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1K A Day Fast Track Review – Scam or Legit?

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Welcome to our 1K A Day Fast Track review.

Glad to see, you have discovered another Clickbank product that claims to help you earn lots of money online!

Great! Who doesn’t love to make a lot of money online! But it’s my humble request, don’t skip this 1K A Day Fast Track review before investing your hard-earned money to this new launch program.

The platform is offering an unbelievable offer in exchange for big money which is pretty shocking. But, at this stage, I am not gonna give you a scam impression about 1K A Day Fast Track program.  Instead, I’m gonna take a thorough walk through the program.

If you are doing the research before you join the program, you should wisely avoid the false statements offered by the 1K A Day Fast Track affiliates or promoters. In this 1K A Day Fast Track review I am providing you the real information about the platform, that will give you a clear view and help you to judge the program correctly.

Anyone love to earn a lot of online work from home. But, people should follow the legit way, not the scams. I don’t want any of my visitors lose their hard earn money joining a scam.

Not 1K A Day Fast Track, here is my no 1 recommended platform

So, let’s head over and explore all about 1K A Day Fast Track.

Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $997

Owners: Merlin Holmes

Summary: 1K A Day Fast Track is an online platform that claims to help you earning 1K per day with 2 pages landing template and email marketing strategy.

Our Rating:  52 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is 1K A Day Fast Track about?

1K A Day Fast Track is a digital platform that claims to help you earning 1K per day with 2 pages landing template and email marketing strategy.

They actually offer you a training course to learn the ways to earn money as an affiliate and the course is mainly focused on the strategies of e-mail marketing.

In their platform, you don’t need to sell a product, hire employees, have a warehouse. I totally agree with these claims because in the affiliate marketing business you really don’t need any of these.

But in addition, they also mention, you don’t need to rely on Amazon or Facebook. This part is obviously doubtful because in online marketing they play are big roles. Later in this article, I’ll explain more about these issues.

I am personally involved in affiliate marketing for a long time, and I earn a sustainable amount which is more than enough to replace my day job. From my personal experience, I can say, affiliate marketing is a genuine way to make money online, and successful super affiliates earn millions from this business. But it needs lots of effort and strategies, even I also worked hard for achieving success.

From this point of view, their claim about 2 hours daily work for earning 1K/day is really doubtful.

The Founder of 1K A Day Fast Track

Merline Homes, the founder of 1K A Day Fast Track program is known to be a successful affiliate marketer with 15 years of experience. He claims, he made 150 billion dollars sale from online marketing so far.

He launched the 1K A Day Fast Track program with his all experiences and thus it is expected to learn a lot about affiliate marketing from this platform.

But is it really worthy one?

let’s explore step-by-step.

How does 1K A Day Fast Track Work

After you join their system, 1K A Day Fast Track program provides you a 6-week training course on affiliate marketing. The courses will mainly teach you how to become a successful affiliate utilizing e-mail marketing strategies.

E-mail marketing is one of the common marketing strategies for any type of online business.

Most of the affiliate marketers drive traffic to their landing page for collecting visitors’ e-mail IDs in exchange of e-books or Free webinars or something similar. Basically, they ask visitors to provide their e-mail ID to get a free e-book or consultation.

However, the major difference between 1K A day Fast Track and other programs is their landing page.

The opt-in landing page of 1K A Day Fast Track system is a bit different. They use a polling template to attract visitors. Suppose, you are promoting a particular niche product; you’ll ask your visitors to vote in your polling system. Once they complete voting, they’ll be redirected to another page where they have to put their e-mail ID to know the results of the poll.

Once the visitors put their email ID, again they’ll be redirected to a thank you page as well as to the main sales page.

How 1K A Day Fast Track works
This is how the polling template collects visitors’ email IDs

You need to install an e-mail autoresponder to automate the email sending process. 1K A Day Fast Track system provides a newsletter template that you need to insert to the e-mail autoresponder.

Now, your subscribers will start receiving emails automatically (they’ll actually receive the newsletter that contains your Clickbank affiliate links).

What’s Inside 1K A day Fast Track

Let’s take a look inside 1K A day Fast Track program. This will help you to understand better.

Upon joining 1K A day Fast Track program, you’ll get the following items.

