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What is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program about (Review)

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The product at a glance

$497 + upsells (up to $4997)







Potential Earnings


Beginner Friendliness



  • Easy step-by-step to get successful.
  • Teaches you specific areas of online business to the advanced level.
  • Learn how to bring more traffic using specific strategy.
  • In House affiliate program available.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.


  • Program is too expensive compared to its value.
  • Too much upsells inside.
  • No proper SEO training (big negative).
  • Too much overhyped, making money is not so easy.
  • Only automation never works, 2-4 week is not enough to make money.

Welcome to John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program review.

I guess you are searching for a proven method to earn thousands of dollars online. There are two possibilities, either you are a newbie in the online era or you are suffering from the methods you are using presently to make money online. I’m not sure about the actual reason but one thing I want to make sure before I move inside— Making money is not easy, but the combination of the right knowledge, specific tricks, hard work, and dedication can lead you towards definite success.

All the successful people around you know the art of generating wealth, and the particular art makes them away from failure. But from the high volume of scams, it is really tough to recognize the legit platforms.


As per your interest, I’ll give a thorough demonstration of the desired program; in the following section, first, I’ll make it clear what is John Thornhills Ambassador Program about, then I’ll clarify all the pros and cons with perfect reason, provide you an indication whether John Thornhills Ambassador Program is a scam or not, offer you a suggestion whether this program the right one for you or not, and also offer you knowledge about the better alternatives (if any).

I hope the following information will be very crucial to you before spending money on such a high ticket program.

So, keep reading without missing anything.

What is John Thornhills Ambassador Program about?

In a single word, this is a training program on affiliate marketing.

As per the claim of the owner, this program will teach you the way to make money online 24/7 showing the power of proper implementation of the right methods in online business. In addition, he stated the program is beginner-friendly as well; so, if it is your first-time appearance in the online world, John Thornhills Ambassador Program might be a possible opening for you.

Well, if you are a newbie you may be thinking, how is it possible to earn 24/7 as you have to eat, sleep and relax in the meantime! Without getting involved in work 24×7, how would you earn all the time!

It’s a matter of automation. Nowadays, tons of similar programs rely on completely automated income streams, which can generate lots of traffic to your site, and subsequently help you to generate sales any time of the day.

However, launching a website is easier, even creating a product to sell on your website is easy enough compared to generating real traffic to your website. If you don’t get traffic, you’ll not get any conversion. And, this is the exact area where John Thornhills Ambassador Program claims to hit; you will learn here the technique to generate real traffic 24/7 on your website using automated processes, that includes five traffic methods.

John claimed you can earn 24/7 by working only 2-4 hours per week. Indeed, his claim is very usual because he is willing to teach you the automation; the lessons of earning more even after working for as little as possible.

Besides the mentioned lessons, John’s product further reveals about affiliate networks that will give you $1000+ for a single sell!

Overall, In John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program, he claims to let you copy the exact business model that John Thornhill applied to earn millions of dollars through ClickBank.

Now, the question, is making money so easy? Will you be able to earn $1830+ a day fro this program?

About John Thornhill, The Creator

Unlike tons of scam digital products, the creator/ owner John Thornhill is leading here from the front, this is a good sign. When the owner himself is guiding you, no question arises about the legitimacy of the product, though it doesn’t mean it can fulfill the value for money.

John mentioned himself among the top sellers on ClickBank and claimed he was able to secure $1,362,342 selling ClickBank products. He is known as a recognized JVZoo product of the day vendor, resides among the top 1% JVZoo affiliate, and top 1% Clickbank Vendor and affiliate, and also a coach for affiliate success.

He showed off some proofs of his earning; it is uncertain whether those are real or not, but if someone works hard for a long time, the mentioned earnings are very much possible from affiliate marketing, there is no doubt about it.

By the way, it the Ambassador Program, John himself is the coach and he will teach you the exact methods that he followed to make money selling ClickBank products. He also made the list of the most profitable products, which help you earn higher revenue.

You should note, John mentioned he earned this amount in his 15+ years’ affiliate career, so don’t expect to become rich overnight even if you follow John’s method.

How Does John Thornhills Ambassador Program Work?

As mentioned above, John Thornhills Ambassador Program teaches the affiliate model that can afford quick success. he will teach you some specific tricks and strategies that are followed by top affiliate marketers; the same methods may help you to generate more sales and a rapid affiliate success as well.

As per his claim, you have to implement all the tactics on your business to achieve success. So, never think it’s an easy and cheap deal. Better you have to get ready to spend money whenever he asks you to purchase a new product/service.

Yes, the program is definitely beginner-friendly in terms of the training process, but you also need to have sufficient money in your pocket to grab all the upsells in John’s program. Can you do it as a beginner?

I personally revealed there is not much secret inside, rather these are common methods that are just overhyped in the sales webinar. Let’s take a look at what are the strategies.

Set up Business

In the first place, usually, you have to set up your business that includes launching a website, selecting products to sell, social appearance, etc. As a beginner, you may not aware of these things, but these are common and all the genuine training programs will guide you to do the same things first.

Draw Traffic

Generating traffic is the most difficult task that you’ll face during the online business. Indeed, traffic is the most important thing you have to focus on first, because no traffic means no chances to get sells.

From John Thornhills Ambassador product you will learn how to drive more targeted people on your business website.


After getting the traffic you need to generate sales. Not all your traffic will be converted, but the marketing policy is to convert maximum visitors to buyers.

John’s program will show you the strategies to convert visitors to customers who should purchase through your affiliate link.


As John claimed to show you the strategy to make money 24/7, he must guide you accordingly; however, it needs automation.

