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The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit??

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Wealthy Affiliate

Starter: FREE, Premium: $49





Tools & Facilities


Beginer Friendliness


Success Rate



  • Ready-to-Use All-in-One platform.
  • High quality training; Weekly free training included.
  • Great official support & extremely helpful Community.
  • Affordable Price; Starter program is FREE, Premium Membership costs only $49/month or $495/year
  • NO upsell.


  • Needs little hardwork to achieve initial success.

Welcome to my Wealthy Affiliate review.

One thing you must be noted, today’s internet world is filled with hundreds of make-money-online programs, offering quick success and 7-8 figures of income. Once Facebook discovers your online interest, floods of sponsored programs appear on your timeline, mostly hosted on Clickbank or JV Zoo.

Besides, if you are searching for a genuine “make money online” program for a while, it’s very likely that you came across many digital product reviews via Google search results, including several Wealthy Affiliate Reviews entitles as “Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review”, “Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam”, “Wealthy Affiliate is legit”, “Wealthy Affiliate is #1”, or something similar. I believe, you are still in a doubt, or maybe puzzled in choosing the right platform for starting your online journey, and this is pretty usual. After all internet era is overflowing with plenty of false information and scammy programs.

So, as a beginner, you need to be careful before investing your hard-earned money. Rather I suggest invest your precious time to read this valuable review; I hope you can make your decision quite easily.

Why should you?

Simply because I am going to share my very own online experience that I have earned since 2015.

A brief about my Online journey

My online experiences with several other platforms

Back in 2015, when I was pursuing my Ph.D., I started searching for a passive income source that can support my travel passion, and I strongly believed that there was nothing better than exploring the online world. Billions of people surf the internet every day not only for entertainment but mostly for solving their own problems. So, without any second thought, I was determined to start my own online business to reach my dreams.

Since 2015, I have tried several online money-making programs (especially the “get rich quick”-type programs!). I found a few of them claim to be highly advanced and hence very expensive ($1K+), few are full of hidden upsells, and others are nothing but complete scams. Super Affiliate Program, 12 Minute Affiliate, Affiliate Bots, Perpetual Income 365, etc. are some examples that I already joined in the past and left out without any fruitful outcome, wasting lots of money. You know, upsells are typically harmful, and I faced it quite heavily in my past.

However, this is not the right place to criticize other programs. But, in crude reality, I lost a lot of money in search of get-rich-quick programs, and that’s why I always suggest to my audience, be cautious, don’t step into those traps. “Get Rich Quick”, “Quick Money”, “Fast Success”, “Make money doing nothing”, these are nothing but scam calls; don’t ever step into those traps if you don’t like to lose money.

My Personal Experience at Wealthy Affiliate

In 2018 When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was suffering from massive indecisiveness. That time I was a full-time Postdoctoral Researcher in chemistry, working in a reputed institute staying away from home. So, one thing is definite that I was missing my family every day, and eagerly looking for work from home or at least closer-to-home opportunities. Besides, I wanted to get away from the harsh chemical environment where I already spent the previous 10 years. So, join to a genuine online platform was very urgent for me.

To be honest, I was much skeptical to join Wealthy Affiliate as I lost several thousand in online scams since 2015, and I didn’t want to lose any more money. When I was doing in-depth research on Wealthy Affiliate platform, I came across several negative reviews and also a number of overwhelming Wealthy Affiliate reviews. Initially, it was really difficult to decide whether to join or not. But I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate based on a single review written by john; A big thanks to him for guiding me the right way.

I joined and I earned. No, my story wasn’t so straightforward, in fact, Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t offer a get-rich-overnight program. Rather I had to pass through a great learning curve within Wealthy Affiliate and apply it the proper way to achieve my success; and I must admit, these all became possible because of systematic training modules, great support, and appropriate facilities within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit??

Why am I grateful for this platform?

If you ask me what’s the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll spot on three points prior to any second thoughts.

  1. Great courses introducing proper ways to online marketing.
  2. Amazing community with widespread helping hand.
  3. An all-in-one platform equipped with all facilities required for profitable online marketing!

As I mentioned, I had to pass through a steep learning curve that was perfectly guided by Wealthy Affiliate trainers. But as a newbie, you always need the proper help to rise up. WA platform provides that support; with the immediate help of the tutors and community members, I could learn and apply things much faster than my expectation. Furthermore, you don’t need to go elsewhere for anything related to your online business; you’ll get all tools and facilities right on this platform.

I must acknowledge…

It is true that right now my life better than ever — I achieved financial freedom, got relief from the chemical environment as red-eyes of bosses, traveled a lot with complete freedom, but initially I had to work really hard to achieve this success. If you can earn so much right from the comfort of home, get complete freedom, avoid the red eyes of the office boss, then why shouldn’t you work harder for that? For your realization, I’m sharing my updated earning statistics below.

I must thank a lot to John, who guided me to the door to Wealthy Affiliate. Unless I read his review I wouldn’t have joined WA, if I hadn’t joined WA I’d never learn the proper ways to explore the hidden treasure of the online world.

I personally believe everyone deserves to live a similar life, everybody should enjoy financial freedom like me. And that’s why I’m really glad to show you the right direction. You just need to execute it properly.

My ratings for Wealthy Affiliate Program

I’m grateful to the Wealthy Affiliate Platform because I achieved online success as many other community members did, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to say Wealthy Affiliate is the ultimate option to make money online. There may be better options that I couldn’t discover till date, but to the best of my knowledge, Wealthy Affiliate is the cheapest option that offers the most valuable and evergreen methods to build and run a profitable online business.

Without any biasness, I rated Wealthy Affiliate 9.5/10 based on the training quality, skill development, genuineness, acceptance, infrastructure, and other facilities. Definitely, there are certain drawbacks, for which I didn’t rate it 100/100, even though this evergreen platform changed my life. I have disclosed everything below, step-by-step.

