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What is Paid Online Writing Jobs? – Scam Alert [Review]

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What is “Paid Online Writing Jobs” about? Is it a Scam or Legit program?

I guess you are searching for the answer to the two questions I mentioned above; to be more specific, you are looking for an honest answer to the second one, “Is Paid Online Writing Jobs a scam?” Am I right?

When you plan to purchase a physical product from platforms like Amazon, Walmart, or MTA, you can check others’ viewpoints from their public review section, but Digital product selling platform like Clickbank or JV Zoo doesn’t offer you the same facility. So definitely it’s a difficult job to judge a Digital Product because they offer really attractive deals on their sales page. After all who don’t want to become a millionaire overnight!

The good news is, you are surfing Google for a deep investigation on the Paid Online Writing Jobs platform, before investing your hard-earned money; probably you are a bit skeptical about the platform.

Don’t worry my friend, read this Paid Online Writing Jobs review, I’m sure you can make a concrete decision. But I strongly suggest you not to skip anything written here.

So let’s start.

Product Name: Paid Online Writing Jobs

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $77/ month

Summary: is a platform that claims to connect you to the companies that are looking to hire content writers.

Our Rating: 1 out of 100

Recommendation: NA (SCAM??)

(Don’t skip only by watching the rating, rather know exact reasons behind the ratings, and find better alternatives  in the following section.)

What is Paid Online Writing Jobs?

“Paid Online Writing Jobs” is a platform that claims to connect you to the companies that are looking to hire content writers. Once you sign up to their system you’ll be passing through a short training and after then you can access their database where thousands of writing jobs, this is what they claim.

In their database writing jobs from several categories are available, such as,

If you are a passionate writer you may be thinking it’s a great opportunity for you. Indeed, who doesn’t?

Receiving new writing jobs every day and complete all the works right from your sweet home as a freelancer, this is definitely a great option to make money online. But is the right place for getting hired for such kind of jobs?

Let’s explore step-by-step.

How does Work?

To get hired as a writer at “Paid Online Writing Jobs”, you have to pay them first. That means, before you can make any money, makes money from you.

After you sign up there, they will ask you to pay $1 for accessing a fast-track 3-Day Training Program to learn about writing skills. You’ll receive a message mentioning, the Actual cost of the training is $49.95, but you can pay only $1 now, and the rest of the amount will be debited from your first earnings.

It’s a pretty exciting offer, right? You are going to become an instant professional writer with 3 days for just $1! I’m wondering, then why do we study grammar and language for a long period since our childhood?!!

Whatever it is, most of the newbies forget everything at the moment, they pay $1 to get rolled.

Even if you pay $1, you can’t access the Paid Online Writing Jobs’ database. You can access only the fast-track training.

The story doesn’t end up here only.

You’ll face a big blow right on day-4. As the midnight of day-3 passes, they’ll auto-debit $77 from your bank account. Don’t be strange. You already provided them auto-debit permission by paying $1 on day-1; right on the moment you paid $1, you also provided them credit card information as well as auto-debit permission from the same account.

Now you can access the Paid Online Writing Jobs’ database.

However, from now and onward they will auto-debit $77 every month from your bank account as a charge for VIP membership, unless you unsubscribe.

Now come to the details of the database.

It may be still considered if provides you direct sources for earning at least $1000 or more in exchange for $77/ month. Does it gonna happen?

Sorry, I’m going to expose the worst thing about Paid Online Writing Jobs now.

They will not provide you any direct source or they are not gonna push you to get writing jobs. They will provide only an online writing jobs database sourced from Odesk or Elance/ Upwork. These platforms are absolutely free to signup, and you can search freelance jobs there for totally free.

Then why should you pay $77/ month to POWJ?

You should be well aware of this fact, “Paid Online Writing Jobs” is a SCAM and scamming people very badly by spreading false claims.

If you are really passionate about writing, I’d suggest you join reputed platforms like Fiverr, or Upwork and become a successful freelancer.

Things I like about Paid Online Writing Jobs


I hate scams.

Things I don’t like about Paid Online Writing Jobs

If you ask me what is Paid Online Writing Jobs … My only answer will be, “It’s a BIG SCAM”.

So, you can understand, from my personal point of view, nothing is good in Paid Online Writing Jobs, which means I don’t like anything about this platform. But that may not help you to figure out properly. I’m highlighting some major points here which directly creates a scam impression.

  • Who is the owner of POWJ? Nobody knows. Scam owner is actually hiding behind.
  • They Claim to make you a professional writer providing a course that costs only $1; they are providing you nothing unique, rather they are just grabbing your credit card information and auto-debit permission.
  • Charging you $77/ month without any prior notice!
  • In return of $77, they are providing you only a database of online writing jobs, which you’ll get free of cost on the internet.
  • Sucking your hard-earned money by scamming you totally.

Is “Paid Online Writing Jobs” a Scam?

YES. Paid Online Writing Jobs is a scam, a BIG scam.

There are tons of online job portals who also ask money from you in return for making a perfect CV, or providing you fast forward service, but they don’t ask money for searching new jobs as do. So this is the very first point you should note.

They are ready to suck your money anytime, so be aware always.

Who should join Paid Online Writing Jobs?

I don’t recommend anyone join Paid Online Writing Jobs.

Better Alternatives

If you love writing, if you have a passion for writing, I’d suggest choosing a legit platform to start your freelance career. There are several options for you, but I personally recommend FIVERR for the beginners.

Fiverr is the most popular marketplace for the freelancers and entrepreneurs from all categories prefer to hire content writers from Fiverr. Once you achieve some experiences, you may join other platforms like Odesk, UpworkAmazon Mechanical Turk, etc.

Freelancing is a good option to make money working from home, but this can’t be considered as a fulltime earning option.

I just wanted to know, have you ever dreamed to become a entrepreneur? Do you have a passion to build up your own foundation?

If your answer is YES, you should read the following discussions.

Make money online as a full-time entrepreneur is now easier than ever with THIS PLATFORM. Indeed, this is the most profitable way to make money online working from home.

No, it doesn’t need a huge capital for starting an online business. You only need the will power to turn your passion into profit and the knowledge to build up your online foundation right way.


Hope this helps.

If you have any further queries, just post your question in the comment box below. I’ll get back to you soon.

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