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How to Start Online Business for Free? – Let’s check it out

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“How to start online business for FREE?” Feeling strange, right? Who gonna offer you business start-up for free of cost?

Maybe you are curious to know.

Yes, there is no wrong to feel curious. Because nobody gonna give you even a single seed for free to grow it up and start a business.

If you ask me for an offline business option for free, I will probably be silent. But, when it’s about online business, I’d say, YES, there are options; You can start an online business with no money.

Online business: the classifications

I must not say you can start all types of online businesses for free. As an example, E-commerce is a kind of online business, and you know the stream very well because often you purchase things from Amazon, the big brother of all e-commerce.

But, I am really sorry to say, I can’t show you a way to start e-commerce without investing a penny. Because, although conventional e-commerce business looks like online business, in reality, the operation also incorporated with offline activities, such as storing products in a warehouse, maintaining inventory, shipping items, responsibilities for delivering, etc; And it is needless to say it’s a matter of huge investment and manpower.

How to Start Online Business for Free? - ecommerce optionsI hope you can understand it is really impossible to start e-commerce for free, but what I can do for you, I can show you a platform where you can start your e-commerce journey with a pretty low investment.

This dropshipping platform offers a pretty low price for building a custom online store. You don’t have to store products or ship the items to your customer, sellers will do these all for you.  So, you don’t have to invest in products or manpower… which means, with a custom store you are eligible for a remarkable minimization in start-up cost. The only thing you have to invest in is purchasing the online store and your time (and also a little for advertisements).

I discussed a bit long about e-commerce because many people consider this one as the only type of online business. But there are several classifications of online business, and some of those are even more profitable than e-commerce. Just check the list below for the top-listed classes of online marketing.

  • E-commerceThis will be obviously at the top because of the demand.
  • DropshippingKind of e-commerce that offers you much flexibility.
  • BloggingWrite blogs on your favorite topics, run Ads on your website and get paid.
  • FreelancingUse your digital knowledge for getting paid from the clients.
  • Affiliate marketingPromote others’ products through affiliate links in your blogging site.
  • YouTube videosCreate a YouTube channel, share your videos and get paid by the advertisers.
  • Digital media trainingCreate your own courses and sell online.
  • Build software or appsIt’s hi-tech! If you are an expert programmer it is right for you.

Offline business Vs Online business

Let’s check the list below for the basic differences between offline business and online business.

Offline Business

I already mentioned, there are almost zero chances to start an offline business with no money. Even if you want to sell your tiny products, still you have to spend some penny to purchase the starting materials.

In most of the cases, outdoor activities are needed in offline business. As an exception, home products such as making soap, candles, handicrafts, etc. require fewer outdoor tasks; still, initially, you may need to get outside in search of the suppliers.

You have to operate your offline business right from the spot (your company or factory). If you put your eyes away for a few days it’s a great risk for your business, your workers may bluff you which may lead to a huge loss.

Most of the offline business requires a place to store products, production houses, manpower, offline shops, marketing managers, shipping options, etc. Controlling all these things is not a matter of joke! You have to have enough management power, skill, and capital.

If you can’t manage your offline business proper way, you may face a huge loss. So, a fear for profit-loss factor always works in your mind as you invested a big amount of money there.

In general, it is literally not possible to manage an offline business while you are involved in other activities (such as your full-time day job). If you try this even, there are big chances to run in loss.

In general, pressure increases with time in an offline business.

Offline Business

On the other hand, there are options to start online business for free, as I mentioned earlier. I am coming to the discussion soon below.

How to Start Online Business for Free? - online businessIn online business, you don’t need to get involved in outdoor activities (unless it is a conventional e-commerce business). You can work from the comfort of your own home.

The more interesting feature of online business is, you can operate your business from anywhere you want to. Suppose you are traveling, and you have your laptop and internet connection with you… you can easily operate your business from your travel destination, which is literally impossible in case of offline business.

In your online business, you are your own boss. You don’t have to depend on other people. The more you work, the more you’ll be profitable.

An online business doesn’t require any heavy investment such as storehouse, manpower, shop, shipping, etc. All you need, a laptop/desktop and an internet connection, which probably you already own; in fact, most of the people own nowadays.

You can start an offline business with no money in the initial stage, and later on, you can invest step by step to your business for system upgradation, as it grows up. So the amount of investment is very low, and you can easily pullout a good profit from your business within just a few months. So, literally you don’t have to be worried about losing something. Rather, you’ll get a lot of space to increase your profit margin.

You can easily manage your online business while you are involved in other jobs? You just need to utilize your daily free-times proper way for your business, although it is true, the more you work initially for your online business, the more will be the profit.

And finally, the most amazing thing about the online business is, your workload decreases gradually with time. If you can work a bit more in the initial 1-2 years, your business will be rolled up smoothly. And once it gets rolled, it will monetize you in a continuous way. In the later phase, you need to spend only a few hours every week to keep your business updated.

how to start online business for free

How to start online business for free

So, have you decided to start an online business?