Name of the Product: Wealthy Affiliate


Founders: Kyle & Carson

Price: Startup membership – $0, Premium Membership – $49/month or $495/year

Ideal for: Affiliate marketing beginners and intermediates.

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is an All-in-One platform for starting online business – the program includes high-quality regular training sessions, advanced training and tutorials, all the tools and support that you need to run an online business, and most importantly, an amazingly helpful community.

Overall Rating: 95/100

  • Facilities: 98/100
  • Training: 92/100
  • Support: 95/100
  • Success Stories: 85/100

Recommendation: Yes

A Brief Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate Platform

You already know that Wealthy affiliate provides training for affiliate marketing.

In a broader sense, Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine platform that guides beginners to create their own niche website as well as their own brand, and helps them to run very profitable online businesses. through their very own brand.

The major reasons for which Wealthy Affiliate is still standing at the top of the system:

Free membership is available, and you’ll learn enough from the free membership.
Affordable cost for premium membership, probably the lowest price online program with such an extensive facility.
Step by step training sessions: You don’t need any prior online experience or knowledge of computer programming. They start from scratch, it’s absolutely beginners friendly.
Great support from the experts and the whole community: I have never seen such a helpful community elsewhere, everyone is eager to help you by sharing their knowledge, which is highly necessary to rise your online business from scratch.
A ready-to-use All-in-One platform: Starting from a website set up, web hosting, word press, keyword research tool, content creation facility, everything is available in this all-in-one platform.

Let’s meet the founder of Wealthy Affiliate

I am glad to introduce you to the great personalities who discovered this organization. This’ll let you realize the reasons behind the success of Wealthy Affiliate.

Long back in September 2005, Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim founded a simple ‘Keyword List Membership’ platform in Canada and named it Wealthy Affiliate.

Then with several inventions and alternations within the platform, Wealthy Affiliate grew up as a beautiful community, manifesting as the ultimate place to build up profitable online businesses. Kyle and Carson are the real hard workers who converted their dream platform to a dream achiever to thousands of online marketers associated with WA. Meet them below with their families.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - the owners of WA with family
The owners of WA: Kyle (left) and Carson (right) with their family

What’s inside Wealthy Affiliate? Let’s Check…

Wealthy Affiliate offers you two options to join, as a free startup member or as a premium member.

It’s absolutely free ($0) to join as a starter member, no one will ask you for credit card details. You can upgrade by yourself whenever you wish, even you can stay there as a free member forever if you wish.

For your information, as a free member, you can access the training of the first phase (2 courses having 10 lessons each), you can create 1 website for free, get help and support, and others. I never came across another online organization in the world that offers such facilities for FREE! I am coming to more details later.

If you wish to join as a premium member there are many things are waiting for you within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers you step-by-step training courses to build up your business platform. The training session includes launching your website, branding, creating content, search engine optimization, strategies of keyword research, driving traffic, running profitable Ads at low cost, and cover many other important areas that are essential to monetize your business platform (your website).

Apart from these regular training courses, something more interesting is waiting for you inside Wealthy Affiliate. Overall, you have the access to 3 types of training and tutorial within Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Step by step training sessions created by Kyle and Carson and taught by Kyle.
  2. Weekly live webinar presented by Jay.
  3. Tutorials and Video Trainings generated by the expart members of Wealthy Affiliate.

Step by Step Training session on affiliate marketing

This is the official training session within Wealthy Affiliate mainly taught by Kyle himself.

There are two parts of training with a total of 12 courses (5 + 7) equipped with 120+ lessons (10 or more lessons in each course). One course is known as “Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course” and another is is “Affiliate Bootcamp”. These courses allow you to learn all the basic and advanced methods for building up your own business platform and monetize that.

Notably, the lessons are too easy to follow; you don’t have to have any prior knowledge of online marketing or computer programming.

But one very important fact you should remember, you have to follow the lesson perfectly and complete tasks after each lesson. If you skip the tasks we’ll simply learn less. The tasks are just similar to the school lessons or homework that you completed in your childhood, helping you to proceed at the right pace.

Wealthy Affiliate and the Black Friday: Start your training here
These are the initial 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certificate Course; there are 110+ more official lessons available inside WA

During the training session, Kyle guides you to focus on content creation and other SEO methods that are very important to increase genuine traffic to your website. He mainly teaches how to increase real website traffic for FREE. without paying a lot of bucks for Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads.

You must note, there are NO UPSELLS within the system.

Weekly live webinar

Online marketing is a vast field. You have a lot of ways to grab the market. Also, the market is dynamic, and changes the behavior day by day; you always need to be updated accordingly, otherwise, you can’t survive.

In the weekly live webinar, Jay does exactly what you need; he keeps you updated. In the official training, you’ll learn to create your business platform, engage more traffic, initiate your business, brand it, and start earning; on the other hand, Jay’s webinar leads you one step ahead, keeps you updated so that you can rise always before anyone else.

Wealthy Affiliate and the Black Friday: Live webinar
These are some examples of Jay’s weekly Live Webinar

Jay deeply covers some major areas and methods which are pretty exclusive and extremely useful.

In brief, Jay offers some unique tricks to attract maximum traffic by,

  • Google SEO optimization
  • Email marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Social marketing
  • E-commerce developement
  • staying updated with the market

Member’s tutorial and training

I already said wealthy Affiliate is not just a common organization, rather it’s a complete community, and people within the community are eager to help you anytime.

What is the member’s tutorial?

When a member within the Wealthy Affiliate community becomes an expert in specific areas of online marketing, he/she becomes eligible to share their knowledge via tutorials or training videos within the community. There is plenty of such valuable training and tutorials within WA platform.

What are the topics they share?

