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How to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online

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Selling digital products online has become one of the most profitable businesses in 21 century. It’s great if you can create your own digital product, you can sell them directly from any platform; but the best part is, you can sell digital products online even if you can’t create on your own!

Up to the end of the last century, “digital product” was a pretty unknown term for many of us. Even in the early years of the present decade many of us were not much aware of this term. But things change suddenly with the massive involvement of internet in common people’s life!

Definition of “Product”: Then & Now

A few years back, it was simply known to us that, “a product defines something which gets manufactured in the industry/ farm and then gets sold to the consumers via traders. People can use a product by touching them physically.” But in this smart age, the definition of “product” has been changed.

Understand digital products and learn how to make money selling digital products online.

With the changing scenario in the 21st century, “touching” is not a necessary factor to be a product, rather if you can utilize something simply by sensing that is sufficient to remark as a product. The term “Sensing” includes everything… touching, feeling, realizing, listening, watching, earning, learning, everything.

To be more precise, a product means something that is created by mankind and can be utilized by simply sensing (not only touching) them. On this basis, products can be divided into 2 basic categories…

  1. Physical Products
  2. Digital Products

What is a Digital Product?

Digital products are kind of virtual products. You can’t touch them when using, though you need the help of a physical product (electronic) to operate them.

Digital products get prepared in the electronic medium and also sold/transferred to the consumer through electronic medium (i.e., website, email). Also, customers can utilize a digital product only within the electronic medium.

The products you can not feel by your skin, but still, they fulfill your requirements, you can sell them, your customers can buy them… these are called digital products.

Do you know which are the most common digital products in the market?

You actually use them almost every day –

  • Online Video
  • Online Music
  • Online Courses
  • Digital graphics and themes
  • Softwares
  • Stock photography
  • Ebooks

You’ll find more similar items in the market.

Semi Digital Products:,,, etc. are some well-known online platforms, and people are selling many physical products using those platforms. If you promote those products as an affiliate, you can make real money selling those products.

For the sellers and the buyers, those are physical products because they are handling and utilizing the products by physical means. But as an affiliate, you are promoting the products by digital means, it never reaches your hand when transferring (shipping) from the seller to the consumer, still, you are earning revenue. So for you, those products act as semi-digital products although they a physical in reality.

Selling Digital Products vs Physical Products

Selling a digital product offers you a great opportunity to earn money at a faster rate, right from your home, compared to physical products.

You must be wondering… how?

Did you ever manufactured and sold a physical product? If you did, you already know about the barriers in business with the physical product.

Business with physical products

If you are a manufacturer of a physical product, you need to invest a lot of money to build the infrastructure and you may need to collaborate with the partners or investors (if it’s a big project). Further, you need to manufacture in bulk, find the traders or consumers, or sell the products through a shop (you have to buy/rent a shop), build up websites, and hire courier service. Also, you have to recruit multiple workers who can take the responsibilities for their parts. Further, you have to invest a lot in marketing. Overall, you should have a great financial condition before you jump into manufacturing physical products.

In case you want to become a trader or shopowner, still, you have to invest lots of money, while the profit margin may not be as per expectations; because the market is too saturated and you have to compete with big players who are already grabbing the market for years.

As a third possibility, you can do online business of physical products through your website of Amazon FBA. Big investment is still there, in addition, in this case, things are highly dependent on customers’ satisfaction. If customers are not satisfied, you have to go through the harsh process of return and replacement.

know why and how to make money selling digital products online instead of physical products.

So, even if you are not the manufacturer still you have to maintain the following “to do” list for selling physical products online:

  • Search for the resources.
  • Search for the consumers.
  • Maintaining inventory.
  • Packaging the ordered products for shipment.
  • Shipping the products.
  • Update shipping details to the customers.
  • Finally customer satisfaction: Dealing with returns and replacement procedure.
  • Overall investment: resourcing, store/shop, website, workers, advertisements, shipping.

Dealing with Digital Products

Selling digital products is not that painful. Low investment and limited physical pressure are two of the biggest positives of the digital products business. Partnership and service are optional things, you may think of these based on your project type.

You just need to create digital products using your skills, and then sell them through your online platform, maybe through your own website or other platforms.

Alternatively, you can simply promote others’ digital products to earn revenue as an affiliate (the best way). For your knowledge, affiliate commissions for selling digital products are pretty high compared to physical products, often digital product owners offer 50% or more commissions.

To make money selling digital products online, you just need to invest in the following things:

  • Electronic for operating the business (hope, you already have your own computer)
  • A website – your business platform (you can create your website in less than 5 minutes)
  • Few other equipments for any special creation, such as a camera for photography.
  • A few bucks for advertisements (learn HERE to run a business without investing in Ads).
  • Love your business, and invest your time there.
See how to make money selling digital products online.

How do you think? Isn’t this much easier than a crude business with the physical products?

Ways to make money selling digital products online

There are mainly two ways to make money from digital products:

  1. Selling digital products which are created by yourself.
  2. Promoting digital products created by others.

Selling Digital Products That are Originated by Yourself

You have some digital skills, which means you are the creator. For instance, you may be a photographer, singer, good teacher, writer, App builder, or graphic designer; you can create digital products as per your expertise and simply sell them online through a platform.

Let me show you in detail.

