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"Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires." — Bo Bennet

The Power of Internet Marketing can Provide You An Uninterrupted Source of Full-time Earnings...

The Power of Internet Marketing can Provide You An Uninterrupted Source of Full-time Earnings...

It doesn't matter, when you are working, where you are working

It doesn't matter, when you are working, where you are working

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The Power of Internet Marketing can Provide You An Uninterrupted Source of Full-time Earnings...

It doesn't matter, when you are working, where you are working

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Learn the exact business model & strategies that can help you generating a continuous source of passive earnings.


Helping hands are always necessery when you are trying something new; but it's not so easy the get REAL ones. Within WA meet the community of 1.4 Million members from 195 countries worldwide and grow your business.

In-Depth Training Sessions

Get access to 12 official courses containing 120+ lessons, weekly live Webinar, and 1000+ tutorials created by the super experts.

Free Websites And Hosting

Host up to 50 websites for free. Also get access to some extremely valuable tools to run your business; Jaaxy keyword research tool, site-builder, site manager, content creator are the most important ones in the list.

The founder of Wonder Treasure is Dr. SD

The Internet world mostly knows me in the name of SD. You can however call me Suvankar.

Most Super affiliates tell you about their Fancy Cars, big Palaces, luxury tours, and most importantly show you a daydream of becoming a millionaire!!  Instead, I’ll tell you something different; my story is all about a sustainable life that grows up happily with my loving family and friends. 

Yes, I travel a lot, it’s the one thing that I’m passionate about. Nevertheless, traveling doesn’t hamper my work, because my job needs only a laptop that I do carry wherever I go. And I can easily manage 2-3 hours on most of my travel days, except for the days with a packed schedule.

Without passion, you don’t earn the energy to do something extraordinary. The same happened to me! My passion for travel introduced me to a new world that help me to fulfill all my wishes seamlessly.

My story is nothing crazy but it’s just an honest way to follow my dreams and turn the passion into profit.

I strongly believe anyone in the world can do the same as I did. It’s not rocket science, rather it’s a combination of unexplored knowledge and a bunch of simple techniques. You can start learning them for Free anytime.

Choose the perfect plan

If you prefer to join as a starter member, it’s completely free to join. Even no need to share your credit card information. If you choose to join as a premium member directly, you can access all the facilities in exchange of only $49/month, in the yearly plan you can save even more.

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Frequently asked questions

(Following are the clarifications of most frequently asked queries we receive everyday)

Wealthy Affiliate is steadily live online since 2005 without any breakdown, and it is the most legitimate platform to learn and host an online business.

There are several similar platforms launched later but none of those can offer the quality and facility of Wealthy Affiliate and hence none of those are real competitor of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers most in-depth knowledge on Internet Marketing in comparison to any other similar platform. In addition, you’ll have access to all the important tools and facilities those are required for Internet Marketing business. The most important ones are:

Till date, there is not a single platform that offers so many things in such an amazing price; in fact, no other platform offers so many facilities under one umbrella.

And of course, don’t forget about the amazingly helpful community within the platform. When you are starting something new, you need experts’ help in every step, the the amazing community members in WA is always eager to help you out.

Training in this platform is primarily focused on affiliate marketing because this is the most viable way to make money online; also, this business model offers a zero (0) investment startup. In the training session you’ll learn the evergreen methods and hidden tricks to build up and grow your online business.

Training courses are designed for absolute beginners; you don’t need to have any technical knowledge because you’ll learn everything from scratch, step-by-step. These are easy steps, but many people skip these.

The training courses cover several topics such as finding profitable Niche, Keyword research, Content creation, SEO, Free organic traffic, paid traffic, analytics, e-commerce, dropshipping, and many others.

Wealthy Affiliate hosts an extremely vast range of training courses that covers almost everything about internet marketing. Not only the premium coaches, but also the expert members contributed largely there to spread the knowledge.

The training modules divided in 3 categories:

  1. Official training courses (Entrepreneurship: 50 lessons, Bootcamp: 70 lessons).
  2. Weekly live webinar for most updated methods.
  3. 1000+ training video and tutorials by the experts. 

