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Is Affiliate Bots 2 A Scam? [Complete Review]

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Affiliate Bots 2.0

$17 + Upsells





Tools & Facilities


Beginer Friendliness


Success Rate



  • Guides and tutorials are not bad.


  • Not Beginners-friendly.
  • False claim about Google and Youtube ranking.
  • Hidden expenses and upsells.
  • No success stories.
  • Too much automations.

In their tagline Affiliate bots 2 claims, you can earn $6000+/week from their platform, which is a pretty attractive deal for anybody. But at the same time, there are reasons to be skeptical; after all, 6000+/week is really an unbelievable amount!

I really appreciate your dedicated research before grabbing such an unbelievable offer. Earning $6000+/week or $1000 daily, this is not a joke!

I have seen several Affiliate bots 2.0 reviews on the internet that are focused on promoting the program blindly. You must be aware of those biased reviews, because most of them never joined Affiliate bots, but only promote the company by highlighting false statements and earning a huge commission from Clickbank.

So, before believing them, you should know the real truth about Affiliate bots; and then take the decision whether to invest your money plus time or not. Below, I am uncovering all the positives and negatives of Affiliate bots that will help you to decide.

Let’s start without wasting your precious time.

Product Name: Affiliate bots 2

Website: Visit here

Price of the Product: $17 (Limited period offer price) + Upsells

Owners: Chris X

Our Rating: 35 out of 100


Let’s Introduce Affiliate bots 2.0 in Brief

Chris X who is known as a successful affiliate marketer founded Affiliate bots in 2018 and upgraded to Affiliate bots 2.0 in February 2019. His success stories came into the limelight in 2006.

Beyond the conventional affiliate marketing strategies, the platform claims to serve you in an advanced way. A bunch of fully automated software/programs (17) makes your job easy. The automated bots will help you to choose the best affiliate programs, build a website with a single click, generate traffic, and ultimately let you make unlimited money online, as they claim.

The owner claims, the power of artificial intelligence and automated bots will change the way to make money online forever.

What do they offer in their package?

In an offer price of only $17, they are offering you some attractive deal. At least a newcomer must be very impressed by their advertisement. They actually divided the automatic bots into 3 steps.

Step 1

In step 1, with the help of automatic bots, you are getting information about the most profitable and top-selling products and affiliate programs across WarriorPlus, Amazon, ClickBank, & JVZoo.

  • IM Affiliate BOT: Show all of the top affiliate programs in the last 6 months.
  • Hosting Affiliate BOT: Show you top web hosting affiliate programs.
  • King of Zon: Using this bot, you’ll get the daily update of top Amazon affiliate programs.
  • CB 250: You’ll get the daily update of the top 250 Click Bank affiliate program.
  • King of Zoo: Get here the details of top products in JVZoo.
  • Christmas Affiliate BOT: Explores top Christmas gifts.
  • WarriorPlus: You are getting details of newly launched products with 50+ sells.
  • Launch Pulse: Get the database of all newly launched JVZoo, ClickBank & WarriorPlus products.

Step 2

In step 2 create your website and YouTube video in a simple way. Actually, they claim you can create your website within just 60 seconds. There is mainly 3 software in step 2.

  • 1 Click Affiliate: Generate your sale letter instantly by selecting pre-saved templates.
  • 1 Click Video: Create your landing page and video for your products.
  • Domain Aveli Software: Find an ideal domain name for your website using Domain Aveli.

You can read: How to Build A WordPress Website for Free and within Just 30 Seconds

Step 3

Now it is time to generate traffic to your website.

More traffic to your website = More money online.

  • Rapid Video Ranker: This will help you creating high conversion video keyword, and that is instant, rank them fast in google or Youtube.
  • Auto affiliate ads: Get 2000+ banners/text ads for top click bank products and convert the code to your blogs.
  • Flip DB: Get more niche idea by exploring the database of 360 Flippa websites which are generating up to $26000 per month.
  • Resell Database software: Get a database of 1000s digital products for reselling.
  • Auto Mailer: Using this one you can send unlimited email to a huge email list for absolutely free.
People often think, is Affiliate Bots 2 A Scam?
Automated bots provided by Affiliate Bots 2.0

Additionally, you are getting,

  1. 100 pages of PDF training to getting started.
  2. Training videos which will help you to use each software.
  3. Get an idea about more than 100 design ideas for any niche.
  4. Tools to generate Facebook ad images automatically.
  5. 8 hours of video training to select a niche, find designs and manage Facebook.
  6. Others.

So you can see the list is long and attractive enough to lead you to their system. But, don’t be too much impressed just by the advertisements and the long list of automated systems. I am explaining the facts, the goods and the bads which will help you to know the reality.

Things I like about Affiliate bots 2

Good things come first. I guess, so far you find everything good in the Affiliate bots 2.0 program because their way of expression is so promising. I also found a few goods in the Affiliate bots 2 platform.

The starting price is low

You are getting a good deal of software, automatic bots and training within Affiliate bots platform. I think, for only $17 this is a nice deal. But you must note, $17 is their offer price and I am saying Affiliate bots 2 program is a good deal only for this price (not for the original price $157). Also, don’t forget about the hidden upsells.

