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What is Amazing Selling Machine about? [In-depth Review]

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Welcome to the Amazing Selling Machine review; this in-depth review provides the ultimate answer to your several questions, such as, “what is Amazing Selling Machine about?”, “How does it work exactly?”, “whether this program is worthy for you or not”, and “Is Amazing Selling Machine a scam or legit program”.

Surfing Warren Buffets at least once a day becomes a habit for most of us. Am I wrong anyway?

In the last few years sell from local shopping malls or other offline shops reduced remarkably, especially fashion, electronics, home, and kitchen essentials, and personal care items and the reason is nothing but (the major contributor).

Naturally, thousands of offline shoppers and companies start collaborating with Amazon to save their butts, because Amazon is a big deal nowadays. But, there is no better way to sell in Amazon through their Amazon FBA system (Fulfilled by Amazon); it’s awesome because you can run your business from the comfort of your home while Amazon will take all the responsibilities from inventory to shipment.

Who doesn’t love to make millions from the comfort of home!

Caution: Amazon FBA is great! But, it’s not an easy job to compete with millions of Amazon products; your product must be ranked well in Amazon to get viral or vice versa.

Solution: you’ll find many Amazon FBA courses online and all of those claims to guide to make millions from Amazon! Amazing Selling Machine is one of those platforms.

However, the Amazing Selling Machine offers one of the most expensive Amazon FBA courses online, which simply indicates the program is not for everybody; in fact, many people just can’t afford it. But why ASM is so costly, what’s there inside?

Let’s explore the step-by-step.

Product Name: Amazing Selling Machine

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $4,997 one time fee

Founders: Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback

Summary: Amazing Selling Machine program is known as one of the best Amazon FBA training course that teaches you the unique strategies to make millions of profit by selling on Amazon right from the comfort of your home.

Our Rating: 82 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Amazing Selling Machine about?

Amazing Selling Machine is a comprehensive training program that offers unique strategies to leverage the power of Amazon FBA to build up a successful and profitable business right from the comfort of your home.

Now the question is, why such a training program become so essential?

Let’s find the answer step by step…

Within the Amazon platform, you are getting a wider variety of product choices by sitting in home, while products get delivered to your doorstep; it’s just a matter of tapping a few buttons on your smartphone. Amazon and other e-commerce platforms made things so easy and hassle-free, which is the prime reason behind their popularity.

According to the recent data within only the USA, 50% of online sales are conducted by Amazon. However, they have branches in several other countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, India, Germany, South Africa, etc, and in most of these locations, Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform in comparison to others.

Now you clearly understand why people are so crazy about selling on Amazon! In fact, you are also one of them, looking to start selling on Amazon, right?

But, you know, things are not so easy! You know how many thousands of people are selling profitably on Amazon, but you never know how many millions failed!

You need to follow specific strategies to compete with millions of Amazon products, and place yours at the top. Unless people reach out to your product how can you make sales?

Amazing Selling Machine helps you exactly in this particular area. Within the training courses, you’ll learn exactly how to utilize Amazon and it’s FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) program to leverage your sell.

The founders of Amazing Selling Machine

Founders of Amazing Selling Machine

If you went through the sales page of Amazing Selling Machine, you probably met the founders there. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback were the main founders of this platform while the other two people, Mike McClary and Rich Henderson involved in the training courses mainly to teach you some specific modules.

In the early days, Jason Katzenback was a fulltime employee who got frustrated as his boss decided the cut-off the bonus. Eventually, he left his day job and decided to start his own business.

Things were not so easy until he met Matt Clark, a very successful Amazon seller, but once they aligned, they made a tremendous knock as Amazon sellers together within just a few years.

Finally, they decided to launce Amazing Academy spread amazing the ways to become a successful Amazon seller, how the same platform later converted to Amazing selling Machine with a lot of new inclusions and regular updates.

How does the Amazing Selling Machine Work?

As an Amazon seller via Amazon FBA program, you don’t need to build a warehouse, maintain stocks and inventory, pack and ship the product. Amazon FBA is there to manage all these hectic agenda.

Sounds easy, right?

I am not sure whether you tried selling on Amazon earlier or not, there are many people who tried Amazon FBA couldn’t make a single penny and end up a huge loss.

So, never think it so simple, because a lot of things to do in-between.

