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What is Super Affiliate System about … Scam or What? [A SAS Review that shares personal experience]

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It’s a million dollars question to the newbies, “What is Super Affiliate System about? A Scam or What?”

I said “million dollars question” because John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System claims to help you earn 6 figures within months!

If you get positive feedback, becoming a millionaire is just one step away; you just need to click the purchase button on the Super Affiliate System’s sales page. You are probably thinking this way at this moment, right?

Caution: Earning 6 figures is never easy, neither it’s so simple to become a super affiliate.

I can bet that, 85 out of 100 newbies who are looking to make money online, first reach out to Super Affiliate System; that is because of widespread SAS advertisements all over the internet, where John Crestani showoff his Lamborghini lifestyle, and attractive vacation hypes. Eventually, advertisements of that extraordinary lifestyle generate a lot of interest to most of us who are having lofty goals and dreams.

I’m absolutely not wondering if you are just another folk who have been highly impressed by John Crestani’s Webinar. At this point, you are quite skeptical to join this program, Right?

Don’t worry! In this Super Affiliate System review I’m going to uncover everything — What is Super Affiliate System about, How does it work, whether SAS is a scam or not, and whether it is suitable for you or not.


Product Name: Super Affiliate SystemWhat is Super Affiliate System about

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $997 + Upsells & hidden costs

Owner: John Crestani

Summary: Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training system that teaches people the ways of successful campaigns online.

Our Rating: 55 out of 100

Recommendation: NO preferably


To be honest, Super Affiliate System was one of my most early-stage subscriptions; it happened before I joined my present platform. Similar to you, I also came across John Crestani’s Webnier and YouTube video, became impressed, started watching day-dreams, and joined. But I suddenly gave up (and just later I discovered an evergreen platform to turn my passion into profit).

The internet is overcrowded by tons of Super Affiliate System reviews produced not only from their members’ era but also from the Clickbank and JV Zoo affiliates. This is very unfortunate that, most of those reviews present false information by hiding the realities.

The good news for you is, you find out this Super Affiliate System Review in the crowd of those dummy reviews. No hiding, No false claiming, rather I always prefer to expose the truth whenever I create any product review. I want my visitors should follow the right way.

So, let’s explore the reality.

What is Super Affiliate System about?

First thing first… I’d like to introduce you to the program so that you can reveal what the Super Affiliate System is; Later I’ll discuss other things, such as the positives, negatives, whether Super Affiliate System is a scam or what, if there are any better alternatives, etc. step-by-step.

The story starts from a program namely Internet Jetset that was launched in 2015-16 by John Crestani. John Crestani’s Internet Jetset was a relatively low ticket program, and was affordable for the newbies, but at the same time, it was a pretty low-quality program full of massive upsells.

Later he improved the course quality and launched Super Affiliate System followed by Super Affiliate System 2.0 and 3.0. He claimes the client will get everything to run a successful online business on this platform.

As I mentioned above, massive sponsored advertisements all over the internet make Super Affiliate System reachable to almost every newbies who are eager to make money online. But most people become a bit skeptical to join the program due to its huge subscription fees ($997) and overhyped statements.

If you want the definition I’d say, Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training system that teaches people the ways of successful campaigns online. But, there are conditions!

You have to follow everything they ask you to do. You have to own every upsell, even they lead you to work on specific niches, which they claim to be profitable.

It is fact that, Super Affiliate System is not a place to turn your passion into profit.

Super Affiliate System - know-how-to-turn-your-passion-into-profit

About the Owner: Who is John Crestani?

If you have just completed watching John’s live webinar there is a high chance that you are overwhelmed by the showoff — the Lamborghini lifestyle, travel hypes, making millions, quick success, quitting the job, and many others. Eventually, the overhyped sales video may create an impression that John’s lifestyle is even better than Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos!

Anyway, I’m not interested in his personal lifestyle, but definitely these are things to be considered before you spend your hard-earned money on a program.

