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Is Swagbucks Scam? Discover all your answers in this Swagbucks Review

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Welcome to the full Swagbucks review that exactly explains your doubts such as, “Is Swagbucks scam” or “Swagbucks is a legit platform and safe to subscribe”.

It is really a good practice to research well on a platform before becoming a subscriber, especially when it is a matter of money. After all, it’s your hard earn money which you are paying to (or paying through) a platform. In fact, in the case of Swagbucks you are supposed to pay through the platform sometimes, but no need to pay to the platform. Still, they claim to offer you real money in terms of cashback! How??!!

I am a Swagbucks user myself, and I am sharing all my personal experiences including all the positives and negatives of this platform so that you can decide well before subscribing there.

Hundreds of questions are arising in your mind, “How can you get money from Swagbucks?”, “Can you really make money with the platform?”, “Is Sawbucks scam or legit?”, “Is Sawbucks safe?” or something more.

Let’s find out the answers without wasting time.

Product Name: Swagbucks

Visit here:

Price of the Product: FREE ($0)

Founders: Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson

Our Rating: 81 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Swagbucks?

In brief, Swagbucks is an online reward portal that offers up to 20% cashback in terms of offers and points. Certain points will be added to your Swagbucks account when you shop online through their platform, purchase gift cards, complete surveys, watch videos, etc. You can redeem the reward points as gift cards and PayPal cash. I am coming to the details later.

Since after launching in 2008 under the supervision of co-founders Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson, is owned and operated by Prodege. Besides Swagbucks, Prodege also owns a few other platforms like Yowgo, nCrave (content distribution platforms) and (online polling platform), My Points, etc.

Is Swagbucks scam?

No, absolutely not. Swagbucks is a purely legit platform for making some extra money, and its legitimacy is strongly evidenced by the ratings from their users and other organizations.

The platform is having more the 4 stars (almost 4.5/5) rating at Trustpilot with more than 14500 reviews by the users, and thus holding an 8.4/10 score in Trustpilot. When I am writing this review, the platform boasts an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Is Swagbucks scam - Swabucks rating at trustpilot

So there is NO reason for doubting Swagbucks as a scam. It is absolutely legitimate and you can Sign-up to Swagbucks without any worry, and make some extra money.

How do Swagbucks work?

The working procedure of Swagbucks is pretty simple and straightforward and anyone can do this. The basic procedure can be explained in just 4 steps.

  • You have to Sign up to Swagbucks reward platform for FREE.
  • After signing up you’ll find several options in the dashboard like, shop online, watch video, complete survey, play games, use Swagbucks search engine, etc., with a description of corresponding rewards points (SB points).
  • You are eligible to earn corresponding SB points for the jobs you complete.
  • You can redeem the points as gift cards or PayPal cash.

If you redeem the points as PayPal cash you can withdraw the money to your bank account in a single step. In the case of gift cards, it needs one more step to receive the money in your bank account, alternatively, you can purchase something using the gift card.

Is Swagbucks scam - Redeem option
Here are some SB points redeem options

Let’s make it a bit simple with an example.

Suppose you purchase a $150 item from amazon through Swagbucks platform. By shopping in amazon you can earn up to 3 SB per $10 of purchase. That means, upon purchasing a $100 item you can earn up to 450 SB and that will be saved in your Swagbucks account.

Now it’s time to redeem the point. A $5 Amazon gift card costs 450 SB. You can either redeem your gift card to purchase another item from Amazon, or you can redeem the point to PayPal for direct cash.

Earning a $100 Amazon gift card every month – Is it possible?

In Swagbucks point system you can earn a $10 gift card for every 1000 points. That means you have to accumulate 10000 points for a $100 gift card. If you fix a target to earn a $100 Amazon gift card in a single month (30 days), you have to earn approximately 334 points every day on average.

In case of full dependence on online shopping, you have to purchase $1134 purchase every day (3 SB per $10 of purchase), which is literally not possible even if you purchase all your daily needs from online shops.

