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Why Do Most People Hate Their Jobs? – More than 70% of Employees Are Not satisfied

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Are you thinking you are the only person struggling with your job? Absolutely NOT; you know, most people are suffering from the same problem, failing to love their job. Do you know, why do most people hate their jobs? Do you have any idea of how many employees are really unsatisfied with the working table? You’ll be simply stunned to know the ratio!

Believe it or not, according to the official announcement of a survey by a world-class organization (Forbse), on average 70% of all employees throughout the world are not satisfied with their job. If you read this article you can discover whether you are one among them or not.

Know the real reasons about why do most people hate their jobs.
People are frustrated about their office job

To be honest, I didn’t perform a world trip to survey the rate of job satisfaction. But, what I did, a very in-depth data research, knocked on the door of several resources to know the reality. When an unbelievable figure came into the limelight, I immediately uncoupled my butt from the easy chair, and headed for a survey within a certain region to know what people are saying in reality.

And believe me, I found their statistics are more than superior! I discovered in a few regions the percentage of unsatisfied employees even crossed 85%!

Let’s explore the statistics without wasting time.

Shocking statistics on job satisfaction

Before I discuss the reasons for dissatisfaction, I’m going to uncover some related statistics that came into the limelight in the last 10 years. It clearly says most people hate their jobs.

In 2011 Forbes published their shocking survey report, mentioning 71% of USA employees are not engaged in their work. Those people are actually emotionally disconnected from their workplace. That means they are hating their office job. To explain the reasons, in 2013 Forbes published another report.

Recently in 2018 Forbes again published another shocking statistic on the workplace, where they highlighted the 10 major reasons that typically lead people to hate their workplace.

Wait just a while, I’ll explain the reasons in the next section. First, let me show you a few more statistics.

you know, according to the survey report of in 2016, 60% of workers are not satisfied with their job due to poor work-life balance.

In May 2018, Economic Times (India times) reported, only 20% of employees are satisfied with their job in India! Can you imagine how horrible the situation is? 80% of the worker is not satisfied at all. You should note, India and China are the leading countries for worldwide manufacturing. All the companies from the US and Europe build large scale manufacturing units in India and China to save the labor cost. Bust think what happens if the workers from these countries avoid office/factory jobs — simply product cost will increase 3 times or even more!

Statics are more horrible in China and Japan, 94% of workers are actually “not engaged” in their work. They work just like a machine. As a result, people are suffering from excessive stress, leading to an increased rate of suicide. How horrible is that!

Business Matter, the leading business magazine of the UK claimed in 2018, more than half of the employees in the UK are unhappy with their workplace. Only 30% of frontline workers in UK have no complaints about their job.

Among other countries, 53% of South Africans, 82% in greeks, 40% in Germans are also unhappy with their job.

It’ll be a huge article if I start exploring the statistics of every country. I hope, from the above statistics you can realize, some of the biggest economies in the world are suffering from job dissatisfaction!

I’m not going the explain here the effects of job dissatisfaction in the world economy, because this is not a proper place for that. But I’ll explain the reasons and I can show you a better way out, which may offer you a sustainable lifestyle (Of course if you are one among the job haters).

Most People Hate Their Jobs due to these 7 Reasons, leading us to re-think

Do you think you hate your job? You are not sure till now, right?

According to a recent survey, most people hate their jobs, it doesn’t mean you should. Just check whether any of the following points match your present situation. If it does, you are welcome to the job-haters’ community.

We are working much longer hours – beyond our capacity

“We are involved in office work for more than 50+ hours every week. We don’t love to work so long but we have to.”

But unfortunately, there are only 2 options in your either hand,

  1. Work as long as company want.
  2. If you deny, just leave the job.

No rewards for our hard work

“When we successfully complete a project with a lot of hard work and over time, we expect some rewards from the employer. But when we don’t get it, we naturally start hating the job.”

In the corporate world, only 5-10% of employees get rewarded for their hard work and good work.

No Family time

“We can’t spend enough time with our family. Either we get involved in office work even on holidays, or we get too tired on the weekend after a long and busy week.”

When you are earning some money, you have the right to enjoy it the proper way. But when you don’t have the time to enjoy that money, your life becomes frustrating.