Aren’t you ready to invest initially?

Fine, you are absolutely reached to the right place, because I’ll provide you the best solution here. But you need to be thorough right from this point. Okay.

In the above sections I mentioned a few ways to make money online; not all, but some of those offer you free startup options. I am not going to waste time by discussing all of those, rather I’d prefer to disclose the most profitable two ways to make money online. In fact, you can merge the other options there to increase your profit.

So, keep attention.

Create your own digital product and sell online

If you are a techie person or fluent in producing a training video (on any niche), you can choose this option. Make money online selling digital products is really a big deal and profitable too.

So, what are the best digital products you can produce to sell?

  • Software and applications (you need to be really expert in computer languages).
  • Graphic design (take assignment from you client if you got the skill in this field).
  • Online training (Create training on any niche you are expert about and sell online).

If you have knowledge on any of the above field you can create these digital products within your desktop and sell those in a suitable platform such as Clickbank or Udemy.

Affiliate Marketing through your own blog

I must say affiliate marketing is the most profitable among any type of online business, if you can do it proper way. This is also the most sustainable way to make money online.

Do you know what is affiliate marketing?

It is nothing but promoting others’ product through provided links to earn money online. As an example, you can promote Amazon products through a given affiliate link. If YouTube or social media users or your website visitors click those links and purchase from Amazon you’ll earn revenue.

If you are interested to know more about affiliate marketing you can CLICK HERE.

There are many ways to run an affiliate marketing business. You can promote products in social media, YouTube channel, in your website or in others’ website.

BUT, if you want to convert your affiliate marketing business to a full-time earning source, if you want your business to be stable for long time, and if you want to turn your passion into profit, you are strongly suggested to build up your own website that is your own brand.

How to Start Online Business for Free? - build your website

Are you worried about building a website? Aren’t you expert in this field?

Don’t worry my friend! It’s too simple to launch a website nowadays! In fact, it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to launch your brand new website. In fact, with a proper guide you can launch and run your website within 30 seconds and that is for FREE of cost!

You may be thinking why should you build up a website for your business, right?

There are many reasons.

For your local business, it is not necessary to build a website. But, affiliate marketing is not categorized as a local business. In affiliate marketing business you’ll be dealing with millions of international customers. You can also promote products without a website, but in that case, you’ll get a lesser sale as your promotions are temporary.

For your clear understanding, I am listing below the most important reasons behind building a website.

  • Your website is your permanent business platform.
  • You can avoid building a website and promote products in social media or somewhere else; but people may consider your links as spams.
  • Websites are the most reliable place to the visitors, because they get your links from Google which they trust most.
  • All the contents you create on your website are permanent and Google saves those permanently in the directory.
  • If you initially work hard to build up your website, it’ll turn to a permanent source of income within 1-2 years; your workload will decrease lately while earnings will be increasing gradually.
  • You can provide the ultimate details for a product on a website, which visitors like.
  • Finally, a website is highly necessary for the long run business.

So, I strongly recommend you to launch a website if you are looking to start online business.

How to Start Online Business for Free? - build your website

Finally… Let’s Learn and Start online business for FREE

Launching a website is really easy as I mentioned above, but building a website is not that simple.

When you are launching a business website you must be dreaming to convert the same to your permanent source of income, right?

I must be honest to you that, getting rich overnight is not possible in affiliate marketing, but it can offer you a sustainable earning source that grows up day-by-day. In fact, I afraid there is no business in the world which can make you rich overnight.

Achieving success needs hard work and certain tricks. You have to move through a learning curve that will lead you to the right process. Once your business website starts making money, your workload will decrease gradually. That means, if you work hard initially following the proper guidelines, it’ll get monetize automatically.

Now you must be thinking of where to learn all these things about building a website.

I personally learned all about affiliate marketing right from THIS PLATFORM that helped me turn my passion into profit. So far, I tried several other programs, but I find THIS PLATFORM is the most legitimate one and the training courses within this platform is the most effective.

I created a brief checklist below explaining the unique facilities on this platform.

  • Full official training sessions on online marketing (130+ lessons).
  • Weekly live webinar on updated tricks for success.
  • Thousands of tutorials and training videos.
  • Host your 50 WordPress websites — if you are premium members (2 for the FREE members).
  • All the required tools for online marketing.
  • A great Keyword research tool.
  • Amazingly helpful community.
  • 24×7 support.

You can join the platform for FREE and start your online business. Later, depending on the necessity you can upgrade yourself. If you feel you don’t need any upgradation, you can stay here as a free member as long as you want and run your online business.

How to Start Online Business for Free? – Let's Start

That’s all for now! Hope, now you have a clear idea of how to start online business for free. Never mind if you are not willing to spend money initially. Just start here for FREE and get rolled.

Thank you for your kind attention. If you have any further question you can post your query in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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