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What is Perpetual Income 365? – Review exposing the Scam

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What is Perpetual Income 365? Is it legit or scam? Is Perpetual Income 365 help you earning thousands of bucks every month?

If you are searching for the above information, you are definitely in the right place. I’m glad to see you are doing some research before joining a brand new program. This Perpetual Income 365 review is created for the beginners’ guide, especially for those people who are looking to start their online journey by avoiding online scams.

The landing page of the Perpetual Income 365 program offers very few details about the program (when I am writing this review). There is only a marketing video that claims to offer you easy earning online. However, it is doubtful who his behind the screen actually, because the owner is always hiding his/her behind the screen.

Beginners generally get impressed by such types of videos that describe the easy ways to make money online and often they subscribe and finally get scammed.

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So, it’s a good thing that you are not among those people and doing your pre-subscription research. In this Perpetual Income 365 review, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

Unlike other Perpetual Income 365 reviews promoting the program blindly for affiliate commission, in this review, you are going to explore the hidden truths which will help you to make a decision.

Product Name: Perpetual Income 365

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $47/month (+ other charges)

Owners: Shawn  Josiah (No proof!)

Summary: Perpetual Income 365 is a done-for-you system that claims to help you 1000s of dollars online simply using their automated systems. They claim, the money will flow for you even if you don’t spend any time on your business!

Our Rating: 10 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is Perpetual Income 365?

As per the claim of the owners, Perpetual Income 365 is a done for you system to make money online through affiliate marketing. They mention, you don’t need to spend any time for keeping your online business activities, but the software will do everything for you. You’ll be receiving daily revenues automatically, and at the end of the day, you just need to count the cash flow through your accounts!

Pretty amazing right! You do anything throughout the day, go to your daily job, go and travel but they claim your cashflow will never stop. Interestingly in their sales video, they mentioned more that, big companies such a Netflix, Facebook, even Google also follow the same algorithm to keep running their business day and night throughout the years.

So, what do they mean? Do thousands of employees on Netflix, Facebook and Google are just sitting back and relaxing full-day long and their business are going on automatically?

I really hate such ruthless statement and hopeless comparisons. At least don’t compare your platform to the kings and queen of internet. Just imagine where is Google or Netflix and where is Perpetual Income 365!

I don’t know how they dare to compare their platform’s algorithm to Google, Facebook or even Netflix! Obviously, all these big companies are having highly advanced artificial super-intelligent systems, but all those are maintained daily by tons of super-intelligent engineers and scientists, other employees are working hard day and night to keep the business on.

If you ask me “what is Perpetual Income 365?”, I’d say Perpetual Income 365 is an automated system that may help you make money online by creating landing pages and contents automatically. Yes, obviously there is some sort of algorithms, but those are never comparable to Netflix or something like that.

You should know, Perpetual Income 365 is not the only online platform that claims help you earning thousands of money online automatically, but there are tons of other such platforms, the following are a few examples…

What you can say, the algorithms of Perpetual Income 365 may match these programs somehow.

The Founders of Perpetual Income 365

In another place, I find the name of the founder is Shawn  Josiah.

Still, it is not clear to me (even to you), who is the actual founder of Perpetual Income 365, how he looks like, or what’s original name of the owner! The owner is always hiding behind the screen, even he never exposed his name throughout the long sales video.

This is the first reason to think Perpetual Income 365 a scam. Why they are hiding, what they are afraid of?

Anyway, if you have gone through the marketing video of Perpetual Income 365 you must listen to the voice of the co-founder who is also hiding behind the screen.

He mentioned, the programmer of Perpetual Income 365, “Mr. X” was a data scientist on Netflix before he discovered this program! He had been graduated from MIT! I am astonished which MIT this one is… Is it Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the world’s topmost institute of science?

If it’s true, then what he is doing here?

In that video, again he claims Mr. X discovered an algorithm accidentally, which is the reason that Netflix takes over the world media by storm!

Oh my god! again my question… Then what he is doing here?

If he is so brilliant and did such a great job Netflix would have been protected him as a Juel! Why he has left the job while producing nonsense programs and marketing through Clickbank!

Dear reader, I suggest you not to believe in these nonsense stories. These types of false statements and stories are obviously the second sign of a scam.

How does Perpetual Income 365 Work?