As a starter member you can access 2 training modules, 1 from Entrepreneurship certification course (10 lessons), and one from Affiliate Bootcamp (10 lessons). In addition, you can access up to 50 expert training modules.

As a premium member You can access all the training within WA including weekly live webinar.

It’s absolutely fine to start with the free Starter plan; you have an option to read and check the platform, whether everything is as per your expectation or not.

But, there will be no harm if you join directly as a Premium Member. If you are willing to start Internet Marketing business, you’ll not get any better platform than Wealthy Affiliate.

The monthly plan needs $49/month, while the yearly plan needs $495/year.

Yearly $495 means only $1.35 per day (~price of a cup of coffee). Aren’t ready to invest this very tiny amount for your business?

If you decided to join as Premium Member, it’s wise to subscribe for the yearly plan, it’s a money saver. In the yearly plan you can save $93 per year.

Wealthy Affiliate is available in and accessible from most of the countries in the world. Unfortunately a few countries are totally banned while few other countries are not allowed to access starter membership. This type of unwanted decision was taken due to high fraud rates from those countries and after assessment of years of data.

You may CHECK HERE to know if the platform (or all the subscription plans) is accessible from your country or not.

No-No, it’s absolutely NOT a get-rich-quick program. If you are searching for a get-rich-quick program, please don’t join here.

Like any other business, it needs time, devotion and consistency, especially in the initial months; the only differences are,

  • You can work from the comfort of your own home.
  • This business model need very minimum investment to start and run.
  • You can handle the total business by yourself.
  • It needs relatively less time to experience profit (in comparison to offline business).
  • Finally, and most importantly, internet marketing business can offer you a 4-6 figures consistent monthly income, if you can follow the methods proper way.  

The training program is also designed accordingly to lift your business step-by-step. In fact, there are tasks at the end of each lessons so that you can follow the methods properly.

In reality get-rich-quick is a forbidden term, no one in the world become rich overnight. It’s strongly suggested to stay away from those programs, who offer anything like this, if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money.   

Absolutely, you can start your internet marketing business on any niche that you are passionate about. Even you can start selling your own products through your website.

If you have any other queries you may Contact Us

what others say

I joined Wealthy Affiliate back in November 2016. I was totally clueless on everything I needed to build out an online business. I knew the moment I came to Wealthy Affiliate I was in the right place. I upgraded to Premium immediately.I never in a million years thought I would do as well as I have done. I have gone from being a complete newbie to owning my own online businesses. I have been able to travel and I am able to give my children extras and I am able to treat my dear old Dad bless him. I have succeeded where I never thought I could. I am more proud of myself because I didn't need to bend any rules. Sticking to the training is what I have done. I have learned an absolute abundance of stuff. Wealthy Affiliate changed my life; I cannot thank this platform enough for what it has done for me.
Internet marketer Debs
Successful Internet Marketer, Mother, WA premium member
Wealthy Affiliate has the kind of training that can turn any passion into a thriving business where you can make a full-time income. I believe that persons who come across Wealthy Affiliate should go for it and give it a try I did and I am so happy with the results I am getting by running my very own online business.
Entrepreneur Noman Richard
Norman Richards
Entrepreneur & Premium Member
I just want to take this opportunity to share with you guys how Wealthy Affiliate has not just changed, but transformed my life, literally, in just 2 to 3 years' time. I dropped out of the Top University in Asia - National University of Singapore. I don't have any corporate working experience because I didn't have to work on a normal 9-5 job. Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to be financially independent at just 21 years old in 2018. I created my own online course this year 2019 with over 1300 paying students so far. I've made over US$340K in the last 8 months alone. At the same time, my affiliate commissions are still coming in every single month! These are all possible today because I made ONE RIGHT DECISION back in 2016, that is to join Wealthy Affiliate when I was just 19 years old.
super affiliate jerry
Jerry Huang
21 years old Super Affiliate
Just shy of being here 2 years, I have reached Super Affiliate status on Aug 23, 2018. I am still learning today as much as ever on this platform and the community never seems to fail me. You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I've reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got me to my Vegas goal and there's simply nothing else better out there than WA! YES, I'm bias because it's TRUE, I'm living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work. If a stay at home mom can do this, so can YOU!!
Internet Marketer, Super Affiliate, Stay at home Mom