Within such an affordable price, Is Affiliate Bots 2 A Scam?
Affiliate bots 2 is a good deal only in their offer price – $17

Guides and Tutorials

They are offering you a training session to operate the software and automatic bots. The training sessions are good enough to learn complicated systems.

Few of their general training about the niche, keywords, etc. are also not bad.

Things I don’t like about Affiliate bots 2

For a newbie, it is difficult to find out the hidden things. In public advertisements, nobody explores the negatives. You have to search for the bads and pull them out of the box. If you find it is EASY to pull out lots of bads, you should avoid that product.

Not Beginners-friendly

Caution! Don’t be happy to get a bunch of automated bots. Don’t think they’ll make your all jobs done. Do you know what are the ultimate results of too much automation?

  1. Things get more complicated.
  2. Things get duplicated.

If your focus is to make money online from affiliate marketing, you have to create useful content, and this is the only way and the best way. That means, even if there are lots of automation within Affiliate bots, you still need to create helpful and informative content by yourself.

Now tell me, what’s the reason to use complex software instead of following simple routes?

You may be thinking, Is Affiliate Bots 2 A Scam?

If you are a beginner in online marketing, first of all, you need to know the basics of affiliate marketing, otherwise, you’ll get puzzled. Complications and too much automation are not going to help you out, rather offer you a frustrating future.

For long-term survival in the online world, first, you should get step-by-step training and learn the proper way to choose a niche, know how to find keywords for the website, learn to create SEO content the proper way, and many more. Unless you have deep knowledge about these things you can’t be successful in the online world.

False claim about rank in Google and Youtube

Above, I mentioned 2 points about the negative results of automation. The second one is “duplication”. Do you have an idea of how plagiarism or duplication affects Google ranking?

Let me explain.

I already said, as an affiliate marketer you have to create unique content for your website. It is also true that videos, especially YouTube videos can drive a lot of traffic and increase conversion rates. Keeping this in mind the owner of Affiliate bots 2 introduced 1000+ pre-saved scripts and templates.

These pre-saved templates and video scripts help you to create videos and sales pages with only one click. If you are not familiar with the process of affiliate marketing, you must be thinking “Wow! It’s great!”

But, this is not the best way in reality. The artificial intelligence of Google and YouTube are smart enough to figure out that you are creating duplicate content from an automated tool. As a result, they will penalize you badly, because they are very strict against plagiarism. They’ll simply unindex your website. Can you imagine how bad this is?

No index = No traffic = No money = Frustration

You must note, they never exposed any screenshot to prove that at least one website from their platform is getting ranked on search engines.

Successful affiliate marketers never go for an automated system, but they hire people directly or from a company like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. for creating content and graphic design. “Get-rich-quick” is an attractive but forbidden term. The more consistently you’ll work, the more you’ll earn.

So, before wasting your money and precious time you should think about this very important point.

Hidden expenses

You are going to start your online business with Affiliate bots 2. So, you need a website. For your website, you need a hosting company. You shouldn’t think a hosting company is going to host your website for free. They must take at least $300-500/year to host your website (based on plan) plus few more to own a domain, and the authority of Affiliate bots 2 never exposed this truth in their advertisements.

Get a better option if you are thinking Affiliate Bots 2 is a scam.

Just for your knowledge, you can create your website for free at WA and get step by step training to monetize your website.

Besides the web hosting, in Affiliate bots 2 you also need to keep lots of money in your pocket for Google, YouTube, or Facebook advertisements. This information is also kept hidden by Affiliate bots authorities. They actually don’t educate you to drive traffic for free of cost.

I suggest you learn how to rank in Google for free of cost through step-by-step training sessions from the right and legit organization.

No success stories

You’ll never get a blog explaining the success stories in Affiliate bots 2 platforms. Don’t believe in the edited documents, anybody can create such false documents. Even, information about the founder is unexplored too. Who is the hidden person actually! Is he really that online millionaire? Hard to believe!

Is Affiliate Bots 2 A Scam?

No. I’ll not say Affiliate Bots 2 is a scam because they offer you the list of tools as they claim, and you can build up your website using those tools if you are experienced enough in affiliate marketing.

I only explained the negatives of Affiliate bots 2 in the above section. I never said this is a scam, but they are actually hiding some very important information, which you’ll realize only after joining the platform. The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to rank well in Google and other search engines. Unless you rank you’ll have no sell. Duplication is the biggest negatives in Affiliate bot 2.

Besides the complications of the system made it totally a “Not for Beginners” program.

Who should join Affiliate bot 2

If you understand the goods and bads of the system, you can easily realize whether to join Affiliate bots 2 or not. I’d say you can join the program if the following criteria match.

  • You are an experienced affiliate marketer and want to have some experiment with the automated systems.
  • You have enough time to invest in experimenting with the bots.

My Final Opinion about Affiliate Bots 2

If you ask me, you’ll say don’t join Affiliate bots 2 if you are a beginner or intermediate. For beginners it’ll be really difficult to understand the system, many things will just fly over your head. Additionally, duplication is a very serious issue that can finish your online business carrier anytime. You should remember about extra expenses for advertisement, web hosting, etc.

