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A Clickbank University 2 Review: What they hide!

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Few of the regular visitors in my websites recently got struck by the rapid campaign of Clickbank and repeatedly requested me to write a Clickbank University 2.0 review.

I don’t know whether you are one among those visitors or not, but even if you are one of them who are mentally trapped by the $47/month offer of Clickbank, you must read this full review up to the end before sign up. Spending a few minutes before this review will help you to realize how worthy is the platform for your needs, and what they really don’t reveal to you upfront.

Clickbank University launched in 2013 and further became a very popular company after they upgraded it to Clickbank University 2.0 in 2016. Even though they have grown up with a fine reputation, I’ll let you know all about their hidden story which never come to the open space unless you join their program.

But sometime some hidden stories may change your future. So, I’ll suggest you read this till the end.

Product Name: Clickbank University

Visit here:

Price of the Product: $47 + $594 upsells

Owners: Matt Hulett, Adam Horwitz, Justin Atlan

Our Rating: 83 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

A brief expansion of Clickbank University 2

Clickbank is a USA based reputed company for selling digital products online and they claim to provide you the best lessons in their training university.

Clickbank University 2.0 offers an upgraded version of courses which helps both vendors and the affiliates. Their main training courses will help you learn the process to sell your own digital products. So, if you are an expert in creating products like online training courses, e-books or any other advanced digital products, you can join them to make money from selling your products.

In their alternate training session, they help you to learn affiliate marketing which is another way to make money selling others’ product.

Things They Offer Inside

They offer everything as they claim. Their train for pushing your own product is pretty good. The affiliate training part is average, this is not as good as my #No1 Recommendation.

In their package they offer,

  • 8 Weeks Affiliate and 12 Weeks Vendor Class.
  • Weekly Expert Classes
  • Specially Curated Add-on Training
  • CBU Toolkit and Traffic Center
  • Discount price for several necessary tools.
  • ClickBank University active Community

8 weeks of affiliate training

I found 8 weeks affiliate training is just average and they put much less emphasis on this part. When you are going the make money as a full-time affiliate you need to have much in-depth knowledge than they actually offer. I personally earn a full-time income as an affiliate marketer for years and I can say, this platform is a far better option to learn all about affiliate marketing.

12 weeks vendor class

On the other hand, they are superior in their 12 weeks vendor class. Vendors who have the ability to build up their own digital products, Clickbank University is a perfect place for them. This part of their training is very in-depth and good enough to lead you to make money online selling your own digital product.

In these 12 courses training, they teach you to,

  • Research on finding your perfect product
  • Creating your avatar
  • Creating product and outsourcing for that
  • Build up landing pages.
  • Drive high traffic to your landing page.
  • Finalize and uploading it to Clickband for sale.
  • Finding affiliates for selling your product.
  • Scale up your business.

Even though there are a lot of upsells (I am coming later about upsells) throughout their training, I’d still say, this is a good place for you to learn selling your own digital products. There are many things to learn in that 12 weeks vendor class.

Weekly live classes

Weekly live classes are very average and not well directed. My #No1 recommended platform offers a far better one each to one live training every week.

Site builder within Clickbank 2.0

Sitebuilder in their platform is not bad, but there are certain restrictions and upsells which are not tolerable. You have to pay almost $600 to build up a landing page through their platform, which I think pretty expensive. You have can build a professional website within WordPress within much lower cost… Thrive Architect will cost you only $67 which offers premium appearance to your website. Then why shall I spend $600??

Additionally, Thrive Architect, is a WordPress theme, and so, you can host your website anywhere. But if you are building a website within Clickbank, you have to host it within Clickbank and they’ll direct you to install their plugins in their courses. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to follow their training and thus you can’t see any profit. If you host at Clickbank you can’t move your website elsewhere in the future.

I must appreciate that Click bank 2.0 builder has its own advantage and this is designed to integrate and customize with Clickbank system and their offers. But features like “permanently locked within their system” is not tolerable. Don’t you catch it?

Are you interested to get stuck within ClickBank for a lifetime?

Other tools

You need some extra tools to which are necessary to run an online business, such as Email Service Provider, social media tools, etc. You have spent the extra buck to buy all these through their affiliate links. This is another hidden upsell in their system.


They have very good 24×7 support, I don’t have any complaint about this matter.

They also have a Clickbank forum which so active, but you’ll get much more active and helpful community in this platform.

Things I like about Clickbank 2.0

Clickbank is a well-reputed platform, am I must appreciate some of their systems and protocols.

Designed for Clickbank perfectly

People who want to run their business from Clickbank, they must learn from Clickbank rather than anywhere else. Often people try to use their knowledge (gathered from elsewhere) to a different platform. Many times this strategy clicks, but this will be failed in case of Clickbank. Their training courses and all plugins, tools everything is perfectly designed for integrating your own product with Clickbank, which makes it easier to sell, and it really works.