However, to reach the target, you can choose the special shopping options that are offering higher cashback.

Is Swagbucks scam - cashback options
Cashback options within Swagbucks platform.

As an example, you are planning for a 7 days trip to a group. You have to find out which company is providing higher cashback. Suppose, is offering a 10% cashback. If you book a $1000 hotels in, you can save $100. Additionally, you’ll collect a good number of SB points in a single day.

Sometimes Swagbucks offer an additional credit card offer, which may increase the cashback opportunity from 10% to 15%, or even more.

Regular online shopping is a faster option to collect points/cashback, but why should you be dependent only on shopping? In fact, if you fixed a target to collect a $100 monthly gift card, you can’t depend only on shopping. There are several other ways to make points within Swagbucks, in fact, most of them offer you a much higher cashback in return for simple tasks, but you need to choose them wisely.

Ways to make money from Swagbucks

You can make money from Swagbucks in several ways, which is one of the main reasons I recommend this platform.

Let me simply explain the 13 ways to make money from Swagbucks. This will help you out to start earning revenue instantly after you Sign up to Swagbucks.

1. Receive Sign up bonus: 10 points

Once you Sign up to Swagbucks, you’ll be asked to verify your e-mail address and mobile number and other formalities which will provide you 10 points instantly.

After completion of these formalities, you’ll receive a warm welcome message and also receive the notification about your next tasks to receive cashback by completing.

You can proceed for those now.

2. Take a survey

After completion of the sign-up process, your account still remains incomplete (33%). You need to proceed through some steps to make it complete and accurate. You’ll find them at the top of your account home.

A survey might be the first action you may consider. This is one of the most popular ways to make money from Swagbucks.

How does survey work?

Big companies or brands generally rely on the survey reports provided by platforms like Swagbucks. Hence, they request for survey reports to Swagbucks in return of payment; that means, when you post your survey report, Swagbucks receives a payment from the company/brand, and then Swagbucks pay you back a certain percentage in terms of SB points.

On the other hand, the company/brand use your survey report for their marketing. So, all are being benefited including you.

How Swagbucks offer you a survey?

In general, Swagbucks don’t offer you all types of surveys. Rather, after completion of the sign-up process, they’ll ask you for your demographic information. Once you complete this step they’ll offer you survey as per your gender, age, involvement, and interests.


  1. Sometimes you need to answer pre-qualification questions in order to start a survey. If you disqualify you’ll not receive any point.
  2. Sometimes after 10-15 minutes of the real survey, your answers may not be satisfactory to the client company. You may be disqualified, and a disqualification causes only small rewards or even no rewards. So, you are suggested to answer all the questions carefully.
  3. Sometimes you may need a higher time for a survey than it mentions in their request box.


Solution for 1: This generally happens when a survey doesn’t match your profile due to incomplete profile information. So, you are also suggested completing your profile first with all the correct answers. This will reduce the chances to get disqualified.

Solution for 2: Take your time and answer wisely when performing a survey.

Solution for 3: there is no proper solution, unfortunately.

I received full SB points, but I had to spend more than 1 hour to complete the survey instead of 20 minutes (as they claimed)

Variety of survey

You’ll find a new survey every day on your dashboard. The more accurate and complete will be your profile, the less will be the requirements for pre-qualification questions, and hence more will be the chances to get qualified for maximum rewards.

You’ll get mainly three types of surveys in your account dashboard (Click of Answer).

  • Gold Survey
  • Peanuts Lab Survey
  • Daily polls

The gold survey offers the highest payback up to 300+ SB, while daily polls offer you only 1 SB for answering a single question. In the case of the Gold survey and peanut lab survey, you can earn a higher payout but it needs more time to answer all the questions.

3. Shop online – Activating shop bonus

If you love shopping online, this one is the best option to make money from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks offers coupons and cashback deals which help you to save some bucks while shopping online. Additionally, you’ll be receiving reward points for shopping. So, overall there is no loss, but lot of gains.

