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Is 12 Minute Affiliate Scam? – The hidden truth exposed in this review

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Recently, a new program is promoting themselves on Facebook many times in a day, it’s 12 Minute Affiliate. Have you watched the same in your region?

Rapid Facebook Ad by12 Minute Affiliate Some of my followers became interested and they were asking me, “Is 12 Minute Affiliate scam, or it is fine to join there?”

A trial for $9.95 is pretty affordable; so I grabbed it mainly for helping my followers and of course, also to fulfill my personal curiosity.

What I saw inside, that couldn’t stop me just by answering them, but it led me to write a review on this program. Because I realized, everyone should know the hidden truth before investing they hard earn money into the 12 Minute Affiliate program, although initially, the amount is as low as $9.95.

If you are looking for some real information about this program, or if you have certain questions in your mind about it, just read this full 12 Minute Affiliate review. I hope this will solve all your queries.

If you have gone through the sales video, you must listen to the speech… “to make money with12 Minute Affiliate program, you need NO product to create, NO website to build, even you don’t need to struggle for getting traffic!”

Oh my goodness! It’s really crazy! Up and run there and just sit back, money will flow!

Then, why don’t you pay just $9.95 and get started?

There may be many reasons; maybe you can’t really believe them, or maybe the unbelievable offers by the platform providing a scam-like impression of another online scam, because they are mentioning an unbelievable offer.

So, my friend, don’t do any guesswork, let’s get forward to know the reality.

Product Name: 12 Minute Affiliate review

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $9.95 (for trial only), several upsells inside!

Owners: Devon Brown & David Sloan

Summary: 12 Minute Affiliate system is a done-for-you digital platform specifically designed to earn affiliate commissions.

Our Rating: 45 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is 12 Minute Affiliate?

If you have gone through their sales video, you already know what they are claiming actually. Still, as a part of this review, I am simplifying the fact briefly, just for your better understanding.

12 Minute Affiliate system is a done-for-you digital platform specifically designed to earn affiliate commissions.

You may be asking now, what is a done-for-you system?

It means, you’ll be getting a readily automated platform where you have to do nothing but you’ll be receiving affiliate commissions just like flood (as per their version). The automation is not fully controlled by software as happens in Squirable (an e-book creator), but within 12 Minute Affiliate platform, the entire team will do everything for you.

The Founder

Devon Brown who is the owner of the 12 Minute Affiliate program is, of course, a legit person and successful affiliate marketer. He is also an Internet entrepreneur, blogger, success coach, speaker, and Hip-Hop dancer. 

Nobody can doubt his personal ability, but his bold claims about “12 minutes” factor, such as 12 minutes to set up, 12 minutes to spend daily for the business, or earning an affiliate commission within only 12 minutes, all are pretty doubtful.

I am sorry to say, he is somehow misleading the beginners with this unreal statements, which is not expected from such a personality.

I am not sure about your source of knowledge about this program, but presently Clickbank is promoting this one. Although Clickbank is a 100% legit and reputable marketplace for digital products, you’ll also find many scams within Clickbank.

However, 12 minute Affiliate is not a typical scam, but the crude reality is hiding behind their sales video.

I am going to discuss everything step-by-step.

How does 12 Minute Affiliate Work?

12 Minute Affiliate, a crazy name, and it’s more than enough to attract the newbies. However, at the same time, it is also enough to make an impression of a scam.

Overall it’s something that you can neither swallow nor can ignore, especially when it offers a test drive for only $9.95.

But remember, it’s a test drive only.

Any affiliate marketer wants to make money online, and 12 Minutes Affiliate claims to make things easy for them by offering a plug-run-earn system.

If you are not well aware of how affiliate marketing works you can CHECK HERE for easy explanations. It is a simple 4 steps process.

  • Someone creates a product
  • Someone sales the product
  • Someone else purchases it
  • And you as an affiliate promote the product and earn a commission when someone purchases it from your recommendation.

Clickbank, JV Zoo, Worrior Plus, etc. are some reputed affiliate marketing platforms on the internet. As an affiliate you have to subscribe there and promote products from those platforms.

In affiliate marketing, the most important part is attracting the visitors and sending them to your affiliate link to make a purchase.

