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Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost — Start Business with 10K-50K

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Welcome to our essential article introducing a series of small business ideas with low startup cost.

During the recent period, world-wide recession made millions of people jobless; on the other hand, Industrial sectors are putting heavy workloads on the employees holding lower posts; those employees just started hating their day job and looking for alternative options.

I am not sure whether you are dealing with any of the above situations or not, but as per the recent statistics, people who are facing the above-mentioned situations are badly looking for small business ideas with low startup cost; and, I personally support and value their wish because there are no reasons to stick to a hectic job that is hampering your daily life, neither it is expected to stay jobless; in reality, the world is facing a heavy job crisis.

In fact, there are hundreds of ways to make money right from the comfort of your own home, some are highly profitable while some options offer relatively slower growth.

When I am writing this article, Coronavirus is dancing down the streets, spreading pandemic COVID-19 all over the world; it’s lockdown situation everywhere, the world economy is at it’s the ugliest state. Once the lockdown gets over, you are going to experience the biggest recession ever. So, don’t waste your time, get ready with your business plan if you don’t want to suffer in the upcoming days.

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Small Business Ideas: For whom this article is?

Millions of people are looking to start business, but definitely all are not searching for a very low investment startup. People who are looking to do something unique and not worried about the capital, they may check out THIS ARTICLE.

As I mentioned above, millions of people are suffering from world-wide job crisis. Under such a situation, employees holding the lower posts are often badly treated by the higher authorities. So, there is no wonder that, people from these classes are seeking financial freedom. Those people are definite readers of this article.

However, I am not wondering even if you are a college student and looking for an alternative source of income besides your study. This is definitely a good idea because god knows how worst it will be the job situation in the recent future. Rather it is a pretty wise decision to grow up your own foundation for your own future security (but obviously that should not hamper your study).

The following small business ideas are also perfect picks for the housewives and moms who are just feeling bore spending the full day at home. Instead of spending lazy time at home, you can definitely start a home-based business with a low investment.

Overall, this article introducing small business ideas with low startup cost is the right one for the following classes of people:

  • People who are jobless.
  • Employees who are no more enjoying their job due to excess pressure.
  • People who are looking for financial freedom.
  • College students who are looking to grow up a side business beside their study.
  • Housewives and moms.

Basic Tips to Start Your Small business

All the business ideas I have listed here are specifically for the people with real needs, who are actually looking for small business ideas with low startup cost.

Expecting you are a business seeker with very low start-up capital, I introduced here a list of small business ideas that may be started investing as low as INR 10-50K (USD 150-700).

However, if you can proceed through the right marketing policy and technical strategies, most of these small business ideas may turn you into a rich person with time. Literally these are “start small to grow big” ideas.

I personally suggest you follow some basic tips before and after you step in —

  • Pick up the right business idea that matches your expertise or passion.
  • Do market research — for the physical product business local market research is essential.
  • Invest the minimum amount you need to start up your business.
  • Get rolled and work hard.
  • Don’t give up if success delays — A brand new foundation needs at least 2 years to achieve reputation.

You may check THIS ARTICLE for further guidance to choose the right business.

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost

The listed small business ideas are divided into three categories:

  1. Home-based manufacturing business ideas (higher capital, higher profit)
  2. Home-based food business Ideas (Low capital, moderate profit)
  3. Low-cost online business ideas (Lowest capital, highest profit)

So, let’s head over.

Home-based Manufacturing Business Ideas

It is difficult to find out a manufacturing business at a very low investment, because it needs a lot of capital to purchase the machinery or equipment for a manufacturing business. In addition manufacturing business often needs manpower.

However, we could find out 4 profitable home manufacturing business ideas you can start with a very low investment.

1. Handmade candles

Among the craft business, handmade candles are holding a thriving market. Uniquely made candles are one of the highest-demanding house decor items. Only in the USA, 7 out of 10 households use candles. Candles are even more demanding in spiritual countries like India, China, Italy, etc. Crafted candles are also very high demanding in popular tourist destinations where hotels and resorts arrange candlelight dinner for their visitors.

If you are passionate about candle craft, you may definitely jump to turn your hobby into profit; for homemade candle business, you don’t need many pieces of equipment to hit the startup ground.

If you start handmade candles business you don’t need to focus only on the local market, rather you may sell from online platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy to widen the scope.

Machines required: Pour pitcher, Thermometer, Calculator, Weight Machine

Raw Materials required: Wax, Fragrance, Wicks,

Other Equipment required: Containers, Boxes, Wick stickers, Wich bars, Scales, Product labels, Warming labels,

Startup cost: Not more than INR 12000 ($200-300).