Selling Photography online

How to Make Money Selling Digital Products Online
Convert your photographic skill to your business

Suppose you are a photographer. Create your website and upload some of your works there, and also offer photography related services to the other people. Further, you can earn money by posting your photo to the stock photography websites like iStock, Getty Images, etc., and drive traffic to your own website for more business.

Online tutorials

Did you notice, nowadays there are learners everywhere?

Selling online tutorial is a very popular business in the 21st century (especially after the pandemic).

If you are experienced in a topic and love to teach, you have a great opportunity to share your knowledge with society and earn money as well. You can create training videos or tutorial posts and sell those through your own website. For marketing, you can take the help of Facebook, Google, or YouTube. If you are a good speaker you can attract huge traffic from YouTube and also be able to make money from Youtube Adsense.

What are the profitable fields/topics that you can teach online?

  • Students’ lessons on basic/engineering science.
  • Lessons’ to learn a language.
  • Courses on marketing techniques.
  • Courses of photography and videography.
  • Training on arts and drawing
  • Teach Graphic design
  • Teach App development
  • Teach Website development

Sell Your Graphic Design

Do you have experience in graphic design?

If the answer is YES, you are then going to be a millionaire if you use your skills proper way. Demands for logos, icons, visiting cards, printed fabrics, etc., are increasing day-by-day, because new companies, websites, and businesses are launching every day. And most of them prefer to solve these issues in a professional way. You’ll get hundreds and thousands of customers if you can win the faith of first few clients.

You can start your freelance business from a reputed platform like Fiverr or Upwork. Later, you can create a website and upload several themes for logos/icons. People will visit there, select their favorite image, create logo/icons by themselves, or may ask you for your service.

Besides, you also have the option to start an online training course on graphic design skills.

Fitness Trainer and coaches

Know how to make money selling digital products online using your skill.

This is quite similar to the online tutorials, and nowadays a very popular business! You know, people are so conscious now about their body fitness, body shape, body development, etc.?

If you have knowledge about any of the body fitness-related things, you can start your online business immediately. You can create some step-by-step videos of body fitness (i.e., Yoga), you can create a tutorial on losing belly fat, etc., and sell them through your website or via Clickbank or Udemy.

Other professional services

You have the options to start your online business if you have any other expertise as:

  • Web designer
  • Translators
  • Consultants
  • Legal professionals

By the way, all the discussions performed above drive you to create your own digital products. I suppose you are not interested to create something on your own, but still, wish to make money online selling digital products.

What’s the way?

Sell others’ digital products as Affiliate Marketer

The world of digital products is really versatile. There are hundreds and thousands of digital products on the internet.

Some of the most profitable digital products are:

  • Health and fitness
  • Online tutorials
  • Online training courses
  • Apps and software
  • Web host
  • Online movies and music
  • Ways to becoming slim
  • Graphic design
  • Body developments

Although none of these products are created by you, still, these digital products can offer you a full-time earning source if you can sell them in a proper way.

Know how to make money selling digital products online as an affiliate.
Work from home as an affiliate

You need to sell them through your website via affiliate links, and you’ll earn revenue with each and every sale. This is a simple process, and people are earning millions by doing this simple job right from the comfort of home.

Not only the digital products, but you can also promote physical products that are sold on various online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Share A Sell, etc., but in general, digital products offer more revenue compared to physical products.

If you surf the internet you’ll find thousands of affiliate programs, and you have a golden opportunity to promote those products in front of more than 4 billion people surfing the internet every day.

But, things are not easy unless you sell them in a proper way. It’s always better to learn the ways before jumping in.

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How to sell digital products in a proper way?

The process of selling digital products is simple, but you have to attract your customers in a proper way. Like any offline business, you need to earn the faith of the Clients/customers. If you earn a bad reputation in the online world, you’ll have a very difficult time.

To increase genuine traffic/customers to your online business platform (website) you have to follow some rules.

  • Create a professional website proper way
  • You must host your website in a fast server
  • Create contents perfectly using ideal keywords
  • Create related videos and post on YouTube (not mandetory but very useful)
  • Follow the rules of Search Engine Optimization
  • Find your audiences: Don’t wait for the people to come.
  • Use social media in a proper way.
  • learn about email and SMS marketing.

It’s always better to learn the strategies of online marketing from a reputed platform before starting the business. Otherwise, you’ll lose lots of money in advertisement, but the outcome will be zero.

Selling Digital Products Online: The Conclusive Remarks

Making money selling digital products right from your home is a very profitable business idea. Digitization is the greatest trend in the present decades, and it is going to be increased in the future.

People are hungry to learn online courses, online fitness training, ordering everything from the online market; nowadays the online world is brighter than ever. Online platforms are facing high competition and they are searching for good affiliates who can drive the maximum customers to their stores. So, a great future is waiting for good Affiliates.

Now, it’s your turn to decide.

If you decided to learn the ways of selling digital products online (even physical products as an affiliate), you can try this evergreen platform for training, hosting, related tools, and a great community with widespread helping hands; this platform offers everything under one umbrella at a very affordable cost. Aso, you can join as a FREE STARTER MEMBER, where you have to spend $0 to join (no credit card information required).

This is the platform where I personally started my online journey a few years back, and achieved my all online success right from here. I must admit the power of coaching skills in this platform that changed my life; I suggest you, give it a try if you are really willing to succeed online.

If you have any further query feel free to ask; post your question in the comment box below, I shall be more than happy to help you out.

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