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What is Social Rabbit about? — Auto Post in Social Media with Social Rabbit [Review]

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Welcome to the Social Rabbit review; Know “what is Social Rabbit about” and “how does it work” with an in-depth analysis.

Anyone who is running an online business, whatever it may be, a blog site, e-commerce, affiliate website, or a dropshipping store, social sharing is a definite task to leverage conversions.

If you own any business among the above list, you must agree with me, because you know, regular social sharing is the easiest way to generate traffic. The more you’ll share on social media with proper title, tags, and descriptions, the more will be your followers as well as conversions.

However, busy people often fail to maintain regularity for their social appearance and thus can’t generate enough followers, which is reciprocal to losing business growth.

The best way to get rid of this problem is auto-post in social media. There are several automated social media posting tools available in the market and Social Rabbit is one of the best among those. It posts in 4 different social media automatically, saves your time while increasing your site visitors as well as customers.

What is Social Rabbit About.

I’m glad to see you here. I guess, there may be either of two reasons for your visit here today.

  1. You have been recently knowledgeable of Social Rabbit tool but a bit skeptical in purchasing the plugin.
  2. You have no proper idea about the tool; you don’t even know what is Social Rabbit about, how does it work exactly, but you are looking for the best social media automation tool.

No matter what the exact reason is; I can assure you, you are going to have a complete overview of Social Rabbit here right from a regular user of this plugin. The discussion must help you to criticize further, whether to purchase Social Rabbit or not.

Product Name: Social RabbitSocial Rabbit

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $69 (for 1 site); $149 (for 3 sites); $209 (for 5 sites)

Founders: Yaroslav Nevsky & Ilya Dolgikh

Summary: Social Rabbit is a top-class social media scheduling tool that automatically shares your blogs, products, and engaging posts in social media while saves your lots of time and increase your site visitors and customer base.

Our Rating: 95 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Social Rabbit about?

First, let’s introduce Social Rabbit.

Social Rabbit is a social media auto-posting tool that can post your blogs, web store products, posters, and engaging images in social media at a regular interval; it saves your lots of time while increases your website visitors as well as customers.

For the growth of a business, it is very essential to keep in touch with the most popular social media as much as possible. But busy online markers often can’t manage enough time to keep posting daily in social media, especially those marketers who are operating multiple businesses together.

If you are one among those marketers, Social Rabbit is an ultimate solution for you. It saves you time by posting automatically in 4 different social media at a regular time interval; you’ll be experiencing a rapid increase in your social follower base without dedicating any time for shouting in social media.

Getting and Setting up Social Rabbit

For experiencing the social automation you need to purchase Social Rabbit plugin and then after you have to spend some time on it for setting up properly.

It requires a ONE TIME payment and ONE TIME set up. That means neither it needs monthly payment like other social automation tools, nor you have to waste time daily to make changes in the plugin set up.

Depending on your requirement you can purchase a plugin pack.

  • Pack of 1 (For 1 website): $69
  • Pack of 1 (For 1 website): $149
  • Pack of 1 (For 1 website): $209

Definitely, a pack of 3 is less expensive in comparison to a single pack, while the pack of 5 is even more money saver, but you should pick up the pack as per your requirement.

What is Social Rabbit about - purchase-social-rabbit-plugin-here

There is no reason to purchase the pack of 3 if you own only 1 website; but if you are planning to start 2 more websites in the recent future, the pack of 3 is definitely a money saver for you.

Server requirements for Social Rabbit

Social rabbit is a WordPress plugin that needs specific server requirements to run properly. So, I suggest you check your server details before purchasing the plugin.

Hosting server requirements:

  • Open incoming connection Hosting 32bit (64bit recommended).
  • cURL libraries ver 7.58.0 recommended.
  • PHP 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3.
  • ionCube activated on your hosting.

These are technical terms, but don’t worry if you don’t understand these terms.

just contact your hosting provider (hosting support) and let them know your system requirements. If your WordPress website’s base server doesn’t match these requirements, they will transfer your site to the required server.

Installation of Social Rabbit to WordPress

After purchasing Social Rabbit, you’ll receive the plugin download links and a keyword in your e-mail (email that you shared during purchase).

Now it’s time to log-in to WordPress backend and installs it. The installation process is simple (exactly similar to installing other plugins in WordPress).

Go to plugin (WordPress sidebar) > Add new > Upload plugin (upload Social Rabbit zip file) > Install > activate.

The Social Rabbit Plugin will appear in the WordPress sidebar. Now you have to set up the plugin.

Setting up Social Rabbit Plugin

Setting up the plugin needs some time. But it’s a one time set up process. Once you set up everything, you don’t need to check those again unless you want to make some changes by yourself.

There is 2 option for you:

  1. You can set up it by yourself.
  2. Alternatively, you can hire Social Rabbit expert team; they will set up everything for you.