Although it sounds easy, the job is the critical one in reality. In fact, many people give up losing lots of money before they start earning, mainly due to the lack of proper knowledge.

However, 12 Minute Affiliate claims to solve this problem by following 3 simple steps (although not as simple as they claim). However, as per their claim, you need to spend only 12 minutes to set up everything and spend 12 minutes daily to earn a lot of affiliate commission.

How 12 minute affiliate works

Step 1: Joining

Pay the joining fee and signup to the system.

Step 2: Set up

Set up the system – you have to complete the following things:

  • Creating your affiliate account with ClickBank.
  • Get and set up your autoresponder (pay extra).
  • Activate funnel.
  • Purchase done-for-you set up if you want them to set everything for you (pay extra).
  • Purchase done-for-you traffic (pay extra).

The above process will drive traffic to your landing pages. In any type of online marketing, traffic is proportional to sales.

Step 3: Earning

You have done everything in step 2. Now you will earn commissions every day. Your job is to spend 12 minutes every day to count the affiliate commissions! (As per the claim of 12 minute Affiliate)

This is how the 12 Minute Affiliate system works.

Details inside 12 Minute Affiliate

I’d like to take you to the dashboard of 12 minutes affiliate for your better understanding of the system.

After purchasing the system when you sign up there you’ll see a dashboard like the following image.

12 minutes affiliate dashboard
12 minutes affiliate dashboard

First take a look at the quickstart checklist, which you have to set up first.

Your first task is to set up the affiliate account. So, click the arrow just beside the first one “Create A Free Affiliate Account”. You have to create an account in Clickbank as 12 Minute Affiliate system allows the Clickbank affiliate account.

(Please note, this is not about creating an account at Clickbank University, there is a big difference between CBU and Clickbank.)

Enter Clickbank ID at 12 minutes affiliate dashboard
Enter Clickbank ID here

When you click the yellow marked arrow on the checklist, it will take you to another page as follows. Insert your Clickbank ID in the red arrow-marked box, and click on the blue box.

Upon setting up the Clickbank account, you need to purchase the autoresponder.

You should note, your upsell starts from here. You have to pay at least $19/month for the autoresponder after the trial period.

Further, you have to set-up everything, such as set up Auto-responder, activating funnel, etc. If you want to do everything yourself, check the written set up information and proceed accordingly.

In case, you are a newbie, you may face difficulties. To get rid of this, you can purchase 12 Minute Affiliate’s done-for-you set up service. So, this may be considered as the second upsell within the system, although it’s optional.

In the sidebar, there are several options. Now, find out the “My Niche Funnels” tab and click on it. Those will act as your landing pages where visitors will come and purchase.

If you select a niche option there, this will take you to another page showing you options to create a funnel.

Choose funnel type 12 minutes affiliate dashboard
Choose funnel type here

Choosing “Instant funnel” will let you choose 12 Minute Affiliate’s ready funnel templates that represent the best selling products within Clickbank.

Instant funnel within 12 minutes affiliate dashboard
Instant funnel within 12 minutes affiliate dashboard

Alternatively you can choose the custom option. In that case you have proceed through the following steps:

  1. Choose a template from the list.
  2. Choose the page type you like to use (i.e., optin, bridge, both).
  3. Insert your corresponding affiliate link.
  4. Create a name for the funnel.
  5. Generate personalized funnel.
Creating funnels manually in 12 Minute Affiliate system
Sequence for creating funnel manually

Listen carefully, you can see 3 niche options there in the dashboard sidebar under “MY NICHE FUNNEL” tab, but all are not accessible in a basic plan. In the basic plan you can choose only one niche option. You can access all the 3 niche options only if you purchase the advanced gold plan.

This is the third upsell within the system, and choosing a plan is mandatory to stay live within 12 Minute Affiliate system. I am coming to the cost details later.

Finally, you’ll get there a “Get Traffic” option. In this part, you have to buy the traffic sources from 12 minute Affiliate system. So, this is another upsell inside the 12 Minute Affiliate system.

The main campaign of 12 Minute Affiliate is to generate traffic to your affiliate link. That means if you are joining 12 Minute Affiliate system, you are looking to get automatic traffic, so you should buy this one.