John mainly focuses on email automation. He will ask you to purchase and integrate Aweber Autoresponder to your website. Aweber is a service that can automatically send emails to your site visitors. John will guide you on how to set up the email sequence that converts to sell.

Affiliteship for John Thornhills Ambassador Program

When you signup to John Thornhills Ambassador Program you’ll become an automatic affiliate of the same. Certain people may apply from ClickBank to become an affiliate of the Ambassador Program, but they could become affiliate only if John approve.

Partnership program

It’s a high ticket program ($2000) that helps you to earn up to $1857 a day.

The partnership program included a bunch of digital products that offer up to 50% commission and John puts that people who sign up for the webinar; if any one of them buys a product from your link you’ll be earning the commission.

What is John Thornhill's Ambassador Program about - the sales funnel
The sales funnel

Things I like about John Thornhills Ambassador Program

Even though I don’t recommend this program that much, still, I absolutely agree there are some positives into it.

Training on email marketing strategies are good

The email marketing strategies you’ll learn here in John Thornhills Ambassador Program are useful. You’ll get ready for your email templates which are useful.

Learning how to generate traffic and revenue

You’ll get an idea of how to generate site traffic and make sales. Although there are better options in the market to learn these things, still, this point may be considered as a pros.

In House Affiliate Program

As a general ClickBank affiliate, you may not become an affiliate for John Thornhills Ambassador Program if John doesn’t approve your application, but if you become a member you’ll be an automatic affiliate of the program. As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50%  commission selling the membership to others and also by selling the partnership program.


John Thornhills Ambassador Program is hosted on ClickBank, and ClickBank offers a 30 days money-back guarantee for any of their products (60 days for some products also). So, after paying for the product, if you find this program does not fit your needs, you can apply for money back, and you’ll get it back for sure.

Things I don’t like about John Thornhills Ambassador Program

There are some big negatives in John’s program and those are the main reason that I don’t recommend it to the newcomers.

The program is too expensive compared to its value

The program costs around $497, which is a tough call for the level of training courses they actually offer. Yes, this is a reasonable price for any genuine platform that offers the full training on Online marketing, but John Thornhills Ambassador Program is too much focused on email marketing. To learn a mono directed strategy, it is not worthy to spend so much money.

In addition, you have to pay a monthly recurring for autoresponder, yearly recurring for web hosting, domain, and several other tools. As a newbie, it’s pretty doubtful that everyone can afford so much money.

Instead, you can try THIS PLATFORM, which not only offers world-class training of online marketing (120 lessons, 1000+ tutorials, weekly live webinar) but also hosts your 10 websites at a similar price.

Too much upsells inside

There are too many hidden upsells, which is up to $4995, which is actually a huge amount! I doubt a very selected people can afford it, though I don’t know about your financial position.

John mentioned you have to follow all the tactics to get success. So, if you don’t purchase these upsells, there are very high chances that you’ll not be successful, and you can’t blame John for this.

No proper SEO training

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the biggest criteria to build up a long term online business; in fact, this is an evergreen process. Yes, SEO is a bit hectic job, but if you are willing to grow up stay alive for the long term, then search engine optimization is a definite task. The good thing is, SEO helps you t get sells without spending money on advertisements.

However, John Thornhills Ambassador Program will not teach you much about SEO, which is a big negative. He is more focused on paid processes such as email marketing, etc.

Too much overhyped

In the sales video, John overhyped the program far more than it actually is. I suggest don’t be impressed by his version, rather check these pros and cons thoroughly to understand how valuable the program and how does it fit your needs.

There is no easy approach to fill up your bank balance. It all required hard works and dedication. I can assure you, you can’t make so much money simply by working 2-4 hours weekly. If it was possible then everyone would have been doing this. John himself also worked pretty hard to become in this position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost of the John Thornhills Ambassador Program?

To join the program, you have to pay $497 which is high enough compared to it’s standard. In addition, you have other costs, such as monthly recurring for autoresponder, yearly recurring for web hosting, domain, and several other tools. Finally, there is a huge upsell known as the partnership program, which costs around $4997.

Is John Thornhills Ambassador Program a Scam?

No, John Thornhills Ambassador Program is not a scam, but also, it is not quite valuable compared to its cost. I’d say this is not a value-for-money program.

Who should join John Thornhills Ambassador Program?

I personally don’t recommend anyone to join this program, because there is a far better program to learn everything about online marketing and host the business on the same platform.

Still, if you are really interested to try John Thornhills Ambassador Program considering there is a money-back guarantee, you should have enough money in your pocket (around $1000 initially, and $5000 for upsells), and you shouldn’t be looking for a quick success.

Conclusive Remarks

I hope, I could offer you a clear overview of this program including it’s working process, tolerant level, pros, and cons; Did I able to? Is it now clear to you that what is John Thornhills Ambassador Program about, and how does it work?

As I mentioned earlier there is a much better option to learn online marketing, I am just giving a glimpse.

You may check THIS PLATFORM instead of the John Thornhills Ambassador Program; They offer a free of cost access. You don’t have to spend any money to signup HERE and start learning. You can upgrade yourself as a premium member only when you fill this is the perfect place for you.

This Platform offers a complete course on online marketing that starts from the basics and covers several areas of online marketing such as keyword research, niche research, SEO, social marketing, email marketing, e-commerce/ dropshipping, and several other things.

This platform contains a total of 120+ official lessons, 1000+ tutorial & training videos, and you also have the access to the weekly live webinars that keep you updated about the recent trends of online marketing.

In addition, they host your 10 websites as a premium member, and  1 website as a free member, and provides all the essential tools required for online marketing.

What is John Thornhill's Ambassador Program about - Top recommendation

If you have any further queries regarding anything that I discussed here, don’t hesitate. Just post your question below, I’ll be getting back and help you out.

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