$1K A Day 6-Week Course

You’ll have the access to 6- week training within 1K A Day Fast Track platform. The courses will teach you a step-by-step process to make 1K per day money online.

The course includes,

  • Week 1: Basic knowledge on Affiliate Marketing + opportunity to earn $400 commissions.
  • Week 2: Setting up a Clickbank account, choosing the right products, place everything in place.
  • Week 3: Launch your first poll – Setting up interacting landing pages with polling options.
  • Week 4: Creating automated system to leverage sell – Setting up email autoresponder
  • Week 5: Creating money making Ads and setting up Ad campaigns to drive traffic to your landing page.
  • Week 6: Planning future income stream and knowledge of secret offer source.

This is a six weeks training course and only one course will be unlocked each week. That means you can’t skip any training session and you have to go sequentially. That really makes sense to learn properly.

Proven Landing Page Template with Polling Option

Most of the online training platforms encourage you to create an attractive landing page, because the right landing page really drives a lot of traffics to your sales page.

Along with the training courses, 1K A Day Fast Track platform provides you a unique landing page template that they claim to be proven for rapid sales.

However, their lading page template with polling option is the key feature and this particular feature differs from others.

They claim, this polling system can generate thousands and thousands of subscribers!

Thank you page with cash generator script

They also provide a template for thank you page.

People vote for their choice to the polling system on the landing page and further, they will be redirected to the subscription page, and finally, they will be redirected to the thank you page that is the sales page.

Email Template

Your landing page will grab a lot of emails for you. Now you have to start e-mail marketing, which means you have to send newsletters to your subscribers.

A wrong letter may crash your business, your customer may not buy from your link.

To get rid of this problem, 1K A Day Fast track program provides you a proven template for your email newsletters which is needed to be inserted into your autoresponder.

Once you set an email sequence in the autoresponder (for the products you promote), it will start sending the e-mail to your subscribers automatically in the same sequence. In case you want to alter the sequence, you have to do it manually.

Ad templates

Email marketing is important for making sales from the people who already subscribed to your system. But before that, you have to drive traffic to your landing page.

How will you do this?

There are several ways to generate traffic including free methods. However, 1K A Day Fast Track platform relies only on paid Ad campaigns.

However, advertising is not an easy job. If you run a wrong campaign targeting the wrong traffic, you’ll be only wasting money.

To solve this problem, 1K A Day Fast Track platform provides you Ad template and corresponding direction.

Free Second Log in for your business partner

You’ll be provided a second login detail if you are looking to run a business with your partner. So, you have the option to divide the subscription charges with your partner.

In my personal opinion, this is simply an eyewash. If you have a business partner you can access an account from same login ID, two different ID is not required at all.

I run several business websites. WordPress backend of some of those are accessible to my business partners and we don’t use a different login ID for that.

Things I like about 1K A Day Fast Track

Training courses are good and step by step

Merlin Holmes, the founder of 1K A Day Fast Track program is a renowned marketer with a long term experience. He shared all his experience in the courses within this platform, and hence without any confusion, the training courses are very in detail. The step-by-step representation makes things easy, especially for newcomers.

Affiliate Marketing: The way that works

The platform is based on the combination of affiliate marketing and e-mail marketing, and both of these are legit ways to make money online.

You are getting the right guidance in 1K A Day Fast Track training courses (although the strategy is very specific) and working in the field of affiliate marketing. However, the landing page with polling option is a unique one to enhance the rate of subscriptions.

So, from my personal experience, I can say, you have the chance to earn money if you work properly, although the amount of daily payout claimed by the founder is pretty uncertain.

Applicable to multiple niche market

The methods you’ll learn here in 1K A Day Fast Track platform are applicable to several niche markets, such as, health and fitness, financial, software, education, parenting and families, politically driven market, spirituality, games, or any other virtual market. In fact, the combination of affiliate marketing and email marketing is suitable for almost all streams you’ll find within the Clickbank marketplace.

The platform offers some valuable resources

Not only the training, but within 1K A Day Fast Track program you are getting some other valuable resources.

Although they are not hosting your website, they are providing you proven high converting template for the landing pages, newsletters, Advertising templates and guidance which are worthy enough for this particular business strategy.


