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Is My Business Venture A Scam? [Reality exposed in the My Business Venture review]

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I personally believe, this is a great practice to walk through deep research before investing hard-earned money anywhere, and I’m glad to see, you are doing the same before getting into My Business Venture. “Is My Business Venture a scam program or legit?”, this is probably the biggest question in your mind, right? Indeed, it’s a very usual query because nowadays the online world is full of scam programs, so, there is no reason to invest so much money blindly.

Is My Business Venture A Scam and just bluffing?

I guess you are especially excited about their typical sales pitch… “Open a web store as easy as 1,2,3…” I know, they also offer you a list of facilities to start earning within just a couple of days!

Who doesn’t want to make money in an easy way! — I do, you do, everyone does!

But re-think, is it really possible to earn so much money without hard work? I know, you are already thinking deeply, that’s why you are searching today, ‘whether My Business Venture is a scam or not!’ ‘whether you should invest there or not!’

You are most welcome to my recent report on My Business Venture. A few days back I had an online discussion with Thomas (the owner). He was really polite and after a long positive discussion, finally, he requested me to experience their product for feedback.

I’ll take less than 10 minutes to express the crude reality inside My Business Venture. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you.

Let’s have a quick look:

Product Name: My Business Venture

Visit here:

Price of the Product: $795 for 36 months or up to $3995.00 One Time Payment

Product Category: Ready-to-use E-commerce service provider

Owners: Thomas Stridiron

Our Rating: 75 out of 100

Is My Business Venture a scam? – Not really; I’ll explain everything below.

My Business Venture: A General Overview

Basically, My Business Venture is an e-commerce service provider and follows the dropshipping business model. After you subscribe to their system they’ll provide you the platform, all necessary tools, supports, and resources. In addition, you’ll get some online training within the MBV platform to make money with the e-commerce system.

Are you confused with the term “dropshipping”?

You have an online store (your website) to sell the products to the consumers. You have to buy products online at wholesale price (MBV will provide you resources) and store the products’ details (including retail price) in your web store. You don’t need to deal with the physical samples.

Customers will reach your website and order as per their requirements. The products will be shipped to your customer directly from the production house/wholesale store.

You don’t need to be worried about maintaining inventory, handling the products, or shipping.

So this looks like a very simple business model, a great alternative to the conventional e-commerce stores.

Similar to MBV, there are several other similar platforms; among those, Alidriopship is the cheapest dropshipping platform.

What’s Inside MBV Platform?

Undoubtfully, they provide you several other facilities which are essential to make money through the e-commerce business. Have a quick look at the complete list:

  • E-commerce enabled website (web store)
  • Custome domain
  • Web host
  • SSL security
  • Social plugin and SEO friendly website
  • Huge collections for your webstore (15000+)
  • dropshipping facility of all products directly to the customers
  • Free shipping on all products
  • Easy payment gateway
  • Custom blog creator
  • Custom Logo
  • Training for success in e-commerce

They are offering so many facilities; how do you think after watching the list? Is My Business Venture a scam or legit platform? Do you get some clue?

I understand you are still skeptical, but everything will be crystal clear in the next phase when I’ll explain the pros and cons of the My Business Venture platform. Let’s check those below.

Things I like about My Business Venture

The company “My Business Venture” is holding its pitch in the internet world for a very long time (25 years) and also ranked as A+ category in BBB.

So, First, let’s see what are the positives in My Business Venture that I really like.

Ready-to-use platform

They really offer you all the services required to start an e-commerce business. If you check the above list, rarely you can find something skipped that is essential for an e-com startup; they offer e-commerce and social media enabled websites, SSL security, the option to blogging for SEO, easy payment gateway, and others.

Their dropshipping business model is an advanced method to spread e-commerce business, where the company, promoter, and the customer everybody gets facilitated equally.

Most importantly, you don’t need to think about inventory, handling, and shipping. Your job is to popularize your website, add products as per your niche and count the profit.

I think this is the easiest mode to run an e-commerce business.

Additionally, you’ll get some training to achieve success in e-commerce, at the MBV university.

Free Shipping and discounts

This is really a useful feature to compete with other e-commerce platforms. Many e-commerce platforms offer free shipping only after a certain amount of purchase. But in MBV, everything gets shipped free of cost. This feature helps to attract your customer more.

Often they offer you a 10% discount, so you can offer your customer a lower price. When they get a product at the lowest price without any shipping fees, they’ll visit your online shop again and again.

Support and Authenticity

No doubt MBV is an authentic company, holding its space for a long time. Maybe the entry fee is high, still, they have a good reputation for their service. They are strict enough against any fraud sale.

They manage to get an A+ rating from BBB since 2009.

Additionally, they offer very good support to their customers and promoters. You’ll be able to solve your problems with a real human (not robotic).

Things I don’t like about

Nothing is 100% perfect, we know everything in this world has some goods and bads. When we find bads are much intense in something we generally avoid that.

So, let’s see what are the negatives in My Business Venture.