The people within the community share things like:

  • Small implementations which are useful to build a profitable website.
  • Ways to solve a critical problems that you may face during online marketing.
  • Special methods to engage traffic via SEO or social media, which they personally find useful.
  • Their personal experience to build a very successful website, etc.

Why does the community shares such hidden treasures?

Yes, there are reasons behind such helpful nature of the community, and all credits go to the founders and higher authorities of Wealthy Affiliate.

Depending upon the usefulness and popularity of the tutorial/training members can earn credits. As an example, I earn $10 when I get 20 credits for a training/tutorial. This strategy especially benefits beginners and intermediates who need knowledge and help very frequently.

I guess, you can realize why Wealthy Affiliate is different from others. It’s a genuine platform that doesn’t focus on their company’s profit only, but is also very careful about the community members. If you look at the tutorial policy you can notice this is a very special feature. On one hand, expert WA members are earning money by creating tutorials, and on the other hand, younger members are solving their problems from the seniors’ tutorials. Such a beautiful method!

What are the tools you are getting inside?

Besides the ultimate training, you need to have some tools to run an online business. Wealthy Affiliate is a ready-to-use all-in-one platform where you can start your safest and most profitable online business.

They provide you the following features and tools:

Web Hosting: You can create up to 10 websites as a premium member within Wealthy Affiliate!
Own domain: You can purchase domains (, etc.) with the best domain charge/year compared to other domain companies.
WordPress: Wealthy Affiliate offers you more than 5000 WordPress themes for absolutely free! You can apply any of those to create a great website.
Site Builder: This facility offers a one-click launch of your business platform (website).
Site Manager: You can manage all your websites from one place.
Keyword Research Tool: Very Important! Within WA, you can use the Jaaxy keyword research tool for unlimited keyword research for your web content. It’s essential for SEO.
Content Creation Tool: The intelligent content writing tool let you create error-free unique content.
Business Email Address & SSL Certificate: These are absolutely free if you host your website within WA. In any other web hosting company you have to purchase these features spending extra cash.
Website Comment & Feedback: Getting comments and feedback on your website is very important for SEO. Wealthy Affiliate offers you one such ready-to-use platform from where genuine visitors put valuable comments on your website.

Support within Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Without support, it is difficult to build up an online business, especially if you are a beginner in this field. I have seen, Wealthy Affiliate platform as well as the whole community are very serious in this matter; You’ll get the most superior support within WA as per the best of my knowledge.

Within the platform, you’ll get full support from various sources.

Following are the list of support tool:

Live chat (24 X 7): Wealthy Affiliate members throughout the world are ready to help you for 24 X 7 hours via live chat.

Site support (24 X 7): For any sort of technical issue you just need to send them an email, the problem will be solved at the earliest.

Community support: When you face any problem regarding your online business, just ask a question within the community, you must receive one or more answer/s, resolving your issues.

Private Message: You can contact any members through private messages.

Owners’ and trainers’ support: You can directly contact the owners (Kyle & Carson)/trainers through private messages. They are ready to help you always.

Mentor’s support: In case I become your mentor, I personally will be glad to help you out whenever you face a problem in your journey. You can contact me directly anytime.

Spams are strictly prohibited inside Wealthy Affiliate

You have seen many other platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter suffer from spam threads.

Wealthy Affiliate has built up a very strong and secure system and takes very strict action against any type of spam. This feature provides extra security to you and your business.

Things I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

As I am presenting an in-depth Wealthy Affiliate review, I must highlight all positives and negatives that are associated with this platform. Biased information never leads people in the right direction, which completely dislike.

I prefer to share all the real facts and my personal beliefs with you so that you can take the appropriate decision.

Let’s show you the positives sides first.

The cost is very much affordable

In the above sections, I already stated that there are 2 types of membership available within Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Free startup Membership
  2. Premium Membership

What about Free membership?

You can join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely free of cost. You can notice, no other programs offer you even a single training unless you become a paid member (i.e., Internet Jetset). So just forget about getting other facilities in those systems for free of cost.

But, Wealthy Affiliate is different. For absolutely free of cost, they offer you part of training courses, 1 website, Keyword research tool (limited usage), and all the required supports. All these facilities are undoubtfully an awesome deal to start your own business (at least as a free member).

Following are the highlights for free membership:

  • Join Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely free of cost.
  • No Credit card details required.
  • No time limit, No trial period.
  • 2 full training course which contains 10 lessons each.
  • 1 Free website.
  • Keyword research tool.
  • Other supports.

If you join as a free member you can stay there as long as you wish, there is NO TRIAL PERIOD. Even, nobody will force you to upgrade yourself as a premium member. You can upgrade yourself whenever you wish. You can stay as a free member forever and run your business from the WA platform.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit?? 2

What about premium membership?

You’ll get many more facilities as a premium member, and this is much logical as you are paying for this.

As a premium member, you’ll have full access to all the training courses, weekly live training sessions, all the tutorials generated by the expert members, and all the tools and supports as already discussed in the above sections.

Repeating again, premium members can use all the tools within the platform, including site comments and feedback facilities. You can create your own training and earn from those, you can create up to 25 websites which is really more than sufficient for running highly profitable online business/s.

Just take a quick look at how much money you need to spend for becoming a premium member.

You have to pay only $49/month or $495/year for full access to the platform, including all its facilities. As expected, the yearly subscription plan is much cost-effective compare to the monthly scheme, yearly plan lets you save $93 per year. If you select the yearly plan, you actually need to pay $41/month by calculation, which means only $1.38/day, which you probably waste here and there every day. Investing this amount of money for a life-changing earning source is much worthy; how do you think?

Recent update:

They changed their subscription plan a little. The above-mentioned plans are still available. They just added a new class of membership option that is known as premium plus membership, which costs about $995 per year. However, this membership is much suitable for the super affiliates who need some extra facilities to upgrade their business to the next level. As a beginner, you don’t need to subscribe to this plan, better you may proceed for normal premium membership. Once your business grows up, you can easily upgrade.