I personally prefer their service because they are very accurate, and definitely it saves time. I use Social Rabbit plugin in my 3 websites, while I hired Social Rabbit service team twice (I set up myself once). They did a great job within a short time frame.

They are experienced and know where to hit exactly; thus definitely offers a better result.

social rabbit plugin set-up service

Anyway, I’m explaining the setup strategy in brief so that you can try it yourself.

Step 1: Insert the License Key

Firstly, tap on the Social Rabbit button (WordPress sidebar) and insert the license key; then tap on “Save”.

Enter Social Rabbit license key
Step 1. Enter the license key

Upon inserting the license key, now you have access to the Social Rabbit dashboard.

You’ll see set up options for 4 social media,

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest

That means, using Social Rabbit, you can post automatically in these 4 social media.

For each social media, there are 3 post options, posters, galley, and blogs, while for Instagram there are several other options to increase the followers (Grabber, Promoters, Shoutout, Mutual Promotion, and Stories).

Social Rabbit Dashboard
Social Rabbit Dashboard

If you have Profile/ business accounts on all those social media, it’s great.

If you don’t have till now, just create new profiles for each.

The service team can create great social pages from scratch. If you need their help you can book a service for the social media set up.

Social media setup service


Step 2: Authorize your social Media

Now you have to authorize Social Rabbit for each social media.

Select the first one, that is Facebook, then tap on authorize. A new box will appear in Social Rabbit dashboard; tap on “Authorize with Facebook”.

Authorize Social Rabbit for your Facebook Page
Step 2. Authorize Social Rabbit for your Facebook Page

It will take you to your Facebook login page. Enter the login details and choose your corresponding business page on Facebook.

In a similar way, authorize Social Rabbit plugin to other Social media.

Step 3: Setting up the Poster section

Now, you have to set up the poster, galley, blog section, and posting time intervals.

Let’s choose Facebook again and set up the poster section.

The ‘Poster’ section is mainly dedicated to the products in your store. If you are running an e-commerce or a dropshipping store or an affiliate store, this section is applicable to you. If you don’t have webstore, you may leave this section.

launch dropshipping store

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Upon tapping the poster button a new form will appear in the dashboard. Your job is to…

  • Tap the switch just beside “Poster”.
  • Set time: Select how often you want to post your products on Facebook.
  • Sort by: Select Random/ New to old/ Old to new
  • Modify the description section as you want.
  • Add suitable hashtags that match your niche.
  • Check “Add meta picture”: It’ll show your product picture in social media.
  • Exclude the categories you don’t want to explore in social media.
  • SAVE.

That’s it.

Set up poster section on Social Rabbit
Step 3. Set up poster section on Social Rabbit

If you are not running an online store but you interested to start one, there are several dropshipping options on the internet. Alidropship is one of the most renowned among those; Additionally, an Alidropship store is easiest to handle and most profitable too.

You can start dropshipping with Alidropship in three different ways:

Launch dropshipping store today

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Step 4: Setting up the Gallery section

Next, you have to set up the Gallery in a similar way.

Sharing only products and blogs may represent your social pages as spams; the gallery section posts entertaining images and GIFs to your social pages to attract the visitors, and it is necessary.

To set up the Galley section first you have to import images. For importing images you have to follow the following path:

Go the settings > media gallery > Add media/ import from

step 4. Upload images to the media gallery of Social Rabbit
step 4. Upload images to the media gallery of Social Rabbit

You can add media directly from your desktop hard drive, or you can import images and GIFs from Pixbay or Giphy.

Now get back to Facebook > Gallery.

  • Check the switch just beside “Gallery”.
  • Set time: Select how often you want to post your media on Facebook.
  • Sort by: Select Random/ New to old/ Old to new
  • Modify the template section as you want.
  • SAVE.

You can edit captions for each image to represent them a better way to your social media visitors.

Setting up Gallery in Social Rabbit
Step 4. Setting up Gallery in Social Rabbit

Step 5: Setting up Blog section

The next one is ‘Blog’ set up. Blog set up is relatively less hectic, and a great feature for the bloggers who post blogs regularly on your website.

  • On the switch just beside “blog”.
  • Set time: Select how often you want to post your media on Facebook.
  • Sort by: Select Random/ New to old/ Old to new
  • SAVE.

If there are no blog posts on your website you can skip this step. But, I must say blogging or posting content is very important to establish a website.

Step 5. Blog set up
Step 5. Blog set up

Blogging itself is a very profitable business if you combine it to affiliate marketing; in fact, there are many bloggers in the world who make millions of dollars from online just by blogging.

However, for a higher ranking in Google, blogging/ posting content is even more essential. if you are running an online-store/e-commerce, you need free traffic in your site, and that is possible to generate via search engine optimized (SEO) content.

