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What is Sqribble about? – A Sqribble Review that Explains Everything

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Welcome to the Sqribble review. If you are looking for a top-class explanation for the queries like, “what is Sqribble about?”, “how to use Sqribble?”, “Is it worthy to use Sqribble or not?”, etc., this is the best place for you. As you go through this review article, you’ll be able to discover all about Sqribble step-by-step.

If you started an online business, you must be looking for more traffic and more subscribers to leverage your daily sales. In fact, all of us do the same.

E-books are one of the simplest ways to increase subscribers to your website, and subsequently increase your sales to a great extent.

If you are not aware of this fact, you may ask me, “why?”

I’d say, test yourself and see the result, rather than believing in my answer. Include e-books or free reports on your website and ask your visitors for the free subscription; see how many people start subscribing to your free e-book daily. That means you’ll be starting to get new customers every day.

Yes, digital books really work like powerful magnets that attract a lot of traffic and leverage the sales for all types of e-business.

Other than offering a free e-book, you can also sale several digital books on your websites that are created by you. Simply visit e-commerce giants like Amazon, and check the success in the e-book business.

What is Sqribble about? - tool to create e-books

But, there are problems…

Publishing an e-book is a simple one-click process, but, creating it causes multiple headaches such as writing, formatting, designing which are really time-consuming and irritating processes. In fact, it takes several weeks, even months to complete a good quality e-book, and many entrepreneurs don’t have that much time actually.

Many online marketers hire writers and designers to create such e-books. But this is a money consuming process as the freelancers charge $100-1000 depending on the number of pages, designs, etc.

The good news is, the new Sqribble e-book creator can solve most of these problems within minutes.

Do you know, what is Sqribble about?

Let me provide you a full demonstration which may help you to understand whether it is right for you not.

Product Name: SQRIBBLE


Price of the Product: $67 (initially)

Owners: Adeel Chowdhry & Ali Chowdhry

Summary: SQRIBBLE is a cloud-based e-book creator that can generate digital books with a professional design within seconds; it saves lots of your time. Sqribble also saves your money (in case, you usually hire writers and designers for your e-books — Sqribble can do both writers’ and designers’ job in seconds).

Who should use: Publishing e-books is necessary to increase sales. People who feel lazy or don’t have time to create an e-book, they should use SQRIBBLE. Beginners who don’t have much experience to operate advanced e-book creators or don’t like to hire outsourcing by spending a lot of bucks to create a digital book, SQRIBBLE is a perfect choice for them.

Our Rating: 86 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Sqribble about?

Sqribble is a cloud-based e-book solution that creates your digital book in seconds!

Sqribble was created and launched by experienced internet marketers Adeel Chowdhry & Ali Chowdhry. Adeel Chowdhury is an entrepreneur who created several other blockbuster programs in the past, such as Pixel Studio FX, Social Studio FX, etc. The other co-founder of Sqribble, Ali Chowdhury is a business strategist and PR expert.

As I mentioned above, creating e-books is really a hectic job. All the writing, arranging, designing, and formatting irritates most of the people a lot. SQRIBBLE is a nice tool to solve these issues.

This is how I use SQRIBBLE:

As long as I came to be known, e-books have a great influence on selling products, I started creating e-book for my major business websites. I must acknowledge, I really received a great response from the visitors when after I launched my first e-book.

Creating an e-book is a hectic job, but I felt e-books are necessary to grow up my business. I started searching for a better option to make things easy.

I found several e-book creators those claim to make things easy but I am a bit scrappy in choosing the right tools for my business websites. I couldn’t accept most of those except a few.

I find SQRIBBLE can produce nicely formatted e-books with great design, and this may be a one-click fully automated process.

Though I personally don’t prefer full automation in creating content or e-books, SQRIBBLE saves a lot of my time. Generally, I don’t publish the same e-books created in SQRIBBLE, rather I prefer to customize further, as I learned from THIS PLATFORM.

But if you are a beginner, or if you don’t have much time to customize, you can publish SQRIBBLE created e-books as it is.


