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Fesliyan Studios: Get Unique Royalty-Free Music for YouTube

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Welcome to the Fesliyan Studios review; if you are looking for amazing royalty-free music for YouTube videos, you should read this article.

If you are a YouTuber, you must face/ already faced soundtrack related copyright issues more than once in your journey.

Suppose, you create a video with your best effort introducing a perfect audio-visual match. Then you upload the video on YouTube and you see YouTube studio shows a “copyright claim” message. That means you can’t monetize with this video.

Just feel, how irritating this is! All your effort goes to vein because you don’t have royalty-free music!

Eventually, you are having only 2 options now:

  1. Remove the video, re-edit with new music, and upload again.
  2. Replace all the soundtracks by music from the YouTube music library (those may not be a perfect audio-visual match).

Not only you but most of the YouTubers face this “copyright claim” issue in this particular segment.

Let me introduce, a web-library containing amazing royalty-free music for YouTube or Facebook videos.

Product Name: Fesliyan Studios

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: Free (Donation is fully up to you)

Owners: David Fesliyan

Summary: Fesliyan Studios is an online music library that contains hundreds of amazing background music that you can use for your commercial or non-commercial videos.

Our Rating: 90 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

What is Fesliyan Studios?

Fesliyan Studios is an online music library owned by a great artist known as David Fesliyan. Within the website, you’ll find hundreds of touching tunes; you may pick up any of those for the perfect match to your personalized video.

All soundtracks are free for non-commercial usage, but rules a bit different for a commercial utility, though it’s not too harsh like other stock music websites.

The owner David Fesliyan is a great creator and he respects another creator. His passion for the music was so intense that he left high school in favor of home-schooling; because homeschooling is less time-consuming.

David Fesliyan: Owner of the Fesliyan Studios , a place to find awesome royalty-free music for YouTube
David Fesliyan: Owner of the Fesliyan Studios

He learned drum, guitar and also tried some vocal, but finally, he chose to become a composer, and I must salute his sense of creativity in composing awesome music!

Unlike thousands of other people, he is not a great fan of outdoor activities, rather he always finds his adventure in his studio.

I visited several paid and free music stations, but in I find some perfect tunes those I never find elsewhere. If you are a video creator or YouTuber, you must have a tour there.

Why should you visit Fesliyan Studios?

The first reason is definitely the amazing collection of creative background music.

“Fesliyan Studios” is really an amazing royalty-free music library, and I can bet most of the tunes will touch your heart from inside. These soundtracks really can fulfill the lack of perfect match in audio-visual, that thousands of other tunes just can’t.

The second reason is the YouTube monetization issues.

You know, copyright claim for background music/ soundtrack is the biggest issue for the YouTubes. For the brand new YouTuber, it is very common to download free music from the internet and place them on video and upload it to YouTube.

The story is fine up to this point, but things get worst when YouTube studio shows you a “copyright claim” notification. It means, although the video is created by you, you can’t monetize your channel by this, rather the soundtrack owner can do unless you purchase the license from the owner.

If you are a new YouTuber, you are far far away from monetizing.

First, you have to gather at least 1000 subscribers, then Ad offers may come to you, or even may not. And, in general, most of the YouTubers avoid spending extra money for the soundtrack in the initial stage, because they even don’t earn from the project, how can they pay the music ower!

Eventually, you have only 2 options left,

  • Use YouTube’s free music for your video.
  • Remove the video and re-edit with new free music.

If you use background music from “Fesliyan Studios” your experience will be different. Definitely you’ll get a similar “copyright claim” notice on YouTube, but the issue may be solved if you place a request via the contact form of Within a few hours, they will approve a royalty-free license for your YouTube project, and the copyright claim will vanish.

The good news is, they will not ask for money if you are starting a new project, or you don’t start earning from your project. Instead, they just request you to donate when your project starts monetizing, and the amount of donation is fully up to you.

You may check the following video that I created using David Fesliyan’s music, downloaded from Fesliyan Studios. Intentionally I used only one music which I collected elsewhere. So, you can easily realize the difference (Use Headphone).

Basic policies of Fesliyan Studios

They have different policies for non-commercial and commercial usage.

For non-commercial usage:

In case your project is not a commercial one, that means if you are not monetizing with this project, the soundtracks are free to use. Donation or crediting is not required under such cases, but both are highly appreciating.

For commercial usage:

Usage of Fesliyan Studios’ music for monetizing a project (via Youtube, Facebook, TV, or a theater film) is considered under commercial usage.

If you use David Fesliyan’s music for the above-mentioned projects, you need to donate for using those/ getting the royalty-free license. But the amount of donation is totally up to you, as per the budget of your project.

The owner is more kind about new YouTubers. He mentioned, if you are not making money from your project, or if you don’t even know whether the project will make money or not, he’ll approve the license for you free of cost. You can donate as per your affordability now or when you start monetizing.

Check the full policy and FAQs of Fesliyan Studios Here.

Things I like about Fesliyan Studios

  • Unique collection of royalty-free music (for YouTube or other videos)
  • The music library is versatile; it covers almost all types of emotions.
  • The artist is creative and kind. He respects other creators.
  • For commercial users there are no fixed payment bindings; you can donate as per your affordability.
  • You can use any music from Fesliyan Studios’ music library in a licensed project.
  • You may get a relief from donating if your project is still not earning.

Things I don’t like about Fesliyan Studios

To be honest I didn’t find any remarkable dislikes within Fesliyan Studios. But as a semi-negative you may consider the following point:

  • You have to credit the artist in your video/ video description (I personally think, this is not a real negative because crediting a genuine artist is always appreciating; in addition, it doesn’t harm you).

Who may use the Fesliyan Studios’ music?

I’d say everyone who is related to videography should check out the amazing royalty-free music library of Fesliyan Studios. In general, the following class of commercial and non-commercial activities are associated with videography:

  • Blogging
  • Online marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Vlogging / Video marketing (YouTube, Facebook)
  • Creating advertisment
  • TV serial editing.
  • Movie making
  • Professional wedding video preparing (or other social programs)
  • Creating videos by hobby (tour-travel, memorable days, family video, etc.)

If you are associated with any of the above activities, you may check out the music collection in Fesliyan Studios.

Other than video creators, is also a great place for the musicians, especially those who are beginners or intermediate in this field. They can have an amazing idea of how to create a unique tune.

Let’s wrap up

So that’s all about Fesliyan Studios. I must say it’s an amazing library of Royalty-Free Music for YouTube, Facebook, or any other kind of video.

You just visit there and share your personal experience mentioning how perfectly fulfilled your needs. I can bet you’ll like the tunes because those are really different from conventional ones.

If you have any further queries you may post your question below, I’ll more than happy to assist you.

If you are associated with blogging or online marketing activities, and searching for success, you may visit the following link, this may help you out.

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Have a nice day.

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