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I Want A Business Idea – Let’s know how to choose a business first

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“Hi Google, I Want A Business Idea, please help me out, show me the best business ideas”, thousands of people are praying from the heart every day because people want a perfect start-up and high profit.

I can’t remember how many times I searched for a unique business idea in the past. I find tons of blogs on this topic, but almost all of those are more or less copy-pasted blogs to each other with grammatical and positional changes. I mean, you’ll get a common list of business ideas everywhere. But no one tells you how to choose the right business that suits you!

To be honest, the list of general business ideas can’t be altered, because those are the basic forms of business. A unique business idea evolves only when you’ll be able to mix them up and capture the juicy part.

In this article, I am going to show you, how and when you’ll become able to criticize an area and find out the most profitable business idea that suits you.

The methods are simple, but most of the time people avoid those, and as a result, they get puzzled.

Finding A Business Idea: The Strategies

You need to be very wise while selecting a startup business, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest there. This is not a matter of getting sparkled by the success news of others. You need to read yourself first, then proceed step-by-step.

Reading yourself

The first criteria are about your passion, and the second one is your expertise. You must have a passion or expertise in your chosen business idea.

Strategically you need to ask a few questions to yourself before choosing a business.

  • What is your passion or interest?
  • Does the chosen business idea matches to your passion?
  • What is your expertise?
  • Does a chosen business idea fit your expertise?
  • Are you started hating your day job and ready to start your own business (if you are an employee)?
  • Are you really willing to leave your present job and ready for your own business (if you are an employee)?
  • Can you invest enough time in your new startup business?
  • Are you willing to run your business aside from your day-job, or are you willing to be full time from day 1?

Answers of the above questions will provide you a basic idea about your passion and expertise. So you should look for business ideas only from those segments that you disclosed here. That means you have been able to cut off a big area.

I Want A Business Idea - love your business to grow it up
You need to be passionate about your business and love your business to grow it up

You also noted here, whether you are ready to leave your job right now or you want to run your job and business together. This is very important. Because it is not possible the run most of the businesses besides a day-job. This is possible only in a few classes. The amount of time you can invest in your business is definitely a major fact.

Capital issues

After focusing on a specific business area, you have to think about the capital. So another set of questions for you —

  • How much capital can you invest in your startup business?
  • How much profit you are expecting initially?
  • How will you back up yourself, if you are running out of money in the middle?
  • Will you get an investor in case of any urgency?
  • Are you looking to invest your savings or looking for a startup loan?

You can’t earn money from the first day of your business. In your day job, your payment gets counted from the very first day. Or, if you are the owner of a stable family business, you can expect profit from the very first day. But this is not possible for a startup business.

When you are looking for a start-up business, you have the build-up the business first to earn revenue from that. You may need 1-3 years to receive a stable income from that business. The required time depends on the type of business and your effort.

So, for a start-up business, you need to invest money, invest time, and at the same time, you need to have a good backup. In some cases, you may need the help of an external investor. From the above questions, you get a clear idea about all these capital related issues. I suggest you note it down.

Land issues

The final one is the land requirement. You have to answer only one question here,

  • Do you have enough land to launch a business, or you are looking for landless options?

In the first phase of questions, you figured out your interest and expertise. Maybe you have several interests or expertise.

In the second phase of questions, you figured out the amount of capital and time you can invest.

This section will answer you whether you have (or can arrange) land for your business or not.

So it’s time to finalize.

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If you have land and if you are interested in an offline business from this list, you can proceed with that. All the business ideas in this list are profitable, you just need to calculate the required investment. If you are facing any problem, you can post a comment below, we shall help you out anytime.

If you can’t afford land, you have to try an online business.

There are a worldwide market and huge scope in online business. Every day more than 5 billion people are surfing the internet to solve their problems, and anyone may become your customer.

BUT, you should start an online business if you have an interest. You may not have the required skills because there are awesome platforms to learn everything from scratch, but you positively need the interest to start and run an online business. An online business needs low investment, but you should know, it also needs time to achieve success (at least 5 months- 1 year, depending upon your effort).

I Want A Business Idea - deciding land-needing or land-less

I personally started an online business because several criteria matched to my choice. I didn’t have land to set up a factory, I didn’t have too much savings to invest, and most importantly I was interested in online marketing mainly to convert my passion into profit. Besides, initially, I didn’t have the option to invest full-time for my business (I was involved in day job), and so an offline business was an unmatched option for me initially.