Many marketers spend $100-1000 for creating a single e-book while they hire writers and designers. Not only they spend a huge amount of money to create an e-book, but they also have to wait 5-20 days to receive the full e-book in hand.

However, the same thing is possible to do using SQRIBBLE within just 60 seconds, without any outsourcing.

How does SQRIBBLE Work?

So far it is known to you that SQRIBBLE is an automatic e-book creator that creates a full e-book withing seconds.

  • It generated content as per the given keywords and the links.
  • It formats and designs the e-book automatically.
  • Overall, it saves your lot of time and effort and let you focus on other thing related to your business.

SQRIBBLE’s working procedure is also very simple.

You’ll get several e-book templets within SQRIBBLE . You have to choose a template as per your Niche.

What is Sqribble about? - see the templates and niches

The content (text) area) can be filled in 3 ways.

  • Select any among 1000 ready niche articles within SQRIBBLE.
  • Enter a URL in the and sit back, SQRIBBLE will make a ready e-book with several pages instantly.
  • Write content in word file and upload it, SQRIBBLE will generate a well-designed ready-made e-book.

I suggest you be a bit creative by making some changes in the text, color, design and insert any image. Open the e-book created by SQRIBBLE and make any change as per your choice.

I personally like this feature. In most of the cases, I upload my own word document as I prefer to create content myself (You may choose other options too). Then I go for further customization.

Get Sqribble today

Let’s have a tour inside SQRIBBLE

What will you get after signing up for SQRIBBLE? How will you create an e-book exactly?

I know, these are very demanding queries, because the proper explanation of these questions will help you to make a decision, whether to purchase the program or not.

While describing the inside view of SCRIBBLE, I have incorporated some visuals along with the text descriptions, mainly to describe the system in a better way. You are suggested to co-ordinate the text with the images.

Within SQRIBBLE you’ll get the following facilities.

  • 6 pre-designed e-books formats.
  • All the mobile responsive designs; in fact, they are readable in all devices.
  • Multiple niche categories.
  • Unlimited page addition option.
  • 1000 in-build contents for creating your e-book (type keyword to choose a content).
  • Option to create an e-book directly from a URL.
  • Option to upload a pre-written word document to create an e-book.
  • Several options to customize an e-book (customize text, color, style, insert image, etc.)
  • SQRIBBLE dashboard offers surfing stock images directly from Sutterstock, Pixbay, etc.
  • Manage your customers from SQRIBBLE dashboard (upgraded version).
  • Get assignment notification (Upgraded version).
  • Flipbook: If you use this animated option, pages in your e-book will flip like original books (Upgraded version).
  • Agency Website (special bonus)
  • Free Commercial License and others.

What is Sqribble about? - you get all these inside

Creating an E-book

Earlier I already mentioned the way to create an e-book. Here I’m giving a pictorial demonstration for your easy understanding. Follow the image chart below.

Creating e-book from URL:

This is a four steps process: Select “Grab from URL” > Open any website and grab the URL > Paste URL on Sqribble and click on NEXT > Sit back and get your e-book ready.

Create e-books in Sqribble directly from URL

Creating e-book from 1000 in-build articles:

It is even more easy. Select your Niche > get the list of related articles > Add the article > Click on next > BOOM! your e-book is ready.

Create e-book by selecting a article from Sqribble


You have all the options to customize the auto-created e-book. You can change text and headings, insert a page number, header, footers, and images, alter colors, make a new paragraph, etc. See the following images for a better understanding.

What is Sqribble about? - Customize anything within Sqribble

Managing customers

Hundreds of website owners are looking for writers and designers, and they offer pretty good amounts for such a job. If you choose to grab those assignments and earn some extra bucks, SQRIBBLE is a very good option for that. In fact, your customers will be unable to know that, you are completing such a hectic job within seconds.

In an upgraded plan of SQRIBBLE you’ll get a customer management dashboard.

After creating an e-book you can share the copy to your customer for feedback. They can send you a message for changes, and you can easily modify the errors from the Sqribble dashboard before delivery.