Probable Profit margin: Profit margin totally depends on your target market. Few countries prefer lower prices and low quality, while a few other countries prefer the best quality while prile doesn’t matter at all. Many candle entrepreneurs keep the sales price somewhat in between INR 300-2500 (~$5 to ~$30 or even more), while the production cost is around INR 100-250 (~$2-4) per candle (average quality).

2. Homemade Soap from natural ingredients

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - homemade soap

Homemade natural soap making is definitely among profitable small business ideas with low startup cost, but you have to work hard to find the right customers; most of the people are still not well aware of the positive sides of herbal soaps in comparison to the commercial soaps (chemical-based).

Online B2C platforms are a good option to leverage your herbal soap business, but I strongly suggest you grab the local market first.

There are mainly two different processes to prepare homemade herbal soaps,

  1. Melt and Pour — How to Make Melt & Pour Soap – Beginners Step by Step Guide
  2. Cold process — Cold Process Soap Making #2 – Natural Colours & Ingredients

You may find related tutorials taping upon the above links.

Machines/ tools required: Weight Machine, Thermometer, Microwave Machine, Immersion Blender (Stick Blender), Containers for Measuring & Mixing, Plastic/ Silicone Spoons, Spatulas, Soap Molds, Coffee Grinder, Soap Cutter, Soap Stamps.

Raw Materials required: Opaque Soap Base, Molds, Fragrance (Natural essential oils/ fragrance oils – Lavender, Rosemary, Lemo, etc.), Emollients (Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, etc.), Colors (alkanet root, madder root, yellow dock root, rattanjot, calendula, etc.), Exfoliating Ingredients (Almonds, Citrus Peel, Jojoba Spheres, Poppy Seeds, etc.), Other Additives.

Other Equipment required: Gloves, Spray bottle with 90% rubbing alcohol, Goggles, Mesh Teaspoon, Strainer with Funnel, Double boiler/ glass bowl, milk frother, pipette

Startup cost: INR 30000 – 25000 would be a good amount for starting a small scale natural soap business. If you already have a microwave in your home or if you are thinking to replace the microwave machine with an alternative heating source, the start-up cost would around INR 15000-20000.

Probable Profit margin: Depending upon your target market you can sell your products with a 30-100% profit.

3. Hand made jewelry business

You have seen customized jewelry shops (especially gold and silver) and dammy ornamental shops here and there in your city, town, and village, everywhere. But I am not here to discuss customized or dammy jewelry shops, because neither I insist you to invest a huge amount of money for gold purchase nor I suggest you to buy jewelry making machine at this stage.

Instead, I suggest explore artistic ideas and co-ordinate your artistic view to your hands.

You know handcrafted jewelry is very high demanding in women era all over the world. Ladies are now preferably rejecting conventional gold ornaments, and trying something new and attractive for casual uses and traveling.

In India, Dogra jewelry is a popular handmade jewelry segment; however, if you can mix-up the Dogra art to your own artistic innovation, you may develop some unique pieces of handcrafted jewelry, and definitely it’s a great business opportunity.

Besides selling in the local market, subscription to online platforms as a seller will help you expose your business all over the world. Etsy is the best place to sale hand craft items.

Machineries required: Round Nosed Pliers, Side Cutter, Flat Nosed Pliers

Raw Materials required: Wire or Strings, Beads, Jump Ring, Bail and Loops, Pendants, Headpin, Earring Hook

Startup cost: Not more than INR 10000 if you are looking to start small.

Probable Profit margin: It depends on the target market. In the foreign market, you can sell handcrafted items even at 10X-20X profit, because genuine buyers of these unique items don’t look at the price if they fell in love with your products (obviously it should be attractive and well finished).

4. Regional Fashion Boutique

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - boutique

Regional Fashion boutiques are massively profitable in any region, but also competitive. The customers in this market are wealthy enough and they can spend thousands of bucks without any hesitation for a unique collection, but the mass of customers is limited also.

In a specific region, established fashion boutiques owner are already holding the markets very strong, so you have to fight hard to build up your own customers circle. If you can manage to grab the market anyway, you’ll become rich for sure.

Machines required: Sewing machines, Cloth washing equipment, Tracing equipment, etc.

Raw Materials required: Clothing materials, sewing materials etc.

Startup cost: The more you invest, the more will be the profit. But for the very initial stage, you can invest around INR 30000-40000 for a very limited start-up stock.

Probable Profit margin: As a manufacturer and wholesaler you can make a 1.5X-3X profit per item.

If you are planning for a fashion boutique, only the equipments and materials are not enough; you also need sufficient human resources.