John Crestani is definitely not a scam, rather he is a real person and a successful affiliate marketer from Santa Monica, California; and these are absolutely true statements.

John Crestany of Super Affiliate System
John Crestani: The owner of Super Affiliate System

I am not coming to the story of his college suspension, but the real fact is — he is a college dropout and focused on online business immediately after he left college. I personally think there’s nothing wrong, people should live as per their own interests.

In the early stage, he achieved some emerging success selling health products on his website Later he decided to start an online marketing course to share his widespread expertise with the common people and further launched Internet Jetset which later converted to Super Affiliate System.

John’s success stories are proven by reports by several organizations such as ForbesBusiness InsiderYahoo FinanceInc Magazine, and Home Business Magazine, but you should note, he didn’t achieve the success simply by traveling and relaxing, rather he had to work very hard to achieve his success.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make money online, but I suggest you not to be overwhelmed by John’s lifestyle, neither you should believe the words like “Quit your job”, “Drop out of school”, “Easy” and “quick” those he used in his sales video.

How does Super Affiliate System Work?

John is a legit person and becomes a super affiliate (those who scale campaigns to tens of thousands of USD per day) by mastering several traffic methods, and also featured on Forbes. So, it is expected that his methods are gonna work.

But the question is, which way does he lead you through?

  • Do you have to spend an enormous amount of money to follow his methods?
  • Can you afford so many bucks for promoting your business?
  • Does he provide you the hidden tricks of FREE organic traffic?
  • And finally, how his courses are?

Let’s take a look at Super Affiliate System step-by-step.

Super Affiliate System dashboard

Overview of Super Affiliate System course

Super Affiliate System online course contains 7 modules.

  • Welcome Module (9 lessons, approx. 1 hour 32 minutes)
  • Week 1: Solo Ads (15 lessons, approx. 3 hours 14 minute
  • Week 2: Websites & Funnels (8 lessons, approx. 2 hours 13 minutes)
  • Week 3: Google Ads (7 lessons, approx. 1 hour 50 minutes)
  • Week 4: YouTube Ads (7 lessons, approx. 1 hour 8 minutes)
  • Week 5: Facebook Ads (6 lessons, approx. 1 hour 29 minutes)
  • Week 6: Course wrap up (11 lessons, approx. 1 hour 25 minutes)

Welcome ModuleSuper Affiliate System welcome module

The welcome module contains 9 video lessons and total duration is about 1 hour 32 minutes.

If you are not an absolute beginner you may not like this module because all the lectures here are only very basic things.

In this module, you’ll gain the basic ideas such as:

  • Details about the course.
  • About Affiliate marketing business model.
  • How to use the materials and SAS dashboard.
  • Meet the community.
  • Your chances and setting up goals.
  • Resource: Legal letter.

Week 1 — Solo AdsSuper Affiliate System week 1

You can start Module 2 immediately after completion of the welcome module. This module contains 15 video lessons and total duration is about 3 hours 14 minutes.

Module 2 is mainly dedicated to solo ads. The major things you’ll learn here are:

  • A bit more in-depth knowledge on affiliate marketing.
  • Joining to Affiliate network.
  • Niche idea.
  • Knowledge about Clickbank and other affiliate networks and their offers.
  • Solo Ads set up.
  • Udini solo ads.

In this module, you’ll get a training session from Bryane Biscoe who is a successful student from Super Affiliate System and solo ads specialist.

Week 2: Websites & FunnelsSuper Affiliate System week 2

You’ll be learning here to launch your website and funnels. The module is 2 hours 13 minutes long and divided into 8 video lessons. You’ll get here,

  • Introduction of Website, Lander, presell, and funnel.
  • The requirement of Websites and funnels in Affiliate marketing.
  • Launching your WordPress website hosted by Bluehost.
  • Adding Clickfunnel.
  • Advanced website tactics that represent some principals of persuasion.
  • Funnel Hacking recap to avoid common mistakes.

