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What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money? Uncover the Best among Top 7…

Thinking to start blogging to initiate a passive earning source, but not sure what is the best blogging platform to make money online, right? I understand this is truly a confusing area, especially for beginners.

Why do you think choosing the right platform for initiating the online journey is very crucial?

Whether you are a very good writer or an expert on a particular niche, getting success in the online world is not an easy job unless you choose the right platform to start with. Your precious time and hard-earned money will be just wasted.

If you are looking to start a blog just for hobby, you can choose any platform, there are hundreds in the market. But, if your aim is to monetize your blog site, you need to be very specific in choosing a platform. A platform matters by thousand facts in terms of training, support, and facilities.

Let me help you in choosing the right platform, but before I start, I shall spend a few more words about the topic to deliver the complete scenario properly.

What do you mean by a blogging platform?

Assuming you are a beginner in this area, I decided to start from scratch.

Whenever you search for something in Google, the search engine provides you with lots of results. As an example, I consider this particular search term “What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money”; when you wrote this phrase on the Google search bar, it provided a list of results, and this article is one of those, right? So, this article is part of a blog and blog is hosted on a platform; that may be called as the blogging platform.

What is the best blogging platform to make money online?
Don’t worry about coding. Inbuilt software within the platform will manage it.

All the websites, blogs, online articles, web stores are hosted by specific platforms for their online appearances. All of them appears online by the composition of tons of coding languages. So, basically, if you are looking to build a website from very scratch, your prime job should be creating everything using codes.

Worried? Don’t you have the coding knowledge?

No need to worry; there is good news for you, inbuilt software within the blogging platforms will do this job for you.

When you sign up to a blogging platform they’ll provide you with pre-coded templates. You just have to create content for your website.

Most of the blogging platforms offer you free hosting plan…

Yes, this is true that most of the platforms offer you a free hosting plan, but you need to be careful about their terms and conditions.

If you are blogging for a hobby then you are free to grab any free plan. But when it is a matter of a full-time online business, you have to avoid most of the free plans. Because if you use their free plan, most of the blogging platforms or hosting sites will advertise themselves through your websites. So this will be converted to their business website rather than yours.

The major limitations of hosting a free plan in most of the blogging platform (not all):

  • Domain: You can not buy your own domain.
  • Brand: You can not build up a brand of your online business (because you can’t own a domain).
  • Advertisements (your): You can not host Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon ads on your website.
  • Advertisements (their): The hosting sites will advertise themselves from your website.
  • Affiliate links: In many platforms, you can not add affiliate links.
  • Selling product: In many cases, you can not sell products from your website.
  • E-commerce plugin: Often you can not add an e-commerce plugin.
  • Make money: you’ll be restricted to make money online most of the time.
  • Site Ranking: Without “.com” domain your website may not be ranked well in search engines.
  • Storage: You’ll be provided limited storage, and your website will be getting slow day by day.
  • Plugins: You have to stay happy with only very basic plugins.
  • Theme: You can’t access to premium themes to decorate your website.
  • Appearance: You’ll be unable to create a premium appearance of your website due to lack of sufficient themes.
  • Security: In most of the cases you can not secure your website via SSL certificate (https://).

Overall, it is really difficult to monetize your website with a free plan, which is the major drawback if you really looking to make money by blogging (though you can still make money with the free plans of a few organizations – need some extra hard work).

Best blogging platforms to make money

So, let’s move to the main discussion. What is the best blogging platform to make money online?

Before giving you the final suggestion let me show you a list of best blogging platforms along with their positives and negatives.

There are hundreds of platforms to make money by blogging. This is very normal that as a beginner maybe you never knew the best among them, which leads you to our site today.

We are very selective in choosing the right platforms, at least when this is a matter of business. We’ll direct you to only the right way because personally, I do not like to make a bad reputation on our loving website. We’ll show you only 7 most reputed platforms which are offing the best service for a very long time.

Let’s start with the worst among the best.