Fulfilled by Amazon service will do everything for you from stocking to shipping products, but before that, you have to choose the right products those people are searching for and also the right suppliers who can provide genuine products at the lowest cost. And after all, you have to invest money for the products you book from the suppliers.

So you can understand, it’s not just as simple as making a sellers account on Amazon and start selling. If you choose anything from any niche without any prior research, I can guarantee, there is a 90% chance to face a huge loss.

Amazing Selling Machine teaches you the exact strategies in terms of,

  • Choosing the right niche.
  • Choosing the right product for a niche.
  • Choosing the right sellers who can provide you the best product at the lowest price.
  • Avoiding the sellers who provide cheap items (very important!)
  • Strategies for asking for quotations to the suppliers.
  • Confirming your bulk order to the supplier.
  • Launching your product properly so that it goes viral from day 1.

The matter of suppliers is very important because you need to purchase bulk-items at the lowest cost, there their no better alternatives than Chinese suppliers. But, you know all the Chinese suppliers are not good and everyone doesn’t provide you the best product. If the quality falls, you’ll be losing your customers.

Once again Amazing Selling Machine plays a crucial role in this stage by helping you to choose the right supplier.

For your awareness, I’d mention one thing before you jump into the mission.

You need to perform extensive research before you place the bulk order, because it’s a matter of 1000s of dollars. Choosing the wrong item from a wrong niche may lead you towards a hopeless result. Amazing Selling Machine will provide you the strategies, but you need to follow that proper way.

Details inside Amazing Selling Machine

So far we discussed what is the Amazing Selling Machine, how does it work, some information about the real inventors, etc. Now let’s explore the details inside it’s latest version.

details inside amazing selling machine

Amazing Selling Machine is there for a long time and when I am writing this Amazing Selling Machine review, they have launched there 11th update with rapid up-gradation; it’s actually called Amazing Selling Machine 11.

This is obviously a great sign the platform stays updated always, because the nature of Amazon customers are changing always, and as a seller of Amazon you also need to be updated always.

Let’s have a quick overview of the Amazing Selling Machine:

  • An 8-week online training course dealing with Amazon FBA strategies.
  • The mentor program
  • Lifetime membership to ASM’s private and exclusive community
  • Expert product listings
  • Targeted traffic promotions by the ASM team to your new products
  • Private resource vault

Weekly training details inside Amazing Selling Machine

The major area of interest within the Amazing Selling Machine is the 8-weeks training courses, because these courses are the key to making a profit by selling in Amazon. So, let’s have a quick look at what you’ll get in these training sessions.

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process and Mindset (20 Lessons)

They are welcoming you with a course of 20 modules!

You can simply understand how in-depth their courses are; welcome training is consisting of 20 modules!

These welcome lessons are really important for you, if you are a newbie in Amazon FBA. In the welcome course of ASM, they’ll provide you an overview of the program, the actual mode of operation in Amazon FBA, and the overall business process. Once you understand the facts you need to have a mindset to run this business.

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List (18 Lessons)

Now you’ll be moving to Module 1, the starting point of learning Amazon FBA.

The first thing first; Before getting into a business your prior aim would be to build up your product opportunity list. It’s quite similar to market research. You have to go through the proper analysis in this stage, such as,

  • How to analyze the competition
  • how to choose a hot product,
  • Which products to avoid
  • What are the exact criteria for choosing a product for sale?

Each training video comes with corresponding PDFs so that later you can take look when you need instead of re-open the videos again.

The videos in this section are really very informative as organized in a step-by-step manner, so that after completion of the module you can confidently choose the right product for sale. However, in the initial stage, it is very important to grow up this confidence because choosing the right product is the key to this business.

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples, and Profit Numbers (11 Lessons)

In this module you’ll mainly learn 3 things:

  • Selecting the right suppliers,
  • Contacting them professionally
  • Calculate the real costs to avoid any sort of surprises.

Well! You’ll learn another very important thing in these lessons, that is product tuning.

From the hundreds of similar items in Amazon, you must want yours to be highlighted in front of your customers. In this lesson you’ll be learning this amazing thing, the idea of product tuning is pretty interesting.

Module 3: Ordering the Inventory and Creating Your Brand (16 Lessons)

So far you have learned the basic thing and the most important things. Now it’s time for handling technical matters.