12 Minute Affiliate's "get traffic" upsell

If you are interested in generating traffic manually by yourself, there is really no reason to join 12 Minutes Affiliate. There is a much better option for you to learn generating free traffic manually.

I personally don’t believe in automatic traffic generators because of many reasons. I build up several websites by myself by applying several methods to generate traffic which I learned from THIS PLATFORM. I can proudly say that, I never need to pay extra money to buy traffic. In fact, I generally don’t pay for advertisements to attract visitors, rather visitors come to my site by their own interest.

Is 12 mMnute Affiliate scam - free method

Things I like about 12 Minute Affiliate

Like any other legit program, I find a few goods within 12 Minute Affiliate. Although the number of goods are limited, still I must mention those as a part of this review.

The founder is a reputed marketer

Without any confusion, Devon Brown has a good reputation in the online era. So, it is expected his product will not be a scam.

Yes, there are several hidden things which were not exposed in the sales video, but we have to consider this as a part of marketing.

The system is easy to handle

The 12 Minute Affiliate system is extremely easy to handle, although you should be ready to pay a big sum of money to purchase all the done-for-you services. It is not guaranted that you can make money, but their service makes the handeling part really easy.

The system that works

Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money online and people throughout the world follow different methods to achieve success. Few methods take a bit more time, and few methods are pretty fast. However, the prior aim of any online business is to generate traffic.

More the traffic = More sale = More profit

12 minutes affiliate system is nothing but a system that claims to make the job easier for new marketers. So, it is expected, the system works, although their claimed time frame and longevity of the business are doubtful.

60 days moneyback guarranty

This is a good one, if you fail to earn or if you think this system is not going to work for you, you have an option to apply for moneyback. However, Clickbank is mainly responsible for this because it is mentioned in Clickbank’s return policy.

Access to closed Facebook group

It’s good to get access to the platform’s closed FB group because it helps you to learn more by sharing knowledge between people with a similar mentality and activity.

No expenditure for Hosting plan and domain purchase

Within 12 Minute Affiliate, you don’t have your own website, so no need to worry about monthly hosting plan or domain purchase. It saves some money.

However, I personally don’t think this one is a much positive side, but this is good for the new people who are afraid of building websites.

A website is your own foundation, and if you are in online business you should have a website. I must mention, building a website is extremely easy if you can follow the right training and hosting, It needs only a few minutes to launch a WordPress website.

Still, if you are not interested to build a website, 12 Minute Affiliate is a piece of good news for you.

Things I don’t like about 12 Minute Affiliate

You must read this part carefully, because this part will clearly explain why I don’t recommend 12 Minutes Affiliate. I believe, today you are here for this particular information. So, read with full attention.

Misleadings by Devon Brown

The claims within Devon Brown’s sales videos are pretty misleading, because it sounds like 12 Minutes Affiliate is the easiest way to earn money as an affiliate marketer. I must say, Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, but it needs time and hard work.

Although the system claims, you can start making money within 12 minutes; in reality, it is impossible. Moreover sit back and relax is not the way to get success, rather every success comes after hard work; Devon knows it very well because he crossed the barrier with his own hard work, but I don’t know why he is misleading people!

No Website

This is a big drawback, my friend. I already mentioned the importance of a website in the above section.

If you are doing online business, and if you aim to run it long term, you must have a website. A website is the brand of your business, and your very own foundation.

Within 12 Minutes Affiliate system, you’ll be getting just landing pages. You should know, there are millions of similar landing pages sleeping within the internet without receiving any prover outcome. These landing pages were created by similar companies in the past, and now they are orphans.

So, I strongly suggest you, don’t rely on landing pages, rather you should focus to build up your own website to launch and run a stable business.

Are you afraid of building website? Just click the link below to understand how easy this is.


No training – keeping you in dark

Within 12 Minute Affiliate, you’ll get a few instructions to set up and use the system. But affiliate marketing is a far vast area. To become successful you have to learn a lot of things.

From childhood, we read the textbooks, and we continue reading up to the age of twenties or even more. Why? – To learn, and further to earn money, and ultimately to strengthen the future. Right?

In a similar way, if you jump in the flow of affiliate marketing without any knowledge, there is a 98% chance that you’ll blow away. First of all, you must have to learn it and then jump in. But 12 Minute Affiliate offers no proper training and keeping you totally in the dark.