What is Sqribble about

Things I like about SQRIBBLE

Not all, but I like several features within Sqribble.

Niche Templets

Scribble offers e-book templates for almost all types of Niche. In the basic plan, you’ll get a limited number of niche templets, but those are sufficient for moderate usage.

If you are a heavy user or a freelancer, you may need more variety. In that situation, you have to upgrade to a higher version.

Professional look

I find the e-books generated in Sqribble are very professional looking. This feature is really needed to attract your customers.

Accessibility to the free contents

Sqribble offers 1000 free content for creating new e-books. These are very useful for a quick e-book launching. Sometimes I take help of these inbuild contents.

Customization option

I have seen many e-book creators don’t offer this feature. But this one is my favorite. Within Sqribble, it is possible to make an e-book better and better using those options.


As I mentioned I generally like to upload my own contents to create an e-book. But the designs and auto-formatting features save lots of my time. At least I don’t have to format my e-books from scratch.

The customer support

Sqribble customer support is prompt enough. I like this.

While you are using such a tool, you may face problems and you need assistance. Customer support within Sqribble solves your problem within minutes.

Get Sqribble today

Things I don’t like about SQRIBBLE

Some features within Sqribble I don’t like at all. And I must mention all of those because you are going to make a decision upon my review. So, I like to be crystal clear to you.

E-book from URL

I generally don’t like to copy others’ content, so I don’t like the URL pasting option to create an e-book. If you use this option you must have to put the reference as per international rule. Otherwise, you may get banned.

The URL feature is useful when you want to convert one of your own blogs to an e-book. It’s fine if you are looking to do something like that.

Free contents – high chances of duplication

Free content within SQRIBBLE is a good option to create an e-book quickly, but there are negatives too.

Some other Sqribble users may also use the same content. That means there is a high chance that two or multiple e-books look exactly the same. This is not a good sign for your business, even visitors may not like this.

If you use the in-build templates you are suggested to modify some parts within your e-book.


For your caution, I must inform you there are many upsells within Sqribble. In fact, if you purchase the basic plan you’ll have access to limited options (but good enough for the beginners), and you’ll receive get several notifications for upgradation in your Sqribble dashboard.

They are not fully honest on their sales page, because in the basic plan you’ll not get all the facilities as they claim on their sales page.

Their basic plan costs $67, which is a pretty nice deal for the beginner.

Check the list of upsells below.

  • Sqribble Professional – $97.00 (unlock more templates, designs, content, and powerful features)
  • Scribble Prime Monthly – $47.00 per month (receive 15 new eBook templates every month.)
  • Sqribble Fantasia 3D – $77.00 (Create 3D eCovers and interactive flipbooks)
  • Auto Job Finder – $197.00 (finds e-book/report creating jobs – suitable for the freelancers)

I’d suggest you, initially stay at the basic plan. This will solve most of your basic needs. Upgradation to the professional plan is recommended as per your needs.

Flipbook is, of course, an attractive option that makes your e-books different from others, but I must agree, it is a costly plan. Upgradation to the Fantasia 3D plan is totally up to you, i.e., how you want to represent your e-books to your customers.

Clash with Google Chrome extensions

I personally faced this error. Initially, I had to deactivate many Google Chrome extensions to run Sqribble. Finally, I decided not to use Google Chrome for Sqribble, rather I use internet explorer for it now. This error should be noted by the Sqribble authority.

Low storage capacity

The storage capacity is low enough within Sqribble, as you can’t save more than 20-22 e-books at a time.

My final opinion about Sqribble

Sqribble is a useful tool for internet marketers, especially for those who feel e-books are necessary to leverage the traffic as well as sell, but don’t have much time to create an e-book or don’t like to waste too much time for creating e-books.

I personally feel Sqribble is also useful for those people who love to create content by their own. I learned to create content, building a website based online business, Search Engine Optimization and many other lessons from THIS PLATFORM.

