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What is Movie Review Profits? (Scam or Legit)

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The product at a glance








Potential Earnings





  • 30-Days money back guarantee.
  • Comes in a variety of training.


  • Most of the training materials are Outdated.
  • The owner doesn’t reveal his identity.
  • Often guiding towards wrong directions.
  • Not possible to earn much money.
  • Very basic training on affiliate marketing strategies.

Welcome to Movie Review Profits review.

Not only getting paid but earning $500 weekly simply by watching movies; sounds great, doesn’t it?

Yup! This is what Jeff Claimed!  In the sales video, he claimed to show you the way to make $20-$30 per hour in your spare time by watching movies and sending the reviews! It’s a matter of watching movies, so all you can earn right from the comfort of your own home!

We all know that making money is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard to earn money, while more money demands greater hard work.

In addition, there are several scam products on the internet offering a similar service and quick money, which is a prime reason that people hardly believe such stuff. So, there is a point that you should be skeptical before investing in such a program expecting unreal one; after all, why would someone pay us to watch movies? Definitely, it’s a big question!

The major question appears in people’s minds that is related to the scam sense; is Movie Review Profits a scam just like many other digital products? Or, is the program worth to buy?

In this review, I’m going to disclose everything about Movie Review Profits, including the pros and cons. I hope, you’ll find the answers to all your questions about the program.

So, just keep reading.

What is Movie Review Profits?

The name of the program, Movie Review Profits, clears the purpose at the first sight. It is a website that teaches you how to make money by watching movies and submitting reviews on the watched movies.

The concept of watching movies and make money is not unique, because several similar services are already available, some legit and some scams. Indeed it’s a legal way to make money and definitely a good pick for the movie lovers (not everyone loves watching all the movies).

But how worth is it to get associated with Movie Review Profits?

Although the salesperson claims, you don’t need to have any skills to start earning from this program, it’s hard to believe. Reviewing products needs prior experience, otherwise either the review doesn’t get granted by the site authority, or the review can’t impress the visitors (in case you post a product review on your website).

Yes, they provide training that contains various audios, videos, and PDF files that may help you to learn and understand the process, and it is mentioned that you need to follow all the instructions to make money. It is true the learning materials are easy to consume for a newcomer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll start earning from the first day.

If you join there as a beginner, earning money is not guaranteed because all the training materials are completely outdated as per my own experience. Nowadays earning money online is not so easy, you need to stay updated all the way.

The positive thing is, the program doesn’t offer you easy money. It clearly demands hard work, which is good actually. However, if you are a lazy person, or if you can’t give enough effort due to your involvement in other jobs, then this program may not fit with you.

About The Owner

There is a big red flag about the owner’s information!

You may find some online reviews where the spokesperson Jeff was claimed as the owner of Movie Review Profits, but this is not true. The real owner didn’t appear in the sales video due to unknown reasons which possess poor marketing tactics.

This particular fact doesn’t provide good vibes because the owner is hiding behind the screen and this is one of the many reasons that the majority of people consider the program as a scam. When the owner is not ready to stand for his own program, then who will gonna purchase it!

Even though I’m not directly claiming Movie Review Profits is a scam program, the owner should have disclosed his details to gain more trust in the audience era.

This program focuses on two techniques which I will explain further in the article. Other than this, Jeff stated that you could perform a little task with a few clicks, which I believe is not valid.

How does the Movie Review Profit work?

As I already mentioned above, the Movie Review Profits program provides training on earning money by watching movies followed by writing movie reviews. The spokesperson claims that you can make a lot of cash by following two techniques provided in the program.

  1. The direct method: writing reviews for the various movie-related websites.
  2. Indirect method: Launching your own site and then composing various movie reviews on it.

The direct method is very much like a freelance job. You’ll have to write movie reviews on various movie-related websites and they’ll pay you when your review will be approved.

The indirect process is a bit different which is more like a business. You can launch your own website and post movie reviews on it. The earning may come via Ads or affiliate marketing. However, the process of building a profitable website as mentioned in their training is very basic and not worthy at all.

Now, if you are worried about the validity of the methods, I would say these are 100% legal, but at the same time, it’s not as easy as represented in the sales video of  Movie Review Profits. Neither all of your reviews will be approved, nor you can build up a successful website so easily, at least by following their training.