I don’t stop you to join 12 Minute Affiliate System, but I must say, learn the system of affiliate marketing before joining there.

You may check this: A Complete Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Things are not in your control

The done-for-you system sounds good but it’s not that good in reality. They are doing everything for you, and that means all the controls are in their hand, not yours.

Mainly 3 factors are responsible for this particular negative:

  1. You don’t have your own website, so you are dependent on their common landing page templates.
  2. You don’t have any proper knowledge about affiliate marketing, because they are not providing any training.
  3. Everything is done-for-you, that means they are controlling your affiliate links, landing pages, even the traffics.

Many Hidden Upsells

I really dislike this part, because I hate hidden upsells; these are the biggest misleads. There are other similar platforms having hidden upsells, few are legit, and others are scams. As example,

There are many more, and I really dislike them all even though few of them are legit. From my personal point of view, “Hiding” cannot be a marketing policy, rather a genuine platform should mention everything very clearly to the customers before they join.

See the list of upsells within 12 Minute Affiliate program below, and this is how the affiliates earn money by promoting this program with dishonest reviews; I really hate this dishonesty. It’s a big scam to refer people to a wrong program by producing fake reviews.

In my website, I personally always try to deliver the most genuine information for the benefit of my site visitors, because I know they are visiting my site for the real information, not fake ones. I prefer to keep the money on the table, but I never mislead people.

After you purchase 14 days test drive for $9.95, you’ll be experiencing the following upsells.

  • Upsell 1: $39 onetime payment for 3x your result blueprint
  • Upsell 2: $67 onetime payment for Done-for-you set up
  • Upsell 3: $47/month payment for keeping your account alive (for 1 niche)
  • Upsell 4: $19/month payment for autoresponder (Although it is common in online marketing)

So, you should be aware of the upsells. Even if you are thinking to join, you must keep the money ready.

Finally, 12 Minutes Affiliate is really Expensive

This is not about $9.95 trial; if you want a full-time subscription in 12 Minute Affiliate system you have to spend a minimum of $47/month for the basic plan. If you want the gold membership for 3 niches options, you have to spend even more, that is $97/month!

In case of yearly subscription, you should pay $397/year for 1 niche and $797 for 3 niches.

Now calculate the amount including all the above said upsells.

  • Basic member monthly plan: ($47 x 12) + $39 + $67 + ($19 x 12) = $898
  • Basic member yearly plan: $397 + $39 + $67 + ($19 x 12) = $731
  • Gold member monthly plan: ($97 x 12) + $39 + $67 + ($19 x 12) = $1498
  • Gold member yearly plan: $797 + $39 + $67 + ($19 x 12) = $1131

So, you can see your minimum expenditure is $731 for a yearly subscription if you choose to stay happy with 1 niche option. For 3 niches option you have to pay minimum of $1131.

I think for a program like 12 Minute Affiliate this is too much, because their platform provide No website, No training. You have to throw the arrow as a complete blind, and you can guess, what maybe the possible result.

I spend less than half that you need to pay for 12 Minute Affiliate platform; and gladly speaking, I earn 4 figures every month without any advertisements. I learned everything from an evergreen platform and really helped me to turn my passion into profit. Yes, really I earn from a niche that I am passionate about. If you want to know how, just take a tour through the following link.


Is 12 Minute Affiliate Scam?

No, 12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam, but they mislead somehow. This platform claims to make things easy for affiliate marketers. Yes, they provide as they mention but in a way that people may not like.

Anyone will feel interested by the sales pitch of 12 Minute affiliate, but everyone should be aware of all the hidden truths that I mentioned above.

if you have enough money backup, you can obviously try the program, but I can’t assure you can get an early success with their system. What I can say, 12 Minute Affiliate is a legit program with many negatives.

My ways to make money online

Before say you goodbye, I thought I may share a little information about my ways to make money online, which may help you somehow.

I learn an evergreen process to achieve success in affiliate marketing from this platform.

There are several high ticket programs on the internet similar to 12 Minutes Affiliate, such as Super Affiliate Program, Commission Hero, Clickbank University, etc., and all of them claim to offer you quick success.

