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Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – Is it true?

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There maybe one situation, you have been lured by the get-rich-quick offer of Millionaire Biz Pro, but at the same time you are also worried and skeptical – “maybe Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam”, “maybe I’m going to lose another $47”.

Never mind! I am not really sure about your thoughts, but just trying to guess the reason behind your presence here!

If you are searching for a Millionaire Biz Pro review, or an answer for a question like… “Is the Millionaire Biz Pro a Scam?”… then you’ll get your complete answer here. Even if you are searching for a better (even the best) alternatives, still, you are in the right place.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam - here is how I turned my passion into profit

So, WELCOME to Millionaire Biz Pro review!

If you ask me about Millionaire Biz Pro, I am very straight forward… and I’d say…

YES, Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam!

But why will you believe me without any explanation?

So let me explain all the reasons behind my claim, and you judge the fact by yourself.

Product Name: Millionaire Biz Pro

Visit here:

Price of the Product: $47 plus upsells

Founders: Derek Maxwell

Our Rating: 3 out of 100

Brief intro: Millionaire Biz Pro is a kind of Affiliate marketing system that claims to let you earn $1000 every day with their traffic manipulation system. But there are too many ugly sides, such as their fake testimonials and the absence of a real owner are few of those. Caution: Millionaire Biz Pro is a scam

Recommendation: NO (Strictly Avoid)

What is Millionaire Biz Pro about?

Millionaire Biz Pro is known to be founded by Derek Maxwell in 2016, though I am not sure who is he actually. I am coming to this point later.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – Derek Maxwell

This is just another online platform that offers you a get-rich-quick scheme. In fact, they claim, you can make more than $1000 per day with minimum work; (anyone must feel crazy to grab such an opportunity, there is nothing wrong).

How exactly can you make so much money with Millionaire Biz Pro?

I am not going to explain the matter of possibility at this moment, but just showing you the general overview as per their version.

The earning method is pretty common. You’ll have a landing page (NOT a website) to promote a product via affiliate marketing. After subscription, you’ll be provided,

  1. Their tutorials and training videos.
  2. List of Affiliate links for your pages.
  3. A Landing page to gather emails.

The uncommon thing which they claim is traffic manipulation. As per their claim, you can earn lots of money by manipulating the traffic while you’ll be using a traffic generator tool, which means manipulation of the search engine.

To be honest, this is pretty unusual and unrealistic, because manipulation of the search engine is not an easy job at all (unless you pay for advertising your website).

How does Millionaire Biz Pro work?

I hope you have already visited the Millionaire Biz Pro website.

You have to provide your name, email address and credit card details for sign up, and then you’ll be directed to another page where you’ll be watching videos for four easy steps to generate traffic as well as make money by promoting products. This is actually nothing but affiliate marketing.

You know Affiliate marketing is a legal and transparent process to make money online, and I am really not sure why Millionaire Biz Pro is overhyping in a so complicated way to explain this simple thing (Probably because you have to promote only those products which they’ll ask you to).

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – Learn here

They hide everything under the cover. They don’t really go into any in-depth explanation; but WHY?

Let me say what the reality is.

The matter of traffic manipulation is completely fake. You’ll have a landing page that mainly helps you to collect email addresses; this is called funnel. Now simply you have to start email marketing (promoting products via email). You can generate extra traffic by paid Ads.

Email marketing is a small part of the online marketing system. You have to learn many other things to generate free organic traffic to your website.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – Are you interested

Things will be clear to you, if you have a look at the positives and negatives of Millionaire Biz Pro. Let’s do it.

Be aware of the trap: They’ll offer you a lower price again and again

There is a giant trap inside Millionaire Biz Pro. You’ll rarely find an in-depth explanation of this trap on the internet. Let me say step-by-step. Firstly I’ll start with their bargain policy.