If you go to the sales page of Perpetual Income 365 you’ll find a free subscription option just beside the sales video screen. You have to put your first name and e-mail ID there. It is also mentioned there “No Credit card required”.

Caution: They are just grabbing your email ID for e-mail marketing. You have to pay on the next page if you are willing to join the program. They don’t have any FREE TRIAL option.

What is Perpetual Income 365? – Review exposing the Scam
They ask for $9 to access their system (for the first timers only, then you have to pay $47/month). The claim of free trial is absolutely false
[PS: There are very few online programs where you don’t really need any credit card information for the trial version, and THIS PROGRAM is one of those.]

They divided the basics of this platform in 3 main categories:

  1. Micro commitment: the secret for transforming sloths into sales
  2. Consistency Bias: A 7 years old making 7 figures (Don’t know how to co-relate 7 years old YouTuber Ryan to this program!)
  3. Compounding Revenues: Claims to be the quickest and easiest path to become wealthy

The first point, micro commitment is a considerable one as I believe there are secrets to online success and you need to be consistent to achieve success. But they are telling you a little different story. They are trying to mention their automated system will help you earn money consistently. Is it really possible to make money online using an automated system?

I’m coming to this discussion later.

I couldn’t correlate their given example of 7 years old Ryan to their system. This is a hopeless example to highlight their program in the wrong way.

It’s true that Ryan and Ryans Tuy Review is one of the richest YouTube channels, but how this channel is related to Perpetual Income 365!

Their third highlight mentions about quickest and easiest pathways. However, in the real world, there is NO quick and easy path to reach success. If there is one, then what the legends did? Do you think legends like Albert Einstein, Marie CurieJeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan, Lionel Mesi, Sachin Tendulkar, Christiano Ronaldo achieved success without any effort? Can you provide me a single name who earned success just by sitting back on the easy chair doing nothing?

So, I suggest you just ignore these false claims. You have to work hard for any success, even the founder of  Perpetual Income 365 knows it very well, and that’s why he created the Perpetual Income 365 program spending a lot of time and hard works.

Now let’s take a look at what is there inside this program which will provide you a bit more clear concept.

What is inside the Perpetual Income 365 program?

Once you’ll sign up to Perpetual Income 365 program, you’ll experience the following tools and training:

MCCA Toolbox

This is the earlier mentioned done-for-you system that may help you to make money online regularly. Using this tool you need…

  • No extra payment to a hosting platform.
  • No domain required.
  • No language or coding skills required.
  • No payment for page building.

The following done-for-you things are ready to use inside Perpetual Income 365…

  • Landing page – they are providing you readymade ones.
  • Sales letters for e-mail marketing.
  • Link tracking tool.
  • Autoresponder integration.

Push Button Bounty

Their in-built template will help you to set up the following things just by pushing buttons…

  • Web-design and set up
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Auto-traffic

One-Click Content Stack

Creating content is the most time-consuming job for online marketers. It takes a lot of time and for a few people, it is painful too. But on the other hand, content is the most important part of an online business, especially in terms of driving organic traffic.

To get rid of this problem, Perpetual Income 365. They claim their in-build one-click content creation system for email newsletter will boost you perpetual income rapidly!

However, one single click will keep creating content for next 30 days continuously. You don’t need any further action.

Well, sounds really exciting! Maybe you are looking to say goodbye to a rigorous content creation task subscribing to Perpetual Income 365.

But are you sure it’s going to work or not?

Firstly they are providing you only landing pages, but no full website. All the contents will be created for you will be actually hosted to their system, but that will not gonna rank your landing pages high in Google. In fact, even if those contents would be posted to your website, still you wouldn’t go to get any facility in terms of Google ranking, because those are just copy-pasted contents on a similar template. And you should know, Google hates mimicking and never indexes such copy-pated content.

The only positive is, your content will be used as an e-mail newsletter to your subscribers. If they get impressed, they may knock your door to purchase something from your affiliate links.

There are many auto content creators on the internet, but most of those are not recommended mainly to avoid Copywrite issues. I personally find Squrible is a bit worthy among those. Squrible is a PDF content creator and it produces stunning PDFs while saves your time, but still, you need to modify to get rid of the same copywriter issues.

Bonuses within Perpetual Income 365 program

Finally, they are offering some bonus if you join there program. Those are some sort of strategies to increase your revenue.

