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Writer Help Wanted Review: Scam or Legit?

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The product at a glance













  • Good training for developing writing skills.
  • Offer daily job listing for writing career.
  • The program is beginner-friendly.
  • Co-operative Mentors and team members.
  • 60 days money back guaranty.


  • Marketing modules are not good, very basic.
  • SEO topics haven't been discussed in details.
  • Not possible to earn $1500 as they claimed.
  • Needs hard work and time to achieve success.

Welcome to the Writer Help Wanted Review.

With an aim to help the newbie freelance writers, Ron Douglas created the Writer Help Wanted Program. It is a video training-based internet-marketing program that may help you to make money using your writing skills.

There are tons of ways to make money online, and writing is definitely one of the most critical because it needs a lot of strategies and hard work to achieve success. But once you learn the tricks and apply your writing skills in the right place, you may experience a shower of money.

So, before exploring the details, I’d like to make sure if you are looking to learn or upgrade your writing skills. If you are really passionate about the writing career, I’d suggest staying in this article; I have shared the complete overview of the Writer Help Wanted program.

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What is Writer Help Wanted about?

As mentioned above, the Writer Help Wanted program is specially created for all the newbies and freelance writers who are willing to explore their writing skills to earn online.

Basically, the Writer Help Wanted Program is regarded as follows:

  1. It teaches you the techniques of writing business.
  2. Assists the students to explore the ways to earn money using their writing skills.
  3. Help you to enable your writing career in terms of getting a secure writing job.
  4. The program offers you additional resources to explore the best way in your writing business.

The Founders of Writer Help Wanted

The co-founders, Ron Douglas is an author of New York Times bestselling, and Alice Seba is a content marketing specialist. They launched this program to spread their gained expertise to the community of newbie writers.

The synopsis of their course is as follows:

  • 5 Training modules
  • Daily updated job listings
  • Video lessons/Tutorials
  • Case studies: professional writers
  • Checklists

How does Writer Help Wanted work?

So far you already understood, Writer Help Wanted is a program that helps you to secure your writing jobs or writing business by providing you extra tools/features.

By interacting with their previous students, the founders, Ron Douglas and Alice Seba discovered three critical mistakes, which make a difference between the competent writers and the successful ones. In fact, most of the newbie writers of freelancers generally do the same mistakes and end up with no earnings.

Mistake #1: Lack of knowledge about discovering New Writing Jobs

Nowadays, you’ll get thousands of jobs are available online, but most people don’t actually know what are the exact websites to find various writing job opportunities easily.

Yes, there are several marketplaces available for freelance writers, while newbies are generally aware of only the top-notch companies like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. I not saying there is something wrong to join those marketplaces, but getting job contracts from those platforms is not an easy task for beginners. The old members who already earned some good ratings are more likely to receive jobs on a regular basis.

As a result, beginners often get frustrated and quit without getting any contract from those marketplaces.

Being a member of Writer Help Wanted, you can get the updated listings and highlighted job postings regularly. Once you get a ready list of job requirements, it becomes much easier for you to grab the suitable one; isn’t it?

However, it’s not so simple to pick the right job that fits your capabilities and make it secure. The detailed video tutorials and insider information in the Writer Help Wanted program help you learn how to secure the desired job.

The program makes the whole process easy by providing multiple checklists as follows:

Finding your Writing Market Checklists

It gives you 34 market ideas several intelligent ways to grab those. This particular checklist is may be considered an incredible tool for selecting the most appropriate job.

Working with Clients Checklists

These are the invoicing and rating checklists that help you to find the right job for your clients.

Content Creation Checklists

Creating content is a state of art. It doesn’t matter for whom you are preparing content, maybe for your own business website or for your client’s website, but a unique writing style with convincing phrases and headings are the definite things in quality content.

In this particular checklists, you will be able to uncover that specific lessons, “the art of engaging content”. And learning the proper writing style is a lifetime achievement.

Marketing Checklists

I explained this in the next heading.

Mistake #2: Simply thinking that Writing is enough

The second common mistake writers generally make is, they are focused only on writing. The majority of expert writers pay almost all the attention to their writing skills instead of marketing their skills. I must agree that mastering the art of writing is crucial, but only writing skills is not enough to run a successful freelance business.

When you become a freelance writer, you have to shout out in a professional manner to let the recruiters know about your service — this is called advertisement. Once you learn the basic tactics of marketing, you can go a long way ahead achieving more success in your writing career.

As a member of Writer Help Wanted program, you are getting five-modules training where the basic marketing strategies are included.

Learning marketing strategies are not only useful for writing jobs but also good for promoting any of your products.

Note: The marketing lessons included in the Writer Help Wanted program are not in-depth! If you are running your own blog, I suggest you focusing on SEO-optimized quality content to minimize the Ad expenses.