7. Blogger

Though earlier I suggested avoiding free-to-use platforms for online business, still we can’t neglect Blogger, because this is owned by the search engine giant (Google) himself and you can earn Ad revenue from this platform. That means, if you start blogging with Blogger for free, your option to make money online is still on.

But frankly speaking, there are too many negatives to work in this platform, especially if you wish to make a full-time income by blogging. Because you can not own your domain, cannot sell products online, only basic tools available, etc. Other than Google Ads, it is pretty tough to monetize your site with Blogger.


  • You can use it for free of cost.
  • Google himself owns the platform, so this is reliable and secure.
  • Very easy to handle.


  • No option to buy your own domain. Your website will appear like “”.
  • Very few themes are available.
  • Very limited access to plugins.
  • Outdated software.
  • Very difficult to monetize your website.

Price: FREE

6. Squarespace

Know what is the best blogging platform to make money.

For an absolute beginner, Squarespace is not a bad option, because of the easy drag and drop software. You don’t need to be technically sound building your website with Squarespace. However, I found this is a fair option for the small business owners who are happy enough with only their online presence. But, Squarespace is not suitable enough for a full-time online business. This is mainly due to the lack of sufficient themes, software, and plugins which are some main resources to grow a full-time business.


  • Beginners friendly.
  • Easy to use drag and drop software
  • Fair option for small business.


  • Very limited features are available within the platform.
  • Limited themes to decorate your website.
  • Only a few plugins.
  • Expensive offers for online stores.

Price: starting $12/month, more expensive better plans.

5. Weebly

Do you know what is the best blogging platform to make money?

This is another drag-and-drop software similar to the last, but a bit less expensive. In Weebly, you can start your free website for very basic uses, but in the free scheme, you can not buy your own domain. The paid schemes cost $5-25 (if you pay annually), whereas the highest paid scheme is suitable for the small business. They never claim they are suitable for a big business

Similar to Squarespace, here again, you’ll face the problems with features. Weebly contains very few themes and plugins, which are not sufficient for a full-time online money making website.


  • Beginner friendly.
  • Drag and drop tools available.
  • Good for the online appearance of small business.


  • Limited themes and plugins.
  • Plan for a small business website is too expensive in spite of limited features.

4. Wix

Do you know what is the best blogging platform to make money? Try Wix.

Wix is one of the best platforms with drag-and-drop software. This is very user-friendly and easy to use and thus may be considered as a good blogging platform for beginners. But, the free version is not suitable for blogging, because there you’ll get very limited customization options. Additionally, Wix includes their Ads on your free website.

With the paid plan you can start a small blogging website. Paid service of Wix is much better than Weebly and Squarespace, but not as versatile as WordPress. With limited plugins and software, it is difficult to grow a money making blog website. That’s why Wix is not suitable for building up your full-time online business.


  • User-friendly
  • Drag and drop software available.
  • Good option of the online appearance of small business.


  • Relatively limited option for themes and plugins.
  • They’ll charge you extra if you wish to build up an e-commerce business in their platform.
  • In their free plan, they include Wix Ads, which will be visible in your free website.
  • The server is not fast.

3. HostGator

Do you know what is the best blogging platform to make money? Hostgator is not bad.

Hostgator offers you two options for building your website.

  1. Using Gator, their own website builder.
  2. Hostgator-Wordpress hosting service.

Gator in Hostgator

This is very much like Wix, Weebly, etc. There is drag-and-drop software which is easy to use. You can start blogging, business websites, e-commerce stores in Gator website builder. There are 3 inexpensive schemes within gator for websites of 3 different categories. They’ll provide you customized themes, drag and drop software, free domain, free SSL certificate. Still, I’d not suggest Gator for your long term online business.


  • Easy to use drag and drop software included.
  • No headache about backup, security… handled by Hostgator.
  • Free domain and SSL certificate.
  • Easy to add an e-commerce plugin upon purchasing a suitable plan.


  • Limited themes and plugins.
  • Limited software extension.
  • Option for the online store is available only in the highest paid plan.
  • Not suitable for full-time online business.

