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Dream11 Fantasy Cricket – Can Dream11 Make You Wealthy?

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Dream11 fantasy cricket site (app) is one of the most popular among fantasy sports websites. There are hundreds of similar websites, but dream11 is one of the oldest and most successful among those.

Now the question arises, Can you make money from Dream11? Can Dream11 make you wealthy?

The answer is, “YES”. You can make money from Dream11 and Dream11 can make you wealthy if you play it wisely.

Earlier, if you never heard about Dream11 fantasy cricket, you are advised to read the full review, because in the sprint of online money making Dream11 may help you out; in fact, Dream11 can make you wealthy.

Maybe you are not interested in Cricket game, but there is no reason to feel upset; though Dream11 started its journey with cricket, nowadays it also offers fantasy leagues of football, basketball or Kabaddi! I guess you must like at least any one of these games, which may be a reason to read this article.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket - OverviewProduct Name: Dream11

Visit here:

Founders: Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth

Price of the Product: FREE

Ideal for: Anyone, especially sports lovers

Our Rating: 88 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Dream11 fantasy cricket?

By its name you can simply understand it is a fantasy sports website. As Dream11 started its journey with the game of cricket, it is more popular as a fantasy cricket website/app. But Along with cricket, Dream11 also offers fantasy leagues for Football, Basketball, Hockey, and Kabaddi.

However, all types of sports’ may not be available in the web version, but in the Dream11 app, you can find out the leagues/contest for all the 5 types of games.

Dream11 offers a fantasy sports contest in exchange for entry fees. In the Dream11 dashboard, there is a list of upcoming matches. If you enter a match, several fantasy contests for the corresponding match will be visible to the screen.

There are roughly 2 types of leagues/contests:

  • Grand contests: 111 to 1000000 (or more) spots, low entry fees, huge winning prize, high competition
  • Small league contests: 2 to 20 spots, relatively high entry fees, lower winning prize low competition

In General Entry fees are Grand contests and small contests are divided into several other classes; I am coming to this point later.

You can choose any of the matches and create your favorite team combining all the players involved in that match. You can create up to 6 teams combinations from your account. Then choose a league and submit the entry fee and join with your team in the selected league.

The automated system within Dream11 will count the point as per the players’ real performance and at the end of the match automatically provides you the result. If the selected players in your teams perform well, you’ll win real money, which you can transfer to your bank account immediately.

This is a general overview of Dream11 fantasy cricket / sports app.

About the brilliant founders of Dream11 and their journey

In real sense, the founders of Dream11 are brilliant! They innovated a great idea to create such an application, where the owners, the user and the sports’ all are being benefited!

The owners are earning profit (naturally they are the highest gainer), A great number of users are winning a lot of money every day, in fact, every hour; the popularity of the different sports’ are increasing. So, overall a great idea.

Mr. Harsh Jain and Mr. Bhavit Sheth founded Dream11 in the year of 2008 and conducted pioneer freemium fantasy matches in India in 2012. Later on, following the legal rules they converted Dream11 to an entry-fee and prize basis fantasy sports’ website.

The founders of Dream11 fantasy cricket.
Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth – The founder of Dream11

Their journey was not easy, because in the Supreme court they had to prove Dream11 is not a betting website (betting is not allowed in India), but it is a fantasy sports website from which the owners, users and the games all will be benefited.

Right at this moment Dream11 is one of the most popular Fantasy sports websites that conducts fantasy leagues for almost every match (international and domestic) for the games of Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, and Hockey. Recently they also took part as co-sponsor in IPL (Indian Premier League) and ICC cricket world cup.

Harsh Jain, a lifelong fan of the Indian Cricket Team and Manchester United football team, completed his engineering degree from the University of Pennsylvania and MBA from Columbia Business School. His love for the sports’ encouraged him to discover such a redefining way to engage people in sports. He is the CEO of Dream11 private limited.

The co-founder Bhavit is also a die-hard Indian Cricket Team and Manchester United fan and pursued Engineering degree with an MBA from Bentley University (Boston); further, he also completed his diploma in e-commerce strategies from Harvard.