Hence, most of the time I prefer to create a content by myself. But after creating the content it takes too much time to design and format the content in form of e-book. After I started using Sqribble I can save a lot of time due to its auto design and formatting features, and I can utilize those times for my other tasks related to my online business.

Yes, there are tools like Canva for creating e-books, but in terms of saving time, I prefer Sqribble.

Overall Sqribble is a pretty useful tool and I recommend using it especially to the following classes of people:

  • The beginners who don’t have much expertise in creating content.
  • The intermediates and experts, who can create content and e-books, but want to save time.
  • Internet marketers are not interested to spend so much money on hiring writers and designers.
  • Online marketers who don’t love to write too much at all.
  • People who looking to speed up their freelancing business.

What is Sqribble about? - get it and know well.

If you have any further query, please drop you question the comment box below, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you find the article helpful, please share the knowledge by clicking the social icons.

Use Sqribble but learn things at WA to achieve success

Thank you for your attention.


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  1. Feji ben

    Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me. I have heard a lot about scribble although I have not had time to try it out, although I never knew it has all the interesting properties. I would try it out immediately.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Feji,

      Are you running an online business? Have you incorporated e-books on your website? Never mind, I am asking these questions because it is a bit confusing to me that you said, you don’t have time to try Sqribble!

      People actually use Sqribble to save time. If you are running an online business and looking to increase subscription as well as sales, the inclusion of e-books is a great strategy. Sqribble actually saves your time in creating awesome e-books.

      Regards and Best wishes

  2. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks so much for sharing, Sqribble seems to be a good tool that offers help. There were many times that I wanted to write an ebook but didn’t know how because it can be time-consuming but I have also heard people say that you can write these books in 24 hours or less; how true is this? I am guessing that it depends on the number of pages and information that is research.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Norman,

      If you use Sqribble, it takes only minutes to create a full e-book. Later if you want to modify the texts, images or design manually, it may take extra time as per your speed and range of modification. It’s totally up to you.

      I generally get the basic design first in Sqibble and then employ many modifications to make it better. To be honest, it needs time to modify manually, but Sqribble saves a lot of time. Because Sqribble provides me the ready-made template, design and some ready-made texts.

  3. Alan

    Writing an eBook can be daunting. It’s great to have tools like Sqribble that can at least help to streamline the technical aspects converting files to the proper format. I appreciate your honesty in the “con” section. You are spot-on that the chances of duplication are very high using the canned templates.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, chances of duplication are high, but Sqribble is offering a customization option to get rid of this. You can modify the e-book as much as you want before publishing, that I generally do.

      The designs/themes may be similar to other Sqribble users if you use the basic plan. But once again, the advanced plans offer you a lot of templates and also the animated e-book option. Overall, I’d say Sqribble is a piece of program choice for its price.

  4. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for presenting this information as I may use it at some point as I create additional eBooks. I have saved the page and will review it more thoroughly. All the Best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Sure! It is always recommended to review thoroughly before purchasing something. Best wishes.

  5. Alex

    Hello Dr. SD,
    this is a great report about the tool sqribble and I like the transparent way you show all facts and giving pros and cons at the same time. I will take your link and come back later once I’m ready to use tools like sqribble for eBook generation. I agree with you that this tool would be a good start for folks with less time but intention to generate content with ebooks. Many thanks for sharing this here. I do appreciate this as a beginner in this field. Greetings Alex

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you Alex, for sharing your insight.

      You can positively use Sqribble if you want to create e-books but want to save a lot of time. But I suggest you modify the texts as I mentioned above.

      Best wishes.

  6. Neil Brown

    Thanks for sharing this great information as I have been interested in creating an e-book to give my business a much needed boost.
    Sqribble sounds like an amazing tool for just a fraction of the cost as it would take to have someone professionally write an e-book and I don’t have that kind of money.
    This is something I am definitely going to check into, Sqribble sounds like a great investment, thanks.

    1. Dr. SD

      I am glad it helps you out. Yes, Sqribble is a nice investment if you need to create e-books for your website.
      Thank you for sharing your insight.

      Best wishes.

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