Cheap Bargain policy of Millionaire Biz Pro

When you enter the Millionaire Biz Pro sales page they’ll offer you a $47 onetime payment (I am discussing the upsells later). If you click to the join button, you’ll be redirected to Clickbetter to complete the payment. You have to provide credit card info because you have to pay via credit card.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – $47 is their first call
$47 is their first call… If you click on this, you’ll be redirected to complete the payment

If you deny or if you wait there for minutes they’ll send you a message offering you a 10% more discount. That means you have to pay $37 now. If you are interested to keep your spot, you’ll be redirected to Clickbetter to complete the payment.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – 10% discount
If you wait for minutes you’ll receive a message offering you a 10% discount!

Okay, you are not interested and click on the right button… “No Thanks! I will…”; You’ll be redirected to another landing page with a headline, “WAIT WAIT WAIT” and instantly offer you a 96% discount! You have to pay $17 (96% 0f $197).

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – 96% discount
You’ll be redirected to a new landing page and instantly you’ll receive a 96% discount offer

Again you deny and click on “No Thanks. I Hate Saving Money”.

Get ready for a strange thing now! This time you’ll be redirected to a new page that is not Millionaire Biz Pro at all. This is a new website namely “Income lite team”! That means this a chain. They are working together!

More strange left! Income lite team will offer you a huge discount. Millionaire Biz Pro program which initially declared their original price is $197, and Income lite team is offering you the same at $4.95!!

Ohhh… don’t be hurry! Don’t miss the small letters written below (I circled with RED). You are paying $4.95 for today only, then you’ll be charged $39 per month.

But you may not get a chance to be so watchful. Because, they’ll start a video to attract your focus, and subsequently another page will appear to lead you to the payment page. Generally, you’ll be excited with the offer of $4.95, and they don’t want you to think twice.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – you are directed to a new site
After you are redirected to a new website they’ll offer you the program for only $4.95! But watch the red circles carefully.

It is needless to say you’ll not proceed for payment once you read this article. Okay, le’s press on “No! I am not interested!” Let’s what’s ahead.

You’ll again be redirected to a new page hosted by the same company, Income lite team! This time with an unbelievable offer – only $2.95!!!

But they clearly wrote it is for a seven days trial. And they are not giving you any more discount because there is no deny button. So, this is the lowest price they are offering you.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – the final call
This is their final call – $2.95 for 7 days (Check the red box at the left carefully)

I am not sure what you are going to do. But my job is to deliver you the right points so that you can save you your hard-earned money. So, if you finally decided to join the program for $2.95, you should note a point carefully at this particular page. If you do not stop your subscription it will be auto renewed (see the red box in the left image above).

However, I am wondering…

  1. Why they are bargaining so much?
  2. Why they are not offering a FREE trial?

I have an explanation too.

(1) They are bargaining too much because, if they can somehow grab you, they’ll not let you out. Because Millionaire Biz Pro owner has your credit card details. They’ll forcefully suck more money from you by the upsells inside.

(2) They are not offering a FREE trial because,

  • After the free trial, you’ll realize there is nothing inside, and you’ll not upgrade to their paid plan.
  • They’ll not get your credit card detail.
  • If they don’t have your credit card details, they can’t force you to upsell.

In general scam programs never offer you a FREE trial for the above reasons. But legitimate programs always call you for a FREE trial to check their system. You should upgrade as a premium or paid member only if you are satisfied with the FREE trial.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – this one is legit

^ NO credit card information is required to subscribe here ^

Upsells inside Millionaire Biz Pro

This is the hidden part within Millionaire Biz Pro. Unless you check properly you’ll not find out the chain of upsells. This is a hidden matter which you’ll find out inside the second website you’ll be redirected – “Income lite team”.

This is just like a trap. Once they get your credit card details, they are not going to leave you before sucking your money.

It is not easy to unsubscribe from their system. In a legitimate system, you’ll get a straightforward switch for discontinuation. But in their system this is hidden.

