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What is Simple Traffic Solutions? A worthy review explains whether it’s scam or legit

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Website owners always search for a better traffic solution, means an easier way to generate traffic to the website. Because you know, more will be the traffic, higher will be the sale.

A few years back a program launched namely Simple Traffic solution, which claims to help you generate huge free traffic to your website. You don’t need to pay for advertisements to generate traffic as well as the conversion.

If you are interested to discover the reality, you are most welcome to my Simple Traffic Solution review!

In this review, I am going to show you, what is Simple Traffic Solution actually. Is it a worthy platform for building your website or is it just another scam sucking money from you?

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So, let’s head over without wasting time.

Simple Traffic Solutions overviewProduct Name: Simple Traffic Solutions

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $47 (Upsells inside)

Owner: John Thornhill

Summary: It is a digital platform that claims to teach you ways to generate an enormous amount of free traffic to your affiliate links, blog or website.

Our Rating: 41 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is Simple Traffic Solutions?

Simple Traffic Solutions is a digital platform that claims to teach you the ultimate ways to increase free traffic to your website. In fact, the founder of Simple Traffic Solutions claims, if you follow those methods, you may get more than 1000 visitors daily on your website immediately, and don’t need to pay a single penny for generating this amount of traffic! Even no SEO either!

About the founder of Simple Traffic Solutions:

John Thornhill, the founder of Simple Traffic Solution said, he lost a lot of money in advertising in Google and Facebook, and finally got banned from Google AdWords. He mentions, if you are the owner of a digital platform or promote digital products, you may get banned from Google Awards too, unless you do some costly Ads regularly. And it is not a false statement, Google really wants digital marketers to spend a lot of money on advertising.

To get rid of this problem, he developed his own methods to increase site traffic without the incorporation of advertisements and converted his discovery to a training module that he delivers within the Simple Traffic Solution platform.

John shows the real testimonials in his video, so undoubtfully he is a real and legit person, but how authentic his program is? Is his claims are real, or Simple Traffic Solutions is just another online scam?

Let’s take a look to explore more.

How does Simple Traffic Solutions Work?

As mentioned above, Simple Traffic Solutions is a platform that teaches you the ways to get maximum traffic to a website, affiliate promotion or any other online platform that you own, and the said traffic source is 100% free.

John divided the training modules into several parts as per requirement within Simple Traffic Solutions. You will learn things via PDFs, theory training, practical training, live training, personal mentoring and other resources. But you must be aware that, you can’t access all the courses if you purchase the basic version for $47. To receive the complete version you have to upgrade further.

The things will become crystal clear if you have a tour inside Simple Traffic Solutions.

Inside Simple Traffic Solutions

In the early stage, when the program launched the it was bearing only fewer training options, some downloadable PDF tutorials, and some video training modules. But with time, John improved the platform remarkably and included several other options, such as, PDFs, theory training, practical training, live training, and other resources. Additionally, there is a personal mentoring option. But everything doesn’t come in a basic package that you buy at $47 one time fee.

Simple Traffic Solutions dashboard

The PDF section contains tutorial e-books, worksheets, and mindmap.

E-books are complementary to your package that provides comprehensive details on additional traffic.

The worksheet is a nice inclusion, which may be considered as the checklist. It helps you to follow up with the training module by completing all the tasks step by step. As usual, it is recommended to complete all the tasks to learn things the proper way.

The mind map claims to offer you a strategy for driving traffic in a faster way.

Then comes theory training where you’ll find several video modules. Although John claims Advertisements are just a waste of money and SEO is a waste of time, he included training modules exactly about those things in the theory training section. And I must mention the discussions are not in-depth at all, rather those are pretty brief.

This section contains 16 video modules.

  1. Ad swap
  2. Article marketing
  3. Blog hopping
  4. Blogging
  5. Free reports
  6. Facebook groups
  7. Forums
  8. Joint ventures
  9. Guest blogging
  10. Integration marketing
  11. Signatures
  12. Social networking
  13. SEO
  14. Viral marketing
  15. Word of mouth
  16. Video marketing

Simple Traffic Solutions video training modules

As a beginner you may be thinking, these are many video training at this price range.

But, if you are familiar with internet marketing, you can understand these are the very common things anybody should consider for their appearance in the online market. To become successful you have to have in-depth knowledge about most of these areas. unfortunately, these videos don’t offer you in-depth knowledge, these are only introductory parts.