An expert marketer can try this to check whether bots work or not. But, must apply the automation to a new website, not to an existing profitable website.

Overall, my recommendation for Affiliate bots 2 is — NO.

My #No.1 recommendation

I personally earn (and also learned to earn) a healthy full-time income from online marketing and I learned everything from a reputed platform. I do not believe in the get-rich-quick formula, because I tried a few such programs in the past and have been bluffed. I believe this is a scam term and nobody can get rich quick without hard work. You have to work hard and be sincere for earning online.

To be honest, I never looked back after joining THIS PLATFORM. To be honest, it took some time to get success and I had to work hard during that period. But I achieved the success because the platform offered me whatever I needed.

This evergreen platform offers a complete package at a reasonable price.

  • Step by step training to create a website and monetize it in the proper way.
  • Teaches evergreen methods of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Hosts up to 25 websites to grow your business.
  • Amazing helpful community.
  • Great 24×7 support.
  • A highly efficient keyword research tool, JAAXY.
  • A bunch of useful tools (no automation).

The most important thing, it is perfectly made for beginners to experts. They start their training from scratch, no matter if you don’t know anything about making a website, online marketing, etc.

On the other hand, an expert also gets benefited from the system to grow their business.

If you are interested, you can check out the following link to know more about this platform.

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. I shall be more than happy to help you out.

If you like the information social sharing would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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  1. Twack Romero

    Slowly but surely I am beginning to build a good understanding of what is on offer in the online business world. That said, I realise there are thousands of sites out there that offer ‘unbelievable’ opportunities that on face value, are very tempting. 

    Being able to read honest and unbiased reviews of these sites is a huge benefit to me. Having been caught out before I am far more wary of this type of site and the claims it makes. 

    Don’t get me wrong, at first glance I would be tempted, especially at such a low introductory price. All the software alone makes it sound worth it. You, however, have pointed out some major flaws that would not be apparent to those who have little or no experience in the affiliate marketing world. 

    I do know that content creation is no ‘cakewalk’ and takes time, as does getting your work ranked by the search engines so that you can get the traffic. It’s unfortunate, that because of the sales pitch and low price there will be many who join, only to find that it has been misrepresented and they, in turn, will be disappointed. Let’s hope many more get to read your review. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Most satisfaction of a reviewer: When people get benefited by their suggestions.

      I am glad to hear, this review helped you out to understand the real fact about automated systems like Affiliate Bots 2. You were interested with the tempting offers of Affiliate bot 2.0, and maybe you would have been already joined the program if you didn’t come across our review. This might offer you a frustrating and disappointing future.

      To be honest this program is not suitable at all for the beginners. You’d have been tried Affiliate bots 2 if you are an expert and already earing a lot from online market. In that case, you’d have an option to experiment with the other systems. But programs like these are never allowed in the initial stage.

      If you are interested to follow my way, you can explore my #No1 recommended platform; you’ll be benefited for sure. You’ll learn a lot, get a lot and earn a lot. Earing may take little time, but if you follow the process properly your business will get high stability for the long term.

  2. Gaurav Gaur

    Hi, Doctor SD.
    Thanks for the detailed review on Affiliate Bots 2.

    As I entered Affiliate Marketing recently and being a beginner, I was expecting some Content Making Machine (LOL) in Affiliate Bots 2, but alas!, I could not find till the end.

    As you rightly said that Content is the King and any Duplication in content is viewed as a serious offense by Search Engine, so I will buy your opinion.

    Thanks for all the details and helping me to take the right decision. Looking forward to the delivery of more such scams from your operation theatre 🙂

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Dr. SD

      First of all congratulations to you for selecting my #No1 recommended platform for your affiliate marketing journey. I can assure, you’ll not be losing anything from this platform but gain a lot. My #No1 recommended program may not be a get rich quick scheme, but it is much more than that which is going to offer you a long term success.

      It is nice to know, you have understood the negatives of the automated systems like affiliate bots 2. I’d suggest you to always get aware of these types of programs as a beginner if you are not interested to waste your money and time.

      Wish you all success in your online journey.


  3. LearnToEarn Admin

    I like the way you put this review together as it provides an overall view of what to expect if one takes up the offer.
    Upon my first read, I gathered that there is definitely a whole lot of programs included in this Affiliate bots 2.0 package which is definitely not for the beginner, not even me.

    I think a lot of affiliate marketers would be intrigued by what is offered here, but probably lose interest when it starts becoming a lot of information overload and not being implemented to the fullest extent.

    Agreeably, automated programs are not recommended and it is something Google and other platforms strongly disapprove of.  My opinion is to stay far away from automation, it could come back and stab you in the back.
    Thank you for providing an informative look into what is offered here.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to see another person understood the drawbacks of automation. In first sight, anybody will be highly impressed with the system unless he/she understand the major drawbacks of an automated system like Affiliate bots 2.0. Google’s red eye is really dangerous for your site health.

      Rather as you understood, it is far better to pick up the manual process, which obviously takes longer time but you’ll be definitely benefitted when it is a matter of long term issue. 

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