You should note, Webhosting and Clickfunnel are not included with the SAS subscription fees. You have to pay extra for hosting your website on Bluehost and for Clickfunnel (also you have to purchase the hosting plan through John’s affiliate link, and he’ll be earning affiliate commissions).

In fact, your additional expenses start from this module.

Week 3: Google AdsSuper Affiliate System week 2

In the last module, you spend just a few bucks for buying hosting plan and Click funnel service, while from this module and onwards get ready to pay every day to the advertisers.

Module 4 is dedicated to Google Advertisement. Here you’ll learn to…

  • Set up Google search Ads and Google display Ad campaign.
  • Set up AdWords conversion pixel.
  • Advance tactics (More expensive)
  • Common mistakes recap.

Week 4: YouTube Ads

Module 5 comes with another set of advertisement techniques – this time it’s dedicated to YouTube.

Youtube definitely have a huge potential because this particular search engine gets over 5 billion views every day. Not only Super Affiliate System courses but any legit online marketing course will motivate you to start your own YouTube channel.

Super Affiliate System week 4People often avoid it because many marketers are not so fluent in front of camera. Even, I personally suggest any online marketer to start their own YouTube Channel, it’s free and effective. Achieving fluency in front of camera is just a matter of practice.

However, I suggest only for YouTube channel with proper tactics, but not YouTube ads unless you have enough money in your pocket, because YouTube Ads are expensive for the beginners.

Unlike me, John made a lot of YouTube Ads (remember, he was a millionaire already); so, he must inspire you to do the same.

In this module, you’ll learn to…

  • Launch your YouTube channel
  • Set up YouTube Ad
  • Advance video advertising techniques.
  • Shooting your own videos
  • Common mistakes.

Week 5: Facebook Ads

Super Affiliate System week 5Most of the marketers use to post Facebook Ads because Facebook is the place where common people come to know about a new product for the first time. So, if you want to sell a new product immediately, Facebook campaign is the best way without any debate.

John claims he made his first 10K/day from Facebook Ads (though he never mentioned how much he spend before that). So, definitely it’s worthy to learn from him.

In this module, You’ll learn…

  • Advanced Facebook advertisement techniques.
  • Keeping compliant with Facebook.
  • Advanced Social Advertisement technique.

In this module, not only John but another two persons, Robbie Blanchard and Tim Burd will also share their valuable experiences. Robbie Blanchard was announced as #No.1 affiliate on Clickbank in 2018, and also the owner of Commission Hero.

Tim Burd is one of the top experts on Facebook ad campaign strategies.

So, the introduction of knowledgeable people definitely made this module most worthy among the total course.

Week 6: Course wrap up

This is the wrap-up module which mainly describes scaling basics and payout bumps.

Two successful personalities, Brian Pfeiffer and Ronnie Sandlin made their introduction in this module and share some advanced strategies with you.

For your information, Brian Pfeiffer is John’s student and claims to crush ClickBank using John’s strategies.

In this module, you’ll be learning the next level Affiliate marketing strategies.

Things I like about Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is created by a real super affiliate who made a lot of money from online marketing. Irrespective of several red flags, the program definitely has some positive sides.

Courses are easy to follow —Newbie-friendly

The training courses are designed in a step-by-step manner, and definitely easy to follow. As John mention in his webinar, even an absolute newbie can follow the courses smoothly. Intermediates can skip the welcome course and a few other lessons, but still, they can learn some precious lessons, especially the Facebook Ads technique.

Owner’s engaged in the training

When a super Affiliate, as well as the owner, comes himself in the classroom it energies the students, especially the beginners. Unlike many other online programs, John himself leads the courses from the front and shares his valuable experiences with the students.

It’s definitely a good side.

Introduction of successful affiliates and bigshots

John manages other super affiliates to come and teach in the course. And most importantly each of them is an expert in a specific area of online marketing.

Learning things from real success stories is definitely an extra gain for the students.