It is advised to check out those shops that are offering higher cashback. This will let you save more. As I mentioned earlier, if you are planning for a trip you can book your hotels and transports via Swagbucks, and choose to book from those sites who are offering the highest cashback.

As an example when I am writing this Swagbucks review, Priceline is offering a 10% cashback, My Flight search is offering $15 cashback, and Expedia are offering an 8% cashback. Additionally, you’ll be receiving the rewards points from Swagbucks. If Swagbucks offers an extra credit card offer you can save even more.

So, you can understand, shopping is one of the best ways to earn Swagbucks rewards and offers.

4. Use Swagbucks search engine

Who doesn’t need a search engine nowadays? It is a fact that, most people use Google search engine because of its intelligence. But don’t underestimate the Swagbucks search engine, because it is powered by another search engine giant, Yahoo.

Why shouldn’t you use the Swagbucks search engine while they are offering money for your search in terms of SB point? In fact, I earn 20 SB points (or more) using Swagbucks search engine. I don’t know what is the point to pay for using the search engine, but I know they pay for it. That’s the reason I use it regularly.

After all, you cannot earn money by searching on Google.

5. Sign up to FREE trials and discover

You can earn a lot of SB points by signing up for the FREE trials provided by some other organizations. You’ll find it in the daily discovery section in the sidebar. If you check the image below, you can figure out the range of SB points for sign-up to the FREE trials.

Sometimes you may need to provide credit card details for signing up for the free trials. But I personally suggest you to be cautious while sign up to those platforms who are asking for credit card details. Because after the completion of the trial period they may charge you automatically.

Even though you sign up to those platforms, put a mobile alert to stop subscription before they charge you.

6. Sawbucks watch

This one fits the people who enjoy watching movie trailers, stories, or other videos. Are you one of them?

Maybe you are thinking it doesn’t matter much whether you love to watch video or not, because it can offer you a few bucks, and you can simply scroll and watch videos in your off time. Even if you don’t love to watch, you may be thinking to play them and put aside.

I have noticed, the payout rate is pretty low for watching videos; most of the time it hardly pays 2-3 SB for a 10-60 minutes video. I personally avoid them unless I have don’t have any other things to do. If you choose to play those on your mobile and do some other jobs then it’s fine.

Note: In some country/region Sawbucks watch has been stopped due to some unknown reasons.

7. Install Swagbutton

You’ll receive 50 SB points for the first time you install Swagbutton and further you’ll earn 1 SB each day until you uninstall it.

So, not a bad deal at all! It is a Google Chrome extension and not harmful at all to install it. As per your needs, you can shop online, surf the Swagbucks search engine, and complete other tasks.

8. Printing coupons

You’ll get paid 1 SB from printing per coupon provided by Swagbucks, and you can print a maximum of 50 coupons a day.

Additional action: You’ll earn 10 SB for redeeming per coupon in store.

If you have a grocery nearby that redeems the coupons, you can choose the coupon function, but I am not much interested in this one at all. Just think who’ll gotta print 50 coupons daily, who’ll waste so much ink and papers!

Moreover, printing functions often disturbs.

9. Swagbucks Games

Are you ready to pay for play? If yes, you can try Sawbucks games for 10 SB per round.

However, I simply avoid this feature, rather I play Dream11 by paying a very small entry free. If you expect a recommendation from my side, I must say playing Dream11 is much worthy than Sawbucks games, because the payout of Dream11 is pretty high.

10. Complete your to-do list

Completing most of the things within the daily-to-do list takes only a few minutes. You can complete them to earn a 4-30 SB points. You’ll be most benefited by the Gold survey (If it doesn’t waste more time than it claims). Shopping is, of course, an important part, but it all depends on your requirements.

11. Achieving daily goal bonus

Swagbucks sets a daily goal for you. And crossing the limit will offer you a bonus. If you get a chance to do the maximum job on a free day, you can simply earn a few more SB points than usual, as I did today (see the image beside).