But instead of getting fooled by these expensive programs, I preferred to learn and understand the affiliate marketing system from this genuine platform.

I spend less than half that you need to join any of the high ticket programs I mentioned above. I followed the process, worked hard and earn the success.

Most of the high ticket programs ask you to run advertisements, and it needs a lot of money if you want to be successful with the help of Ads. Sometimes Facebook or Google may ban you even.

But I never need to run advertisements to earn money, rather I learned how to generate free traffic. I don’t buy traffic anyway, the visitors come to visit my website on their own interest.

I am grateful to this platform and it’s founders for…

  1. Teaching me such evergreen methods that last forever.
  2. Hosting my multiple websites.
  3. Offering me 24 x 7 support.
  4. Providing me all the necessary tools for online marketing.
  5. Providing me the membership to an amazingly helpful community.

If you are interested in my ways, you can explore the platform from the following link. You may join if you find it worthy. It’s FREE to join as starter member, NO credit card info required.



If you have any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sharing to social media is always highly appreciated; but of course, if you find the information helpful.

Have a nice day


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  1. drinkteahub

    Thank you so much for putting the time and money into finding out as much as you can about the 12 Minute Affiliate and sharing it with us. 

    I have indeed seen this promoted on Facebook and was tempted by the $9.95 price tag but I’ve been online long enough to know to pause and look for a review first and I’m glad I did. 

    It seems that this is like many other programs which, while not being an absolute scam, are seriously misleading in what they offer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dr. SD

      Looks like you are fairly experienced in online marketing, because you catch up the right thing. 12 Minute Affiliate is really among those programs that you can’t say it a scam, these types of programs misleads very wisely.

  2. Feji ben

    There are a lot of different opportunities available on the internet when it comes to making money online. There are thousands of websites out there that offer various ways to earn money. And affiliate marketing is one of the most secure way to make money online but it takes a lot of work to start up, But if you don’t want to stress your self out then 12 Minute Affiliate is the best for  you as it said to be a done-for-you affiliate marketing program that you can set up in just 12 minutes how amazing Is that….I would definitely give it a trial thanks allot for sharing this awesome article with us.

    1. Dr. SD

      Sure, if you can afford that much money, you can try the 12 Minute Affiliate program. For a business, you have to invest either more money or more time. It’s totally up to you which one you’d prefer.

  3. Norman Richards

    It is so sad to see how persons can be dishonest because that is what it is. Even though you pointed out the good side I believe that the founder should be upfront and honest. Thanks for also showing the misleading side also. This type of business requires lots of hard work and even though 12 Minute Affiliate may have a good side the bad side is that the founder is misleading which can turn people off from investing their hard-earned money in a system like this.

    1. admin

      You are absolutely right norman. It is hard to understand why the owner of 12 Minute Affiliate is misleading people, but when people come across this review they will reveal the truth anyway.

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this product as it saves both myself and others time from having to check it out. Too many upsells and misleading info with poor support is enough red flags to indicate that 12 Minute Affiliate is not the way to go. I appreciate your info on this. All the Best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Great to hear that you have been benefitted somehow. Thank you for your appreciation.

  5. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Hi Dr. SD
    Thank you for sharing this review. I am automatically wary of anything that sells something to me in a short space of time. 12 Minute Affiliate – seriously? Perhaps that is because I am from a mature generation and life has already taught me that very few great things happen in a short space of time. Your review has also revealed that the 12 Minute Affiliate does not offer their members the awesome opportunity to grow and develop which can be found at Wealthy Affiliate (also my #1, just saying 🙂
    As for the Upsells, like you, I am really adverse to them!
    Thank you once again.

    1. Dr. SD

      I am not wondering that WA is your #1 choice, because as per my personal experience, people whoever get connected to this platform they just fell in love with it. The main reason is nothing but Wealthy Affiliate drives people to the proper direction, offers the evergreen methods for online success, never makes false claims and testimonials, provides all the tools need to run your business, provides you full support and most importantly provides so many things at a very low cost in comparison to others.

      On the other hand programs like 12 Minute Affiliate sucking your money with an unreal claim, “Automation will change your life”!! Listen, automation can never let you earn thousands, maximum it may help from a specific corner, save some of your time, that’s all.

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