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What is Paid Social Media Jobs about? Scam or Legit? [Review]

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What is paid social media jobs about? Is Paid Social Media Jobs another online scam? Shall I join Paid Social Media Jobs program to increase my income? — A list of common queries I’m receiving recently in my mailbox.

People are a bit skeptical to join an unknown program: in fact, it should be. I am glad to see you are doing some research instead of joining a program blindly.

I really understand everyone loves to earn more money, have more time for family and friends and want a better lifestyle, and I personally do the same. But that doesn’t mean I’ll join a scam and lose my hard earn money. I want none of my site visitors should waste their hard-earned money.

In this Paid Social Media Jobs review, I’ll explain everything step by step for your best understanding of the facts, and I’m pretty sure that you can decide yourself what to do exactly.

I just request you to stay tuned and read the full review as you may not find another in-depth and honest Paid Social Media Jobs review elsewhere on the internet. Do you know why?  — Because most of the people are Paid Social Media Jobs affiliate and they don’t afraid to share false statements to make money.

So, let’s move ahead.

Product Name: Paid Social Media Jobs

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $47 + Upsell

Owners: Annie Jones

Summary: Paid Social Media Jobs program teaches you the way to become a social media manager and manage your clients’ posts on social media. The clients are generally small to the big business platforms who look to promote themselves in social media to increase sales.

Our Rating: 40 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is Paid Social Media Jobs about?

As a definition, it can be said, Paid Social Media Jobs is a platform that provides you training for social media management and sources for getting social media jobs.

We all use social media. Most of us use it just to get in touch with others, and few people use social media for business purposes. In recent times big and small all types of business platforms prefer to run advertisements on Facebook.

A business platform wants more likes and followers in there pages or groups, and wants more and more conversion. The more will be the followers, the more will be their sales. But it’s a big deal to increase the number of followers.

Not every people knows the trick to increase followers even though he and she is a regular user of social media.

Paid Social Media Jobs is a four module-based training session where you will learn the tricks to increase likes and conversion, and the knowledge will help you to get social media-based jobs. In fact, you can work as a freelancer as people do in Fiverr or Upwork. The only difference is Fiverr and Upwork are free to join platforms while Paid Social Media Jobs program takes money from you for the training courses.

How does Paid Social Media Jobs Work?

As I mentioned above, the Paid Social Media Jobs program offers you a 4 modules training course to understand the social media jobs’ criteria and also help you to make a stunning resume to attract clients.

Who will be your clients?

Advertising on social media is very popular with small and big business owners. The big business owners generally keep in-home social media managers, but most of the small and medium business owners hire freelancers to manage social media-related jobs.

So you have a greater chance to get hired by the small or medium business owners. But to be honest, it’s not easy to get such a job, because there are thousands of qualified workers in this particular area.

What types of jobs you may get?

  • Creating Facebook Ads (you have to create ads which convert to sale)
  • Posting Images, videos, and links regularly on Facebook
  • Tweeting
  • Setting up most popular social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Managing social media comments.
  • Managing customers in social media.
  • Increasing the number of Likes/retweeting/Followers/Subscribers etc.

Paid Social Media Jobs program teaches something about these jobs and promises to offer you these jobs further. But, once again I’d say, getting these jobs are not that easy

Details inside Paid Social Media Jobs

Once you join Paid Social Media Jobs program you’ll get a 4 modules training course.

Module 1: Understanding Social Media Clients

In this section, a 26 minutes video will teach you about…

  • The role of a social media manager.
  • The reasons to become a social media manager.
  • The ways to understand the clients’ needs and earn their trust.

Module 2: Becoming a Social Media Manager

In this lesson, you’ll learn about your roles in a bit of detail.

  • Strengthening your social media skills.
  • Setting up your own social media accounts in a professional way.
  • Types of jobs you may get.
  • The right places to get a social media manager job.
  • Becoming a professional social media manager to connect clients.

Module 3: Finding Clients and Social Media Management

In this module you are getting some similar information again; this time they offer you information about the places to finding clients. In addition, you’ll learn something about,

  • Developing skills.
  • Handling brands.
  • Marketing
  • Communikation skills.

One thing I would say, a training doesn’t mean only a bunch of information about “where” and “why”, rather a complete training should teach you “how” to cross the barriers. I really missed an extensive “how” part so far within Paid Social Media Jobs training courses!

Module 4: Advanced Training Program

This is just a kind of eye-wash, because with the name of “Advanced” training they are repeating the same things here once again, just in a bit in-depth which they should have done in the earlier lessons.

See what you are getting in this lesson:

  • An awareness message about the importance of social media for marketing.
  • Updated knowledge about administration and working method with all the social media.
  • Lessons to make a positive impression to get social media jobs.
  • Strategies to manage time.


After completion of your training you a job, right? If you don’t get a job after spending your money and time then what is Paid Social Media Jobs about!