However, if you complete some short surveys without disqualification and complete your to-do list, you can easily earn 200 points daily.

12. They offer you a birthday bonus!

Unfortunately, you’ll receive this bonus only once a year. On your birthday they’ll pay you a 55 SB bonus, and it’s automatic, you have nothing to do for this function. So, just enjoy this one. But, make sure, you have to use/redeem it within 30 days of receiving.

13. Referral system

The referral system is nowadays a very common one in every program and every platform. Swagbucks is no alternative to that regulation.

If any of you friend sign up through your reference you’ll earn a good amount of bonus (around 200 SB) and 10% commission of his/her earnings.

So if you ever join Swagbucks and refer your friends and family, you can earn some bucks if they sign up and work consistently. This is, of course, an additional option and fully dependent on the referred person.

Things I like about Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a good option for earning a few bucks online. At least you can collect your yearly festival expenditure from this platform if you spend a few hours weekly. So, let’s summarize the positive points within Swagbucks.

It’s FREE to join

Most of the make money online platforms ask first for either a credit card information (in case of a free trial) or monthly fees for the subscription.

Sawbucks is not among those, in fact, it is absolutely FREE to sign up, and FREE to use while offering you a fine scope to earn a few bucks for a lifetime. Who else is going to offer you such a facility free of cost!

Yes, a FREE subscription is the first thing I like about Swagbucks.

You can make money through several ways

Within Swagbucks you have several options to earn SB points, such as, online shopping, taking a survey, using search engines, watching a video, etc. I already performed a detail discussion on all of these in the above.

What I’d say, you’ll not fill bore to do the same job continuously within Swagbucks. That means when you feel bore to perform another survey, you have another option to do within Swagbucks. Similarly, when you feel you cannot earn sufficient points from shopping you have another option.

Earning money while surfing!

I never thought I’ll find a platform that is going to offer me money for surfing in their search engine! In fact, no search engine company provides you real money for this job, what Swagbucks is offering. So it’s a bit strange for me and I really like this feature, and I regularly surf the Swagbucks search engine.

Not a bad option for passive earning

Besides your primary job, if you can put some time on Swagbucks tasks, you can easily earn some extra bucks. If you put a little more time on it you can easily collect your festival expenditures. So, it’s a nice option for passive income, as I think.

Things I don’t like about Swagbucks

As a user, I also find out a few drawbacks within Swagbucks. Few among those can be avoided using some tricks, and others have no genuine solution. Let me explain.

Swagbucks may be considered only as a passive source of income

I am starting from the same point where I finished the positives.

To be realistic, you cannot expect to run your family expenditure or even pay your house rent every month from Swagbucks earnings. If you complete your tasks consistently and shop in regularly through this platform, you can earn up to 1-2 amazon gift card monthly that costs $50-$100.

So, I strongly suggest you spend minimum time every day (maximum 1-3 hours) to complete some surveys, surfing, and daily tasks, required shopping, etc., so that you can collect 100-300 points regularly. This will solve your purpose and you can redeem a good amount of gift card (or PayPal cash) for your yearly festive season.

In case you feel safe to sign up a free trial, this may provide you a good deal of points in a single day.

Some survey disqualifies you

There are several surveys inside Swagbucks, who take pre-qualification tests. There are bigger chances to get disqualified in those cases while offering you a very low SB point end, or even no point at all. Ultimately your time will be wasted.

It mainly happens because some survey doesn’t match to your profile. Earlier I already mentioned the ways to overcome this problem. If you complete your account details properly, Swagbucks will offer you only those survey which matches to your profile. This may sometimes help, but not every time.

Some survey disqualifies you due to very quick answering and incompatible answers. So, you are suggested to take time and thorough while going through a survey to avoid disqualification.

Some survey takes more time than they claim

This is very unfortunate because before starting a survey you never know how long will it take. Sometimes you start a survey that claims to be completed within 15 or 20 minutes, but after you start the survey, you’ll notice they are throwing questions after questions to you. After halfway completion of the survey, you cannot leave it even. So you have to continue, and in the end, you may notice it is already more than double time than they claimed.