This program provides mainly a beginner level training which is mainly focused on affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, the methods offered here are only of the basic level; to be honest, nowadays only the basic knowledge is not enough to earn from affiliate marketing.

I’m also an affiliate marketer, have been earning a handsome amount, and alive in the competition for a long time; I personally learned everything from a very reputed platform, you can say this one is the best training platform in this field.

As they claimed earning $500 per week is really not show easily. One has to work very hard to reach a level of $500 per week earnings.

What is inside Movie Review Profits?

I just show you briefly what is inside the Movie Review Profits, which may offer you a more clear picture of the program.

At the bottom of the sales page, you’ll see an option the claim for free gift. Once you insert your email ID and hit the button it’ll take you to another sales page.

What is Movie Review Profits - 1

The sales page will be showing you a massively discounted price ($37 instead of $74), which is nothing but just an eyewash. Anyway, if you hit the button you get inside the program and access the training inside.

It’s a Clickbank product and hence you are getting a 60 days money-back guarantee alongside.

What is Movie Review Profits - Activate

Next, you’ll receive your login info in your e-mail box, and using the same you can log in to the members’ area or dashboard of Movie Profits Profits. You’ll find there 6 chapters or lessons, which are actually the main training materials.

The breakdown of the lessons are as follows:

What is Movie Review Profits - lessons breakdown

1. Chapter 1: Yes, You Can Get Paid for Watching Movies

It’s the introductory part where you’ll get a clear overview of the program. The two types of earning strategies will be disclosed here.

  1. Direct way: Writing movie reviews and submitting two the related websites
  2. Indirect way: Creating your own website and posting movie reviews on it.

This chapter mainly covers the positives and negatives of these two methods.

2. Chapter 2: Getting Paid Directly

Direct payment methods are quite a bit more elaborated here. It explains how you create and submit reviews on third-party websites like and

3. Chapter 3: How To Scale And Make More Money

You’ll be learning here 3 terrible methods of scaling up your business. I specifically want to explain the 3 methods you’ll learn here, you’ll understand why those are terrible.

(I) Word spinning

Do you know what is word spinning?

It is kind of copying others’ posts and changing the words slightly and then repost, more clearly it is rewording other reviews. Indeed it’s unfair and very old fashioned, Google doesn’t like it. In fact, the trainer himself mentioned this is not the right way, but still he included this strategy in the training section.

(II) Posting reworded reviews in via multiple accounts

The trainer suggests you open multiple accounts for the movie review sites, create one review, and post the same by word spinning on each account! He mentioned you can earn multiple times using the same review.

Very strange! You should know those sites are very careful about plagiarism and once they come to know that you are copying the same content, they will simply ban your account. I’m really not sure why the trainer is teaching you to get banned!

(III) Hiring writer from

Nope, I personally recommend this because as per my personal experience, most of the Fiver writers are much expensive and while the quality may not fulfill your needs. Eventually, you’ll have to rewrite everything while you already spend money on the same article.

I personally wrote tons of articles on my 3 websites and all I did myself alone, or with the help of someone who is well known to me and can create unique content.

I’m not saying all the Fiver writers are bad, but finding a perfect write is really difficult out there.

4. Chapter 4: Get Paid To Watch Movies Indirectly

In this chapter, you’ll be learning how to build up your own movie review website and get paid via affiliate marketing. However, this is section will teach you a very outdated process, and I’m not really sure whether you can make even $1 using these strategies.

Building affiliate marketing as well as a product review website is a vast area of online marketing that can’t be completed in 1-2 lessons course. You know, I learned all these things from the best platform in the world, having 120+ lessons and I also need to keep myself updated from their weekly live training sessions. This particular field is very dynamic and first-changing.

5. Chapter 5: Advanced Method To Get Paid To Watch Movies Indirectly

This is also related to launching a WordPress website and monetizing the same by Amazon of other affiliate programs. It’s definitely a great method the make lots of money online and I personally have been very successful in this business, but this type of training can’t provide you a single penny for sure.

To monetize a website, first, you have to build up a huge traffic base, and then only you can make money from it. Getting so much daily visitors is not an easy job, and you need to proceed through a very in-depth learning curve.

6. Chapter 6: Putting Everything Together

It’s about wrapping-up the course summarizing everything.