There is live training option, but in your basic package you’ll get only one live training. Do you think that is enough for generating 1000s of free traffic? – NEVER!

You need to stay updated always, and only weekly live webinars may keep you updated which is unavailable in Simple Traffic Solutions’ basic package.

You may learn a bit more if you upgrade.

The same is applicable to the personal mentoring option. You have to pay an extra cost for accessing this. I didn’t access this expensive option because I am already associated with a 100 times better platform, and thus I can’t say how well Jonh performs in this mentorship program. Maybe you can learn John’s actual way of generating free traffic if you choose to buy John’s expensive mentorship program.

Things I like about Simple Traffic Solutions

Although I don’t think the courses are worthy to purchase, still I figured out a few things which may be considered as positives.

  • Beginners may get some basic ideas on traffic generation.
  • Sometimes they offer a coupon code, which reduces the cost up to 80%.
  • John’s closed Facebook group might be useful to exchange ideas.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Things I don’t like about Simple Traffic Solutions

I’ll not show a long list of negatives here. But each and every downside I mentioned here, all are considered as remarkable drawbacks for any online platform which refects to my given ratings.

  • The program is not worthy, at least the basic plan. Much better option available in the market.
  • Many hidden upsells inside. You must be aware of it.
  • No in-depth tutorial; the video training courses offer you just the basic ideas.
  • Over hiked! Not possible to generate much traffic within a short period learning these lessons.

Is Simple Traffic Solutions A Scam or Legit?

I can’t say Simple Traffic Solutions is a scam platform. It doesn’t bluff you, means the platform never runs away by taking your money. The founder is a legit person and he provides you learning materials within the platform as he mentioned. So, I can say Simple Traffic Solutions is not a scam.

But, I can say you, purchasing the basic plan of Simple Traffic Solutions, you can never generate huge traffic as john claims.

If you have already seen John’s marketing video, you may be thinking John is getting too many traffics and sells using these methods, then why couldn’t you!

The real fact is, John himself doesn’t follow the same tricks as you’ll be learning inside Simple Traffic Solutions. Those are just the basics. Continuous up-gradation and John’s expensive mentorship may help you learn new things about traffic generation.

An Evergreen Strategy that brings a lot of traffic and money

I personally learned an evergreen strategy to generate online traffic from an amazing training platform where I joined 2 years back. In fact, this platform taught me everything about online marketing, which includes all the hidden tricks to generate traffic as well as revenue.

To be honest, my journey is not about “switch on and sit back” type of strategy, rather I followed their courses thoroughly and worked hard to achieve success, and I personally believe nothing comes without hard work.

Yes, it needs time and hard work at the initial stage. But in return, you’ll earn a great deal of revenue without spending a single buck in advertisements.

I never spent money on advertisements, rather I spend my times in hard-working, I spend my time in building trust with my full honesty, and of course, I spend my time learning the best ways to generate free organic traffic on my websites. The weekly live webinar within my No.#1 recommended platform helps me a lot to stay updated all the time.

The founder of Simple Traffic Solutions tries to scare you of the term SEO, keyword research, website building, content creating, etc. But you should know, these are some most affordable the evergreen strategies for long term online existence. And believe me, none of these are difficult if you proceed through proper way.

This platform helps you to learn everything in a step-by-step way with 100% guidance and assistance, as it did for myself. Here you’ll learn to —

  1. Build up an online business platform on any niche you are passionate about
  2. Generate free organic traffic to your business platform (No advertisements required).
  3. Grow up your business.
  4. Get success and earn sustainable revenue online.

If you are interested to know how the online business works, you can reach out to my free guide by clicking below.

What is Simple Traffic Solutions button 1

I don’t earn something like $1000/day, as many online business owners claims, and I really doubt whether they are speaking honestly or not. But with my full honesty, I can say, I earn a sustainable 4 figures per month which is more than enough to replace my day job. And I’m grateful to this platform for teaching me all about those strategies which led me to a fulltime online entrepreneur converting my passion into profit.

And the best thing about this platform is, you can join there for absolutely FREE of cost (NO credit card details required), start learning and building your online business, receive all the required tools you need, get full support from the premium coaches and community members.

I suggest you stop wasting time behind the unnecessary programs, rather, join the right platform if you really want to turn your passion into profit.

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