Rude boss – generating more workload

This is one of the biggest issues which forces us to hate our job. Maybe you like the subject that you are employed for, but often your boss diminished your love for the work.

The front-line workers in any organization never suffer from job dissatisfaction, rather many of them are highly satisfied. The company offers them a lot of money, foreign trips, freedom, everything. Their only job is to keep the company’s profit margin high, and they pressurize the employees to work more and more.

No leave approvals

“When we request a leave for our vacation, or to attend a wedding ceremony, the boss simply refuses. As a reason, often we listen — the company has to launch a new product next month, (or this a hard time for the company) there is a lot of pressure now… cannot approve leave now.”

I noticed, sometimes asking for a casual leave seems like a criminal act!

You know, you have the full right to your own casual leave or paid leave, the company already wrote these in the terms and conditions, but still, you can’t talk over our boss, because he has the power to sack you, and if he does so, you’ll going to be jobless from the next morning. So, why shouldn’t you hate your job!

Salay is not increasing with increasing market value

“Our daily life is getting expensive day-by-day but employers are silent. Our salary never increased accordingly. Ultimately we have the compromise with our style of leaving. How can we love our workplace.”

Corporates always want to get more work affording lesser revenue. So to maintain the profit margin they normally don’t care about the expectations of the employees.

Is our Job secure?

“We are working hard, spending overtime in the office, working in holidays, sacrificing our leaves, compromising with family time… we are doing so much for the employers; still, at the end of the day we have to think — is our job secure?”

And as a reply, you find out a big NO. Then what’s the point of loving the workplace! Nothing could be left without hate for the job. But still, you have to get up the next morning, get ready, and walk on for the official duty, because you have been unable to find out an alternative till date.

Most People Hate Their Jobs due to Lack of Alternatives… But You have…

Maybe the statistics say most people hate their jobs; but you may not. I say, you should proceed below if you are among the job-haters; also you can proceed if you love your job. Because the following part can provide you both passive and frontline earnings, based on your own choice.

If you are fade up with your recent career, read the following part very seriously; you’ll be benefitted ultimately!

The world is not ending up for you, so don’t give up if you are among those 70% unlucky folks. Believe me, there is a much better way out. You can think about something that will be your very own business, where you’ll be the boss of yourself.

What are you thinking about? Don’t you have too much money to start a business?

Don’t worry. Not every business needs huge capital; there are ways to become a successful entrepreneur by investing your precious time and hardworking. You can choose the growing online world as your life changer. You need a minimum investment to start an internet marketing business. indeed, this little investment can change your life if you can polish it the proper way.

I’m not saying you’ll become rich overnight. But what I am letting you know, your hard work will be compensated. In fact, if you put the same effort as you do in your existing workplace, you’ll become highly successful in the online world and you can entertain a much more sustainable life ahead.

Just take a look over the minimum reasons:

  • In the present age, maximum people are addicted to the internet, actually more than ever.
  • Nowadays, maximum people are spending money in the online market.
  • People are looking for experts’ sugestions before buying anything.
  • There are huge resources in the online world.
  • You don’t have any restriction to start your online business; you can start your business website even from your regular workplace..
  • It is easier than ever to build up an online business. (create your website in just 5 minutes)
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So, two options left for you,

  1. Stick to your existing job and spend your life with a lot of hassle.
  2. Choose the BETTER WAY for a sustainable future, and dedicate your hard work for your OWN ENTREPRENURESHIP.

Have you decided to enter the better world?

As you are reading this part, I guess you are among the 70% folks, who started hating their job. I am really sorry to hear that. But the good news for you is, you have decided to enter the world of a much better life.

Why Do Most People Hate Their Jobs?
Dealing with the online world is really incredible

I can assure you that, you have made the right decision… the online world is really vast and full of unlimited treasures, you have to uncover them the proper way. I can guarantee, if you work hard for your business and follow the instructions properly, you’ll be earning much more than your present employment, while you will be enjoying a totally different lifestyle.

I’d like to remember you one thing… this is YOUR OWN BUSINESS, YOUR VERY OWN FOUNDATION, and YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT FROM THE SOUL.

Let’s start a new journey

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Thank you for your attention.

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