The methods works

The methods you’ll learn in Super Affiliate System, those are legitimate ways. But you need to be consistent and hard working. And yes, you also need to have enough money in your pocket.

It’s nothing new but already proven that paid advertisements following the right strategy lead to success, and some of the strategies in John’s course are really good.

Things I don’t like about Super Affiliate System

Eventually, I find several major red flags within Super Affiliate System which actually driven me to rate it low. I strongly suggest you should focus on this area very carefully.

Too Expensive for the Newbies

Although I mentioned the courses in Super Affiliate Program is not bad, I don’t think it should cost so high. Initial subscription cost that is $997 is too high for such a course, especially for the newbies who are actually looking for a startup.

John repeatedly mentions this is a perfect place for the newbies, but he doesn’t care how difficult it is for a newbie to spend so much money when he/she doesn’t even start earing.

Such a huge subscription cost is really unmatched to this program. There is a much better alternative for learning affiliate marketing at a far lower cost.

Not Super Affiliate system_here-is-my-top-recommended-platform

Lots of hidden cost

With such a high subscription fee, it is expected that you’ll receive a pack of everything you need to run an online business.

But, NOPE! They don’t provide you anything else expect the courses — no tool, no website, no hosting, no software. You have to spend lots of extra money for a website and other tools required for online marketing. This is just disgusting.

Just for your information, unlike Super Affiliate System, THIS PLATFORM provides everything you need to run your online business, even at a much lower price. Not only the evergreen courses on affiliate marketing, but they also provide you websites, hosting service, and several other tools that are included in their package.

From this standpoint, I must say Super Affiliate System is actually sucking money from people, especially from the newbies who are relatively inexperienced about the requirements and the costs.

Mainly focused on Paid Advertisements

It’s needless to say advertisements offer profits, so it’s good to learn about paid advertisement strategies.

BUT, paid advertisements are not the permanent solution to grow up a business; if you want a long run business you have to focus on free organic traffic that is maintained by SEO.

Paid traffic is a temporary solution; it may work only when you pay for advertisements, even it may not work also. You have to run tons of advertisements by changing the target audiences to figure out the most profitable one. It’s definitely a very expensive way.

On the other hand, correct SEO strategies help your website to rank well in Google and other search engines, and thus you’ll be receiving massive free organic traffic. If you learn the right SEO strategies, you don’t even need to spend a single penny on advertisements.

The bad news is, within Super Affiliate System you’ll not learn much about free traffic strategies. They are mainly focused on paid ones, which John never forecasted to you upfront.

Not Super Affiliate System, this-platform-teaches-you-the-strategies-of-free-traffic

So, if you are looking to make money online with Super Affiliate System, you also get ready to spend a lot of money on advertisement. This is an additional expenditure, and the amount is enormous.

Incosistant Statements

If you have seen John Crestani’s webinar or YouTube video, you probably noted some of his claims include terms like “Quit your job”, “Drop out of school”, “Easy” and “Quick”.

In that sales pitch, he actually claims, “Super Affiliate System will teach you easy ways to make money online that even a school dropout can earn lots of money very quickly and easily – You can make money online within hours.”

He also claims, “anyone can quit their day job inspired by the flood of money they are gonna earn with SAS!”

But his claim doesn’t last long! Once you pay and join Super Affiliate System, instead of maintaining his aura, John turns 180 degrees around.

Within the SAS courses, he comes with a new statement – “It took me 4 years to earn my first commission!” In fact, he warns students from expecting fast results without investing sufficient effort and money.

It exposes that he actually claims false statements in his sales pitch to impress the newbies which is not acceptable anyway.

Is Super Affiliate System a scam?

Super Affiliate System is created by a real super affiliate who really crashed the online market and featured by Forbes. Definitely Super Affiliate System is a so-called scam because it provides you genuine courses on affiliate marketing as John claims. In fact, some of the lessons are pretty good and interactive.