Things I Like about Movie Review Profits

I am really sorry to say I don’t like almost anything about this program because neither it provides some good training, nor it is capable to show you the perfect ways to make money online.

This only positive thing you may consider…

(1) Money-back guarantee

This program is hosted on ClickBank, that means when you’ll purchase it you’ll be paying through ClickBank. According to the policy of ClickBank, they offer a 30-day money-back policy. If you fill the program is not confirming the value as it claimed, you can ask for a full money-back.

Things I don’t Like about Movie Review Profits

Lots of red flags; here I’m summarizing in brief why I don’t recommend this program.

(1) The owner is hiding behind the screen

At the first sight, it looks like a scam type of program because you can’t discover who is the creator or owner, how he looks like! When the owner is hiding behind it’s very much expected that there is something wrong in this program.

(2) Poor and Backdated Training

As I mentioned earlier, none of the training is good to digest. Yes, as mentioned, it is beginners’ friendly, and very basic training full of wrong guidance. Forget about $500 per week, I doubt you can’t earn $1 by following their affiliate marketing training.

(3) Courses are Guiding you to do the wrong thing

Two biggest wrongs are:

  1. Spinning the words of others’ reviews. Your site will remain blacklisted always if you do such kind of things.
  2. Creating multiple accounts on the movie review sites and posting the same review by spinning words. All of your accounts will get banned if you do these things.

Hiring Fiver writers is another unnecessary thing you’ll be learning here, though it’s acceptable at some point; but remember, you need to have lots of money in your pocket to hire Fiver writers regularly, and also you may need to rewrite the reviews they deliver you.

(4) You can’t make much money

From the direct strategy, where you’ll be posting reviews to other movie review websites, it’s not so easy to get every review approved. If you post 10 reviews a day, hardly 2 of them get accepted, and this will not give you even close to $20 a day.

If you follow the direct strategy learning from the Movie Review Profits program, I doubt you can’t even make a single penny. Building websites, keyword research, affiliate marketing, product reviewing, SEO, growing visitors, these are not so easy things as they claimed here. You may get a glimpse of the actual training on these topics HERE.

Frequently Asked Question:

Before wrap-up, I just like to answer the FAQs, which often raised.

Is Movie Review Profits a scam or legit?

No, it’s not a scam in a real sense because the Movie Review Profits is providing you some sort of training, etc., for which you are paying money, but the program is not worthy at all. It’s fine to join there if you won’t mind to lose you money.

How long will it take for a beginner to start making money after completing the course in Movie Review Profits?

It’s uncertain because the methods you’ll be learning here are totally dull ones. If you can figure out everything yourself or if you take a better lesson from a better place, you can make money for sure; this is a legit and proven way to earn online.


  • You can ask for a refund within 30 days if you don’t find the program worthy.
  • This program comes in a variety of training formats.


  • The owner doesn’t reveal his identity and hides behind the screen providing a scam-type impression.
  • Most of the training materials are Outdated.
  • Often guiding towards the wrong directions, which are not good for this business.
  • You can’t make much money from the direct methods.
  • You probably can’t make any money from the indirect strategy if you follow these courses.

Conclusive Remarks

It’s time to wrap up now. I hope now it is clear to you what is Movie Review Profits actually, how does it work, the pros and cons, and other facts.

If you are interested to start earning online, this is not actually the right place. Yes, maybe you can make some money by writing reviews on other movie websites, but for sure the amount will be very small in comparison to the time you’ll spend on it. Rather the indirect method they mentioned in their training is a far better option to make money in a continuous flow.

However, the short and basic training they created about the indirect strategy, such as website building an affiliate marketing, is not enough. You’ll get an idea here, but to make the real money on a permanent basis, you need to learn the methods in-depth.

One thing I must say, any type of online marketing is not easy and so simple as they claimed. You need to go through the proper learning curves, apply them perfectly to the right places, work hard, and work devotedly. Then only you can earn a lot of money online on a full-time basis.

I’m personally working in this field for a long time and I also earn a handsome amount from affiliate marketing only. If you wish to follow my way, you may go through the following link to explore all about the platform where I learned everything, and definitely, you can give a try there because it is absolutely free to join.

What is Movie Review Profits - My recommendation

If you have the same questions in your mind, then don’t worry because, in this Movie Review Profits review, I’m going to clear all your confusion regarding this product.

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