  1. Recurring revenue Masterplan
  2. Big profit by tiny subscriptions

Things I like about Perpetual Income 365

There are no such things that I like about Perpetual Income 365 simply because of its scam like presentations, testimonials, and statements.

Moreover, I personally don’t believe in full automation and only landing page based business idea, because it’s very difficult to earn revenue through these methods.

Maybe a beginner may like automation thinking this may save a lot of time while the opportunity to earn a lot, but believe me, it doesn’t happen in reality.

Yes, automation might be useful in some occasions such as CSS, JAVA, HTML or Image optimization, entering Image Alt text, posting in social media, creating a PDF that doesn’t vary your site ranking, etc; but creating content and site design using an automated template is not accepted at all.

Things I don’t like about Perpetual Income 365

The least is long. I mainly focus on their honesty because If a company/platform fails to maintain their honesty, you’ll never experience the outcome as they claim.

False Testimonials

have you seen their sales video?

After deep research, I find several actors in that video were hired from Fiverr, Shutterstock, and i-stock. Still, it is okay, as many companies hire paid actors for their Ads, but the worst thing happens when someone hires actors for their testimonials!

Perpetual Income 365 exactly did these things. They hired paid actors to prove false success stories. Just take a look for one such example below.

false statements by Perpetual income 365
false statements within the sales video of Perpetual income 365

Now tell me who gonna believe such a platform who is full of dishonesty from the very first step!

Hidden Owner

Somewhere I find the owner’s name is Shawn Josiah and he is the platinum member of Clickbank (that is another false statement).

However, you’ll not find the original owners’ faces anywhere in the video! They never came to the screen but always been behind the screen. I suspect the speaker behind the screen is also a paid actor.

But why the owners are hiding.

There are several genuine platforms online, and owners of all those programs lead from the front. The most renowned ones are Wealthy Affiliate, 12 Minute Affiliate, Commission Hero, Super Affiliate Program, etc. None of the owners of these programs hide behind but face everything from the front.

The hidden nature of the owners of Perpetual Income 365 clearly proves there is something wrong within this program and it is obvious. In general owners of the online scams hide like this.

Too much Overhikes

They say you can make $400-1000 per day using their system, and that is automatically too. You don’t need anything to do!

Although it sounds good, as a full-time online entrepreneur I can say, in reality, it is difficult to make $100 even after lots of hard work, especially when you are absolutely new in online marketing. Obviously, with time your experience grows up and you’ll start learning many hidden tricks and also your revenue will increase. But once again, your revenue will not increase automatically, rather you have to work hard initially.

So, their statement about earning 1000s without doing anything is totally an over hiked and false statement.

However, don’t forget about the funny stories of Netflix and 7 years old’s 7 figures! They actually couldn’t find out how to make the sale video more and more attractive. That’s why they added these false and un-related stories there.


As I mentioned, no automation can help you earn revenue regularly.

Certain automation may be considered as the supporting tools for running a website with ease, such as, CSS-JAVA-HTML-Image optimizers, Image Alt text creators, social media auto posters, PDF creators, etc., but just forget about doing the prime things using automatic tools.

If you create content through automation you’ll fall in the red eye of Google.

In addition, in a done-for-you automated system, you don’t have any flexibility. Suppose you are getting failed to earn any money and you want to implement your idea, there is no way because the system is fully automated.

The hidden additional costs

It is a very important part. Once you share your e-mail ID for a free subscription they’ll ask you to deposit $9 for a full subscription (when I am writing this review), and that is for the first month only. From the second month, you have to pay $47/month.

Now check out the total cost for the Perpetual Income 365 program…

  • Perpetual Income 365 subscription fees: $564/yearly (@$47 per month)
  • Get Response monthly fee: $144/yearly (@$12 per month) … it’s not free as the owner mentioned
  •  Ads traffic: $40 – $100 per month

You can’t avoid paying for Ads as a member of Perpetual Income 365, because you don’t have an option to gain free organic traffic.

Is Perpetual Income 365 Scam?

It all depends on how you determine the parameter of the scam. It provides every material as they claim but there is no assurance that you can make money using those. However, to survive there you have to pay a lot of money for membership as well as for advertisements. Still, there is no guarantee you can make a single penny.

For me, it’s a scam like a program that is full of false statements. Expect the automatic content creation there is nothing automated (even the content creator is not impressive at all).