Recently I face a similar experience, where the survey claimed to be completed within 20 minutes, but it took more than 1 hour to complete the survey, though they delivered full SB points as the promised.

There is no solution for this error, at least I am not knowledgeable about a way to overcome this problem.

Some survey can ask you a personal question

Sometimes a survey can ask you a very personal question, especially from an unsecured external website. Your date of birth, children’s age, spouse’s occupation and age, number of family members, etc., are not to be considered within personal questions.

But when a survey asks you to share phone numbers, credit card details, or any similar personal information, you can simply avoid those. I’ll suggest you avoid a survey from an unsecured website who is asking for similar details. Generally, I have seen, a secure website never asks you these types of information.

Some FREE subscriptions ask for credit card details

In the discovery section within Swagbucks, you may notice some platforms offer you a free sign up while the paybacks are huge (sometimes more than 5000 SB points). Naturally, you’ll be more interested to join those programs to earn huge bucks by a single sign up, while a general gold survey offers you only a few points (maximum 300).

Yes, these are a great choice as I also sign up for those programs often to earn maximum, but you need to be careful if they ask for credit card details. Because they can charge you a lot of money after the trial period ends. So even if you sign up for those programs, you should put an alarm on your mobile so that you can unsubscribe from the program before they start charging you.

Cashback shopping: Need to pay money to make money

It is very usual that, you can utilize a cashback deals only when you buy something online. So, you have to pay money to get the cashback facility and earn corresponding SB points.

Within Swagbucks, you’ll find plenty of cashback offers, which can tempt you. People often get addicted to buying something at a cashback offer. But I’ll suggest you not to buy something unless you need it. Only use a cashback facility when you need to buy something online.

I personally buy most of my monthly groceries, clothes and regular equipment from online shops. Additionally, I am a frequent traveler, so I often need to book air tickets and hotels booking, and I do everything online. So, I never need to get tempted by the offers, but I get facilitated almost every month with Swagbucks cashback offers.

My Final Opinion about Swagbucks

When people ask me, “Is Swagbucks a scam?”, I must say Swagbucks is not a scam, it is, of course, a legitimate company, but Swagbucks is good for passive income only. Never dare to consider it as a full-time source of income.

You can Sign up for FREE in Swagbucks, and then spend 1-3 hours regularly to complete some tasks as I mentioned above. You should fix a goal to earn at least 100+ points on a busy day and 300+ points in your off days (weekends). Additionally, you can perform most of your online shopping through Swagbucks which will provide you some extra savings along with a lot of (SB) points.

There is no harm in using the Swagbucks search engine. You can use the Swagbucks search engine like any other available on the internet. As it is powered by Yahoo, you can easily expect good outcomes while earning a good deal of SB points every day.

As I suggested above, you should be careful about a few things within Swagbucks. Sharing your credit card information is one of the most vital among those.

Overall, if you set a goal to earn a $100 gift card ($100 PayPal cash) every month and $200-$300 gift card in high-density shopping season, that is not a bad deal at all. This can easily manage your extra expenses during the yearly festive season.

How do you think?

Sign up to Swagbucks

My #No.1 recommendation

Although Swagbucks is an absolutely legit program, you can earn very limited money through this platform, and it not enough even for your monthly house rent.

Yes, you can join Swagbucks as it is free to subscribe and can spend part of your lazy time with it. Additionally, cashback in online shopping is a big positive if you love to shop online. For me, this is the best thing within Swagbucks and I use it regularly as I mentioned above.

But, if you are looking for a full-time online business option, I can show you a very reputed online platform.

Online marketing is a very fascinating business are nowadays and many folks are becoming a millionaire by affiliate marketing. In general, they are known as super affiliates. You can also become one of them if you have knowledge about the proper tricks to become successful in online marketing.