I am showing you the trap. You should be aware of it before subscribe to Millionaire Biz Pro. As an example, I am showing you an upsell chart for $4.95 plan.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – the trap
This is one of the upsell chains – you must be aware

Red flags in Millionaire Biz Pro – The UGLY side

Here, I am going to explain the negatives of the platforms, which may be revealed as the UGLY Truths that are exposed. If you read this part, you’ll be able to make a decision as well as you’ll clearly understand the reason behind my rating.

1. The Testimonials

The biggest red flag is the testimonial itself within the advertisement video. By introducing the fake testimonials to overhype the platform, Millionaire Biz Pro is doing exactly the same as a scam do.

A few days back I watched several millionaires in their advertising video. These people were not some millionaire from the Millionaire Biz Pro platform, rather they are just paid models from Fiverr. The owner of the Millionaire Biz Pro had to pay only $5-$25 to hire the models and make such a convincing video.

Recently they have changed their video and removed all those models. But they didn’t change other false testimonials.

There are no evidence in support of those testimonials showed in their sales video.

2. Fake owner

Yes, there is the name of the owner and I also mentioned the name above. But the image of the owner they are providing, that is absolutely fake, which is the main reason I am talking about the fake owner.

If you check in Google image, you’ll find the photo is collected from a stock image site, which they hired for their advertisement.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam – Face owner
Check the owner’s image in Google Image – you’ll understand this is absolutely fake.

But why they are hiding? – Hope, you can guess.

3. Conflicting disclaimer

Check their earning disclaimer section. It is clearly written here that, you may not be able to earn those figures and in that case, total risk is only yours. They are legally staying on the safe side. You can’t claim anything if you lose your money.

Then why in their advertisement they are saying you can earn a lot of money once you register?

Simply to over hype the platform. This is really a great sign of a scam.

4. Website is unsecured

The website is just similar to their fake testimonial and fake owner. The useless video doesn’t explain clearly what they are and what they are offering actually. Instead, it is full of fake testimonials. Moreover, the website is not secured.

No way, this site can’t be trusted while it is related to my credit card information.

5. Traffic Manipulation

Traffic is the major factor in any type of online business, maybe that is affiliate marketing, e-commerce, online coaching, any of these. More will be the visitor on your website higher will be the earnings.

The generation of organic traffic is not so simple; you need to have proper knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization).

They claim you can manipulate traffic on their platform! To be honest, it is pretty unrealistic to manipulate organic traffic. Manipulation is only possible by paid advertisements, such as TV Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

So, I hope you can understand what they are talking about. If you are a beginner I suggest you stay away from these false statements.

Rather, you can learn the way to generate FREE organic traffic to your website, and HERE IS A PLATFORM where you can learn all about it step by step.

6. Hidden upsells

In the sales page of Millionaire Biz Pro, you’ll always see a discount of $150 is available for the next two people.

“Normal price: $197 but yours today for: $47”.

…And then $37, then $17, then $4.95, and finally $2.95… Too much bargaining as I discussed above.

But don’t take it easy, because, this just the startup price for the basic program. There are a lot more inside… a lot of upsells, as I already mentioned above.

One more information you should know, you are not going to get anything by the upsells inside but the owner will make a lot of money. Because all the upsells are linked to his affiliate links. Each upsells you’ll pay for, he’ll earn his commission.

The positive side of Millionaire Biz Pro

To be honest I can’t see anything positive in this program. For me, this is a program that starts with fake matters and ends up sucking your money.

Is Millionaire Biz Pro Scam?

YES, Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam and it’s an absolute scam.

Lots of fake testimonials, false statements, conflicted disclaimer, fake owner, hidden upsells… what else left? They have accumulated a lot of things to mislead new people who are interested to start an online business.

There is actually no real evidence that someone made some money from Millionaire Biz Pro. This is only another scam that is offering you a get-rich-quick scheme.

I strongly suggest you stay away from these types of get-rich-quick schemes.