12 weeks of vendor classes

I absolutely like this part. If you are looking the build up something digital and sell them online, I must tell you to join this program. Starting from your niche product to sell this proper way through Clickbank platform, they’ll teach you everything very clear way in their training. It is really worthy

The videos are well explained while the written stuffs are pretty useful to read out.

YouTube ads and copywriting

Marketing of your product with YouTube Ads is a great strategy. They’ll provide you a short training on writing Ad copies. This strategy drives traffic to your website landing page.

30 days Money back guaranty

As they claim they return your money within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their system. This is a good alternative to the 7 days free trial strategy.

Things I don’t like about Clickbank University 2.0

Now come to the negatives.

Ideal for the vendors but not for affiliates or e-commerce

As I told above, for the vendors it is worthy to join Clickbank University 2.0, but not for the affiliates marketers. Clickbank University 2.0 offers you train for both vendors and affiliates, but their affiliate training is no up to date and lacks in depth.

If you are looking to make money online by promoting others’ product within your website, THIS PLATFORM is a far better option for you.

If you are looking to sell your own product via Clickbank, in that case, Clickbank University 2.0 is an ideal place for you.

Clickbank site builder 2.0 … Careful about the upsells

As I explained earlier, the Clickbank site builder is expensive, and the hidden costs were not exposed within their advertisement. So, probably you are not aware of these facts.

  • Building up a landing page is very expensive, it needs around $594 extra. You can build up a very attractive landing page using Thrive Architect theme which costs only $67, additionally, it is supported by WordPress.
  • Your website will be get locked within Clickbank web host. You can never move your website to any other web host platform.
  • During the training courses, you have to buy several other tools through their affiliate link, mainly to improve your website performance.
  • If you avoid buying their suggested tools that’ll be a huge disadvantage for you, and they’ll send you to backward.

For the membership you have to pay $47/month, that means $564/year. You have to pay $594 more for your landing page, and furthermore, you have to pay more for some additional tools.

Totally it is $1000+ in a single year.

I absolutely don’t like these hidden upsells. Better they should have explained all about the final cost, as does by my #No1 recommended platform.

They don’t focus on free traffic generation!

This is another major drawback within Clickbank University 2.0. They only focus on Paid traffics like Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, Instagram influencer marketing, etc. You can say THIS IS ANOTHER EXTRA EXPENSE you have to pay for. However, you’ll be tired to pay and pay for Ads.

I don’t understand why they don’t teach about the evergreen free search engine optimization procedures. This platform teaches you all about free traffic generation and Search engine optimization via keyword selection, Content creation, and many other hidden options.

Why they lock training???

When you sign up to their system by paying $47, you are actually a member of their community. But still, many of training courses will remain locked for you. Why? When you are a paid member, you have the full authority the see everything within the system. Then why they are hiding again!!

As a reason, they’ll say you, this is to avoid skipping training lessons. But, I personally think this is to keep you inside the system, so the 30 days money back guarantee period get crossed.

You can try unlocking all the training sessions by sending them a request.

Live training

They should improve their weekly live training sessions. These a so unorganized and low quality that you can’t stay longer, especially if you have at least a minimum idea about online marketing.

Who should join Clickbank University 2.0?

If you love to play a vendor’s role Clickbank university is the right place for you. Their vast 12 weeks training classes will help you to create your own digital product and sell it via Clickbank. However, to fulfill your target you must have to follow everything they will suggest you do. If you skip anything this will be a big disadvantage for you.

Though you have to pay more than $1000 (+ Ads) to build up your business website within their system, still it is worthy for a vendor. If you follow the proper way you can make 5-7 figures in the future.

This platform is a much better option than Clickbank, if you are looking to make money online by promoting others’ product.

Is Clickbank University scam or legit?

Absolutely NOT a scam. This is true that Clickbank University is a very expensive program, they have hidden many upsells information in their advertisement, but they are not a scam at all.

They have very well-designed courses in a certain area as they claim. If you are in the vendor’s role you can achieve success if you remain stick to them.

My ways to make money online

I am an affiliate marketer and able to generate regular passive income in 4 figures within just one year. I am absolutely thankful to this platform for teaching me the most valuable lessons and most unexplored trick to get success in affiliate marketing.

In my early stage, I had almost no knowledge about affiliate marketing and I was getting struck by several online scam programs. Thank god, This program helped me out at the right time and taught me great lessons, given me an amazing community, and ultimately show me the right way to make money online.

==> Click here to explore my #No1 recommendation <==

Through a Clickbank University 2.0 Review, I explained all my experiences with the platform. Now you know all the positives and negatives and you can take your decision very well.

If you have any more queries, please let me know by dropping your questions below in the comment box.

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Thank you for your attention.


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