Just for your suggestion, you can visit HERE to get full information about such a platform, which is providing online courses for the last 14 years. Their unique lessons and strong guidelines made tons of students millionaires.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is not only an online marketing training organization, but it is a complete platform where you’ll have free access to all the essential tools for building an online business. As a premium member, you can create up to 50 WordPress websites in this platform, and as a FREE member, they will host your 2 websites. Additionally, you’ll be getting a great community with lots of helping hands and expertise in online marketing strategies.

You can join Wealthy Affiliate absolutely FREE of cost as a starter member, and NO credit card detail is required to subscribe as a FREE member.

If you are looking to earn a full-time income from online, better you should go through a proper learning curve. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate would be the best choice, especially if you are a beginner in this field.

==> Yes, I am interested to Join WA for FREE <==

That’s all I had to inform today in reply to your query “Is Swagbucks a scam?”

Hope this Swagbucks review mentions all the details you needed to know about the platform, while I tried to help you out with some additional information about a platform that can really change your life.

If you have any further queries, please let me know by posting a question in the comment box below. If you like this article, please share your insight in the comment box and also share the information with others by clicking on the social icons.

Thanking you.

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  1. Norman Richards

    This program has been around for years and I have come across many reviews with this system and although it is legit like you pointed out the amount of money is small compared to other programs. This is a great start but this is not the place where we should drop our anchors.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, you are absolutely right, this is not a full-time money-making option. Swagbucks may be considered only a save money option or maximum you can earn only a few dollars monthly, which is even not sufficient to pay your house rent (just an example).

      If you are looking for a place to drop in for full-time earnings, I think there is no better option than Wealthy Affiliate, as I mentioned in the last part of this article.

      Best wishes.

  2. BB

    This is a very thorough and comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of Swagbucks.

    I’m always looking for ways to supplement my monthly income and/or earn money by buying things that are already on my shopping list. I’ve found other sites where the time commitment is not worth it but after reading this, I’ll give Swagbucks a try.

    Thanks for the insights!


    1. Dr. SD

      If you love to shop online on a regular basis, Swagbucks is a good option for you. Afterall you can save a few bucks if you shop through Swagbucks platform. I personally believe every penny is precious, so there is no reason to miss out some extra cashback as well as rewards points. Additionally, Swagbucks is also offering you a few more options to earn SB points; you have to pay maximum 30-60 minutes for those additional jobs. Finally, you don’t have to spend money to join the platform, it is absolutely FREE to sign up (see the links within the article).

      Thank you very much for your visit here in WT and share your insight.

  3. Amanda Caruso

    Very informative, thanks for the info!

    1. Dr. SD

      It’s my pleasure that you find the information useful.
      Thank you for sharing your insight.
      Visit again,
      Regards and best wishes.

  4. Strahinja

    I am on Swagbucks and I am earning legit money from it so I can definitely say that it is not a scam. They are a legit platform for doing tasks to make money. You do not make big money of course, but still, they pay out on time.

    Lovely website by the way.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is nice to know, you are already a user of Swagbucks. Swagbucks is absolutely not a scam and you can make a few bucks monthly from it. Maybe the amount is small, but there is no reason to miss out a few bucks you can earn for FREE. That’s why I do recommend to use this platform.

      However, you already know the fact as you are already a Swagbucks user.

  5. Martine

    I like the fact that you admit to being a subscriber to Swagbucks and are promoting them but seem to be providing an unbiased opinion nevertheless.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for sharing your opinion of Swagbucks review.

  6. Jason zheng

    Thank you very much for providing us with a small way to save money. I will try it if I have the chance!

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, obviously this is a simple way to save money if you love to shop online. There is no reason to ignore a money-saving option while you can grab it for FREE of cost. However, there are several money-making options within the platform on the basis of SB points. If you are looking to spend 30-60 minutes for those options, then it’s fine, but in case you are searching for a full-time money-making option in the online world, you may choose the later option I suggested in this article.