But, the above mentioned red flags are the sign of caution.

SAS courses shouldn’t be so costly; $997 is way too much for this platform while they are not providing anything else except 6 weeks course.

There is a much better alternative at a far lower cost. HERE it is.

Even if you have money in your pocket to join SAS, you must include the additional costs along with, especially the infinite expenditure for advertisements.

And the final caution for you — don’t be overwhelmed by the false statements of John’s sales speech. He is just lying there by speaking about “quick success” or “easy ways”. The true fact is, unless you devote yourself, you can’t make money online.

Definitely affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to make millions, and also anyone can leave his/her day job by getting involved in affiliate marketing. But before that, you have to work hard to strengthen your online foundation.

Super Affiliate System is not a scam, but I suggest you keep these red flags in your mind.

Who should join Super Affiliate System?

To be honest, I don’t recommend newbies to join Super Affiliate System, because it’s expensive and uncertain.

If you are a beginner, THIS ONE is MY RECOMMENDED PLATFORM for you. You can start your journey for absolutely free and later you may get upgraded as premium members at a much lower cost.

Still, if you are interested to join Super Affiliate System, you should check the following criteria.

  • You must have enough money for subscription fees and purchasing other tools.
  • You must have unlimited money to spend on advertisements.
  • You don’t want a quick success.
  • You are ready to consistently invest your money and effort for your business.

If all the above statements matching to you, you may join SAS. But, if a single statement among the list doesn’t match, you should avoid Super Affiliate System.

Intermediates and Experts who are already earning a lot, and want to increase their knowledge of paid advertisements, they may join SAS.

A Better Alternative

The following part is not for everyone.

You can check the following part, only if you are looking to start your online business with a minimum investment, and ready to invest 15-20 hours weekly for your business.

I’m going to introduce an evergreen platform that offers premium courses on affiliate marketing and teaches you the best strategies to make money online. That means these strategies help you to avoid/minimize paid advertisements.

Definitely it’s a huge relief because advertisements suck a lot of money daily. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that you can make a profit by posting rapid advertisements. So, it’s worthy to learn the FREE traffic strategies which are also essential to build up a long-lasting business.

Check below what are the major things THIS PLATFORM offers:

  • 12 courses covering everything on affiliate marketing (120 lessons).
  • Weekly live webinar for updated strategies.
  • WordPress websites (up to 50).
  • All the necessary tools you need for your business.
  • 24 x 7 support.
  • Membership to an amazingly helpful community.

This platform is known as Wealthy Affiliate — the oldest online training platform, standing and rising since 2005. You can check the following comparison chart to realize where Super Affiliate System is lacking actually…


Yes, I must mention that, I’ll there to guide you personally; in fact, not only me but all the members including the owners will spread all their helping hands to lead you to success. This is a place where people love helping people. I must admit, I could turn my passion into profit only because of this platform.

You have an offer to join as a FREE starter member, where you don’t need to share your credit card detail. It’s like a trial; you can upgrade yourself as a premium member only if you like the platform.

You can join as a starter member for FREE of cost simply by pressing the following button.

Not Super Affiliate System,-i shall-join-here-for-free

If you have any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sharing to social media is always highly appreciated if you enjoyed reading… because this article gonna help many others.

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  1. Joy

    Hi, Thank you so very much for all the wonderful information you have provide about the Super Affiliate System. I am personally happy to know that the owner has been successful with affiliate marketing. but according to your table on wealthy affiliate and supper affiliate, I will prefer to register with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks.

    1. Dr. SD

      I’d say, it’s a wise decision. Definitely Wealthy Affiliate is a much worthy platform in comparison to the Super Affiliate System, as they offer several other facilities in comparison to SAS.

  2. Jomata

    Thank you so much for this, this is very a constructive and well-articulated post, it really met me well, I have been very indecisive on which platform I should start my online business on, I’m very much interested in affiliate marketing. 