They’ll provide you a simple landing page and you have to promote your affiliate links via advertisements and e-mail marketing. This is a pretty common method which doesn’t work well at all, there is nothing new in Perpetual Income 365, everything just overhiked.

Who should use Perpetual Income 365?

I personally don’t recommend this program to anyone.

An evergreen way to make money online

I hope, I could provide you a clear overview of Perpetual Income 365, and you got your answer for what is Perpetual Income 365 actually, and I expect you can also able to make a decision whether to join the program or not.

Before I wrap up, I just want to suggest a much better option to become a genuine online entrepreneur at a much lower cost. But this is not an automated system like Perpetual Income 365, and you have to work hard initially to achieve success in the recent future.

I personally learned all the evergreen tricks to becoming successful in online marketing from this platform, and I am grateful to the founders for their full-time support in my mission to turn my passion into profit.

In this platform, you’ll learn the evergreen methods to build up a long term business instead of the false tricks of quick income. And they’ll provide you all the required training and tools to carry on your business forever.

In brief, this platform provides you,

  1. Very in-depth training courses on the tricks of successful online marketing business.
  2. 50 WordPress websites (NOT just a landing page, these are full phase WP websites).
  3. 24 x 7 support.
  4. A great keyword research tool.
  5. All the necessary tools for online marketing (many tools).
  6. Access to an amazingly helpful community.


You can join the trial for absolutely free of cost, No credit card information required. You should pay only if you are willing to upgrade as a premium member. If you are willing to join there I personally suggest you subscribe to yearly membership which saves a lot of money.

So, that’s all for today.

If you have any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

And if you find the article helpful, share it socially just by clicking the social buttons. It’s just fair.

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  1. Danijel

    Hello Dr. SD, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I am glad I stumbled upon your review because I thought I cloud to give a try this system. I am a not big fan of done for your systems but they are promising such results everyone can believe. It is something I will definitely avoid.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      In general, it is difficult to get good results from a done-for-you system, so you have taken the right decision by avoiding this.

  2. Anastazja

    Your review of Perpetual Income 365 only proves the saying “If its too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.”  

    As an affiliate marketer, I am always looking for programs to add to my sites in hopes of helping reading reach their own financial goals. I have received promo emails for the Perpetual Income program, but have not looked into it.  

    Your review was pretty straightforward which is a good thing. The false testimonials are pretty upsetting. Thanks for the list of things you absolutely don’t like about the program. I will just keep on looking.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank for sharing an impression.

      So you are another one who is receiving the promo from the Perpetual Income 365 platform! Many of my site subscribers are also getting similar promo and requested me for a suggestion. Unfortunately, a few of them already subscribed there without any prior research and now they are asking for help, because they now understand making money is not possible from this system.

      However, you are wise enough that you haven’t stepped into the trap of PI365.

  3. Hmilmee26


    Nice content covered! I’m a newcomer in this affiliate marketing with no experience or haven’t any idea about online marketing. I didn’t hear about perpetual Income 365 before. It’s good to hear that I can earn money without doing any work the system will make money for me, but when I go through your full article, they didn’t give this money very easily. Actually they’ve also a lot of hidden charges and so many issues. So, I think it’s not the right time for me to access this Perpetual Income 365 site. 

    Thank you so much for your review through this article.

    1. Dr. SD

      I respect your decision. because you have clearly understood the fact that you can’t make a lot of money using such an automatic tool.

      As you are a newcomer in affiliate marketing, I strongly suggest you join a legitimate program and learn the trick to get success in affiliate marketing. You forget about automation and work hard initially to get some great results.

      Best wishes.

  4. Ivan

    Thanks a lot for taking time to research this seemingly legitimate opportunity. Perpetual Income 365 looks all nice and shiny on the surface, but once you dive in deeper, some ugly stuff starts to rise up. I hate to see a program that uses false testimonials to attract new customers. Not only that it shows a lack of credibility, but it also shows that NO ONE has managed to make money with PI 365. And those promises…I don’t want to get in there. Is there a money-back guarantee?

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, as a Clickbank product Perpetual Income 365 must offer a 30 days money-back guarantee, as per the terms and conditions of Clickbank.

      But still false and dummy testimonials are enough to reason not to subscribe there, because it already appearing with a scam-like impression from the very early stage.

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