Their dream discovery is in a great financial position presently, offering several job opportunities, while getting funded by several investors like Kalaari Capital, Think Investments, Multiples Equity, Tencent, Steadview Capital Management, etc. Several sports’ officials such as Indian Premier League (IPL), International Cricket Council (ICC), NBA, CPL T20, BBL, India super League, Pro Kabaddi, WBBL, T20 Mumbai, etc. become the league partner of dream11.

However, it is worth to mention that, formal Indian cricket team captain and a legendary cricketer M.S. Dhoni is the brand ambassador of Dream11. Recently several other legendary cricketers like Andre Russel (West Indies), Jonny Bairstow (England), Sikhar Dhawan (India), Faf du Plessis (South Africa), Kane Williamson (New Zealand), Rohit Sharma (India), also become ambassadors for Dream11.

Let’s have a vision inside Dream11

Earlier I already provided a glimpse for the inside view of dream 11. Let’s have an in-depth which may help you to understand the overall fact, such as how to make money from this online application.

Sign up process

Firstly you have to download the Dream11 app from HERE, and then need to proceed to sign up. If you use the code SUVAN1736EF during the sign-up process, you’ll get a Cash Bonus of INR. 100. You can that cash for playing any contest within Dream11.

Remember, you’ll receive the cashback ONLY if you apply the code SUVAN1736EF during the sign-up process; if you somehow forget to apply this code you’ll be missing out the cash bonus, so it is suggested to sign up carefully.

Dream11 fantasy cricket - Sign up
Image at left appears after installation, Upon clicking on “Enter Code” a new page will open (right), Enter the code there to receive cash bonus

During the sign up process, you have to provide a few personal information, such as email address, mobile phone number, date of birth, etc.

Caution: You must provide your original DOB (Date of Birth), otherwise you may face a great problem during withdrawal of winning amounts.

After then, they will ask you to provide bank info and PAN card (Permanent Account Number) details (you can do it later also). These are required for withdrawing the winning money. You can withdraw money after verification of PAN card and bank account. The verification process is very fast (24-48 h in general). One more thing, in this stage they will also compare your given DOB in Dream11 personal info to the DOB in PAN card, these two should be matched.

Dream 11 dashboard: Select your favorite sports

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket – Sports type
Discover types of sports at the top and drag below to get the full list of upcoming matches

After completion of the sign-up process, you can see the Dream11 dashboard. At the top, there are 5 sports options.

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Kabaddi

(Recently they are working to include more sports in the list, such as Volleyball, etc.)

What are your favorite sports among these? — Select your favorite one to explore the list of upcoming matches for the corresponding game category.

In general, you’ll get Cricket and football matches always, but for other sports’ category, the upcoming match list may sometimes be vacant. Dream11 covers almost all the international and domestic cricket matches and popular football leagues.

Team creation page: Creating your team for a selected match

After selecting a match from the list you’ll get an option to create a team from the list of players. In a cricket match, 11 players play for each team (total of 22 players from 2 teams). Select your favorite 11 from the list and make one captain and one vice-captain. The selection of captain and vice-captain is crucial as they provide higher points (Captain = pts x 2; Vice-Captain = pts x 1.5) than others.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket - team creation
A short Guide to create a team for a Europa league football match

After toss in the real game, Dream11 announces the playing 11. You can follow their guide or you can guess (or research) by yourself to create a team.

Contest joining options: Select a league, Submit the entry fee and join

There are several types of leagues.

  1. Mega Contests: More than 100000 spots (Grand league)
  2. Hot Contests: 3000-100000 spots (Grand league)
  3. Head-to-Head: 2 spots
  4. Contest for Championship: 6-30 spots (small leagues)
  5. Winners take all: 3-4 spots (small leagues)
  6. More small and medium contests: 6-339 spots (small and medium leagues)
  7. Practice contests: No entry Fee No prize

In grand leagues, entry fees are very less but the prize amount for 1st to 3rd position holders are huge; Entry fees are INR 15 – INR 99 only and 1st prizes are INR 5000 – INR 1000000; prize money varies upon the number of spot and prize money division in the contests. Multiple teams (up to 6 teams) are allowed in grand leagues and medium leagues (more than 9 spots).

Dream11 fantasy cricket - contest type
The list of two types of contests among all seven

Entry fees are relatively higher in head-to-head and small league contests, but competition is less there and thus higher the chances to win.

After creating the teams you have to choose one or more contests (as you wish). To join any contest just submit the entry fee; it is easy and 100% safe.