Price: Starter $3.84/month, Premium $5.99/month, e-commerce $9.22/month (All are 50% off rate).

HostGator-WordPress hosting service

In collaboration with WordPress, Hostgator offers optimum service. You’ll get the basic WordPress hosting at reasonable price, but when you upgrade to VPS hosting or dedicated hosting, it’ll cost a lot. To get full control over your blogs you have to choose the higher plans. Additionally, you have to move through a learning curve to handle WordPress properly. If you have sufficient knowledge in this field then you can definitely try Hostgator as your blogging platform, which is very popular worldwide, and they offer high speed server in many countries.


  • You’ll get all the facilities of WordPress.
  • Enough options for themes and plugins.
  • Good to run a full-time online business.


  • Full access plan is too expensive.
  • The server is not very fast in all countries.
  • You have to move through the learning curve (should be arranged by yourself).

Price: WordPress hosting: $5.95/month, VPS hosting $29.05/month, dedicated hosting $119/month

2. WordPress

Do you know what is the best blogging platform to make money? WordPress is a great option.

WordPress is one of the best and most popular platforms for blogging and make money from there. They offer both free and paid service.

  1. (free service)
  2. (paid service) (free service) is a free blogging platform where you can start your basic website. If you don’t need the advanced services is a good option for you. But there are certain limitations just similar to other free services, such as limited customization option, restrictions to run advertisements and others. Additionally, as per there terms and conditions, WordPress will run their advertisements in your free site. If you violate any of their rules your account may be suspended.


  • Easy to use.
  • It is free with subdomain (


  • Limited customization options (theme, plugins).
  • You can not run your advertisements.
  • WordPress will run their advertisements on your site.

This is actually the ultimate blogging platform to make money online, where you’ll get beautiful designs, great features, and full freedom building up to anything you want. Accessing thousands of themes and plugins you can customize your blogs in a variety of way. You’ll not get so many customization options and features in other blogging platforms.

Additionally, within WordPress, there are several settings which allow you the optimize the search engines, which is one of the most important jobs in the online marketing business. Unless you optimize the search engine properly, your website will not get enough traffic to give your business.

The interesting thing is, nowadays many web hosting sites and blogging platforms (more than 35%) are powered by WordPress. That means they are hosting websites and collaborates to WordPress to offer their customers a blogging platform. Just similar the HostGator as I mentioned earlier.

However, WordPress is not as simple as drag-and-drop software. You need to go through a learning curve to utilize all facilities perfectly. If you already know those, it is fine, but otherwise, you should get some training building up your dream website within WordPress.


  • Great control over your website and blogs.
  • Get accessibility of thousands of free themes and plugins.
  • Easy building up a social network, e-commerce stores.
  • Search engine friendly— this platform offers you a great option to optimize the search engine (SEO).
  • Add any feature in your website, such as a gallery, contact form, etc.
  • One of the best platforms to make money online.


  • You have to handle security and back-ups by yourself.
  • To build up your website proper way, you have to go through a learning curve, otherwise your money and time both will be wasted.

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Do you know what is the best blogging platform to make money? Siterubix is the best.

The final blogging platform I am going to introduce today is Wealthy Affiliate. I am not sure whether you are aware of this hidden treasure or not, because they normally don’t advertise for themselves so much like other platforms, but do their job silently.

If you are a beginner in the online world Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best platform for you to start blogging. Because when you are a newbie, you need to go through a learning curve to make money online. otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money and time, both, as I already mentioned earlier. The online world is too competitive, and to survive there for a long time you must learn every trick.

Wealthy affiliate not only offers you a great blogging platform but also provides step-by-step training from scratch to make money online. No matter whether you know something about online marketing or not, no matter whether you are a technical person or not, their training session is designed for anybody. In their regular coaching and live webinar, they explain every trick which leads you to success in online marketing. If you follow their training with full dedication, you must be a gainer, for sure.

