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What is the Video Marketing Blaster about? – Why I’m not impressed of VMB! [Review]

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What is the Video Marketing Blaster about? Is it a worthy program for your online business?

Just like you, the same questions were blinking to my mind a few days back. I decided to spend a few bucks to try the trial version.

In the internet, you may find many people are promoting Video Marketing Blaster program seamlessly for earning affiliate commission, but I personally find the product is not much worthy at all. I can say, there are much better products that may be really useful for your online business.

I explained the reasons below, why the Video Marketing Blaster program is not convincing to me; you may figure out the facts better and take the right decision once you complete reading this article.

Here is how I turned my passion into profit

Product Name: Video Marketing Blaster

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $27

Owners: Stoica & Vlad M (& Ali G  – former partner)

Summary: Video Marketing Blaster is a cloud-based software that can reverse engineer YouTube and Google ranking system and helps your videos rank well on YouTube by choosing the right title, keywords and creating descriptions and tags.

Our Rating: 30 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is the Video Marketing Blaster about?

Video Marketing Blaster is a cloud-based software that claims to help you in ranking YouTube videos well. After creating a video you need to complete several other tasks to rank well on YouTube, such as choosing the right title, keywords, tags, writing description, backlinks, etc.

The Video Marketing Blaster is a software that can reverse-engineer YouTube & Google Ranking System and help you choose the right keywords, title, and tag and also provides a description. They claim if you implement all those in your YouTube videos, it’ll rank on the first page of YouTube and also appear at the top of Google search results.

So, the first criteria: You have to create and post videos on Youtube.

the second criteria: You need to have a minimum idea about the keywords.

Note: If you are a beginner, you may not be aware of the importance of keywords. Keywords are the search terms that people type in the search bar of the search engine like Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Content or video within the low competition and high traffic keywords generally rank well and thus drives more traffic.

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How Does Video Marketing Blaster Work

Needless to say, you can access the Video Marketing Blaster dashboard only after you pay the price of trial or full version. The free trial is not available in this program.

Unlike VMB, Here is an awesome platform that offers free subscription, NO credit card info is required.

Now let’s move inside VMB and check how it works.

Suppose you have created a video for posting on YouTube. Now, you need a title, tags, and description for the video.

First of all, you have to put a general keyword phrase in the main keyword box within VMB. Instantly, it’ll provide a list of low competition keywords related to the main keyword that you inserted.

What is the Video Marketing Blaster about? - the dashboard
Insert a keyword in the main keyword box


The list of keywords in Video Marketing Blaster
The list of related keywords

Thereafter, you need to select one or more low competition keyword from the list and proceed; VMB will suggest a high converting title for the keyword (as per their claim), tags, and also create a description for your video. As per their claim, if you insert all these elements to your video, it’ll rank on the first page of Youtube very quickly; that means if someone search with the related keyword he/she will find your video on the first page.

The Video Marketing Blaster can auto-generate title tags and description
The Video Marketing Blaster then auto-generate title tags and description

So basically, Video Marketing Blaster program is helping you in three ways —

  • It acts as an UNTAPPED keyword finder for your videos.
  • Suggests the lowest competitive keywords to rank your video well.
  • It generates perfectly optimized titles, descriptions, and tags automatically.

Things I like about Video Marketing Blaster

Although I personally rank THIS PROGRAM and THIS KEYWORD FINDER far ahead of Video Marketing Blaster software, I am not denying that VMB has some positives sides too.

  • The keyword finder within Video Marketing Blaster offers some new keyword ideas.
  • The program obviously saves your time in finding tags and creating descriptions.
  • You can check the details of related YouTube videos that include views, likes, comments, shares, channel subscriptions, scores, tags, etc. This is a big deal for sure (but you need to purchase the pro-version).
  • You’ll have the access to the rank tracker (again you need to purchase the pro-version).
  • 30 days money back guaranty is obviously a great positive, although the credit goes to Clickbank where VMB is hosted.
  • A considerable one for the newbies who don’t have the ideas of YouTube video tags, titles, and descriptions.
  • The response from the owner is good.

Note: For the newbies, Jaxxy keyword finder is a far better choice as it provides you the best step-by-step guidance on keyword research tricks and provides the best result ever I experienced.

Things I don’t like about Video Marketing Blaster

Keywords are the key to rank well in Google and YouTube. Then comes other facts like content, description, tags and many other factors. But the right keyword is the key to rank well. If your content keyword fails, all your efforts are going to fail.

You need to search for a low competition keyword which also draws high traffic. But does Video marketing Blaster software solves the issue?

My answer is NO; this is the biggest drawback of VMB.

Note: Know how to choose the right keywords.

I personally conducted deep research in this area and I discovered, Video Marketing Blaster software doesn’t produce the perfect results always. Although it provides a list of low competition keywords, most of the time it fails to maintain the low competition + high traffic rule.

At this stage, I am not saying their other tools are too bad, but if you don’t be able to figure out the right keywords all other efforts are useless. So, your very pioneer job is to choose the right keywords that rank well on YouTube and Google.

Well, on the internet you probably get a lot of positive reviews about VMB, but have you seen anyone provided proof that their videos ranked well on YouTube?

Did any reviewer provide a step-by-step proof of getting ranked on YouTube starting from the VMB dashboard?

You’ll probably not get one such review (at least I never find one), because most of the people promote this program to earn commission as VMB affiliates.

I’m giving you two VMB review examples where the reviewers created a step-by-step guide to use the Video marketing Blaster tool. They mentioned their video ranked well on YouTube with those titles suggested by VMB.

But they are big bluffs! Their videos never ranked on YouTube with those titles as they mentioned. I personally checked.