Probably understanding the fact, they made a basic database where you may find social media jobs.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll positively get a job there. because clients will hire you only when they’ll trust your ability. The client may choose you, if you have a higher rating or good review. The fact is very similar to purchase something online, as an example, we prefer to buy a product from Amazon if it has a good rating.

But the bad thing is, Paid Social Media Jobs doesn’t offer you any review or ratings for your profile. Who gonna hire you? Instead of hiring the clients may think you as another scam person. Isn’t this right?

To be honest, there is a minimum chance that a client will hire you from Paid Social Media Jobs, rather they will hire from reputable brands like Fiverr or Upwork.

Things I like about Paid Social Media Jobs

I really don’t find many good things within Paid Social Media Jobs. After some scrutiny, I discovered the following things may be considered as the goods.

You are getting a training

Yes, definitely you are getting a 4 modules training course on social media management and you are getting some information on the topics.

However, You’ll get this information on the internet anytime, and as I mentioned earlier, there are many repetitions within the training sessions.

60 Days money-back guarantee

The credit actually goes to Clickbank. As Paid Social Media Jobs is a Clickbank program, you are eligible to get your money back if you don’t like it.

Things I don’t like about Paid Social Media Jobs

Now take a look at the long list of negatives which are actually the hidden truths about the Paid Social Media Jobs that many people overlook.

Full of fake sales pitch

A lot of fake news and testimonials within the sales pitch provides “Paid Social Media Jobs” program a scam like appearance.

FAKE NEWS on the sales page!

The news video on the sales page of the Paid Social Media Jobs program is really impressive and a great one to attract any newbie. Anyone will think, “Wow, it’s really worthy to join such a top-class program!!”

But my deep research on this video testimonial uncovered a big truth. The impressive video is a totally fake one and the owner of the Paid Social Media Jobs” program hired a Fiverr actor who also produced similar video for several other programs.

Now think, how disappointing this is.

FAKE Income Proofs

On the sales page, you’ll also see an income proof showing a PayPal account balance of $9412.83.

Who is the person with the name of Kate Jones? Even though I consider this one as a non-edited statement, where is the transaction details?!

In fact, anyone may have $9412.83 in her account, but without transaction details who gonna understand how she earned the money? Even it is doubtful whether she earned it on just deposited it to make a false testimonial.

Doubtful owner

The sales video mentions the name of the owner is Annie Jones. But who is she? She never introduced herself in the sales video or anywhere else on the sales page.

I really doubt whether Annie Jones is another imaginary product owner like many other online scams.

False income claim

The sales video mentions you can earn a lot of money within a month as a social media manager if you join this program. But as I mentioned earlier, the job is not easy at all.

I agree social media management is a profitable job and many people earn money from it. But you can’t handle many clients at a time, at least at the initial stage you can’t, because in this job you need to stay involved almost full day to satisfy a single client’s needs. A lot of post, a lot of comments, advertisements and many other jobs you have to do for a single client and you have to manage all those in several social media.

So it is a really false claim that you can earn a lot of money and work with a lot of clients within just a few days.

Worthless course

Definitely you are getting a course for you paid money, but I don’t think the course is worthy enough. As a beginner, you can’t earn money even though you learn social media lessons from the Paid Social Media Jobs program, because nobody is going to trust you and even you can’t manage the job perfectly.

If you are an expert, you don’t need to join the course, rather you can earn money as a member of Fiverr or Upwork.

They Drop Price with time

The first price of this program was $77, then it drops to $47, then again dropped to $27, and sometimes they even offer the course at $17. They are frequently dropping the price because it is not performing well at a higher price.

It clearly shows the inefficiency of the Paid Social Media Jobs program.

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Is Paid Social Media Jobs Scam?

Legally Paid Social Media Jobs is not a scam because it provides you the mentioned training courses as mentioned, but several false claims and false testimonials make a scam-like reputation for this program.

I personally believe there is no point to join this program for getting only a few social media management information. Rather you may collect similar info on the internet and join Fiverr or Upwork for free of cost.

My #No.1 recommendation

Before I wrap up, I am showing you a much better way to make money online in a continuous way which may help you out.

Social media management is a small part of online business. If you learn only this part, you have nothing to do except becoming a freelancer, and working for other business owners.

Instead, if you want to start your own online business you may check my No. 1 recommended platform where you’ll learn everything about become successful in online marketing (Of course the lessons of social media management is included there).

THIS PLATFORM offers an all-in-one training course on affiliate marketing and provides all the tools for your online business. Their awesome training sessions help you to start an online business in any direction you want, anything you are passionate about.

In THIS PLATFORM you’ll get:

  1. A Full training course (120 lessons + weekly live webinar) that uncovers all about online marketing.
  2. WordPress websites (up to 50!).
  3. 24 x 7 support.
  4. All the necessary tools for online marketing.
  5. Membership to an amazingly helpful community.

You can join there as a FREE member to check the platform, and you don’t need to share your credit card details to join as a FREE starter member.


So, that all for today.

If you have any further queries, feel free to post your questions in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Sharing to social media is always highly appreciated if you enjoyed reading.

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