Support is obviously a big deal when it’s a matter of learning new things. There are many online scams where you can never reach the ower or other members. They take your money and just hide elsewhere keeping you in the dark.

However, 1K A Day Fast Track platform is not something like that. They provide you dedicated support whenever you face any difficulties.

30 days Money back guarantee

Upon joining the program, if you find that it is not worthy or not suitable for you, you can ask for a full refund at any time within 30 days. However, the major credit for this rule goes to the Clickbank due to its strong refund policy. 1K A Day Fast Track is hosted in Clickbank and all the Clickbank programs are fully refundable within at least 30 days.

Owner’s assurance

The owner says, if you follow all steps and used every template proper way, but still unable to make a single penny in 90 days, he’ll personally come to the field and fix your business.

Things I don’t like about 1K A Day Fast Track

Very expensive

$997 is too much money for such a platform that is focused only on a unidirectional marking strategy.

There are some other online platforms with a similar cost such as,

Within some of the above programs, you’ll be able to gain more in-depth knowledge of the affiliate marketing system or you’ll get a more advanced tool.

However, if you compare the cost, THIS PROGRAM is really unbeatable, because they offer almost every tool and all the knowledge you need to run a full-time online business; and most interestingly they provide so many things at a pretty low cost, that is less than half to the cost of 1K A Day Fast Track program.

No websites

1K A Day Fast Track program provides you only the landing page templates but not a website.

You don’t have a permanent website means you are not running a long term business. There are millions of landing pages on the internet and most of them are inactive now. Some of them made some money once upon a time and then went back to a permanent hibernation.

To build up a long term business, websites are really essential, because a website is your own foundation and your brand. If you don’t know how to build a website you can check the following link.

Launch your first website within next minutes but not in 1K A Day Fast Track system

Moreover, Merline Holmes didn’t include any free traffic strategy (such as SEO, Keyword research) in his 1K A Day Fast Track courses, rather he mainly focused on rapid Ad campaigns and e-mail marketing for making some quick money. You have to really invest a lot in ad campaigns to make some profit within a few months, because your landing page may get flopped anytime.

The method is unidirectional

There are several ways to leverage your sales online. Right niche, Keywords, SEO, Facebook/ other social media, e-mail marketing, Google Ads, automation, Youtube videos, each and every method has some specific role in affiliate marketing. A successful marketer generally implements multiple methods in his/her business. But 1K A Day Fast Track program is too much unidirectional towards email marketing.

What happens if this method fails?

Although they claim it’s a proven template, what do you do if your campaign fails, if visitors avoid subscribing?

You probably have to wrap up your business permanently, because,

  • 1K A Day Fast Track platform doesn’t teach you the other methods.
  • So, you don’t have any plan-2 in your hand if plan-1 fails.

Too much dependency on Advertisements

As I mentioned above, if you join 1K A Day Fast Track program, you must have to run a lot of advertisements on a regular basis to make some quick money, because your landing page based business is not stable at all.

Do you have any idea how much money you have to spend on ad campaigns?

It’s not less than $10/day for a single campaign. As you haven’t maintained keyword, SEO or any other free strategies for your business, you have to run several Ads daily to drive traffic to your landing page. More Ads you’ll run, more will be the possibilities to get sales.

Additional investment required for other tools 

First, you have to spend a joining cost of $997, then you spend the cost of your Ad campaigns. It doesn’t end up here only. Rather you have to pay more for some other tools like an autoresponder, etc.

Before you think about the profit, you must think about how many days will it take to cover the investment. To be honest, you are not gonna earn $1000/day from day 1, even you can’t earn that much even after 3 months unless a miracle happens.

Is 1K A day Fast Track Scam?

No, 1K A day Fast Track is obviously not a scam. It gives you whatever they claim. You can join the platform if you have enough money in your pocket, but I suggest you don’t expect $1K/day earning as they claim.

You know, it is going to be a very costly scheme if you add all the expenses together and there is no surety that you are going to be successful.

Not only the cost factor, but I mentioned all the negatives within 1K A day Fast Track program in the above section. I suggest you should consider those and judge well before you gonna subscribe.

This is not a scam, so legally I can’t stop you to join there, but if you feel, the weight of the negatives is heavier than the positives, you should avoid the platform.