Writers help wanted review - SEO

Mistake #3: Unable to learn from the Successful People who achieved the same goals

As per the owner of Writer Help Wanted program, the third massive mistake people do is, try to solve everything on their own in-spite of learning from those people who already achieved your goals. I personally agree with this because if you avoid the proper guidance you’ll be always searching for success all around you, but will never achieve it.

Just think, from the school days we all grew up learning things from our respected school teachers followed by college professors. They actually learned things in the past and became masters to spread their knowledge. Now, what would happen if we never go to school, and never learned from them?

Similar things happen when you are entering any new field, maybe, writing skills, or marketing skills, or even developing skill.

Therefore, it is always advisable to learn first from the mistake of other professional writers and implement that information in your career. In the Writer Help Wanted program, the top eight writing experts from different writing areas are sharing their experiences. So, it is always great to learn things from such personalities.

What is inside Writer Help Wanted package?

Upon joining the Writer Help Wanted program, you can access the following modules/tools.

– Module # 1: You’ll explore the marketplace or the updated list of writing opportunities in this module.

– Module # 2: You’ll be learning ways to generate income from writing jobs. All types of writing jobs are not suitable for everyone; this module can easily deliver the best goal that fits you.

– Module # 3: Getting jobs is good, but running your own business is better because you have the freedom to select the topics and fix the prices. This module helps you to become established as a qualified writing service provider. now you can deal with your clients as a business personality.

– Module # 4: Here You are going explore some other ways to make passive income using your writing skills (but these are incomplete information according to my long-term online experience).

– Module # 5: Finally, you’ll be learning how to write like a pro that help you building authority in the writing world. 

These modules provide you needful knowledge to develop the writing skills that may help you start earning as a writer and also provide some sort of marketing skills of basic level.

Things I like about Writer Help Wanted Program

I find the following positive things in this program.

Good training for developing writing skills

You are going to learn things from the writing experts in different fields. The experts share the experiences, the mistakes they have done, and the tricks they followed the achieve success. The training videos and tutorials are assets for the beginners and also for the intermediates who are away from success with their present writing skills.  After all, you are getting a chance to start as a fresher avoiding the mistakes.

Getting the lists of writing jobs

Members can access the updated list of writing job opportunities which saves a lot of time. You just need to apply for the perfect one that fits your skill. However, all the jobs listed here are not legit ones, so you need to pick up one carefully.

The program is beginner-friendly

The program has been created for the newbie writers. It’s easy to follow and understand. However, for the intermediates who have experienced failure in the writing career, it’s an optimized program for them too; they can modify your tactics by correcting the mistakes.

Co-operative Mentors and team members

Without others’ help, it’s really tough to do something new and become successful in the same. Within this program, you are getting good helping hands from the mentors as well as the members. So, it’s definitely a great addition.

60 days money back guaranty

As a Clickbank product, you are getting a 60 days money back guaranty. So, nothing to worry about, if you don’t find the product useful, or you are not satisfied with the quality, you may ask for a full refund.

Things I don’t like about Writer Help Wanted Program

Considering the price and the training modules regarding the development of writing skills, Witer Help Wanted is a fair pick, but this is not a complete program. Among several drawbacks, I highlighted here the most important ones.

The modules for marketing tactics are very basic

Within the Writer Help Wanted program, you are getting only a very basic idea about the marking strategy which not gonna work in reality. Nowadays, digital marketing is a far vast area that needs 100s of hours to learn perfectly.

SEO topics haven’t been discussed in details

When you are getting involved in writing jobs, leaning SEO perfectly is very important, because your clients will often ask for search engine optimized articles. In addition, if you are running your own blog SEO articles are very important in terms of ranking in Google.

Unfortunately, in the Writer Help Wanted program, this very important area has been covered very primarily.

I suggest THIS PROGRAM for the best SEO training and complete training in online marketing that actually help you earn money in reality, as happened for myself.

Is Writer Help Wanted Program Scam?

No, this is not a scam. Rather it provides all the materials as they claim, provide you good training on writing skills. Although some marketing tactics are very basic and SEO hasn’t be covered properly, it’s a good program for its price.

I am not saying you can earn $1500 overnight as they claimed on their sales page because writing jobs/businesses always need hard work and time to achieve success. In fact, there is nothing in the world which let you get rich without hard work. However, the Writer Help Wanted program gives you a good idea which absolutely upgrades your writing skills.

Conclusive Remarks

Writer help wanted may be considered as an ideal program for people having a passion for writing, but don’t know how to represent. For intermediates who got some writing skills, but getting a failure to produce a perfect write-up, this program can upgrade their skills in a productive way.

Getting useful tips from the writing experts is definitely a great asset. If you are looking to learn the writing skills and uncover the writing jobs, Writer help wanted program is a good pick at a reasonable price.

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Alternatively, if you are happy to develop the writing skills only, Writer help wanted is a fair program at a low cost.

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