Welcome to the first lesson where we’ll be discussiing about the scope in Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing field among all business in the world. Dependacy on the internet is increasing day-by-day. More than 5 billion people are using interenet everyday and you have a great opportunity to grab the huge market.

So, it’s definitely a wise decission to jump in to field of digital marketing and grab the opportunity.

So let’s show you how is the scope in digital marketing.

Things We’ll Discuss in this Lesson

I am going to cover the following topic in this lesson to provide you a clear view about the field.

  1. What is Digital Marketing about?
  2. Classifications of Digital Marketing.
  3. The present and the future of digital marketing business.
  4. The Scope in Digital marketing.
  5. Who is eligible for this digital marketing course? Is it for you?
  6. How to learn digital marketing strategies?

    I suggest you to read the article very carefully and write down if you are facing difficulties anywhere. If you are a biginner, it’s very common that several questions may raise in your mind. Don’t hesitate, just post your query in the comment box below at the end of the lesson, I’ll get back to you and help you out.

    So, let get started now. 

    What is Digital Marketing about?

    If you have any product for sell, the first thing you have to do is to let people know about it. If people don’t know about your product you can’t make sell, even if your product is 100 times better than it’s competitors.

    So, simply you have to shout in the society to let people know about your product.

    If your targeting local customers, it’s fine to go to the nearby shops/ wholesellers physically and let them know about it. This is called physical marketing.

    But if you are targeting a wider range of audience or the global audience, visiting everywhere is not possible because this is very expensive. As an alternate you may think about the traditional options, such as Advertisements via electronic media (TV, Radio) or Newspaper. But once again these are very expensive and not statup friendly at all; in addition, nowadays these options are less effective (I’m comming to the reasons later).

    How will you reach the global audience then?

    Secondly, if you looking to sell a digital product which doesn’t have any physican existance, such as software, online courses, graphics design, etc., how will you reach out to your customers?

    It’s simple, you have to shout in digital media or online media where millions of people are getting engaged everyday. This strategy is known as digital marketing.

    By defination, digital marketing is an art of getting potential customers for any business via digital media or online media.

    Classifications of Digital Marketing

    All the medium that help to drive traffic to a business, are called digital marketing platfomrs. 

    You have multiple ways to generate customers via digital marketing, and each route bears one or more platform via which you can shout about your product. Let’s take a look what are the exact ways.

    1. Social Media marketing: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are potential platforms.
    2. Search Engine: Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., are the major search engings.
    3. Email marketing: It’s about sending email manually or automatically
    4. Content Marketing: Quora, your own website/blog
    5. Video marketing: YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.
    6. Image Marketing: Pinterest
    7. Affiliate Marketing

    … and so on….

    In the above list you can see, none of the above category is related to TV Ads, or newspaper ads; rather all of those solely based of online era. In fact, digital marketing is much complex than traditional TV ads or Newspaper ads, but are much more effective and sustainable.

    The past, present and the future of digital marketing

    The past:

    If we look back in 1930s, radio and newspapers was only way to redirect to the outer world. Later, with the advancement of science television become the a common device in every home. However, internet was much expensive and also not reachable to the common people.

    If we take a look at the last decade, people still used to consume content mainly via traditional media such as television, newspaper and magazine, while internet accessibilty was limited to some specific society. Eventually, most of the business used to focus of TV or newspaper ads.

    The present:

    The story completely changed in the present decade with a massive upgradation in the virtual world. Today Laptop/ desktop is a essencial tool in every home, smartphone owned by almost every citizen, more than 50% of people in the world can’t live without internet.

    Indeed, the easy accessibily of smatphone and internet connection in last few years really changed the scenatio; Nowaday, people consume content from Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, Online Newpaper, and so on. 

    The massive change in consumers behavior forcefully changed the marketing strategies also. Marketer realized their major audiances are no more interested on television or newspaper, rather people are hang out on internet now, so they started to grab customers from several online platforms. This is how the emergence of digital marketing started.

    At this moment more than 4.5 billion people are surfing internet everyday and there is a huge scope for the digital marketers to grab the mass audience via online media.

    The Future:

    The trend has just started. As per the recent statistics, only little more than 50% of total population of the world started using internet. In recent future the number will increase enormousely but will never fall down; almost every citizen will have internet access and people will get almost fully dependent on online era.

    Not to mention, a diamond opportunity is waiting for the experts in digital marketing.

    Check the following section where the scopes of digital marketing has been explore; this will help you to understand the facts more clearly.

    The Scope in Digital marketing

    As per the latest statistics of the last year, almost 4.6 billion internet users are surfing internet everyday, while China, India and USA are leading the top 3 positions. If you can grab attention of less than 1% of that huge mass, you’ll be the gainer; in fact you’ll become a millionoire if you can do it proper way.