You have nothing to do further without watching the score. Even if you have some work to do in the meantime, you can do it while the match is going on, just as I am doing right now. I set my teams in 6 different leagues for 2 different matches; the match is going on while I am writing this article.

As I mentioned earlier, the automated system of Dream11 will count the point for your fantasy team as per players’ real performance. At the end of the match, you can watch the result. Prize money will be automatically distributed to your account. You can withdraw the money to your bank account anytime.

Other things within Dream11

Cash bonus with increasing level: You’ll receive cash bonus after completion of every 10-15 level. The amounts of cash bonus increases with an increasing level.

Paying history: You can see the statistics of yours and other players in the dashboard.

Hall of Fame: On this page you can see the list of all the winners in all the contests you have played so far.

My balance: This page represents your total balance (deposited, winnings and cash bonus) and recent transactions. You can manage your payment option from this page.

Point system: This is an important page, which describes all the point system against players’ real performance. There are a different point system for every sports’ type and every format of the game. As an example, Cricket has four different formats, test cricket, One day Cricket, T20 and T10. There are a different point system for each format. Your favorite team will receive points according to the rules of that point system.

Things I like about Dream11

To be honest, I like many things within Dream11 which made me a fan of this online app.

Great way to make money online

This is a great way to make money online with minimum effort. What you need, just passion for a particular sports’ and good knowledge about the players, their positives and negatives. If you have knowledge about the player strength and weakness you can do a great prediction as well as a perfect team combination.

A perfect team combination never lets you down, it must bring you back some good amounts of prize money. However, it is needless to say every time your prediction may not be perfect, but if your prediction works well in a 50-60% contest, you’ll be the gainer.

Owners, users and the sports all get benefited

In many online scams, you’ll see the owner is in a huge profit and you are losing money. There are hundreds of such scams in the online world.

But Dream11 is much different. Not only the owner but also the users and the sports world are getting greatly benefited by Dream11.

Being a die-hard fan of any type of sports, I personally like the aim of Dream11, this app is engaging a huge number of people to the sports world. A great number of people are getting knowledgeable about domestic players and watching domestic matches nowadays. This is, of course, good news for the sports world.

It is very natural the owners will be benefited, because they are running a business and they have thought for it, they invested in it. But the good side is, the users are also being benefited. Suppose, the first prize for a grand contest is INR 200000, and the entry fee is only INR 40. Just think about the gain of the lucky winner.

The story doesn’t end up here; there are good prizes for the 2nd to 10th position in most of the grand contests and 48-60% participants get their money back (depending upon the prize break up for a contest). Don’t you think the users are getting benefited?

Profit margin of Dream11 company is relatively low

In the last paragraph, I described the prize distribution policy of Dream11, which may not be clear to you. Let’s explain in-depth.

I am showing you to comparisons, one for the grand league and another one for the small league.

Suppose entry fee for a grand contest is INR 40 and contains 83333 numbers of spots. That means,

  • The total cost of 83333 numbers of teams is INR 3333320 (INR 40 x 83333).
  • The total prize pool for the contest is INR 2500000 (see the prize distribution at right).
  • The gross profit of Dream11 is INR 833320 (3333320 – 2500000).
  • That is only 25% of the total cost of the contest.
Dream11 fantasy cricket - Grand league prize division
Prize distribution in grand league

Now let’s see a calculation for a small contest. We select a contest that has an entry fee of INR 299 and 4 spots available. That means,

  • The total cost of the contest is INR 1196 (INR 299 x 4).
  • The total prize pool is INR 1000 (Only the champion receives INR 1000).
  • The profit of Dream11 is INR 196.
  • That is only 16.38% of the total cost of the contest.
Dream11 fantasy cricket - small league prize division
prize distribution in small league

Don’t you think the Dream11 keeps a very low-profit margin for their company?

Remember, it needs a lot of money to run a private limited. They have 7 numbers of brand ambassadors, many workers, hosting, taxes, and other costs. So this minimum profit is very much natural to run such a big company, at least I think so.

Prize distribution policy is very much user-friendly

I am not mentioning here about 2-4 members contests where Dream11 provides only one winning prize (though the chances to win is high there), but I am highlighting the prize distribution method for the Grand contests.