If you don’t post content to your web store, all you have to be dependent on paid advertisements. But, how much will you pay for that??

I personally prefer to post content in my web stores and to be honest, all my traffic comes from organic sources. I rarely perform paid ads on Google or other social media.

If you never posted content or you are not familiar with blog posts, you may not create search engine optimized blogs without proper guidance, because Google ranking depends on several things, such as niche, keywords, meta texts, image optimization, SEO, and several others.

If you are interested to learn all these, you may join THIS PROGRAM as a FREE starter member (later you may upgrade to premium); this platform is one of the best places to learn the ways to build and promote a website without spending money for advertisements.

However, for the premium membership, THIS PLATFORM offers the lowest price if you compare their training, facilities, and provided tools. As a premium member, you’ll be eligible to build up to 50 websites under their hosting plan, you don’t need to pay extra for that.

Join an evergreen platform

In Social Rabbit, you can set up the other sections by following the same strategy. However, for Instagram, there are some other options, which are easy to set up.

Stories setup is easier than all. Just tap on the switch just beside “stories” and set the ‘time’ and ‘sort by’.

stories set up in Social Rabbit
Instagram “Stories” set up in Social Rabbit

Grabber, promoter, and mutual promotion just check the corresponding buttons and select tags.

You shouldn’t apply any changes for the ‘Shoutout’ section unless you are ready to pay others for the shoutout. It’s pretty like paid advertisements. I generally don’t activate it because SEO optimized organic traffic and auto social post facilities by Social Rabbit make enough conversion for me.

Things I like about Social Rabbit

So far you have been knowledgeable about what is Social Rabbit, how does it work, and how to set up the plugin. Now it’s time to discuss the pros and cons. This specific discussion may help you to understand the value of this product specifically.

So let’s uncover the positives first.

Auto-posting in social media with great results

Once you schedule social media posts in Social Rabbit, you don’t have to think of it further. Social Rabbit will keep posting in Social media automatically while you’ll be experiencing increased followers and conversions every day.

Even if you don’t log in and check your social media accounts for months, no issues will arise. But, it is recommended to check your social accounts at least once every 14 days. If there is anything wrong, you can make some changes accordingly.

Social rabbit saves a lot of time

Social Rabbit definitely saves a lot of time. Posting in multiple social media daily is a hectic job, and it takes a lot of time, especially when you are handling multiple websites.

Use of Social Rabbit definitely offers you great relief; you can invest your saved times for other jobs.

Hassle-free operation

Setting up Social Rabbit is not difficult at all. Most importantly it’s a one time set up process.

After the first time set up, you just need to follow up on your social accounts to check whether things are working fine or not; you can check it once in 14 days, although I personally often forget to check for months.

Affordable price

If you purchase Social Rabbit for a single website you have to invest only $69. If you are looking to book a pack of 3 or pack of 5 (in case you handle multiple websites) in saves even more money.

More importantly, you are getting lifetime accessibility to Social Rabbit in exchange for just a one-time payment; it also updates regularly.

I must say the plugin is very much affordable. After all, it’s a very useful plugin and definitely it’s worthy to pay only $69 for such a plugin.

Plugin Support

This part can’t be ignored. It’s a programmed software and software may face issues anytime. Their customer support is great and ready to help you anytime.

Once I faced a small issue and requested them to help me out. They were prompt enough, worked on my complaint immediately, and finally suggested me to contact my hosting provider. The problem was actually due to a hosting error, which I could fix by the help of my hosting support team.

Things I don’t like about Social Rabbit

To be honest, it’s difficult for me to figure out a genuine drawback about Social Rabbit. I am using Social Rabbit on my 3 websites, but I never faced any critical issue with Social Rabbit.

However, only one limitation may be considered.

Posting option to limited Social Media

Social Rabbit can post automatically in 4 social media,

  1. Instagram
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Pinterest

Someone who use any other social media services for promoting an online business, he/she may find Social Rabbit as an incomplete tool.

But if you ask me personally, I confess, I don’t use any other social media for promoting my websites. I think these 4 social media are the most popular worldwide, and more than enough to leverage followers and sells. So, for me, it’s not a problem at all.

Who should use Social Rabbit Plugin?

I recommend Social Rabbit to any online marketer who owns a WordPress website (or Shopify store). This is a very useful plugin and worthy for the people who are associated with,

Let’s wrap up…

In this Social Rabbit Review, I tried to provide you the best knowledge about the plugin along with some related information. So far you learn,

  • What is Social Rabbit about
  • How does it work
  • Prices of Social Rabbit – Click Here
  • System requirements for Social Rabbit Plugin
  • Setting up a Social Rabbit plugin
  • Expert service for setting up Social Rabbit plugin – Click Here
  • Expert service for setting up Social Media pages – Click Here
  • Best place to start your own online store – Click Here
  • The best place to learn the evergreen methods to promote a website for free – Click Here
  • Pros and cons of Social Rabbit.