    You can pick this point as the prime scope of digital marketing.

    The number of internet users will never decrease anymore but the graph will steep to upward, and so will be the scopes in digital marketing.

    Just take a brief look at your scopes in digital marketing 

    • Digital marketing helps you in personal branding as well as entrepreneurship.
    • You can build up and spread your personal business globally with the help of digital marketing.
    • You can help other people/ compies as a consultant or as a employee.
    • Thousands of comapies are looking expert digital marketers in exchange for big salary or commision; as an expert in those field, you’ll have a golden job opportunity in those postions.

    For the last are related to job or freelancing. If you are interested in related jobs, you have to show of projects that you handled successfully. Here, if you follow the lessons ahead, you’ll be launching and handeling a project by yourself, and at the same time you’ll be learning all about digital marketing step-by-step.

    You know, 

    • Digital marketing is relatively new field.
    • The demand is huge; thousands of companies are looking for expert digital marketers; they are ready to spend any money for a perfect digital marketing manager.
    • But, the number of expert digital marketers is relatively very low.

    So, still there is a huge gap between suppy-demand ratio, and that’s the key scope in digital marketing.

    Well, you may not be interested in job; even I personally inspire people to utilize the knowledge for self-branding or for building up own business.

    In the above, first two points are dealing with your own branding or your own business. 

    So, if you are an entrepreneure or if you are willing to start entrepreneurship, you must need to be well trained on digital marketing to survive in the market. As per the recent trends, it’s definite that you have to deal with digital marketing; if you got the knowledge, you can do it yourself for your business, otherwise you have to hire experts in exchange for huge money.

    For entrepreneurship the following scopes are open in digital marketing;

    • Utilize your digital marketing knowledge to build up your business. It is best to handel the market by yourself.
    • Start a passive income source beside your day job using your DM knowledge (Blogging, Video marketing, Affiliate marketing, etc). Proper execution may turn it to your full time earning source in future.
    • Start a Digital marketing agency.
    • Become a digital marketing consultant or freelancer; ask hourly charge from your clients.

    So, you can see, you have a huge scope in digital marketing, whatever your present profession is; you just need to grab it.  

      Who can learn digital marketing? Is it for you?

      Yes, definitely you are eligible, if you own a laptop/desktop, an internet connection, and ability to make conversion in english.

      Anyone Can Accomplish Success in digital marketing

      Anyone can learn digital marketing, anyone can achieve success online; it doesn’t matter what the subject you specialized in. 

      It doesn’t need a tech background, neither you need to have any coding or programming skill to become a successful digital marketer. As an example I am personally a doctorate in Chemistry which is far away from coding or progamming things, neither I ever had any such skills in past; still, I become a successful online marketer while tactfully turned my own passion into profit.

      But I don’t recommend someone who still didn’t complete schooling (12th standard). As per my recommendation, you can learn digital marketing if you are,

      • A college student
      • An office employee/ Proffesional
      • An entreprener
      • A retired person
      • A House wife/ stay at home mom.

      How to learn digital marketing strategies?

      Reading books is always great for gaining concepts, but full dependency in learning digital marketing is not a good idea, because digital marketing is a dynamic field and it changes fast, while books stay static in it’s own age.

      As per my suggestion, there are 3 way to learn digital marketing,

      1. Self learning from Blogs, and YouTube.
      2. Self learning with the guidance of someones else.
      3. Purchasing digital marketing courses.
      4. Learn here with me, take my lessons for free, complete the tasks, practice and grow up.

      I must say learning from blog or videos is not so easy; In my early age I also tried to learn the same way but I failed. As per my personal experience the reasons are,

      • As a beginner you don’t know from where to start and what should be the next step. Learning digital marketing is a step-by-step process, but no blog gonna lead you step-by-step.
      • Finding the right blogs are difficult.
      • Most blogger offer incomplete picture.
      • There are several online scams who may suck your money luring you with get-rich-quick offers.

      If you have someone well-known who can help you to learn digital, it’s always the best option to grow up with his/her guidance.

      The third option is also perfect one, but you have to join the right program. There are several such legit online courses, such as Super Affiliate System, 1K A Day Fast Track, 12 Minute Affiliate, etc., but they are very expensive.

      If you are willing to learn digital marketing from a a genuine course at a affordable price, I recommend you THIS PLATFORM. I personally learned from here (and also from several other platforms), and I can provide you assurace about this platform.

      The last option is always there, you can learn from my lessons. But if you don’t complete the tasks, and don’t practice proper way, you’ll be delayed in learning. In fact, the same fact is applicable in case of any course, maybe it paid of free.

      So, that’s all for the day, if you have any question, don’t hesitate. Post you query in the comment box below, I’ll solve your issue.


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