store, (2) Alidropship WordPress store and (3) Alidropship Woo WordPress store. When you are importing any product from Aliexpress using Alidropship plugin you can customize the product description and title by yourself, which are essential for SEO. For each and every product you have to carry keyword research for better ranking in Google and other search engines followed by high organic search.

But the facility doesn’t end up here. In addition, you can edit any Aliexpress product image by in-built image editor.

Are you wondering why image editor is required?

When a product uses a brand name in their image that is not suitable for your website, because nobody loves to promote other brands within their own brand (your website is your brand). In that situation, you can simply remove the name using image editor. Alternatively, you can edit a great offer sticker on the product image.

Fast Shipping and free shipping

Customers often get demoralized with the excess shipping charge and return back from the check out page without paying. In Alidrpship service most of the products are eligible for free shipping in many countries, so your customers are no more get angry.

Many products in Alidropship platform are eligible for faster e-packet service. Your customers receive their order within a very short time span if this service is available in the respective country.

Others positives

  • You can create a custom coupon code to provide an extra offer to your customers.
  • Customers are allowed to rate and review the products on your website, which is a great feature.
  • Multiple payment gateways are supported by Alidropship plugin.
  • All-in-One Dashboard tells you about the detailed statistics of your website.
  • Customer support is very good within office hours (Monday to Friday).

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Things I don’t like about Alidropship products

In this Alidropship products review, I must reach out to you with complete information. Besides the above-said positives, I also explore all the negatives I experienced during my operation.

Hard work required

Maybe, you can get a few sales within 1-2 months after building a dropshipping store with Alidropship, but you must have to work hard to get a massive sell within the next 5-6 months.

You need to add 5 or more products every day on your website to keep it highly active. After then, you have to work with each and every product, creating unique contents in the product description section, and introducing high traffic low competition keywords in the product title and description.

Additionally, you have to check every images and SEO metadata for better organic search. You have the option to create paid advertisements for your products but there is no alternative to search engine optimization (SEO) for creating a long run business.

Finally, you have to create blogs for the products on your website to attract more visitor through organic search.

Overall you have to put a lot of effort initially to build up your dropshipping e-commerce business. In fact, I personally believe every true success comes from hard word and dedication. So, I managed this struggle somehow.

Ultimate custom store schemes are too expensive

The cost of basic Alidropship plugin is low, but you should buy this if you have some idea to build e-commerce by yourself. Building a professional web store using Alidropship plugin on a WordPress website needs much time and effort. However, for the newcomers and people having involvement in multiple businesses, the custom store is much suitable.

The basic custom store is cost-effective and you have to pay only $299 to buy a basic plan, but the cost of the advanced store is much higher ($499). If you want to build up a ready to make profit fully functional dropshipping store with automatic promotion and other facilities, you have to buy the Alidropship ultimate store, which is pretty expensive ($899). However, if you have an option to redeem a promo code, you can save 10-35% of the total cost.

Expensive Add ons

After building a WordPress dropshipping website using Alidropship plugin or buying a custom store, you have to build up your site as well as reach out to the visitors. This job is not very easy, but some of the Alidropship add ons make things smooth. Social Rabbit plugin for automatic social promotion, Countdown Timer, Recent Sales Pop-up, Google Marchent, Upsell Add on, Facebook Marketing, etc. are some excellent add-ons which are right choice to promote your business proper way, but you have to pay a lot of money for purchasing them. However, if you have a good experience to build up a website you can avoid these plugins.

NO 24×7 customer service!

24×7 customer service is pretty common nowadays and most of the big companies provide this service. If you are building e-commerce by yourself using Alidropship plugin, you need frequent help from the customer service. Without any confusion, they are pretty helpful but they’ll assist you only during office hours. If you face a problem on the weekend you have wait for their response till Monday.

Paid advertisements required for promotion

Paid advertisement is typically applicable for any e-commerce platform, not only for Alidropshipping. It is highly essential to put advertisements in different search engines and social networks to attract visitors, and you have to pay for it. The total cost of Alidropshipping webstore is much less than a conventional e-commerce store, even if you buy the ultimate custom store, but you have to pay in advertisements a lot to keep selling products.

If you can learn and practice to optimize to search engine, you can save a lot of money in the later stage, because search engine optimization (SEO) will automatically draw the organic traffic to your website, and hence minimum advertisements will to sufficient for promotion.