In this module, you’ll learn about…

  • Criteria for selecting a good supplier
  • The ways to build up a brand
  • Selecting your shipping method
  • Placed your bulk order

The first one is required for getting the right product at a reasonable price. It’s more about one each to one relationship.

However, the second one is far more important, because everyone prefers to purchase things from a brand that is having a good review or from where they received genuine items in the past. Overall Building a perfect brand gives you credibility to your business, the better the brand is the number of sales.

Holding repeat customers is another important thing, and Amazing Selling Machine will teach you how to utilize e-mail marketing to receive repeat customers.

Finally in this module, you’ll learn to select the shipping method for delivering your product to Amazon warehouse and place your bulk order to the supplier.

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets (14 Lessons)

Till the last module, you have placed your first bulk order and you have to wait now. So, in the meantime without wasting time Amazing Selling Machine course will teach you the ways to build up your brand even more perfectly.

In these lessons, you’ll learn to…

  • Set up an autoresponder to build up your email list.
  • Creating a landing page.
  • Launching social media accounts.

However, these resources are common in any online business, such as Affiliate marting, e-commerce or dropshipping.

Module 5: The Perfect Product Page (14 Lessons)

You know how an Amazon product page looks like, in fact, we all know because we all are regular customers of Amazon.

So on the product page, you’ll find the picture of the product, a short description, and a long description. But it’s not only about just uploading product images and writing any description; rather you have to select the right keywords so that people can reach your product on Amazon.

In this section basically you’ll learn,

These all are very important.

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch (12 Lessons)

So, you placed your bulk order in the third week of your training courses, and it’s already the sixth week now. So, it is expected that your shipment has already delivered to the warehouse and now it’s a matter of getting rolled.

In this module Amazing Selling Machine will teach you are amazing formula namely, “Launch, Blitz and Rank’, that’s leverage your sell too some extent.

There are several other Amazon FBA training programs, but ASM offers a far better launching strategy that will help your business grow up organically without destructing Amazon’s terms and conditions.

There is a very high chance that, your product will go viral upon launching if you can perfectly follow their strategy; you know the expected result of ranking high in Amazon search engine, HUGE SALES.

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools (12 Lessons)

You’ll learn here several marketing strategies that include Paid advertisements or Free organic traffic methods.

Once again, these strategies are common in all types of business and there are several other platforms to teach you these methods.

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level (11 Lessons)

After become successful with the first product anyone would be looking to take the business to the next level. You have two options to leverage your success…

  1. Launching a similar product.
  2. Launching a completely different product.

In the final week of Amazing Selling Machine courses, they will tell you what to do for taking your business to the next level; obviously those are great tips.

A few things thing I must mention before jumping to the next section:

  • Don’t skip any of their lessons.
  • Don’t skip what they ask you to do after each lesson.
  • Complete every module properly, don’t finish it in a hurry.

Thousands of people make lots of money selling on Amazon, but never think success comes easily; rather you have to do some hard word in a proper way.

Things I like about Amazing Selling Machine

The major positives of Amazing Selling Machine are:

  • Very comprehensive and well presented step-by-step training courses.
  • Training sessions are very well designed; one week for each module is exactly perfect to follow on.
  • The platform offers proven methods of success; ASM produced thousands of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Awesome community with great helping hands – I found only one more platform where members are so helpful.
  • ASM mentors are very helpful, you’ll get help from them whenever you need – they are actually the most successful members of the community.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.

Things I don’t like about Amazing Selling Machine

The only thing in this negative list is the cost. $5000 is not affordable for everyone, and that means everyone is not eligible for this program.

Listening only to the cost of this program 80% of people will not step around as they are not ready to invest a lot of money; however, the rest of the 20% will become skeptical as they are not sure whether success will come or not.

You may be thinking there are many other Amazon FBA courses in the market, you may pick another one. Yes, you can do it for sure. But Amazing Selling Machine already earned a reputation in producing successful entrepreneurs, and that is due to their excellent training. No other course just can’t come closer to it.

Is Amazing Selling Machine Scam or Legit?

No, absolutely not. It’s a genuine program as I discussed the details above; you’ll get everything inside as they mention and you’ll also get successful if you can follow them. So far ASM produced many successful entrepreneurs, so there are reasons to doubt.

One thing you should be aware of, Amazing Selling Machine is not only popular for their online course, but they perform several stage shows as well and tons of people have been benefitted so far. However, the success rate from their training program is a major reason for the popularity.