A final suggestion for you

If you really want to start an online business, you should learn it first from a legitimate source. Just forget about all short of get-rich-quick schemes. In general get-rich-quick schemes are scams.

Making money online is not possible overnight. It needs some time and hard work to make a stable and long-run business. Also, you need to move through a systematic path to build up a successful online business. For your suggestion, you can check out THIS PLATFORM where I learned all about online marketing.

They not only taught me the process but also hosts my multiple websites and provides all the necessary tools and facilities. From my heart, I am highly grateful to this platform that helped me turn my passion into profit.

I have seen many folks out there suffering from their day job, some are searching for a sustainable alternative, many are looking to turn their passion into a full time earning source. But I know, finding a legitimate source is not easy. I’m happy to share my personal experience with a great platform that may help you out.

If you are interested you can get started through the link below. Don’t worry, It’s absolutely FREE to read and check.

Millionaire Biz Pro is Scam. Try this one to turn your passion into profit.

Thank you very much for your kind attention. If you have any query you can drop it in the comment box below. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

If you find the article helpful please share it and share your personal insight into the comment box below.

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  1. Rose

    I can boldly say I was once a victim of the millionaire Biz pro, I  was introduced to it by a friend. She claimed the site pays higher with a low offer, she told me how it was operated. 

    I was happy that I’ll be making so much money with a small registration  fee, I dont even think maybe it’s a scam, because I really needed money then and the offer suits me, I was redirected 3 times like it was said in the post but still I was happy to pay less thinking I was lucky, which I wasn’t actually. The site got my money and unfortunately for me till now I have not make a dime off it. So beware of it. 

    Thanks so much for this great post 

    1. Dr. SD

      It is really unfortunate to know about you fate with Millionaire Biz Pro. But you are not the only victim. There are hundreds of people there who are registering through the lower price offer and getting sucked by Millionaire Biz Pro.

      As I said in this article, Millionaire Biz Pro is scam, and your experience proves it again. I’d suggest you somehow unsubscribe and get away from this one. Otherwise, you’ll be losing more money. If you really interested the make money online, go for some proper training and do it systematically.

      Here is a platform where you’ll get genuine lessons and all facilities to build up and grow your online, and thousands of people are running their online business successfully from THIS PLATFORM.

      For your kind information, you can register here for FREE of cost as a starter member; that means NO credit card info is required. Just worry-free, learn, work and turn your passion into profit

      Have a nice day.

  2. Vasilij

    Haha, that’s a really interesting bargain policy they have there. It made me chuckle all the way through reading it. 🙂

    With the upsell it’s not that funny, but rather a bit sad. I don’t understand how people selling this go to bed at night.

    Anyway, you don’t need much internet experience to recognize this as a scam. I feel sorry for the people they are targeting.

    1. Dr. SD

      Their bargaining policy is not a funny thing, but this is their scamming trick. They just need your credit card info. Once you get in, they’ll get it. Once they get your credit card info they’ll start to suck your money. You’ll not easily find out a way to get back, and your membership will be auto renewed every month.

      This is the reason they don’t offer any free trial.

      It’s really sad people are getting scammed by Millionaire Biz Pro every day due to lack of knowledge about this program.

  3. Henderson

    Wow, there is really so much to see about this and it is enough reason for me to believe that the platform is not a legit one. I have tried other platforms online before just like this one whose main aim is to scam. I see how the string of discount works for millionaire biz pro. I am very happy that you have decided to share this platform online where one can tell which is a scam and which is not. Nice work!

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, this platform is an absolute scam, and people should be aware of it. It is really tough to find a legit product among hundreds of online scams. I am happy that I could help you and other people so that everyone can start an online business with a legitimate platform avoiding a scam. I hope this review will help them to save their hard earn money.

      Thanks for your visit here,


  4. Kara

    I am very happy to see you are spreading the word about products that are not worth our time. You will be saving a lot of people from harm in doing this. I have tried similar products to this one and was extremely disappointed to find out they weren’t telling the whole truth.

    Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate I can say that I have not yet been disappointed, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start somewhere with some stability and NO PRESSURE!

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Kara,

      Thank you very much for appreciating my effort.

      Sucking money with a scam product is a worst thing, and I personally faced it in the past just as you did. There are many scams on the internet, and I am just trying to aware people by introducing my personal experience. I hope my message will reach every people so that people can strictly avoid such scams, and save their hard earn money.

      It is great to know, you have joined Wealthy Affiliate. I can assure you, you’ll achieve a lot of success if you stay on this platform. Because WA is a platform that provides you the ultimate guide in online marketing, hosts your multiple websites, all the facilities to build up your online business, and finally an awesome community with tons of helpful members.

      I think you’ll nowhere find another platform like Wealthy Affiliate which provides you so many things at such a low price. At least I never found! 

      Most interestingly, you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a FREE member and stay as long as you want. No credit card info is required for a FREE membership!

      Show me another platform that is going to offer you such a facility!

  5. Randi Jackson

    Thank you for this! I am just now dipping my toes into the world of having an online based business, and this kind of scam is exactly the kind of thing I’ve been worried about getting sucked into! Thanks for the heads up!

    1. Dr. SD

      You are welcome!
      I am happy to send an awareness message to you to avoid scams like Millionaire Biz Pro.

      You said you have started an online business recently. All the very best for your journey!

  6. Jonathan Lim

    I think many so-called making money online system has a similar problem. But like you said, this Millionaire Biz Pro is a bit fishy because the photo wasn’t the owner himself. And videos are hired, Fiverr models.

    There are similar systems like that, particularly, CB Passive Income and 12 Minutes Affiliate. These 2 I mentioned, are the legit one and legit owner but all of them have a common issue. Traffic. All their traffic needs to place ads, which needs money. The problem is, paying for ads doesn’t mean it will convert into sales. I rather trust something that in the long term that will benefit me with organic traffic. Thanks for the review.

    1. Dr. SD

      There are so many online scams. It looks like, you have experienced those two platforms you mentioned in your article.

      Most of the platforms don’t have either don’t have enough idea of SEO to drive organic traffic, that’s why they direct you towards paid advertisements. But the method of Paid advertisements will drive suck too much money from you before you make your first sale.

      If you wish to learn everything about SEO to get organic traffic to your website, you can try the platform I mentioned in this article.

      Best wishes.

  7. Strahinja

    Thank you for sharing this. Good folks like you help others not fall for scams like Millionaire Biz Pro. I believe that it is in human nature to find easy solutions and big bucks that go with no work. I was one of those people.
    Luckily, I did not lose much money but from there; it was obvious to me that there is no such thing as making money fast. Unless you go on roullete and you put all your money on black or red.

    Love your website as well.

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your wonderful comment.

      Everything you mentioned is pretty real, and it is great to know you believe in reality rather than floating in the false statement by the scam platforms.(as claimed by Millionaire Biz Pro) That’s why you didn’t lose much money out there.

      The person will get tempted by the get rich quick schemes, he or she must be getting sunk, this a universal truth. Rather people should grow up their business in a wisely, systematically, and steadily so that they can make money from it forever.

  8. Mark

    I have been a victim of some of these scams before. It is disgusting how these people take advantage of inns people.

    This post resonated with me and I found it extremely informative.

    I liked the style of your site. Keep up the good work.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your appreciative comment.

      It is really unfortunate that you have been a victim of several online scams like Millionaire Biz Pro. If you are still interested in online marketing you can check out the alternative platform that I mentioned in the last section of this article. This is a legitimate platform, and this may help you a lot in growing your business.

  9. Mark

    I have been a victim of these scams before. It is disgusting how these people treat innocent people.

    I found your post extremely informative and I feel that your site is really well written.

    Great topic and keep up the good work

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you.

      I replied in your earlier comment mentioning you a much better option to learn online marketing and earn evermore.

      Best wishes.

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