Final conclusion about 1K A day Fast Track

It is true that, 1K A day Fast Track platform offers step-by-step training, and valuable tools for their focused area, but I personally don’t recommend this platform due to some reasons as I mentioned in the “negative” section above.

1K A Day Fast Track is a landing page and e-mail marketing based system. I really doubt you can make 1K every day only with an email marketing strategy.

To be honest, earning even $100 a day is not easy even if you implement all the strategies, I don’t know how they are claiming to give you $1000 a day with only a dummy landing page and e-mail marketing strategy!

As a summary, I don’t recommend the 1K A day Fast Track platform due to the following reasons:

  • Very Expensive
  • Focused only on e-mail marketing strategy.
  • Highly Ad campaign dependancy
  • No free traffic method implementation
  • No website

Still, there are some open windows if your ad campaign and e-mail marketing strategy click. But don’t expect 1K a day profit as a subscriber of 1K A Day Fast Track program.

An Evergreen Platform You May Join Anytime

I hope this 1K A Day Fast Track review provided you all the insights that you needed to know. I mentioned all the positives and negatives in detail so that you can judge the platform very well before taking your final decision.

Before I wrap up, I thought I should suggest you a much better option for learning and building an affiliate marketing business.

This is my No #1 Recommended Platform, where you can learn the evergreen ways to make money online. Their methods are NOT for an unstable quick income, rather training courses in THIS PLATFORM teach you how to build up a long term online business, how to become a super affiliate step-by-step.

In brief, this platform provides you,

  1. Very in detail training courses (120 lessons + weekly live webinar) covering everything about online marketing.
  2. Multiple WordPress websites (up to 50!).
  3. 24 x 7 support.
  4. All the necessary tools for online marketing.
  5. Membership to an amazingly helpful community.


The most exciting part is, they are pretty inexpensive in comparison to any other platform on the internet. In fact, I didn’t find another platform that provides so many things at this price range.

To become a premium member in this platform, you need to spend less than half that needed for 1K A Day Fast Track program or any other high ticket program.

They are even more open-minded for the newbies who are a bit skeptical to join a new program. As a newbie you may join as a FREE starter member, NO credit card info required.

They don’t want to suck your hard earn money as others do, rather, they want you to upgrade as premium only if you find it worthy.

I must mention my full gratitude to this platform where I learned how to turn my passion into profit, how to make money online without spending money on ad campaigns. This platform really helped me to become successful in online and live an amazing free life.


So, that’s all about today’s 1K A Day Fast Track review and related information.

If you have any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sharing to social media is always highly appreciated if you enjoyed reading.

Have a nice day

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  1. Feji ben

    I must tell you the truth I don’t know much about 1k a day fast track,and I swear I have been looking for something like this that would help me although it’s quite expensive but I think it worth it since I would get the training that going to help me get my dream 5 figures.thanks slot for sharing this information with us.

    1. Dr. SD

      Great to know you are looking for something like 1 K A Day Fast Track.

      If you are looking to earn some quick money, these types of programs may really help you out. These may not offer you a long term business platform, but if you can manage to grab their tricks, you can earn a lot of money within a short tenure. 

      To join these types of high-cost programs, you only need to have sufficient money in your pocket. Remember it is not only about the subscription charges, but you also need to invest a lot in advertisements.

      Best wishes anyway.

  2. Evagreene

    Wow thank you so much for reviewing this program, I’m also not convinced about the fact that you can earn $1k a day but I completely have no doubt about their legitimacy as the owner Merlin Holmes is a self-made internet multi-millionaire, with his vast 15 years of an internet success story. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Sure, you are absolutely right.

  3. Shanta Rahman

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. 

    I’ve been working online for a long time and have been able to make a lot of money through Clickbank. One of the biggest benefits of making money online is that it can be done at home. Personally I am working at an Affiliate Marketing place. Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online. But it requires a lot of effort and technique and I have also worked hard to achieve success. 

    I personally did training courses in affiliate marketing from the 1K Day Fast Track program and it taught me how to do affiliate marketing using email marketing strategies. 1K A Day Fast Track is not a scam but it is not easy to earn through it.