Let’s get back to premium membership, which costs about $1,38/day; Do you think it is expensive?

If you take a look at the nearest competitors like Internet Jetset or Super Affiliate System, 1K A Day Fast Track, Commission Hero, 12 Minute Affiliate, etc., you can figure out the difference yourself.

As per my personal experience, I can challenge you, you’ll not find another platform that offers so many facilities within this price range. Other platforms will charge you at least double the amount for equal facilities as Wealthy Affiliate is giving you, in addition, there will be lots of upsells that you have to face in almost every next step. Point to be noted, Wealthy Affiliate platform doesn’t have any upsell, the amount you pay for your membership, that is fit and final unless you upgrade or downgrade by yourself.

For instance, just calculate how much you have to pay for,

High-quality training modules including live webinarsSuper Affiliate System: $997/year (+upsells)
Commission Hero: $997/year (+upsells)
1K A Day Fast Track: $997/year (+upsells)
Amazing Selling Machine: $4,997
1000+ additional training sessions and tutorials created by highly expert community members who achieved massive success in online marketing.This is an invaluable treasure available in WA only; NOwhere else.
Hosting 10 WordPress websites elsewhere including all the facilities that WA provides (WordPress, Sitebuilder, themes, SSL certificate, 50K+ bandwidth, site email, 24×7 lifetime support, Extreme site speed, daily site backup, SEO tool, Image Optimizer tool, and others).Summation of the total cost is not less than $300/year at Bluehost, Hostgator, or any other premium Webhost.
A premium keyword research tool like Jaaxy.SEMrush: $119.95/month
Ahrefs: $99-$179/month
Serpstat: $119/month
Premium support from the community members, owners, premium experts, and mentors.An invaluable treasure for building up a successful online business.
Many platforms claim to offer great community support, but in reality, they don’t afford this because they don’t have any such community.

Now, just calculate what should be the actual cost of Wealthy Affiliate premium subscription if they charge you similar to other platforms.

Wealthy Affiliate is offering all these for just $495!

Don’t ask me how they are doing so! Simply they aren’t looting people like other platforms. Rather, WA owners are doing a fair business, while growing up a real business community that believes in togetherness.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit?? 3

Astonishingly, NO UPSELL

As I mentioned eariler, There is absolutely NO UPSELL within Wealthy Affiliate. You just have to pay your yearly subscription charge, that’s all. If you join as a starter member, you don’t have to pay even a single penny.

I am really impressed by this fact, because I have seen, hidden upsells are very common in any other platform; also, if you ignore the upsells in other platforms, just forget about making money after a certain stage.

On the other hand, Wealthy Affiliate is so kind. They offer you all the facilities and tools to run your online business, they teach you valuable lessons, but about upsells, they are strictly NOT.

To be honest, within Wealthy Affiliate nobody even forces you to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Your business is your choice, and you are absolutely free to run your online business on any niche… Accessories, home & kitchen appliances, clothes, travel, pet, health, science, anything you like.

In case, you already have existing business, lessons, and tools within Wealthy Affiliate help you to globalize the same without depending on paid advertisements.

One thing I can assure you, Wealthy Affiliate is a great educational organization on online marketing niche and takes full care of there all members.

Besides the joining fee, you only have to pay a little amount when you’ll buy a domain. Don’t consider this as an upsell; where ever you host your website, you must have to pay for the domain because domain prices are regulated by ICann and Verisign, no other hosting company or platform can control this.

Ready-to-Use All-in-One platform

I partly discussed this topic earlier. Wealthy Affiliate provides everything that you need to run a profitable online business; definitely, it’s an All-in-One platform.

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate, all other programs offer something specific that may be helpful to run your business, either training courses, or keyword research tool, or website hosting option. If you enroll in those platforms you have to pay extra money in every step for outsourcing.

As an example, Internet Jetset/ Super Affiliate System is a well-known “Get-Rich-Quick” program, maybe you have come across already. They mainly provide training sessions for online marketing in exchange for $997 (+upsells)!! They must teach you useful lessons based on paid marketing, but If you want to run an online business from their platform, you have to pay massive extra for outsourcing. For instance, you have to use the owner’s affiliate link and sign up to Bluehost to create a website at the very first step of your online business, later comes many more.

I have the option to earn more money by promoting these high-priced programs, but I’ll never ever do this unfair job. I simply love to help my audience by sharing my personal experiences so that my audience club can follow the right direction, avoiding online scams. In past, I lost several thousand enrolling in the wrong programs and I don’t want any of my visitors to do the same thing.

Just take a complete look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers within their all-in-one platform:

Isn’t this an all-in-one platform? How do you think?

Point to be noted: Wealthy Affiliate is NOT “get-rich-quick” platform, instead WA help you to launch a grow up a lifelong and profitable online business. For your information, “get-rich-quick” is literally a forbidden term that is mainly promoted by scam platforms.

Amazingly Helpful Community

The real beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is its community!

It is very common to face several problems when you are starting and running your online business, especially if you are an absolute beginner in this field. Great thing is, any of your online business-related problems may be instantly resolved by the expert members within Wealthy Affiliate community. You don’t need to search here and there and still, remain unsolved.

In WA, the problems get solved in four ways:

  • 24 X 7 Live Chat: Problems solve instantly, at least you’ll get the right direction to solve your problem any time.
  • Ask Question within Community: It takes 1 minute to maximum 1 day to get a solution, or at least right direction.
  • Blogs generated by the WA Members: There is a huge probability to get at least one blog that can solve your problem. Just use proper keyword when you are searching for a solution.
  • Tutorial/Training video generated by the Members: Most of the problems get resolved by the members’ tutorial/training. There are 1000+ tutorials within the platform created by the community experts.