THIS PLATFORM offers the best training for search engine optimization to draw organic traffic for free of cost (and also provides many other facilities).

Need to choose seller wisely

There are thousands of sellers within Aliexpress, and you’ll get hundreds in your niche. But remember, you have to choose the sellers wisely. A bad seller doesn’t provide good service and often delivers wrong or low-quality products which can make your customers unhappy. So, you need to be very careful in choosing Sellers.

Alidropship sellers ratings and reviews are the very nice parameters for choosing the right seller, so before importing a product to your website you must check those parameters very carefully.

Alidropship Products Pricing

Alidropship platform has several products and each product are unique for their prices.

The price of Alidropship plugin for WordPress website is only $89. If you have experience in building a webstore then you should purchase the plugin and build a website by yourself.

In this price, you’ll get two plugins together –

Alidropship Plugin: It is for WordPress and Alidropship collaboration. Here all the products and shops parameters get controlled directly by Alidropship.

Alidropship Woo Plugin: This one is for WordPress, Woo-commerce and Alidropship collaboration. If you have a Woo-commerce web store or you wish to build a Woo commerce store with Alidropshipping facility, this one is the right choice for you.

Caution: You cannot install both plugins at a time. Install any of them to build up your website.

3 different plans are available for ready-to-use Alidropship custom store.

  1. Basic store: $299
  2. Advanced store: $499
  3. Ultimate store: $899

Other than these, there are several services and add ons in the different price range.

Check here for Alidropship add ons pricing details.

Add-On bundle

Click here for Alidropship service pricing details.

Who should choose Alidropship?

Whoever wishes to build an e-commerce store with limited investment and prefer to build up a worldwide business with a hassle-free experience, Alidropship is a perfect choice for them all. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in e-commerce and dropshipping, because their custom stores are ready to get sale, and you can make a profit with minimum effort in the initial stage.

People who don’t like to make a monthly payment for an online store, they also should choose Alidropship.

if you have the desire to monetize your hobby, you can definitely choose Alidropship to build up a profitable website in your niche in collaboration with Alidropship.

My Final Opinion

If your reply to the question – “What is Alidropship”, I guess already mentioned each and every necessary point related to the matter. Now let me summarize the overall fact.

As I said in the above section, if you are really interested to build up a dropshipping web-store for avoiding heavy deals like product storing, packaging, shipping, inventory maintaining, etc., then you can choose Alidropship without any hesitation. In spite of the few negatives of the platform (as I discussed above), I’d suggest you compare the positive points of Alidropship. If you can work hard with full dedication, it is much easier to make an enormous profit with Alidropship web-store. In fact, hundreds of drop shippers are making a sustainable income right from the comfort of home using Alidropship products.

If you are a newcomer in e-commerce, it is better to order a custom web-store to have a hassle-free experience. A custom web-store is relatively expensive, but it helps you to start selling in the initial stage. If you are intended to invest less you can try the basic store and later upgrade it to an advanced or ultimate one. If you wish to have a premium web-store for the day-1 without thinking much about investment, an advanced or ultimate store is the best options for you.

==> Buy AliDropship web-store and make your first sales right away! <==

If you are an experienced developer, you can build up your Alidrpshiping webstore by your own effort using Alidropship plugin or Alidropship Woo plugin. In case, you are already piloting an e-commerce business by installing Woo-commerce plugin and wish to include more products in your web-store, Alidropship Woo version is a great option for you. It is simple to install, import and building.

==> Buy AliDropship plugin, create online stores and upgrade your sell <==

Before finishing this Alidropship products review, I like to deliver a few final suggestions, those are,

  1. About hosting and building a website.
  2. Keyword research tool.
  3. Learning all about SEO for driving traffic in FREE of cost

If you are willing to host your website within Alidroship web hosting facility then it is fine, and you’ll experience a smooth experience. But, if you think it is expensive for you, or if you are thinking alternatively, I’d suggest you check out Siterubix website builder which offers you a pretty fast server worldwide and hassle-free experience.

Building a website is not an easy job until you have enough knowledge. Alidropship can provide you a dropshipping web-store, but if you don’t have good knowledge to build up a website, your web-store will get failed to earn long term success. Parameters like Niche selections, Keyword selection, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, proper social promotion, etc. play a vital role in ranking your website and helping in the long term run.