Social sharing is essential for online marketing. Social media is the place where the world meets website and get knowledgeable about the new products on your website.

So, you have to play an active role in social media for the growth of your business. Social Rabbit keeps your website ever active in 4 different social media even if you occasionally login there. It’s definitely a great service and worthy to include it in your plugin list.


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If you have any query about Social Rabbit plugin or the about any other information I have discussed in this review, please post your question in the comment box below, I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

If you find the information useful, social sharing is highly appreciated.

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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Lemuel

    Hello and thank you for this article about Social Rabbit.

    I really like how you presented this article, it is very well-constructed and concise. I love that you included how it works, who is it for and who is it not, server requirements, and how to set it up, pros and cons, etc. It made me really interested and finished the whole article.

    I am only in FB and only have one website and I find it is easier for now to post my blogs to my personal FB account. But I am seriously considering this plugin in the future.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Lemuel,
      Thanks for your appreciation.

      For only one social network and one website, Social Rabbit is not an urgent tool, because you can easily manage it yourself.

      It’s fine to build up a single website, but I strongly suggest you create accounts in multiple social media. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are the most popular and most suitable for bloggers and online marketers.

      Social Rabbit actually keeps your all social media busy every day. I guess, you don’t log in to social media multiple times in a day, rather you post there only when you complete a blog post on your site. But Social Rabbit plugin keep posting multiple time in a day in a regular time interval (as you set) in your Social media, and attracts the audience from different timezone.

      One more important thing you need to consider: Social Rabbit doesn’t share only your blogs, but can also share engaging posts to the social media. Only bog posts generally don’t attract visitors that much, but engaging posts generate new audiences.

      If you consider these positive sides, you can use Social Rabbit even for your single websites.

  2. Stephanie

    This is the first time I’m hearing about Social Rabbit plugin and it sounds like something you can really benefit from. After reading your review, I have some questions. 
    1. Is there a free trial for this plugin or do you have to purchase without a trial?

    2. How is Social Rabbit plugin different from all the other different plugins that are meant to do the same tasks? 
    Also, is there a possibility of adding more social media’s or is it limited to just those four ones? Nowadays, social media is a huge engagement platform for all kind of businesses and I’ve seen that sites like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Tumblr are not included in this package 

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Stephanie,

      Please check the answer to your two queries.

      1. They offer 7 days free trial, you may send them a request.

      2. If you have the right configuration, Social Rabbit plugin works very smoothly; I find several other similar plugins can’t post smoothly. 

      It is secure, and it can create several types of posts together at a time (blogs, media, posters, stories etc.), which many other similar plugins can’t. Different types of posts keep your audience entertained and thus your page will grab their attention.

      3. No, at this stage they have only 4 topmost media as I mentioned above, but they keep updating their plugin regularly; may they’ll add other social media in the future.

  3. James

    Dr SD, thanks for your thorough review on Social Rabbit. I hadn’t heard of it before, so it is good to know about. It seems a reasonable price given that it is a one-time payment rather than an amount you have to pay every year. As you describe it, it is easy to set up and could be a great time-saving tool. After investing time writing a good blog post the last thing you want to think about is how to get it out on social media.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes James, life becomes easier with such an automated tool. You can focus more on your business or blog. 

      One time payment definitely is a great positive side, because you don’t need to worry about paying then during an offseason when the growth of your business is slow. 

      As an example, presently it’s lockdown all over the world due to COVID-19, and thus many business owners are running in loss. Under such a situation if they have to pay the monthly subscription cost to a specific plugin or software things become tougher for them. It’s good news that you don’t need to pay for Social Rabbit every month, they charge you only one-time.

  4. Matiss

    It looks like the kind of thing I should be getting very soon. I’ve only kind of done social media in the past. And given my irregularity in that regard, nothing much came out of it, obviously. And since I didn’t manage to keep a straight schedule, I naturally abandoned that idea completely. It gave me headaches more than anything. But the social rabbit thing could definitely make all the process far easier.

    As I see it, it isn’t really a drawback that it can only do 4 social platforms. I imagine that’s not a number that is going to forever be. I mean, it probably takes quite a bit of coding and skill to get it all aligned for each of the social platforms. Cause they’re not the same. Hence, just the four main ones for now.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.


    1. Dr. SD

      Hello Matiss,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You are absolutely right, in future Social Rabbit may upgrade to extend their service for auto-posting to a wider range of social media. But these 4 mainstream social media is good enough to shout out in public. May Social Rabbit is not useful for those people who use a lot more social media, but I think most marketers and common people are comfortable with these four media.

      After all, they offer a reasonable price at this stage. Upgradation and inclusion of more social media may increase the price any day. 

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