Honestly speaking, I have never seen such a prompt and helpful community elsewhere.

As a senior community member, I also have the responsibility to help others. Even when I’m writing this Wealthy Affiliate review, I’m also checking the WA dashboard and chatbox every 15-20 minutes. Whenever I’m getting any questions in my area of expertise, I’m answering those promptly in the middle of this write-up. This is how we prefer to work together, helping each other.

Great Site Support

This is another area where Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t compromise. Undoubtfully, they have created a great 24 X 7 site support system for you.

Nowadays using auto-generated robotic support becomes a trend and many online platforms are using this; I personally felt this feature is pretty embarrassing because robots can’t produce the accurate reply that you are searching for. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate that they a still away from robotic support; in fact, the WA support team is very prompt and solves any technical issues that you face.

If you face any technical issue or website-related errors, you just need to email the support team; they generally get back to you within just a few minutes with the proper solution.

The best thing is, your business will never be paused anytime due to technical issues.

An Abiding Platform

You know, after starting the journey in 2005, Wealthy Affiliate never turn back and growing continuously and I know it’ll move forward many more years.

Do you know the reason?

Simply this happened due to the legitimate reputation of the platform. They never did something that can hurt the members. Let me explain briefly.

Till date, many people launched (and still launching) their online platforms advertising “get-rich-quick” schemes. Their overwhelming sales pitch bluffed a lot of people, especially the newbies who don’t even know that “get-rich-quick” is a forbidden term. Eventually, these platforms came online, bluffed many people, made a lot of profit, and finally got vanished. However, many of their paid members lost their money. I’m showing an example.

Did you hear about MOBE? A few years back, owners of MOBE started a slogan against Wealthy Affiliate and some other legitimate platforms, and do you know what was the ultimate result? – They ended up as a SCAM.

Wealthy Affiliate is still growing at its own pace because the owners of WA never bluff people. They earned the reputation and they want to keep it on in a fair manner.

Wealthy Affiliate is still growing at its own pace because the owners of WA never bluff people. This platform came to stay here, and stay for a long long time. They want people to come, learn, and earn in a legitimate manner. They earned the reputation and keep it on by taking care of the community members, helping the members, sharing the profit with members, and avoiding any upsell within the platform. These are all an online marketer wants from a platform. That’s the reason Wealthy Affiliate keeps going; it’s all about legitimacy.

Once again I am repeating, Wealthy Affiliate provides you all the freedom to proceed with your online business on any niche that you like, i.e., kitchen, travel, house garden, health, pet anything you like. They don’t force you to promote their platform like Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, and several other programs do. This is another thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate.

So, these are the top positives that I like about Wealthy Affiliate. There are several others, but I don’t like to make the list longer.

Now let’s move to the negatives.

Things I Don’t Like about Wealthy Affiliate

I am not a biased person, and that’s why in this Wealthy Affiliate review, and I must share everything honestly with you. Achieving the ultimate financial freedom from this platform, I must grateful to the Wealthy Affiliate, but nothing in this world is absolutely perfect. I must highlight the negatives of this evergreen platform.

This Platform is mainly for the Beginners to Intermediates

The official training courses within Wealthy Affiliate, are mainly designed for beginners and intermediates. Starting from scratch, these lessons teach you on launching your business platform, selecting a profitable niche, creating highly converting content, keyword research, Search Engine Optimization, hidden tricks of utilizing online money-making sources, earning money, and earning more money.

If you are a highly expert in online marketing these lessons may not be useful to you.

However, This doesn’t mean experts will not be benefited from this platform. The weekly training sessions are highly advanced; also, there are several highly expert members within wealthy affiliates who are already earning in 5 figures regularly. It’s all about how you are utilizing the platform.

Highly focused on free SEO methods

To be honest, WA is not a great platform to learn paid traffic methods. If you are searching for lessons to learn paid traffic methods you can join elsewhere, such as Super Affiliate Program or Commission Hero, or else.

The vast training sessions in Wealthy Affiliate are highly focused on the free organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) method that helps you to run a profitable online business for free of cost, without depending on Facebook or Google Ads. They included a certain number of lessons on Pay Per Click (PPC) for Bing & Google, Facebook Ads, and YouTube advertising, though they always suggest focusing on free SEO methods.

Though SEO is an evergreen method to drive traffic, sometimes paid traffic works faster, especially for e-commerce sites. However, paid methods are temporary, you may (or may not) get results as long as you pay for advertisements, but SEO methods are permanent and ever-lasting.

You need to work hard for initial results

Wealthy Affiliate mainly focuses on SEO for free of cost to enhance permanent traffic to your website. Naturally, your website content needs time to get ranked in search engines, but once your content ranks, it lasts for a long long time.

Often I received a common question, “How long does it need to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate.”

The answer is pretty simple: It depends on you; how much time you can afford, your capacity to work hard, how well you are attending the training courses, whether you are completing the tasks or skipping, how well you are improving your content, your success depends on these are the prime facts.

Have a quick look below, following are the average statistics in WA:

  • If you are a beginner and work hard, it generally takes 3-4 months for the first sell.
  • If you run the online business besides your full-time job, you have to work for at least 8-12 months to earn a healthy amount which can replace your full-time job. You need longer time because you can afford lesser time on your online business as you are involved in another full-time job.
  • If you work at a higher speed (4-5 hours daily) as a full-time affiliate from the first day, you may become a super affiliate within 1-2 years.
  • If you think it’s a get-rich-quick program and you can earn money without hardwork, please don’t join Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know what happens in reality?

Many people actually cannot wait for so long, people lose their patience, and end up with no success, and blames the system of Wealthy Affiliate.