How long and how much can you pay for advertisements? Rather, isn’t it better to promote your website for free of cost by optimizing the search engine? Within Alidropship, there are services for SEO, but you have to pay for it hourly basis if you want the service for your web-store. Instead, you can learn these things yourself as I did personally.

I am highly thankful to THIS PLATFORM where I learned all the techniques to promote a website for FREE, and those only lessons helped my web-stores a lot to rank on the first page of Google. I never pay extra money for SEO and I rarely promote my web-stores by paid advertisement, which actually saves my lots of money.

If you get the proper lessons for Keyword research, SEO, content creation, etc., nobody can stop your webstore from ranking in Google as well as driving organic traffic. More the organic search more will be the numbers of natural visitors, and subsequently, less will be the expenditure on advertisements. Additionally, In THIS PLATFORM, you can build up to 50 websites under this platform (as a premium member), get a great helping community, world-class customer support and many more. If you are interested in my ways to build a profitable website, you can sign up through the following link for absolutely FREE.

==> Sign up here to learn how to build a profitable website for FREE <==

The last portion is not directly related to the question “What is Alidropship?”, but the matters I discussed in the very last paragraphs are passively related to your dropshipping business. If you are looking to make a long term profit from your web-store you must learn the techniques which can save lots of money by avoiding too many advertisements, while getting a regular sell.

That’s are Ladies and gentlemen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them by posting the query in the comment box below, or you can contact me through the “Contact Us” link at the main menu.

If you find the article helpful, please share it on social media and share your insight in the comment box below.

Have a Nice Day!

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

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  1. Bonnie

    Hi, I don’t have a lot of experience, so I assume I would have to purchase the custom web-store. I am interested in selling some craft items that I create. However, I don’t have enough to sustain a decent income. Would I be able to purchase the web-store and add my items to sell on it? Also, since I’m not very experienced, would they help me to set up my products? Thanks so much for this article. It is really giving me some different ideas on how the generate online income.

    1. Dr. SD

      You can positively purchase Alidropship custom store, as you said you don’t have much experience. But if you want to sell the craft item you created, a custom store will not support you. In a custom store, you can only import Aliexprexx products to your website for your dropshipping business. They will not help to set your products because you can not import your own product in a custom store. Please read well to understand the fact.

      If you want to sell your own products as well as Alidroship products you can buy Alidropship Woo version of the plugin and build up your website by yourself. Then, on one hand, you can import Aliexpress products to your website (for dropshipping) and also can add your own products by yourself. They will help to set your website only if you purchase their services. They have hourly basis price for web development.

      However, dropshipping with Aliexpress is one of the most profitable online business, I can assure you.

      You can check out the product right from the links within this page to grab the discounted price (use the coupon after clicking the Alidropship links).

  2. Malwina

    Very interesting blog. I didn’t know about Alidropship benefits as such. Thank you for sharing important information about digital products marketing online and about Dream-11. I will practice few of your tips in my life as they seem to be profitable. I like your website layout and long so very informative articles.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for your appreciation.

      I am glad that you come to be known bout Alidropship right from this article. If you are interested in e-commerce, this is really a great option to start up with a low investment.

      Best wishes for the future.
      Hope to see you again here in Wonder Treasure as we are updating unique information on a regular basis.

  3. Lori Marick

    I use to use this company when I had my online store through Shopify, but gave it up because I wasn’t getting traffic and the conversions. I know how to do that now so maybe I will give it another try. Thanks for the great read.

    1. Dr. SD

      There are certain negatives to using alidropshipping services via Shopify. I’ll explain it another day.
      Purchasing Alidropship plugin for your WordPress website, or purchasing a ready-made Alidropship store is a much better option to launch a dropshipping business.

      Yes, traffic is a major problem, but there are several options to leverage the traffic in your dropshipping store. Alidropship add ons are one of the greatest solutions, but you have to purchase the Add-ons. However, you need to pay a one time fee for most of the add-ons, and they actually increase you business growth to some extent.

      The alternative is SEO. If you want fully organic traffic Search Engine Optimization is the best option. I’m glad to know you have the knowledge of SEO now, ao you can give another effort for drop shipping for sure.

      Best wishes.

  4. Kohl

    Thank you for this comprehensive review, I believe many people will be able to be benefited from it! With there being so many scams out there, it is important for people to be able to have resources where they can go to educate themselves. 