As per their claim, those VMB-suggested titles are,

  1. Weight loss quick – 10 easy ways to lose belly fat | quick weight loss trips & tricks, healthy foods
  2. Weight loss diet – how I lost 15 pounds in one week | lose weight fast diet journey

You’ll not find a video with these titles on the first 10 pages of YouTube. You can check yourself simply by clicking the above two links.

This is a shred of clear evidence that VMB keywords are not going to help your videos to rank well on YouTube. People are posting bluff reviews with a list of false statements.

I am giving you a clarification behind these poor results.

As I mentioned, choosing the right keywords is the prime criterion to rank a video on Google or YouTube. There are many keyword research tools in the market. Only a few among those are good while others generate poor results.

Most of the time VMB keyword finder can’t make a perfect balance between high traffic and low competition.

Although sometimes VMB generates better results, lack of perfection in further processes restricts the ranking in YouTube and Google.

The keyword is the pioneering step, but it is not the ultimate phase to rank well. YouTube, as well as Google bots, check your video details thoroughly before indexing it. Ranking on Youtube or Google depends on several parameters, and content description is one of the most important among those. The creator of VMB knows it very well and that’s why he included a description generator tool into this software.

But to be honest, VMB generated description is not of good quality at all. I’d say those are very poor quality descriptions. If you really want your videos to rank well on YouTube, you can’t rely on VMB generated descriptions. Rather you should have to change the description manually by following the right strategy.

Strategies to create a YouTube video description are pretty similar to the strategies of writing blogs or creating other content. If you don’t know how to optimize a YouTube description/tags, blogs and other content, THIS PROGRAM offers the best solution for you.

So, in brief, the major drawbacks of Video Marketing Blaster program are,

  • VMB doesn’t generate perfect keywords always. Often it fails to keep a balance between low competition and high traffic keywords.
  • It produces a long list of related keywords without proper data. (Here you can learn how to analyze perfect keyword data.)
  • The produced video descriptions by Video Marketing Blaster are of poor quality.
  • Many upsell inside: The total price of the VMB pro full version is really very high that is a total of $176 ($27+$47+$37+$67)
  • In the pro version, you’ll get the details of other YouTubes videos having related keywords, but this feature is not going to help you much, you can just track your competitors.
  • Rank checkers are available in almost all the keyword research tools; I am confused, why I have to pay extra to get this feature in VMB!

Is Video Marketing Blaster Scam?

No, it is not a scam. The creator tried to implement all the necessary tools for getting your video ranked on YouTube. But the problem is about accuracy.

As I mentioned above, keywords generated by Video Marketing Blaster are not accurate always, even you may not rank well with those keywords.

In addition, the auto-generated video descriptions are not well enough. You need to polish them very well before publishing because video descriptions play a very critical role in ranking a video. For similar keywords, VMB often generates the same descriptions, which disfavored by YouTube, Google or other search engines. These almost copy-pasted descriptions may destroy your YouTube channel forever, you may not get ranked again.

I personally prefer to create my YouTube video descriptions manually. In THIS PLATFORM, I learned the hidden tricks to generate genuine content, which really helps me creating the video descriptions.

Although Video Marketing Blaster is not a scam, it is not worthy to purchase for YouTube ranking. For keyword research and tags you may choose JAAXY KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL. To learn the tricks to create unique content or video description there is no better place than THIS PLATFORM.

Who should use Video Marketing Blaster?

A software like Video Marketing Blaster should be useful for every online or offline marketer who prefers to promote their products via YouTube videos. The following categories of business personalities would be benefitted from this kind of software as it saves time by its fully automated system.

  • Small and big production companies
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Bloggers
  • E-commerce brands
  • YouTubers
  • Travel companies
  • Digital platforms
  • Any other kind of business owners

But, it would be useful only if it can provide a 100% accurate keyword results and when it is able to generate a great description which may be published untouched. But as long as VMB is neither so accurate nor it can produce a unique video description, I personally don’t refer this program to anyone.

By purchasing this program, your main aims would be,

  1. to get less competitive-high traffic keywords for your videos to rank them well.
  2. to save time by auto-generating perfect title, video description, and tags.

As VMB can’t produce so accurate results, you have to recheck your keywords to another keyword research tool, and you also need the polish your description, title and tags manually. That means you can’t save you time at all. Then why you wase your hard-earned money purchasing this?!!

My #No.1 recommendation

I personally learned all about online marketing strategies from an awesome platform, and I found there is no better place for learning niche selection, keyword research, getting traffic for free by SEO, content and video description creation, utilizing social media and ultimately generating revenue from online marketing.

If you ask me about YouTube video details — I never need automated software for feeling the titles, tags, and descriptions, because this platform taught me to optimize these things proper way.

For keyword research I got a free to use Keyword research tool within this platform and for other video details, I simply don’t believe an automated system can do better than myself. The manual methods take a bit more time than an automatic system, but it is more perfect and ranks faster.

In terms of facility, price and success rate, this platform simply beats the competitors, such as A Clickbank University, Commission Hero, Super Affiliate program, Millionaire Biz Pro1K A Day Fast Track, Is 12 Minute AffiliateSimple Traffic SolutionsIs Affiliate Bots 2, etc.

This platform provides several things at a very competitive price:

  • Awesome training courses to learn everything about online marketing.
  • Great lessons to launch and monetize a website.
  • Weekly live training session on updated marketing tools.
  • A very accurate keyword research tool.
  • Hosts your 50 websites for free.
  • Awesome helpful community.
  • 1000s of member tutorials.
  • 24×7 support.
  • and, other tools you need to run your online business.

The most amazing thing is, you can join the platform for FREE of cost as a starter member, NO credit card information is required.

Join here my No 1 recommended platform

Do you have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to post your query in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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