    All in all, although I’m working on the course here, your tips will definitely be on my mind and I will work very cautiously, hoping to be successful and share my new experiences with you soon.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Shanta, I am really glad that you have shared a part of your experience with your 1K A Day Fast Track program, and I am thankful to you that you shared the facts honestly, although you are a member of their platform. Your insight will obviously help others who will visit this page.

      I’d say, there is nothing easy in this world and you have to work hard to achieve anything. The claim of earning 1K/day by the 1K A Day Fast Track program is only their Ad campaign. In reality, earning even $100/day is not easy, but I must say it is not impossible. If you work hard in a continuously following their guidelines, I hope you’ll be successful.

      After all, you spend a lot of bucks to join 1K A Day Fast Track program, which is $997. So you can’t leave it without having some profit. So, I suggest you work hard, earn your profit, and then join a better alternative platform.

      Best wishes.

  4. Harish

    Thank you so much for putting the time and money into finding out as much as you can about the 1K A Day Fast Track and sharing it with us. 1K A Day Fast Track is a digital platform that claims to help you earning 1K per day with 2 pages landing template and email marketing strategy. $997 is too much money for such a platform that is focused only on a unidirectional marking strategy.
    It seems that this is like many other programs which, while not being an absolute scam, are seriously misleading in what they offer. Very helpful post

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your vision on 1K A Day Fast Track review. You are absolutely right.

  5. Jerry

    Thank you for this extensive review of 1K a day fast track program. As the saying goes: when it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. 1000 dollars a day? Who are we kidding? You made it already perfectly clear that it will not be happening overnight and from reading your article, I get the feeling that this is never going to happen. I see myself sending all these promotions to God knows who, they will certainly not know me, to sell some product. These people will get unsolicited e-mails and maybe the same from many others. It will only annoy people to a big extent. I personally think that this program will do nothing for anybody, except the owner cashing in almost 1000 dollars per subscription. This is why I find your rating of 52 rather generous. 

    1. Dr. SD

      I am really glad to see you have clearly realized why 1K A Day Fast Track program may not the right one to earn money as per the expectation.

      Newbies often jump into such programs without guessing how tough it is to earn 1K a day. People think automation will do everything for them but they just forget every successful people worked so hard to achieve success, even the owner of 1K A Day Fast Track program did the same hard work to launch this program. Sending e-mail may not be a solution, but working hard in a proper way must be.

      This article is just a guidance to those people who don’t want to lose money by trapped into unethical claims.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your insight.

  6. Parveen

    Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on 1K a Day Fast Track and find it very useful for everyone. My friend tried 1K a Day Fast Track before few months and don’t get any perfect results yet but his knowledge is improved.  I am personally involved in affiliate marketing for a long time, and I earn a sustainable amount which is more than enough to replace my day job. Your review is very helpful for everyone.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi, it very unfortunate for your friend. Probably he didn’t get the right review before getting trapped into 1K A Day Fast Track program. But it’s good to know he improved his knowledge; in fact, he should be because I already mentioned above, the training courses within 1K A Day Fast Track program are not so bad, but expecting 1K per day is really a joke, at least only with the help of a single marketing method.

      I hope he hasn’t lost too much in advertisements!

      I suggest your friend may join THIS PROGRAM to learn everything properly and earn online in a legit and concrete way for a long time without wasting much in advertisements.

      However, I am glad to know, you are doing so well in affiliate marketing! I don’t know which platform you learned the strategies from, but I am pretty sure they taught you right way which leads you to success.

      Wishes for your more success in the future.

  7. MrBiizy

    Hello Dr SD, Thank you for sharing your review of 1K A Day Fast Track. After reading through this review, I discovered that this program is actually an amazing one. Considering the areas they focused on like email marketing and paid ads. But this program doesn’t look beginner friendly and would require a lot of money to set things up. Moreover, the program itself is very expensive. The reason I didn’t start my online business on time is a result of the high cost of all these programs.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, you are right. Not only the cost of 1K A Day Fas Track program is too high, but you also need to pay a lot for advertisements. A beginner generally can’t afford that much money unless he/she is already a very rich person.

      Another major drawback I mentioned above, only the email marketing trick may not work. If you ask me, I generally don’t click on the emails from an unknown money-making source guessing those spam. I am sure most people do the same as I do. If people avoid checking your email how will you make money??!!

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