Home-based food business Ideas

1. Homemade Pickles business

Pickles are popular in several countries especially in those situated in hotter climate regions.

Pickles may be prepared from almost any vegetables. They are low in fat and calory but sodium concentration is high which helps to restrict dehydration and muscle crump balancing the electrolytes. This is the major reason that pickles are healthy in a hotter climate where dehydration is a common issue.

Fermented pickles act as probiotics. Most of the pickles bear antioxidant and anti-diabetic properties.

If you are from Indian territory, pickle manufacturing business would be a very popular one because 9 out of 10 households in India include pickles in their natural food habit.

Several machines are required for industrial-scale pickle manufacturing, but as far as you are looking for small business ideas with low startup cost, I suggest you start up your homemade pickle manufacturing unit [don’t try industrial set up at this stage because it’s very expensive].

Machines required: Machnaries required for Industrial setup: Fruit/ Vegetable Washer, Inspection Belt Conveyor, Cutting Machine, Deseeding Machine, Modular Belt Elevator, Cube Cutting Machine, Lemon Cutting Machine, Feeding Vibrators, Grading Machine, Drum Lifter Cum Tilter, Pickles Mixing Blender, Bottle/ Jar Filling Machine, Labeling Conveyor, etc.

But for homemade pickle manufacture, you need none of these machineries.

Equipments required for homemade pickle manufacturing: Washing unit (maybe containers and tap), cutters or auto-cutters, soaking containers, jars or packets, etc.

Raw Materials required: Fruits or vegetables (Gooseberry, Mango, Lemon, Unripe tamarinds, Ginger and garlic, Cauliflower, Bitter gourds, Carrots, Chilli, Apple, and many others), vinegar, brine, salt, sugar, turmeric, mustard, and others.

Startup cost: Within INR 8K-15K.

Probable Profit margin: Sell your pickes at a 30-50% profit.

2. Handmade chocolate business

Who doesn’t love chocolates!

Not only the branded ones, but homemade chocolates are also very popular due to their unique tastes and freshness. Homemade chocolate-making business is definitely a profitable small business idea with low investment.

In home you can prepare mainly two types of chocolates:

  1. Dark chocolates
  2. Milk chocolates

You can sell your production to your own chocolate corner, to others’ shops, or via online platforms.

Tools required: Grater, Double boiler, Metal whisk, Candy mold, Metal spoon, Parchment-lined baking sheet, Saucepan, Measuring cups, Bowls, Chocolate fountain machine (optional)

Raw Materials required: Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, plain butter, milk powder, icing/ powder sugar, vanilla extract, salt

Startup cost: Not more than INR 10K. If you buy a chocolate fountain machine for your chocolate corner it will cost additional INR 12-15K.

Probable Profit margin: 30-100% profit in the local market as a wholesale supplier.

3. Papad Manufacturing

Papad is popular in several countries. In India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Srilanka papad is highly popular as it is considered as a great starter as well as a finisher.

So starting a papad manufacturing business will never let you down. The only thing, you have to capture the market because it is a very competitive area but highly profitable too.

Machines required: Papad making machine (Automatic/ semi-automatic/ Manual),

Raw Materials required: Urad/ potato/ rice/ palak/ moong/ methi/ pudina/ garlic/ poha/ shrimp/ sabu black gram/ gram flour, cumin seeds, Chilli, ajwain seeds, papad khar, oil, turmeric, salt, garlic, black pepper, baking Soda, Preservatives, packaging consumables, etc.

Startup cost: INR 30-35 K including papad making machine.

Probable Profit margin: depends on the target market.

For your small startup business it is recommended to get a manual papad making machine initially (INR 15-25K), because automatic machines are very expensive (INR 1 lakh +).

4. Noodles manufacturing

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - Noodles

Noodles are popular dishes worldwide. Although some big companies grab a major market, still you have enough room to head-in there.

As a starter, you may study the market, find some retailers to supply your product, or even better if you can tag your small business to a reputed company to supply them regularly.

There is no confusion that the noodles market is very high demanding and proper strategy will make you rich.

Machines required: Noodles making machine (automatic: INR 1 lakh+, semi-automatic: 35K+, manual: 20K+), Weighing scales, Wooden trays, Plastic Buckets, Pouch filling and sealing machine

Optional machines: Vertical type powder mixer, Dough mixer blade type, Water boiler-fuel heated

Raw Materials required: Wheat flour, sugar, salt, starch, vegetable oils, different spices, Sodium Bicarbonate, etc.

Startup cost: Up to INR 50K for small scale startup.

Probable Profit margin: Depends upon the target market.