Check the prize distribution image for the grand contest I just described in the earlier heading.

  • The entry fee: INR 40
  • Number of spots: 83333
  • The total cost of the contest: INR 3333320
  • Total Prize pool: INR 2500000
  • Profit amounts of Dream11: INR 833320
  • %Profit of Dream11: 24.99% only
  • Total winnings: 48%

Now just take a look at the prize distribution chart above.

In this contest, the first prize is INR 200000; which means a competitor can win INR 200000 by spending only INR 40. Okay, I suppose you’ll play the contest with 6 teams (maximum teams you can create for a match), which means you will spend INR 240, and as a champion, you are winning INR 200000 against only INR40 or INR240 (Max amount). Isn’t it a huge gain?

Don’t forget to see the prize money for the second (INR 50000), 3-4th (INR 10000), 5-10th (INR 4000), 11-20th (INR 2000), 21-40th (INR 1500), 41-60th (INR 1000) positions. All of these are huge gains if you are spending with an entry of INR 40 only. If you see further, you can see prize money for 61-30000th position are also profitable, while 30001-40000th position is getting back the exact amount they paid as entry fee.

I personally feel the prize distribution policies are very much user-friendly. If you make one or multiple teams wisely Dream11 will not let you down in general.

You can play it anytime, and earn money anytime

No matter whether you are traveling, or gossiping or relaxing at work break, you can play Dream11 anytime you wish. I am not suggesting you get involved in Dream11 it when you are very busy in important work or spending some beautiful time with your loved ones, but any other times are fine to play Dream11.

It is a matter of creating one or multiple teams for a match. After toss in real contest Dream11 even announces the list of on-field players, so you can create a team anytime and join a contest, and then you can do any other things you wish.

I like it really!

Withdraw winning amount instantly

Are you running out of money on your debit card? Have you owned a contest in dream11 yesterday? Why are you worried then?

Just open the Dream11 app, login and withdraw the money to your bank account and enjoy your time. Don’t you think its awesome?

In Dream11 you can withdraw your winning amount anytime you want, you don’t have to wait for a full day to get it in your bank account.

Very authentic and fair

Finally, the least but not the last, Dream11 is very much authentic, fair and crystal clear. There is no partiality or biasedness within Dream11. Anyone can win in Dream11, anyone means anybody who created the best team and earns the highest points as per the real match. Are you thinking how am I so confident?

Immediately the contests get locked (just after the real match starts), you can download a PDF file containing all teams created by all the competitors who participated in that contest.

This proofs that, not a single person can make any change after the contests get locked, that means the real match starts. You can play Dream11 without any

Things I don’t like about Dream11

Yes, I also have a few dislikes about this app, otherwise, I’d have been given it 100 out of 100. Let’s see what are those.

It is not easy to become a champion in Mega contests

Unless you’re passing through a very lucky, it is really tough to win a grand league or mega contests. Any player can perform on any day.

In a small or medium league numbers of competitors are limited, and all competitors create almost similar teams. Almost every competitor includes the most successful players in their teams, and chances to win increase to some extent.

But the story is different in mega contests. Thousands, even millions of competitors play in a single grand contest. Despite low entry fees, winning chances decrease as the law of probability. Secondly, the competitors do a lot of experiments in a mega contest. They keep low-grade players, make an unexpected captain (captain provides x2 points), and do several other experiment. Sometimes no rule works in a grand league. To become a champion your each and every player needs to perform.

In the real sense, this is not a drawback, because this is very natural, but still, you can consider it as a small negative. However, also imagine how will you feel if you become a champion in a mega contest (I can feel personally because I had that feeling thrice so far, though I expect to become a champion in every mega contest… huh).

Only Indian citizens can withdraw money from Dream11

This is sad news if you are not an Indian. You’ll be really missing an exciting way to make money online.

Citizen of any country can sign up and play dream11, Indian or foreigner, but unless you have an account in an Indian bank, you cannot withdraw the winning amount from Dream11. This is unfortunate.

There is good news too. After taking part in sponsorship for the ICC cricket world cup 2019, they received tons of applications to make Dream11 international. They are on work and hope citizens from all countries can take part in DREAM11 contests very soon.

Dream11 can be considered only a passive income source

Although Dream11 is an exciting application to make money only affording massive fun with an investment of minimum time and money, it cannot be considered as a fulltime income source.