In the real world, it is actually not possible to get rich overnight. At least Wealthy Affiliate does not offer a “Get-Rich-Quick” scheme. Rather, Wealthy Affiliate believes in the process that describes, “learn the hidden tricks, Work Hard initially, launch an everlasting online bussiness, and receive uninterrupted revenue for life-long”.

So frankly speaking, if you are looking to start your online business with Wealthy Affiliate, you have to work hard in the initial stage, and that is for no one else but for your own online business, your very own brand. Many people fail to do so.

In reality, nothing comes without hard work, it’s a true statement. Even if you start an offline business, you have to wait for at least 2 years to see the profit.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit??

** Rating for the “success rate” given at the top depending on the statistics for the members who survived for at least 1 year (only premium members).

Final Suggestion: Whether to Join Wealthy Affiliate or Not

So far I have described all the major pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate. I have no intention to lead any of my audience in the wrong direction.

Before ending, I have to say only a few words that let you decide whether you are the right person to join Wealthy Affiliate or not.

I must not say it is easy to make money online. But I also must mention, it’s very easy, if you learn the hidden tricks, apply those properly, and work hard initially.

Repeating again, Wealthy Affiliate is not a “Get Rich Quick”-type program. To make money with Wealthy Affiliate you have to be committed and hard-working, and most importantly you need to hold your patience.

If you ask for my final suggestion, I’d say Wealthy Affiliate is the most affordable program for beginners to learn the evergreen methods of online marketing, host your online business platform, and earn lots of money from the same platform. WA offers all the tools and supports you need to run your business really at a reasonable price, you’ll not get elsewhere. You just need to utilize the facilities proper way.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Conclusive Remarks

You can join as a starter member for absolutely free, that is $0. Check the system whether it is good for you or not. To check the reality you don’t need to join as a premium member. If you don’t like something within the platform, you just come back here and send me a message. I shall guide you in the proper way. Remember you can join as a starter member for absolutely FREE, that is for $0, nobody will ask you for credit card details.

After your joining, I shall be there personally to guide you. I shall get in touch with you. What you need to do is just join for free, set up your account, and get rolling.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit?? - 4

Oh! I just forget to say, I have a BONUS for you…

After creating a FREE starter account at WA, I shall personally contact you inside the platform and OFFER you a BONUS. You can access the bonus if you decide to become a PREMIUM member within the first 7 days (bonus includes up to 60% discount). I shall also provide you few more information which will help you to start your business smoothly. You should especially check “How to claim bonus” within my message.

Trust me, you’ll be discovering some awesome stuff inside including great training sessions, tools, amazing community, and support.

Don’t hesitate if you have any further queries, post your question in the comment box below. I’ll be glad to help you immediately.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Mark

    Best platform, ever! I’ve been with WA for a little over two years now and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I’ve tried various other ways of earning money at home and online, and affiliate marketing just seems like the easiest way to go. I’ve always had a number of different interests, so creating niche websites is right up my alley. You can find affiliate programs based around all kinds of niches and essentially spend your time pursuing the things you’re most interested in. Beats the old 9 to 5, for sure! By the way, you have one of the most complete reviews of WA I’ve seen in quite awhile. You pretty much covered all the bases. Great article!

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to know you have been with Wealthy Affiliate for quite a long time and wish to continue your journey longer.

      There is an extreme joy to earn from your own foundation with your favorite niche, which you are doing right now with your several interests. You’ll rarely get this freedom at any other online platform, rather they’ll somehow force you to promote their own products. But Wealthy Affiliate is totally different in this matter, this is the real learning platform that also hosts your online business on any niche. This particular feature attracts me and many others to host their online business on Wealthy Affiliate, as you also do.

      Of course, it beats 9-5 office duty. I agree with you. In the present days, people started hating their regular job due to certain unfortunate reasons. Starting an own foundation with the help of Wealthy Affiliate community is far better than that regular frustration; in fact, it offers far better revenue compared to a regular job’s salary. After all, it’s your own foundation and you are your own boss, so you have the freedom to do everything for your foundation.

  2. Kiara

    Wow, this is SUCH a detailed, informative review on WA. So good to read!

    I have only been with the WA family for approx. one month now, still on Phase 3 of the OEC training but trying to put as much time and effort into my niche website as I possibly can each day.

    Thank-you so much for your advice and honest opinion on the platform, it’s refreshing to read this 🙂

    It has given me the motivation to stay on and continue working hard!


    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Kiara,

      Completion of phase 3 within just one month means you are moving at a great pace, and I guess you are enjoying the learning process which motivates you to work harder at such a pace.

      If you can carry on this speed and if you follow everything within the training session, I can bet, you are going to get great results in the recent future. In fact, I can see a bright future ahead.

      It’s my great pleasure that, this Wealthy Affiliate review refreshed and motivated you. Wish you all the very best for your online journey.

  3. Taetske

    Good Morning,

    Reading your extensive review I see you have tried many different things before joining Wealthy Affiliate. Some were good but very expensive, some were medium and others were just a scam. Whatever you tried was not a success as you did not get organic traffic to your site and you could not pay for adds.

    I like your ” nothing is perfect only Mother Nature ” We humans destroy the environment as we do not realize how perfect she is. Ok, this has nothing to do with your post.

    Wealthy Affiliate has gone from a keyword List Membership in 2005 to become the great platform it is now thanks to the vision and hard work of its founders Kyle and Carson,

    What I personally like and appreciate is that everything you need is under one roof, all the help and guidance to become successful with your business is at the tip of your fingers.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Taetske,

      Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was really frustrated and decided not to take another chance, and stay with my daily office routine. The online world became a nightmare for me when I got stuck by several other platforms.