MBV is expensive too some extent

The biggest drawback of the platform is its expensive schemes that most beginners can’t afford.

Depending upon their schemes, you have to pay from $795 to $3995. In the most expensive plan, you’ll get all of their facilities; even they claim, you can start earning right within a couple of days after joining their program (though I personally felt this is literally impossible); but, frankly speaking, this budget is not affordable to everyone.

Additionally, to start your journey with My Business Venture, you need at least $1000 extra in your pocket; that is for Ad expenses.

If you are looking for a free or low-budget program, MBV is probably not your favorable platform. In that case, you can start your e-commerce store with Alidropship or Shopify. They provide really affordable schemes.

Alternatively, you can check out my favorite platform to make money online through a different business model.

Only applicable in US and Canada

If you are not a USA or Canadian citizen, get ready for the bad news… you cannot sign up to MBV, because their dropship program works within these regions only. Being/becoming a US or Canada citizen is the first criteria to join their Newyork-based program.

So, if you are not a citizen from these countries, there is no meaning to accumulate knowledge about My Business Venture. Better you try some other programs which are applicable worldwide.

This is my top recommended program that lets you spread your internet marketing business worldwide. Or, for dropshipping worldwide from any place, you can try Alidropship.

Websites are not SEO optimized

If you are new in the online world, this may be an unknown term to you. I am explaining the fact for your better understanding.

MBV claims they offer you ready-to-earn e-commerce enabled website, and you can make money from that once you subscribe to their schemes.

In the real sense, they are not providing you a ready website from which you can start earning from the next day. A ready webstore means, that is well ranked in the search engine; that means, search engine optimized, such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. — products of these platforms appears on the first page of Google. But, MBV is not providing you are a well-ranked platform; they are just giving you a ready-to-use e-commerce enabled website. There is a huge difference between ready-to-use and ready-to-earn platforms. To be clear, their platform is not ready to make money without spending money (on FB Ads or PPC).

You must note this point, because a brand new website always lacks with reputation. Unless you earn audiences’ reputation, they are not going to buy anything from your e-commerce site, and achieving audiences’ reputation is never an overnight process.

As per my own experience, I never claim my brand new website will rank well in the search engine and earn a good reputation to my visitors. I have to work hard for my online business website to grab my visitors’ attention; I have to create a number of useful content there. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Finally, when it becomes a popular and high-traffic website, it allows me to earn revenue.

So, before investing a huge amount of money in MBV, you must think about these risk factors. I must tell you, “Get-Rich-Quick” is a forbidden term. You have to work hard for every achievement. It needs at least 6 months to earn profit even from an online business.

To learn the process to create successful websites via content creation and search engine optimization my No.1 recommendation is here.

Is My Business Venture A Scam?

Throughout my article, I never claimed that My Business Venture is a scam. MBV is absolutely not a scam, they provide you legitimate services to make money through e-commerce.

If you join their program, they provide you all the services, tools and facilities as they promise.

But, they are not able to provide you profit within a couple of days as they claim. Even after joining their program spending such a high amount, you have to work hard to become a successful marketer. Also, you have to pay a lot of money on FB Ads and Google Ads, as they don’t teach you how to grab organic traffic via SEO.

Is My Business Venture Right for You?

If you ever thought to invest your excess money to Franchise business, I’d say My Business Venture is a perfect pick for you, because by joining their program you are actually purchasing an online Franchise. After purchasing the program, it’s your headache to grow the business, they’ll provide you support.

Before join the program you have to answer 3 “Yes”.

  1. Are you a citizen of the USA or Canada?
  2. Are you ready to invest such a high money for your business, ignoring all risks?
  3. Do you have enough money for spending on Ads?
  4. Do you have a good idea about SEO and creating content to drive traffic to your web store?

If all the answers are “YES” then you are the right person to join MBV.

If any of your answers are “NO”, you should re-think.

If you are looking to start an e-commerce business at a lower cost, you start with Alidropship or Shopify. However, still, you may need to wait for the profit, because you have to pass through a learning curve. Also, you have to spend money on FB or Google Ads if you don’t have any idea about SEO.

If you are looking for a free/low-cost program to learn the process to build a successful website proper way, and earn money from the same platform via the internet marketing, this is my top recommendation.

My Top Recommendation

I personally earn a healthy fulltime income via internet marketing by following a well-organized process. I follow the steps below in a proper way,

  • Create and build up a website.
  • Optimize the Search Engine proper way, following the rules.
  • Earn visitors attention — without traffic your website is a dead shell.
  • Simply put affiliate links from reputed companies like Amazon,, etc.
  • Earn revenue.

This is what I call a profitable website. Right now I’m running multiple websites and the submission of my total earning already crossed 4 figures. Also, 10 people are presently working as my employee; I pay them a healthy salary every month.

If you are interested in something similar, you can check out the following link.

If you have any question, feel free to drop your question in the comment box. I shall be more than happy to help you out.

If you find the article helpful, social sharing would be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your visit.


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