Winning in Dream11 highly depends on the luck factor. Every day, you cannot win millions. You can win a lot any day and lose a lot on another day. Nobody knows which player will perform on which day!

If you are interested in making money online as a full-time earning source, you can check out THIS PLATFORM. This is the ultimate place to learn the hidden tricks to build up a profitable online business.

Price of Dream11

Installation of the Dream11 app to your device is absolutely FREE.

You have to pay the entry fees only when you join a contest inside Dream11. From your account, you can create a maximum of 6 teams for a single match and join multiple contests with those 6 teams. Every time you don’t have to pay the entry fee from your bank account or wallet. You can also utilize your previously winning amount and Dream11 cash bonus to join the contests.

There are several types of contests as I described above. A certain range of entry fees is applicable to various types of contests. In general entry fees for grand contests are very low, but those for small league contests are relatively high.

  • Mega and Hot contests: Entry fees INR 15 to INR 299
  • Head to head contests: INR 15 to INR 5750
  • Contests for championship: INR 777 to INR 3999
  • Winners take all contests: INR 17 to INR 2999
  • Medium league contests: INR 36 to INR 480
  • Practice contests: FREE

My final opinion about Dream11 fantasy

If you are a sports lover I’d recommend you to must sign up Dream11 fantasy sports’. You’ll have a lot of fun and at the same time, you can earn a lot of money from this application. But I must say, create your teams wisely applying your experiences for the corresponding games, and also choose the matches and contests wisely.

Even if you are not a sports fan, I’d suggest you try Dream11. On one side it will grow your interest in various sports’, and on the other hand you’ll have some passive income from Dream11. With time, you’ll gain a lot of experience and also a lot of love for the sports’. Playing Dream11 is great fun, don’t miss it.

Just for your remembrance once again I am repeating, the proper process to sign up to Dream11 so that you can grab INR 100 cash bonus.

Dream11 entry fee-based fantasy sports’ app is not available in Google Play, due to being a cash transfer based app. So, First, you have to download the Dream11 app from HERE.

During the installation, your android or windows device may show some warning as it is not directly installed from Google play. The warning maybe like this, “External app may harm your device”. Don’t worry, if you download Dream11 from the given link, your device will stay 100% safe, the warning is just a formal duty by the operating system.

After installation, you need to proceed to sign up. To receive INR. 100 Cash Bonus, you need to use the code SUVAN1736EF during the sign-up process. You can use that cash for joining contests.

Note: If you somehow forget to apply the code SUVAN1736EF during the sign-up process, you’ll be missing out on the cash bonus, so it is suggested to sign up carefully.

I wish you all the very best for your journey with Dream11.

My #No.1 Recommendation

Dream11 is a nice way to make money online with minimum effort. But this is something like a lottery. You’ll not win always. Although small league contests are relatively easy to win, it is much difficult to win a mega contest where you can make a lot of money. However, investments are high in small leagues but the profits are low.

In a real sense, you can not consider Dream11 as a permanent source of income, this may be only a passive income source for you.

If you are looking to make money online permanently by running your very own online business, Here is a great option for you. Running a successful long term online business is an awesome option to quit regular hectic job, but it is not very easy to build up a profitable online business unless you know some valuable tricks.

This organization offers very in-depth training courses on developing an online business in minimum investment. In their package they provide you,

In fact, this is a complete package for online marketing.

Applying their tricks you can build several websites that can generate massive profit for a very long time. If you are interested to run your very own online business for a full time earning source, you can visit the following link for more details understandings.

==> Running a profitable online business: Learn and host at WA <==

You can join at WA for free of cost with limited accessibility of all the features within the platform, which includes one training course (10 lessons), 2 free websites, limited access to keyword research tools and several other facilities. You need credit card information only if you wish the upgrade yourself as a premium member on this platform.

So, that’s all for today…

Hope, this article offered you an in-depth understanding of the Dream11 fantasy cricket application. If you still have any further query please don’t hesitate to ask, drop your question in the comment box below. I shall be more than happy to answer all your questions.

If you find the article helpful, please share it with your friends and relatives (via social media), and also share your personal insight into the comment box below. This will help us to create more informative articles in the future.

Thank you very much for visiting Wonder Treasure.