      From that perspective I’d say I discovered Wealthy Affiliate at the right time, otherwise, I’d have never realized what is financial freedom. In the early days, I was not a believer of the term “financial freedom”, which I achieved only for this platform, so definitely I’m grateful to WA

      Yes, you are right, it is really great to get everything under one roof and of course within this price range. I can bet you’ll not find another platform that provides all these facilities at this price range. Instead, there are certain programs that engage you with a lower price but later you have to face a lot of hidden upsells. Proud to say, Wealthy Affiliate is completely free from such nasty upsells, teaching and helping all the members for years.

  4. Elaine Nicol

    A great WA review! I can remember, after I upgraded to the Premium membership, I was flooded by the amount of community support. I’ve been members with lots of online communities over the years and love the people here already. Even when assisting someone who may be considered a competitor to them promoting the same program, they want to see you succeed, and will help you however they can. I strive to do the same, because others have been doing it for me. It’s a very active and caring community. They even let you share THEIR personal blogs to promote YOUR affiliate business, that’s how supportive and generous they are! Again, no matter if you are not promoting WA, as you said, you can build a business within WA to promote almost anything you can think of. 

    Thank you for this wonderful example you are setting, and I hope to reach the level of success you have to be able to travel and enjoy financial freedom. Highest regards!

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with WA.

      Yes, I also never seen such an amazingly helpful community, before joining to Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a real society in the virtual world.

      You are right, this is not mandatory to promote Wealthy Affiliate if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You can do it only if you find Wealthy Affiliate is worthy to promote, or if you realize people shouldn’t miss this amazing platform. 

      You have the option the create any niche (topic) website from this platform, such as travel, pet, food, health anything you like. After all, they are ready to host your  10 (for premium membership) to 50 (for premium plus) websites!!

  5. Jimmy

    Hello, this is a great post with lots of amazing information on wealthy affiliate. I’ve tried so many money-making programs in the past and they were a waste of money. There are lots of scam programs out there and unfortunately, I have been a victim of them.

    I can tell you though from being a premium member of WA for a little over 2 weeks now, the community is so helpful and are willing to hear anything that’s on your mind. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate platform I have made my first ever niche website and with the great help of WA I truly believe that I will make some income from it.

    Thank you for your great review of this amazing platform!!!

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Jimmy,

      It is great to know you are enjoying the environment within the Wealthy Affiliate community. It really a very helpful community. Here you’ll always get a perfect solution for your problems.

      Don’t be upset that you lost money by joining some online scams, in fact, before I joined Wealthy Affiliate I also lost a lot. But the good news is, ultimately you (also me) find Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll definitely achieve success soon if properly follow the courses within Wealthy Affiliate and work hard.

      I wish you all the very best in your online journey with this legitimate platform.

  6. Marita


    Been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for 8 months and slowly growing my site. At this moment I can invest limited time for my online business because I’m still into full-time employment but hoping to retire sooner.

    I just started to earn and hope to reach my goal soon.

    With all the training, community support, live webinars and inspirational posts, Wealthy Affiliate is the place to stay forever!

    Thanks for this honest review.


    1. Dr. SD

      Being a full-time office employee, first, you have to maintain the office job and then you can put your effort into your online business. So, definitely, this will slow down your winning speed; as much effort you can put into your business in the initial stage, it will grow up faster. I also suffered from the same problem when I was a full-time office employee. But as you are positive-minded, you’ll positively get more success soon; I have seen many people who can’t hold patience, and give up just before reaching the goal. just try to follow the training within Wealthy Affiliate and try to put some more time into your business. Irregularity is the biggest drawback in the online world.

  7. Norman Richards

    What business can you find with such a good reputation that offers at the beginning a place where you can start building your business for free? Wealthy Affiliate has this kind of training that is worth your time and investment. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this online community that is making a huge difference in the lives of so many people.

    1. Dr. SD

      Well explained.
      Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone who wishes to choose online marketing as a primary or secondary source of income. In fact, there are many things to learn from the training courses within Wealthy Affiliate.

      You are absolutely right; Wealthy Affiliate training is a worthy investment because in a single investment you are getting so many things that no other platform can offer.

  8. Tom

    Hi Dr SD,

    This is a very comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate, thanks for this. It clears quite a lot of things up for many people who are considering starting up their own affiliate marketing business. You are correct about the amount of time it takes to earn money. It all depends on the individual, how hard they work and their niche.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your appreciation. It needs some time to earn money online in an honest way. You have an alternative option to accelerate the speed of earning online via regular advertisements which are preferred by many other programs, but you have to have a lot of money for getting results from advertisements, optimizing an Ad takes a lot of time. Additionally, the paid method is not stable forever, but the free methods that you learn in Wealthy Affiliate are evergreen. Once you start earning using these methods, you never need to pay for advertisement. 

      Hard work in the initial stage is definitely vital like any other profession.

  9. sasha

    Likewise, I have tried dozens of make money online options and none of it worked well for me. I reached a point where I told myself that it is all scam and there is no such thing as online business, it is all an illusion. but that has completely changed when I joined wealthy affiliate, beside the availability of all the tools I needed to start my online business for real, the one thing that I love the most about WA is the great community. As the saying goes surround yourself with the people who are going to lift you higher and this is exactly what you find in this community.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to know that you started to believe in online marketing success after you joined Wealthy Affiliate. It is really hard to believe another program after experiencing failure in several others, but WA can really bring your belief back and guide you in the right way. The reason behind this is nothing, but Wealthy Affiliate official provides you exactly what they claim.

      In your comment, you have shared your experiences about the tools and the helpful community inside Wealthy Affiliate. And I think, every user loves these incredible parts of WA platform. In my article, I already mentioned about the helpful community, and once again I’d like to mention about Jaaxy, the extraordinary keyword research tool offered Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t know how it was designed but I know it is really an outstanding product!

      All the very best for your online business.

  10. Gwendolyn J

    This is a thorough, balanced review of Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote one when I first joined, and I am considering updating it to reflect my experience so far.