Founders of Amazing Selling Machine

Stage show of Amazing 2

If you are looking to learn Amazon FBA and start selling on Amazon, and if the cost is not a matter for you, you’d say definitely join ASM, there is no better place.

Conclusive remarks

Amazing Selling Machine is the top platform for learning Amazon FBA. If you are looking to learn and earn from Amazon, this is the best place for you. They also have a platform Amazing Legacy where you can sell your Amazon business at the best price.

However, due to the high price anyone can’t join the program, it’s absolutely true.

If you are looking to learn Amazon FBA, you can try an alternative low-cost Amazon FBA course online, but obviously you can’t expect the same result.

If your aim is to make money online in any legitimate way, there are two other most profitable options for you…

Affiliate Marketing needs a minimum investment to start, but it is one of the most profitable ways to earn money online. In Affiliate marketing, you don’t need to invest in product stock as you need in Amazon FBA. The right business strategy converted thousands of affiliates to multi-millionaire; however, most of them achieved success simply by turning their passion into profit.

In the best of my knowledge, THIS PLATFORM is the best one to learn and host your affiliate marketing business; they will provide you the best training courses (12 modules consisting 120 lessons), weekly live webinar, 50 WordPress website, access to their amazingly helpful community, 24×7 support, great keyword research tool and all other facilities you need to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Most importantly you can join this platform for FREE of cost as a starter member; If you want to upgrade yourself to premium, you need to pay some monthly/yearly charge but that almost negligible in comparison to the expenses in Amazing Selling Machine and Amazon FBA program.

If you are interested in dropshipping you can try this platform, it’s a good one and cost-effective.

If you have any further query, don’t hesitate to post your question in the comment box below, I’ll be more than happy to help you.

Thank you for your visit.


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    It is amazing reading this from here for the first time and I tried joining but it seems impossible as the payments seem unreachable to Asia. Is it possible that checks can be transferred to Asia if one joins the amazon associate program?

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    No one will like working under a boss who doesn’t care much about employees and will always cut down salaries because he thinks he is in control. Thanks to your idea about affiliate marketing that may provide a secondary income for me.

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      Amazing Selling Machine is a program that is associated with Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is different from the Amazon Affiliate program. So, subsequently, the Amazing Selling Machine is not related to the Amazon Affiliate program.

      Amazon FBA allows you to sell your own products directly from the Amazon platform while everything will be fulfilled by Amazon. Once you place the bulk order to your supplier and notify to Amazon, they’ll take care of your product receiving, inventory, order receiving, packaging, shipping, and delivery. You can earn your profit simply from the comfort of your home. I suggest you read this article with more attention for better understanding.

      Amazon Affiliate program is pretty different. It is about promoting any Amazon products and earn the respective affiliate commission from Amazon. In the case of Affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have your own product, so you don’t need to invest in bulk order. Affiliate marketing is the lowest cost business idea, while building an Affiliate Marketing business proper way may convert you to a millionaire.

      THIS PLATFORM is the best place to learn Affiliate marketing. Here you’ll get the world’s best guidance on Affiliate Marketing; they’ll provide you some unique strategies to turn your passion into a huge profit.

      Yes, Amazon sends Affiliate Commission Check anywhere in the world, as a resident of Asia you’ll obviously receive it timely.

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    Wow, this is probably one of the most expensive online programs I’ve come across. But I can see where the value is coming from especially if they are taught by experienced Amazon FBA sellers. Question – are keywords for eCommerce any different from those used by affiliate marketers? And, does the Amazing Selling Machine course recommend any specific keyword tool to use? Thank you. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Great question Cathy!

      I know many people are having the same question about keywords of e-commerce and affiliate marketing.

      In general, the basic criteria are the same. You have to choose low competition high traffic keywords for both, but in e-commerce, a similar product is being sold by many people. If you take a look at only, you’ll find hundred people are selling similar products and hence using similar keywords. So you need to follow some tricks to make your product viral.

      You know all keyword research tools don’t generate equal results, some are more accurate, some are less. It depends on their ability to collect and co-ordinate to the real search engine data. Keywords tools which are specifically made for product competition, those can fetch product-related data more accurately.

      Amazing Selling Machine teaches you the exact method to raise your product’s rank. Definitely they will recommend you to use a specific keyword tool that can read product competition data in a better way.

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