  7. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for the info on Swagbucks as I had heard of it before but did not know the details. Much appreciated. All the Best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for stopping by.
      I hope this info on Swagbucks will help you out to decide whether to signup or not.

  8. Jonathan Lim

    Thanks for sharing. I believe what you said is true that Swagbucks is legit but the, for now, I think we amount to earn for a beginner like me will be very little. I guess it works when I have lot of traffic coming into my sites.
    Thanks for the write-up.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Jonathan,
      The term “beginner” is not applicable to Swagbucks system. Neither it is associated with the Traffic system. In this platform, anyone can make money, anyone who is associated with online shopping. The other jobs (survey, watching a video, subscription, etc.) are also very simple that anybody can do those. No need to be an expert for that. However, it is true that the payout is pretty small.

      The term “Beginner” is actually associated with online marketing that can offer you a full time earning source. If you want to start online marketing you need to drive the traffic to your website to get higher conversion. You need to go through a proper learning curve to drive the traffic to your website. Online marketing can offer you a huge payback, but you need to learn things first.

      However, Swagbucks platform and Online marketing are two totally different types of programs.

  9. Jackie

    Hi Dr. SD

    Thank you for this review on Swagbucks. Thank you for outlining the many ways you can make money on Swagbucks. I believe this information will help individuals who want to learn more about Swagbucks.

    I joined the program some years ago and was using it to get cashback on online purchases. However, I do not use it as much now. When I was looking for something to do online, I checked looked at it, and there were so many different things to do, I did not know where to start.

    I am not one who is interested in taking surveys, and this is one of the main reasons, “Sometimes after 10-15 minutes of the real survey, your answers may not be satisfactory to the client company. You may be disqualified, and a disqualification causes only small rewards or even no rewards.”

    I believe that you can get disqualified even if your profile has been completed, and if you are answering the questions correctly.
    I cannot understand why they allow you to go so far in a survey and then disqualifies you; I believe that is very unfair.

    This is another one of my issues, “Sometimes you may need a higher time for a survey than it mentions in their request box.” Some of these surveys are never-ending, and for the very small reward that you get, it is not worth it.

    Thanks again for this very valuable review.

    All the best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Being an active user of Swagbucks, you already own much experience about the platform. Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us.

      Yes, survey parts are critical and it often discourages people as you mentioned. I faced these situations several times and that’s why I included these things within the negatives of this platform. It is good to see that you also faced the same and agree with me. That proves it is a permanent error of Swagbucks platform.

  10. Laura Kilgore

    My son joined SB and earns a little money at it. He even got us some free dog food through a survey he did, and he has gotten some gift cards, which is nice. Still, he did not explain to me how it works like your review does…you’ve done a great job here! I like it that you don’t ignore the cons…you just paint the complete picture so that all will know what they are in for if they join. Thanks so much for such an honest and well written review!

    1. Dr. SD

      Ha ha ha… your son is just hiding from you. Probably he wants to buy a gift for you. Fine! Let him do his job. It’s fun!!

      Answer for your second part: Why shall I hide the reality. I must have to explain the cons, to that people think before they do the same mistake as I did. I am here to serve people by sharing my experience and I am very happy that people are learning the real facts from my articles.

      Thank you very much for your appreciation.

  11. Raff

    I remember using Swagbucks when it first came out back when I was in University. I thought it was so neat but after months with only enough points for a five-dollar gift card, I gave up on it.

    I found the surveys pretty useless as a 20-minute survey netted next to nothing when you convert the points to their cash value, but the search engine is a neat, effortless way to earn points over the long term.

    Thanks for the in-depth review!

    1. Dr. SD

      This is very unfortunate that you had to give up with only a 5 dollar profit. Ha ha ha…
      This is really a fun game. Isn’t it. You shouldn’t have taken it so seriously! Swagbucks is a funny game, especially the Swagbucks survey. Spend a few times with it and earn some bucks.

      If you are serious about making money online there are other options as I introduced in the last part of the article.

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