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Speechelo Review: Convert Text to Voice Online

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Welcome to Speechelo review.

In the last century, we learned listening stories in electronic media while radio and television were the main resources. One step ahead, in the present decade we are more likely to check out YouTube videos to accumulate any information.

But the story doesn’t end up within YouTube only, rather, video is the prime medium for all types of business hosted on any platform; a short-list is a follows:

  • Sales video
  • Educational video
  • Training video
  • Informative YouTube video
  • YouTube or Facebook promotion.

Without a good voiceover, you can’t make a good video for any of the above, because people love listening to a good voice while enjoying a video.

Speechelo review

But the bad news is, everyone doesn’t get a perfect radio voice like Morgan Freeman. Then what’s the option if you are a good creator, but you think you are not a great speaker?

There is good news for you, the technology is far upgraded now; there is artificial intelligence like Speechelo which can solve your problem in seconds.

I suggest you read this Speechelo review thoroughly to understand whether it’s really a perfect one or not, whether should you pick up this one or not.

So, let get started.

Product Name: Speechelo

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $47 (+ 2 upsells)

Summary: Speechelo is a cloud-based application that can convert text to speech instantly in multiple human-voice and several languages (as you choose).

Our Rating: 80 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Speechelo?

I have seen tons of YouTube videos that are really dumb, didn’t you? Sometimes those are having only a background sound, sometimes even no sound, and several times I find very poor background speech.

A video can’t be efficient without a good voiceover, whether it’s a sales video, or a training video, or even an informative video. Do you know why?

… Because the audience expects an attractive voice the matches to an interesting video. People gonna skip your video, if your voice is not so attractive, and it definitely affects SEO factors.

Speechelo can play a really good role to solve this problem, in fact, it can’t solve it all. Let’s check what is Speechelo actually.

Speechelo is a modern cloud-based application that can convert text to speech instantly and it can do this job in multiple human-voice and multiple languages.

You just need to write a script that you can turn into audio. Then select any of those pre-loaded voices from the pre-loaded list of voice, then select your preferred language from the list, and click on the generate button. Your audio will be generated instantly.

How does Speechelo Work?

Your idea will be more clear in this section. I’m gonna show you everything that actually differs Speechelo from other similar software.

There are three versions of speechelo,

  • Speechelo
  • Speechelo Pro
  • Speechelo Tube

Initially, when you purchase Speechelo, you’ll get the basic version of Speechelo.

In the basic version, you can access up to 30 different human voice by-permutation and combination, and 23 different languages. In case your target audience is from a non-English country, the language option works great for you.

Supported languages: English (US, British, Indian), Spanish, Mexican, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Icelandic, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.

First, you may prepare a script for your video, maybe in MS word. Then you just copy and paste it to the script box within Speechelo. Please note, In Speechelo basic, the number of words per voiceover is restricted to 700.

Next, You have to select a voice that suits your video. If you are not a Speechelo pro owner, you can’t access all the voice, but you may find the available ones are good enough for a startup.

Now choose your preferred language. If the script is written in English, once you choose another language the scrip will be translated accordingly.

Below language, in the engine heading, there are two options.

  1. Standard
  2. AI Voice

AI voice creates highly expressive audio with the help of artificial intelligence, but unfortunately, this option is not available for all the languages.

There are three tone option,

  • Normal
  • Friendly
  • Serious

You should select each for every scrip to realize which one matches your video perfectly.

Speechelo review dashboard

Now come to the special option that you’ll get in Speechelo, that you may not get all these options in other text-to-audio software.

In the script section, you can insert several expressions as per your needs, such as add breathing, emphasize a word, adjust speech. These expressions really help to make a speech perfect, exactly as you need.

speechelo review dashboard

Finally, if you complete all the setup, click on the generate button and receive your audio in the dashboard within seconds.

Speechelo Pro:

Now come to the pro version. What’re the extras in Speechelo pro?

The first thing, you have to pay $37 extra from your pocket for upgrading to Speechelo Pro.

Now take a look at what you’ll get in return:

  • 60 different human voices and the extras are more professional to listen.
  • Get unlimited length per voiceover, that means you are no more restricted to 700 words.
  • Get 40 royalty free background music tracks which are really important for YouTubers.
  • Get a commercial license for your voiceover; that means you can sell the voice as a freelancer in Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Guide to make a profit selling voice: This guide will tell you where the clients will chase you for voice.

Speechelo Tube:

This is is a much-upgraded technology, and it costs another $37 extra.