    The training is extensive, even for experienced affiliates, and I love the freedom to go in whatever direction my heart desires. Unlike many affiliate programs, we are free to explore our passions and encouraged to do so.

    I love the community so much. I go there to share things going on in my life instead of Facebook or Twitter because I know I will not get flamed or disregarded. There is absolutely nothing like it in the world.
    And while no platform is perfect, it comes pretty darn close.

    Thank you for this review. Take care, and I’ll see you at WA!

    Gwendolyn J

    1. Dr. SD

      It’s delightful news that you are a satisfied and successful member of Wealthy Affiliate. 

      Similar to you I also like the freedom provided by the platform which you rarely find in any other organization. And most importantly there is no upsells like others.

      I already explained about the most helpful community I have ever seen. It is great to see that you are agreed with me.

  11. Nuttanee

    I am happy for you that you left your job, surrounding yourself with all those chemicals are not good for you. My god mother actually passed away because of this very reason, she used to work for Intel corporation and she was always surrounded by all the chemicals that the factory puts in the chips. Bless her heart she is no longer in pain. 

    As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I would like to endorse the program. I find the training to be very useful and beginner’s friendly. I am a low tech person and now I can say that I have a running professional site. I also live the weekly live training from Jay since he shows it’s love, if I miss it, there is always a playback. The material is very up to date and I love his proven method that if we follow the process we will succeed. I am waiting on his YouTube result. 

    I also love the search bar in the community. There are many trainings that are easier to understand when I do not understand Kyle training, sorry Kyle. Also, If I cannot find the training within the platform, I usually write a post and ask about it in the community. People always stop by to answer my questions.

    I guess you are just going to have to give WA a try and see it for yourself. What is there to lose? It is free to join and you can take it from there. I joined the premium right after I finished my free training 🙂

    1. Dr. SD

      I am really sorry to hear about your god mother. Chemicals are really deadly, you never know how they affect your body even after several protections.

      About the training within Wealthy Affiliate, your realization is 100% true. Those are so beginner friendly that anyone can afford it, nobody needs to be techie person. However, you are an example, even me too. Jay’s weekly live training is not an event to be missed out, because these provide you too up to date information which is more than essential for a successful online business, as you said.

      Few of Kyle’s regular training and backdated. I requested him recently to update those training because things within the internet are changing every day. As you said, community tutorials provide a perfect explanation on any topic. The community here within Wealthy Affiliate is extremely helpful, and I guess it is the most helpful community I have ever seen. Everyone is eager to help you out whenever you are in a problem.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers the free starter membership which rarely offers by other organizations. So there is nothing to lose if you start your journey as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate. You can simply test it whether it is really worthy for you or not, then upgrade to a premium member, as you did.

      Finally, thank you for stopping by and share your insight into the amazing platform.

  12. misswilma

    I’m impressed!! Great site. This is the niche that I have been thinking about doing next. I don’t think that I can come close to covering what you have here. Thanks.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for visiting us. I can help you out if you need to know something further.

      Best wishes.

  13. Robert Prescott

    Wow! This Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a great place for beginners to learn how to create an online business. I wish I had found Wealthy Affiliate before starting with another affiliate training program. I struggled with that for months but was finally able to get going.

    There is no such a thing as a Get-Rich-Quick opportunity when it comes to making money online. You always have to invest time, invest money and work hard to reach your goals. From your review, it seems like these three aspects are taught earnestly at Wealthy Affiliate.

    That is the hallmark of a good training program when you instill in your members that you must first invest the time to learn and to work hard. However, where I feel that Wealthy Affiliate excels is in their price. Too many other training programs have hidden upsells but not here.

    Though I am already making a lot of money in affiliate marketing with companies like Amazon, Best Buy and Apple, I think I am going to try out the Wealthy Affiliate experience. Perhaps I can learn some more marketing techniques and brush up on the ones I already know. Thanks!

    1. Dr. SD

      Well, sounds like you are an experienced affiliate marketer, get impressed with the facilities and plan price of Wealthy Affiliate.

      It is great to hear that, you are already making a lot of money from affiliate marketing. This is not a matter where you are hosting your websites, but you are earning a lot through affiliate marketing. People should understand the strength of affiliate marketing. Maybe you have struggled initially, but who doesn’t? Hard work means struggling, and you have to work hard to achieve anything. However, Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform where you’ll get full cooperation which will help you to earn faster.

      It is obvious that Wealthy Affiliate offers so many things within this price range, and I guess, you will not get that many tools and facilities in this price anywhere. Even though you are an expert marketer and already earning a lot, still you can join Wealthy Affiliate to increase your earnings. I can assure you, you’ll not be losing anything but you must gain a lot.

      Thank you for visiting.
      Hope to see you again here.

  14. Tammy kuppinger

    Thank you for your honest review of WA.  I am also a member and have learned so much!  They take you step by step through the process.  The cost to join is next to nothing compare to some other programs.  I really enjoyed reading your background history.  I, too, am so glad you found something that you enjoy doing, are making money and have left a very environmentally unhealthy field.  Good luck to you!

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to know you are a member and learned a lot from Wealthy Affiliate and shared your experience in this message. This will, of course, help others to feel the reality.

      I am really thankful to Wealthy Affiliate because I achieved financial freedom right from this platform. Even after lots of bad experiences enrolling in other programs in the past, I just took a chance here, because the fee for premium membership was affordable here. I never thought things will be changing so quickly, but it happened! Wealthy Affiliate offered me an amazing world which I was looking for so long.

  15. Great detailed review of WA giving some important insights into this training platform. Your use of images enhances your written content making it very clear what this program entails. Thanks so much for this info. All the Best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for your appreciation.
      I just tried to share all my experience with the platform, so that my audiance can be benefited in the future.

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