Although all criteria matched well, I didn’t have any experience or expertise in online business. I find it was not possible to succeed in this field without proper knowledge. I started losing time and money with my zero-knowledge, but I didn’t give up and was waiting for a breakthrough.

Finally, I was lucky enough to find out This Platform after a few failures, where I learned everything about online marketing step by step and started achieving success. I never turn back again in my further journey

As a summary, everything matched well for me to start an online business which did lead me to success. I suggest you not to step in blindly, rather you must check out your criteria before start-up.

Conclusive remarks

You were searching for something like “I Want A Business Idea”, right? Years back I also searched for something similar, and many people are searching for the same day and night.

This article may not offer you a list of business like other blogs, but I hope you learned here the perfect way to select a business that exactly matches your needs.

You’ll get a lot of business ideas from the bloggers’ post, but I guess no one will guide you for a perfect match. And if it doesn’t match, you can’t love your business just like you don’t love your job. So I strongly suggest you move on with this guidance and choose your business.

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If you have any further queries, you can ask anytime in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to offer you the right suggestion.

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I want a business Idea and turn the passion into profit

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  1. Rodarrick

    This is just perfect for me right now. I have been working towards this all my life and you have really helped simplify everything about getting a business idea. Serious, I wanted to create a business but then, everything does not seem to resonate with me before. Now that you have simplified everything, I cannot help but yelp for joy. Thanks for sharing

    1. Dr. SD

      Glad to see this idea helps you.

      People get some idea from the internet or from others’ success, and implement those ideas to start a new business. But on many occasions, it doesn’t resonate and leads to failure. This is not the right thing. Rather people should choose the right business idea that suits them, this really increases the rate of success.

  2. Lee

    Great road map and suggestions for finding a great business idea. It should start with what you love, know, and experience.  Research is vital for seeing if the passion is profitable (most of the time it is) and how. Set goals to help remind you of the direction you need to go and why. Once you have your idea and goal then focus on the needed resources and move to acquire what is needed to turn your passion into reality.  

    1. Dr. SD

      Research is obviously an important area to find out whether the passion is profitable or not. But, I can say one thing you believe or not, almost every passion is profitable, though not equally. There must be at least one way to convert any passion into profit, directly or indirectly, and you can criticize it only if you are passionate or knowledgeable on a topic.

  3. Carmen

    Great post. Everyone wants to do business, but many do not know how to do it, and in a few months the business goes bankrupt. You have scored very well how to choose your business, the necessary strategies. I am now retired and besides my profession, my great passion were cats. It is now. I have more time to deal with cats and to share with my cat lovers my experience of 34 years in their care and love.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, absolutely you can choose the pet niche and start an online business telling people how to maintain cats, their favorite food, their territories, their diseases, and treatments, etc. Of course, you have to have a passion for writing also to start such a niche website.

      You can promote cat-related products on your website.

      Although the niche is very specific, you have an option to draw the cat lovers specifically.

      As an offline business, you may become a local cat consultant, but I really don’t know whether it’ll be profitable or not!

  4. Mugalu Mansoor

    Thank for this informative article

    For any newbie, find a business idea is the most changing part. this article actually reminded my days in 2017 when I was just starting my journey in the online space. I developed and dropped more than 5 websites on different niches. After getting good training I realized that it was about passion. This article is really great and so informative.

    1. Dr. SD

      Great! That means you find your passion! 

      I suggest you focus on passion, for sure, it’ll pay you back.

      Best wishes

  5. Parveen

    Hey, Thank you for writing such an article, “I Want A Business Idea – Let’s know how to choose a business first”. I enjoy while reading and find many new ideas for me. I am new to internet business. I also spend my lot of time to find the best idea. We have to with our passion. Results will start coming soon if we have a passion for our niche. Thank you for helping me to choose the best one.


    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Parveen,

      Glad to know you have been benefitted by the article.

      Wish you all the very best for success.

  6. PeterMinea

    Hello SD!

    Finding a business idea is an important step in our lives, then we need to be sure about it and to make it come true. And especially when we are beginners, building our business and effectively starting to earn from it needs some seriously invested time. Also, it is important to keep our focus on what we are determined to do, pursuing our goals and increasing our successes step by step. If we realize that we are earning more than invested, that is a sign of success!

    All the best! Peter

    1. Dr. SD

      You are right Peter, but if you don’t have a passion or knowledge for the business you are starting, most of the time failure comes, even though you invest a lot of time or money. Because you are investing your time in the wrong topic where you got minimum interest. I am pretty sure about it because I have my personal survey experience on this blog topic. 

      Hope you understand.

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