    I have looked into dropshipping before but decided to go with the affiliate marketing route. I like how you explained the two different scenarios and who those scenarios would apply to for effectively using Alidropship. What is your favourite, overall part of this platform?

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank for your comment on this Alidropship review.

      I see, you are interested to know which one is my favorite. Obviously it is affiliate marketing; because this is the option to make higher revenue with lower maintenance. But I like dropshipping also. 

      The knowledge of affiliate marketing help me a lot in my dropshipping business, especially the knowledge of SEO which I learned from Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. David ben

    Hello there, thanks for this Awesome article.I don’t have a lot of knowledge, that’s why I had to leave it on touch for a very long time now until I came across this article I think I have all the knowledge I need now because the article was well detailed with all the things we need to know if we are to go into dropshipping. 

    Alidroshipping, I thinks it is the best due to all the properties and it is also very affordable.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi David,

      I’m glad that you find the information helpful and you discovered all the information you were looking for a long time.

      Yes, Alidropship is a right choice if you are interested to start an e-commerce. The Alidropship plug-in is extremely affordable, and it is worthy to purchase if you have some knowledge in website building. Alternatively you can try ready to use shop for a Hassel free business start up.

  6. Moi MOI

    Greetings Dr SD,

    I did not know much about AlidropShip before reading this in-depth review.

    My take is than the positive aspects of this e-commerce business are far superior to the negative.

    Let’s be frank, the fact that hard work is required is really not a negative because is a sign of legitimacy and upcoming success. Strong commitment to this activity is required thus many competitors may not make it.

    I like this a great deal and will be looking into acquiring these skills to set it up.

    1. Dr. SD

      You are right. Hard work always pay you back.

      If you are interested in e-commerce, you can try Alidroshipping. This relatively much easier to handle than conventional e-store. If you can apply SEO strategies proper way, you can have even more profit because you need not pay too much for advertisements.

  7. Shifts

    I have always wanted to run drop shipping business. I had done a lot of research about it, attended a lot of webinars especially at night and they always ended up with selling and the price is always high, over a thousand and five hundred dollars ($1,500) but I have not been able to carry on due to the high cost. Alidropship looks like what I have been looking for over a very long time now.

    1. Dr. SD

      If you are talking about the price for getting a dropshipping store, you are absolutely right. Most of the platforms suck too much money for a creating a dropshipping store for you. As an example you can say My Business Venture. Those are legitimate, but really a high cost platform. Who gonna spend so much for a start up e-store!

      But, in Alidropship you’ll get several plans. If You’re a newbie, you can simply avoid the high priced e-stores. If you have some website building experience, Alidropship plug-in is a good option because it is very much affordable. Alternatively, for a hassle free experience a basic e-store would be fine. Later you can upgrade it.

      If you are talking about the niche products price within Alidropship, I’d say you have to select the products wisely. You’ll find there a same product with several prices. Preferably you should choose one that is having the lowest cost. But at the same time you also need to check the seller’s reputation.

      Regards & Best wishes

  8. Techie

    Wow! I love this Alidropship; looks really nice and the price is affordable too. 


    I only know about Shopify before now but I never had interest in it but I so much love this one you are recommending. I love the add-ons included and I love the fact that it is a new time payment and I can use WordPress. Really nice. But firstly, I need to do affiliate marketing before going into dropshipping. Nice information.

    1. Dr. SD

      You actually do need to do affiliate marketing before dropshipping. These two two different business ideas.

      What I said, you need to have a good knowledge on SEO before you head for a dropshipping store. SEO helps you to learn get traffic without paid advertisements, and thus saves a lot of money.

      At the end I suggested a platform that offers the best SEO training I have seen so far. Affiliate marketing training is a part of their courses. This platform actually provide great training on online marketing that includes several topics such a keyword research, affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC etc and also provides all the required facilities for a online business.

      You can build up a website in this platform by following their step-by-step guides and include Alidropship plug-in into it. The price of Alidropship plug-in is very much affordable, in comparison to their ready-made webstore.

  9. Nelson dave

    Alidropship one of the best out there my company have been using it for some time now and we have never had a reason to regret it becaus it has all someone needs i have tried other products like droptify and shoptify but to me they’re not to be compared with Alidropship. But my last experience with Alidropship was not good anywaythey  BROKE my site while trying to fix a bug on their software -which I had to fix on my own time and expense!.but all good they still the best.

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