In general, if you want to take a voice from others’ YouTube video, and insert it to you own, you’ll be suffering from a copyright claim. The artificial intelligence if Speechelo offers you relief from this issue.

In Speechelo Tube, you can copy and paste any YouTube link, take the voiceover, and create a brand new voice.

Speechelo Review: Things I like about Speechelo

Yes, it’s great software, and definitely it has multiple positives.

  • Very useful for the people who are not so comfortable in front of the camera or recorder.
  • Directly convert text to voice within just 3 clicks; it’s amazing!
  • The generated voice is very real; never comparable to a robotic voice.
  • AI voice option makes a voice more professional.
  • There are 60 different human voices that include males, females, and children.
  • Speechelo supports 23 different languages.
  • Speechelo can generate a voice in 3 tones, normal, joyful, and serious.
  • The generated voice is in mp3 format, so they are supported by all video editors.
  • A great alternative to expensive voiceover artists and tricky freelancers.
  • You are getting a copyright license in Speechelo Pro; so, you can sell your voice as a freelancer.
  • No monthly subscription charges, it’s a one-time payment program.
  • 60 days cash back guarantee.

Speechelo Review: Things I don’t like about Speechelo

The biggest drawback I’d say, you can’t convert a script to your own voice. Well, maybe you are thinking about why this is required while you think you are not a good speaker or you are not comfortable in front of the recorder.

Let me explain in an alternative way.

Suppose, you got a good voice, or you want to keep your original voice in your video, but you can’t deliver a great speech. If you are looking for an alternative for such issues, Speechelo is not a great option for you, because Speechelo can convert a script to voice according to its preloaded voice library.

So, the list of negatives can be summarized as follows:

  • You can’t generate your real voice in Speechelo, you have to rely on the preloaded library.
  • ….
  • There are several upsells inside Speechelo which you’ll not find on the sales page. However, upsell products are more effective than the basic plan.
  • If you don’t put punctuations in the proper place the generated voice sounds very odd.

Is Speechelo Scam or Legit?

Speechelo is not a scam, it is a 100% legitimate product. In fact, Speechelo is a high-quality text-to-voice creator with multiple options.

If you can ignore the negatives that I mentioned above, you should absolutely try this one. I like the system and all the voice inside, from basic to pro version. If you don’t like it, you can claim money back, there are a 60 days money-back guarantee. But I expect you’ll like the software for sure.

Who should use Speechelo?

Unlike affiliate marketing course, or a dropshipping store, Speechelo is not for everyone. Speechelo is the right one for those who create videos for business or other purposes, such as,

  • YouTubers.
  • Digital marketers who need to create sales video.
  • Affiliate marketers who make promotional videos and post them on social media.
  • People who create background speech for educational videos.
  • People Interested in video editing.

Please note, use of Speechelo is suggested always for background speech, NOT for visible speech. That means, you shouldn’t use Speechelo voice if you are in front of the camera, especially when you are creating,

  • Video training.
  • Video for a sales pitch.
  • Face-to-face educational video.

If the voice doesn’t match your lips, it makes a bad impression for the audience.

Secondly, Speechelo is required for only those people who are not fluent in front of the recorder. If you can speak fluently with all types of verbal expressions, then Scheechelo is useless for you.

You should purchase Speechelo,

  • If you are not comfortable to record your own voice.
  • If you have a pronunciation errors (may happen if English is not your native language).
  • If you don’t speak in English well enough (may happen if English is not your native language).
  • If you don’t have a high-quality microphone (good quality microphones start from $20000).


Conclusive Remarks on this Speechelo Review

I’m not sure about your purpose of creating video, maybe it’s for business promotion or YouTube upload, I guess, you are a good creator. You are facing some issues regarding your speech, and probably that’s the reason you are searching for artificial intelligence that can make your job easy.

How do you feel after reading this Speechelo Review?

I tried to keep everything clear and shared my full experience. I’d say, if you are worried about the above things, Speechelo can solve your problem. Hope that’ll help you to make a final decision.

If you have any further queries, you can post your question in the comment box below. I’ll help you anytime.


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  1. Jannette

    I have been looking for a program similar to Speechelo because I am not comfortable making videos and this service will help me implement YouTube videos into my business. Before I make the purchase, do they offer support or Facebook group to help beginners? I will be watching for your reply and bookmark this review for easy access.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Jannette,

      There will provide you guidance to use the software, and of course, they provide support. But the software is very easy to use and you’ll become well-habituated with Speechelo system if you use it a couple of times.

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