    I have seen several other Super Affiliate System review, but this one really explains everything in detail, and thank you for your alternate suggestion. 

    I just went through Wealthy Affiliate as your comparison table opened my eyes; I think I’m going to like it there. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Choosing Wealthy Affiliate is a much wise decision, because you know, they offer a far longer list of facilities which Super Affiliate System doesn’t. 

      I can assure you, you’ll be going to love this platform (WA) right from the beginning. Know me anytime if you face any problem there inside.

      Best wishes for your journey.

  3. Amy

    This was a great post exposing the details associated with the super affiliate system which is really good to know if you were considering signing up to the program.

    These systems should not be claiming to be able to make you get rich quick without barely having to spend a penny and then once they have you keep asking for more subscriptions charges to progress further with training, it just doesn’t seem right to me. Theres nothing worse than hidden charges.

    In your opinion, who is the best affiliate marketer to go with to get the best value training?


    1. Dr. SD

      As per my long term experiences, I’d say there are is only a very few genuine platforms that provide valuable training on affiliate marketing, and I personally keep Wealthy Affiliate at the top.

      This particular platform is standing straight there since last 15 years in the market, because they really offer the best training on affiliate marketing. Unlike Super Affiliate Program they teach you the hidden tricks to build up a long-run online business without spending money on advertisements.

      However, the offer doesn’t end up with training only; in their package, you’ll receive a list of important tools, option to create up to 50 websites, connection with the amazingly helpful community, and 24×7 support.

      You can check the above comparison table (within the article) to understand how exactly Wealthy Affiliate is different than other platforms.

  4. Sami

    Thanks for the warning about the cost involved with the Super Affiliate System.  You are right that their ads show up often.  Seems that everyone wants to make money so they can live the vacation lifestyle. While this sounds good at first, we all know that if it was as easy as the ads make it sound, more people would be doing it.  Cost is a really big factor.  The cost of this program plus the upsells gets you in debt pretty quick.

    While I know that something for nothing is not possible, the idea that we can find a way of knowing some “secret inside” opportunities is just human nature.  The secret of a successful online business, from all my reading, is finding a place to learn what one needs to know, and then get busy and do what you have learned.  And keep doing it!  I think that most want quick money, and I am sure that is out there as well.  However, from what I have been able to find out, those require additional cash to buy advertising or leads or something.  

    Thinking there are short cuts can prove to be all our failings.  We just need to get busy instead of looking at all the bright shiny products offered.  Make a selection and get started.  Your recommendation for a place to join and train seems reasonably priced with lots of built-in tools to do it with.  Thanks for your evaluation, and your recommendation.  Sami

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Sami, it’s great to know that you have realized the real facts about Super Affiliate System as well as making money online.

      Yes, the platform I recommended above is fairly perfect one because they really provide a lot of stuff in comparison to Super Affiliate Program. It’s wise to choose such a platform.

      Best wishes.

  5. edahnewton1

    Hey nice article you have there, This is exactly what I have been looking for, to be involved in an online marketing and still be learning about it in same platform, wow this is indeed great and a welcome development to super affiliate. If I am starting with the free trial, how long will it takes me to upgrade to premium, what criteria will I meet to guarantee my upgrade ?.

    1. Dr. SD

      Well, to upgrade as a premium member to my recommended platform you don’t need to fulfill any criteria but you should have the willingness to become a success.

      My No.1 recommended Platform offers the free starter membership (you even don’t need to share your credit card details), which means they are providing you an opportunity to check whether the platform has exactly everything as they claim or not. You may upgrade to premium only if you like their system. 

      You can stay are a starter member for a long time but if you join my recommended platform through the above link, and upgrade yourself as premium within 7 days, you’ll be receiving an offer for your first month’s fee.

      You must be aware that, other platforms such as Super Affiliate System, Commission Hero, etc., doesn’t provide the same offer, because they know people are gonna expose the reality as a free member, and end up without upgrading further.

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