The Wealthy Affiliate blogging platform actually works together with 3 other organizations,

  1. SiteRubix (for web hosting)
  2. WordPress (for building great websites)
  3. Jaaxy (for Keyword research)
What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money?

If you start a website in their platform, your website will be hosted to SiteRubix, which is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. I found this is one of the best and fastest servers in the world. Additionally, due to a great collaboration between Wealthy Affiliate and WordPress, you can access thousands of designs (themes) and plugins for absolutely free. You can control and manage your website and blog right from WordPress and get full freedom building up your website as you want.

As a premium member, you can build up to 50 websites from their platform for free. You can purchase 25 domains building up your very own brand websites. A great keyword research tool Jaaxy; you need to go through deep keyword research if you want to make money by blogging. They’ll provide you some other very useful tools such as site builder, site manager, site comment, site feedback, etc. Finally, they offer you ultimate 24×7 support, a great community, line training, and regular training sessions.


  • Ultimate training sessions to make money online.
  • Accessibility to thousands of WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Great freedom to manage and control your website in WordPress.
  • As a premium member build up to 50 websites.
  • A super fast server of SiteRubix.
  • Accessibility to great keyword research tool Jaaxy.
  • Free backup of your website.
  • Free Security (SSL certificate) for all of your websites.
  • 24 x 7 support.
  • Great community with wide helping hands.
  • Other useful tools and facilities.


  • You have to follow their training properly building up a dream website.

Our #No. 1 Recommendation

So, now you are aware of the best platforms for blogging and you can choose a platform as per your requirements. But still, we have not finished our job, as we promised to answer your question, “What is the Best Blogging Platform to Make Money?”

Once again I am repeating, if you are looking to blogging for a hobby, you can choose any platform, but you need to be sincere and very selective when it is a matter of a full-time online business. Depending on the above discussion Hostgator, WordPress and Wealthy Affiliate are three most worthy platforms to make a full-time income from blogging.

Now just answer the 7 questions,

  1. Do you know how to make money by blogging?
  2. Do you how to find keywords for your website?
  3. Do you know how to write contents for your website?
  4. Do you how to make money selling products online?
  5. Do you know how the optimize search engine?
  6. Do you know how to draw maximum traffic for your website?
  7. Ultimately, do you know how building a successful website?

If all of your answers are “YES” then I guess you are an expert, and you can build up your website in any among the 3, HostGator, WordPress or Wealthy Affiliate.

But if you do not have a proper idea on the above topics, then I’d suggest you go through a proper training building up a successful website. Otherwise, you’ll be losing your time a money both.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you are getting…

  • World-class training in online marketing.
  • Option building up to 50 websites.
  • Site manager & site builder.
  • Jaaxy for keyword research.
  • All the useful tools required in online marketing.
  • Great helping hands from the community.
  • 24 x 7 support.
  • And many more.

Their training sessions include…

  • Creating and build up a website from scratch.
  • Select a profitable niche.
  • Keyword research for your blogs.
  • Writing content for your website proper way.
  • Optimizing search engine.
  • Increase traffic to your website.
  • Ways to make money by selling/promoting products online.
  • Building a successful website.
  • Maximize your online earnings.
  • Live training sessions on recent updates at online world.
  • Training and tutorial from the experienced members.
  • Others.

If you are a beginner or intermediate Wealthy Affiliate is my #No.1 recommendation for you as a blogging platform to make money online. Because, as per my experience, there is no other platform in the world who are going to offer you so many things within such a reasonable price.

Yes, I forgot to inform you, you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member for FREE, and can stay as a Free member as long as you want. You’ll be provided 2 websites as a starter member, where the company is not going to run their add, as others do. Your website will be solely your own property, and your own business platform. But to buy a domain you need to be a premium member.

As a free member, you can also access a few start-up training sessions (premium members will get all), and other tools and facilities.

==> Learn More about Wealthy Affiliate and Join as A FREE Member <==

That’s all for the day.

If you have any query, please drop them in the comment box, I shall be more than happy to help you.

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