Visit again.

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  1. Douron

    I love cricket, didn’t know anything like this existed. BUT I’m not Indian, so I can’t win any money 🙁

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to know you are a cricket fan, but it is very unfortunate that, being a not-Indian citizen, you cannot win money right in this moment from dream11 fantasy sports game. In recent time, they received tons of requests to convert this app internationally accessible. In fact, Dream11 is accessible internationally but at this moment withdraw money through it is not possible due to certain government rules and restrictions. As per my knowledge, they are working to make it international, but it needs some and need to cross some barriers successfully.

      However, you can do one thing: Download Dream11 app and sign up there, and send them a request.
      Alternatively, if you are interested to make money online right now, you can try the suggested courses as described at the bottom part of the article. You can check out HERE for details.

      Best wishes
      Visit again for the latest updates

  2. Norman Richards

    Thanks so much for sharing, cricket is a very popular sport and so many people are involved in this sport. But this is the first that I have heard of this program (Dream11) even though you said it have been around for a while. I did not know that you could have made money this way, thanks so much for the insight.

    1. Dr. SD

      It is not unusual that you don’t know about Dream11, because it is difficult to Know about all the programs in earth.

      In this website we are continuously providing information about new ideas that help people to learn the ways earn money online, few are easy and short term/ passive income basis while others are hard working and offers long term profit (full time earning).

      Dream11 is among the first category and Wealthy Affiliate is among the second category. You can try any if you wish to make money online.

      Best wishes.

  3. Philip

    Ah! I was just out last night and heard someone at the bar talking about something called Dream11 but I missed the rest. I Googled and found you. Cool. I can’t believe you can earn money never mind get wealthy playing fantasy games.

    Wow- times have changed. It is great to see these opportunities. I keep on telling younger kids to get online and start steaming you bleedin games because they can make money. I DON’T WHY – THEY DON’T LISTEN! Yet they still play those games when they could be playing them ANNNDDD getting paid!

    Anyways, I now have the answer to what is dream11 and I see it is to do with fantasy cricket along with other games.

    One question though:- What Is Kabbadi? NEVER heard of that. Thanks – Philip.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Philip,
      It’s great to hear from you. You are most welcome to our website Wonder Treasure as well as Dream11 review. I’ll happily answer your all questions and doubts.

      Firstly, You probably have a doubt that it is not possible to make money or get wealthy from Dream11. Let me explain.

      I never said Dream11 can be considered as a full-time earning source, rather it is a lottery-type online game (it is NOT betting), and a lottery can make you wealthy any time, believing or not is fully your personal matter.

      Depending on the players’ real performance in a match, if you win a mega grand league, you can positively be a gainer. However, if you win several grand league contests in a row you must be wealthy, though it is not easy as I already explained in the article. However, if you win a single grand league and invest the money into a full-time business, that can make you wealthy for sure, I guess. That means Dream11 can make you wealthy passively.

      Small leagues are very easy to win if someone creates a team wisely. If you win a few small leagues and head-to-head contests regularly it’s a great passive earning, I guess.

      For your kind information, I’ll not make money if you win contest, rather you’ll be the gainer. If you have any doubt you can check the Dream11 policy.

      Instead of playing Dream11 I also suggested people start an online business at the bottom part of this review article. If you are interested in the same you can subscribe HERE to know the tricks. FREE subscription options are available (NO credit card info is required), so no need to worry, experience the platform FREE of cost.

      Kabaddi is a team sport. You’ll get some information about Kabaddi here.

      Finally, It’s my pleasure to know, you have gathered some knowledge about Dream11 fantasy cricket / sports right from this article. It is totally up to you whether you’ll choose it or not, I just shared the information.

      Regards and best wishes.

  4. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for educating me on this additional way to create a source of income. I don’t know much about cricket but Dream11 does sound fascinating. All the Best. Joseph

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your insight about Dream11 fantasy cricket. You are absolutely right that Dream11 is an additional source of income, not a full-time option. If you are interested to make money online in a contineous way there are much better options as described at the bottom of this article.

      One more thing, you just said that you don’t know much about cricket. Dream11 also offers fantasy contests several other sports about which you may be knowledgeable, such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Kabaddi, etc. So no need to feel upset if you don’t know much about cricket.

      Best wishes.

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