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How to Build A WordPress Website for Free and within Just 30 Seconds (With Video)

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Welcome to our informative content explaining “How to Build a WordPress Website for Free and within Just 30 Seconds”.

Is it seems like a strange to you? Are you thinking whether is it really possible to build up a WordPress website for free and moreover within only 30 seconds?

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to share the secret and with video proof. Probably, you never knew how simple this job is, before experiencing this article. I am going to explain thins in a step by step way.

So, hold tight and let’s fly!

Firstly, Why Should You Choose WordPress?

“What is WordPress and Why should you choose it?” You cannot skip these important to information if you are really interested in building a WordPress Website. If you avoid this information there is no meaning to know how to build a WordPress Website for free and quickly. And as I promised to explain the facts step by step, I cannot skip this too. If I do, this article will remain incomplete.

How to Build A WordPress Website for FreeYears back, when WordPress didn’t appear in the market, do you know how people build their websites? And how were those looked like?

It is a pretty difficult job in those days. First of all, people should know all about the programming, then needed to have a great photoshop skill, a decent computer and lots of expensive software. So, you needed to be very technical in those days, and still, it was pretty difficult to offer nice appearance to your website. Only highly skilled people could do this.

But the story changed a lot after WordPress came to the market. Nowadays, anybody can build a website, no need the be a programmer and technically sound. Because WordPress itself is pre-programmed by skilled people, and your job is to build a website using their templets. In fact, WordPress is an open-source framework involving thousands of developers and millions of community members. WordPress is the most powerful website building tool in the world, but still, it needs some supports like,

  • Hosting Platform (that supports WordPress properly without any disturbance)
  • FTP
  • Database
  • Some template installation knowledge.

if you have all the first three supports available with you, sometimes installation process becomes hectic, even by the help of good developers.

I am sharing here the easiest path which can help you to build up your WordPress website within only 30 seconds, or maybe lesser.

Build up a WordPress Website in 30 seconds

Personally I am not a techie person, I mean I am not an expert in programming or photoshop, because I have been educated to a different field. But still, I am running several profitable websites without any hassle. If the express installation of WordPress was not available, I probably was failed to earn a sustainable income from the online world.

Any hosting platform cannot afford you an express installation. Within Wealthy Affiliate, the developers included a technology called WordPress Express, which is probably the most efficient way to build up a WordPress Website from scratch. in their express technique, you need no other support except only a few clicks.

  • No FTP files
  • No setting up databases
  • No need to worry about DNS or Domain Registrars
  • No photoshop (Unless you want some extraordinary images in your blogs)
  • No knowledge required about languages like HTML or PHP
  • No expensive software or programs for building/install
  • Overall, a 30-second installation!

Are you still wondering about the 30 seconds installation matter? Yes, I understand it is hard to believe.

That’s why I included a video walkthrough below for your better understanding and belief. It is extremely simple! You just click on the video below (It may open to a new tab), see how it happened.

How to Build a WordPress Website for Free and within Just 30 Seconds
Watch the video to know, How to Build a WordPress Website within 30 Seconds

Choose Any Niche, and Build A WordPress Website for FREE

So, How did you enjoy the video? Isn’t it pretty simple?

Now let’s show you, how to build a WordPress website for FREE.

Are you ready to earn online money through your passion? If you start right now, and your very own WordPress website will be ready within just 5 minutes! Only a few simple processes required in between, such as FREE sign up, etc. But I can assure you it will not take more than 5 minutes if you start NOW!

In your website, you can choose and of your favorite niche and promote or sell anything you want. Besides you are going to get 10 free training lessons (If you need), an awesome community inside, a great 24×7 site support, free keyword research tool, and several other tools and facilities.

You are just two steps back from creating your very own WordPress Website.

  1. Create FREE starter member in Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. Start building your WordPress Website.

You can stay as a FREE member as long as you want and make a profit from your website. There is no restriction.

And yes, I forgot to tell you about a special feature: The websites built up from this source get awesome ranking in Google! This is probably due to there hidden technology such as site speed, undisturbed connection, easy link up, etc. I’ll be delighted to share one such example; one of the members within Wealthy affiliate got 4200 traffic on his website within one month!

Click here to know his story.

A Request to You

I share a piece of secret information about building a website for free and very quickly; I’ll not ask much to you. After building your website please share your links below in the comment box below (this will offer you free traffic and help my website also). And please share this article to your friends or family who is looking for or interested in building WordPress websites.

If you have any further question don’t hesitate. Post your query in the comment box below.

Hope it helped.

Thank you for your visit.

Dr. SD from Wonder Treasure

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  1. Jimmy

    Great post Dr. SD! I didn’t have too much tech knowledge when it comes to building websites, but with wealthy affiliate they actually do all the work for you. Just like what you showed in the video, it really takes only 30 seconds to build a WordPress website. What’s great is they also teach you about all the things with easy to follow video tutorials. Even you don’t need knowledge about WordPress to build a website, they just guide you proper way.

    Thanks again for this information and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!!!

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your insight about this article as well as about the platform.

      They really offer great courses that anyone can build up a website and get success in online marketing. However, you need to be focused and follow their lessons and of course, complete the tasks as they ask to do. And that is the main reason that Wealthy Affiliate is still winning the race since 2005, while other scam platforms are just coming and vanishing.

  2. Jim Hamilton

    I Like your website. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place on earth for anyone to start an online business. With all the training on videos it makes it so much easier to anyone to start. Highly Recommend for anyone.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Jim,
      Thank you for sharing your insight into this article. I really appreciate it.

      Thank you for your visit.

  3. Elmar

    Thanks for the post, WordPress is for sure a great tool!

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, of course, WordPress is a great tool.
      However, building a WordPress website easier now through the mentioned platform in this article. You can build a WordPress website just within 30 seconds via the site builder within Wealthy Affiliate, which is hard to believe but is a real truth.

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