5. Mushroom Production

The whole world knows today, mushroom is a very beneficial protein-rich vegetable. The human body is capable to digest up to 90% of mushroom protein, whereas none of the animal proteins can be digested more than 40%. In addition, mushroom is rich with vitamins and antioxidants. Several mushroom species are also used for medicinal research.

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - Mushroom

The usage of mushroom items is increasing in the regular food menu day-by-day. If you can grab the market, mushroom production is definitely a very profitable small business idea.

All mushroom species may not be produced in all climates. You should pick up the right species which afford good yield in your location. In India, four types of mushrooms grow smoothly — button, Oyster, milky and paddy-straw mushroom, while Oyster and milky mushroom are most productive throughout the year.

Machines required: Paddy straw cutter, oven, containers

Raw Materials required: Paddy straw, mushroom seeds, water

Startup cost: INR 10K for 300-350 packs.

Probable Profit margin: 50-100% profit.

Low-cost Online Business Ideas

Millions of people are still not aware of online business ideas because most of the people think it needs a lot of money and expertise to develop an online business. But it is absolutely wrong.

Make money selling online right from your comfort zone is the most profitable business nowadays; in fact, you need a minimum investment to start an online business, but definitely you have to work hard. However, you’ll rarely find a job or business where the money comes without effort, but in online business, it may happen if you can work hard initially.

Another wrong idea in people, that is about “selling online” — it doesn’t mean you have to store lots of physical products and sell them online, rather there are far better strategies to make money from home without storing or manufacturing any product.

Are you wondering? — I’m showing you some thriving online business ideas.

1. Start Blogging

Blogging is among the most profitable business idea which you can start with a very low investment. If you can work hard by following the right strategies, a blogging business makes you a definite rich; in fact, thousands of people earn 4-6 figures ($) from their blogging sites.

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - blogging

To start a blogging business you need to fulfill only a few criteria:

  • Ability to write in English (as English is the international language).
  • Having good knowledge or passion for a specific topic.
  • In-depth knowledge to build up your blog proper way.
  • Tricks for generating free organic traffic (SEO knowledge).
  • Ability to work hard with full dedication (at least in the initial stage).

The major positives of blogging business are:

  • You can start your blogging business with a minimum investment.
  • You can make money from the comfort of your own home.
  • You have the option to convert your expertise or passion into profit.
  • There is no upper limit of profit margin – hard work can provide you unlimited profit.

Despite the above mentioned positive sides, there are thousands of people experienced failure in the blogging business, and the number of failures is definitely much higher than the successful ones.

However, the main reason for failure is nothing but lack of knowledge and insufficient potential to work hard.

So, if you are looking to become a successful blogger and make a lot of money online working from the comfort of home, first you should gather some knowledge and learn the hidden tricks of success; secondly, you need to have high potential and passion.

There are several blogging platforms where you can start your blog site, but I personally suggest THIS PLATFORM for your best experience.

Affiliate marketing and Advertisement hosing are two most popular ways to monetize a blog, although there are several other ways.

Machines required: Laptop

Other tools required: Keyword Research tool

Startup cost: If you have enough knowledge on blogging you can host your blog anywhere for $5-$30 (INR 400-3000) per month.

If you are a newbie, you can join here as a FREE starter member. For full access to all courses, facilities, and full hosting, you need to upgrade as a Premium member for $359 yearly (or $49 monthly). Definitely the yearly scheme saves a lot.

Probable Profit margin: Its infinitive. There is no upper limit of profit margin. The harder you work initially, the more you’ll earn.

2. Start a YouTube channel

Most of us depend on YouTube whenever we need a video demonstration for something new. We also visit YouTube for entertainment.

Creating helpful or entertaining videos and post them to YouTube is a legit way to make money online. The earning methods are very similar to blogging business — hosting others’ advertisements, affiliate marketing, and pay per click (PPC) are 3 most popular ways to monetize your YouTube channel; if your channel becomes highly popular, YouTube prefers to pay you additionally from their end.

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost - YouTube

If you are fluent in front of camera and you have video editing expertise, running a YouTube channel is a great source of passive income for you.

However, besides the above-mentioned expertise, you also need to have good knowledge of keyword research; unless you use the right keywords for your YouTube videos, it will not rank well on YouTube, and hence visitors can’t reach your video. No visitor means no revenue.

Video Marketing Blaster is a new program that can generate keywords, titles, descriptions, and tags automatically for your YouTube videos, but I personally suggest you do your keyword research manually, this offers a better result.

If you can launch your own blog and introduce your YouTube video in your blogs, it is definitely a great idea.

Machines required: Laptop, Camera

Other tools required: Video Editor, Keyword Research tool

Startup cost: None for creating a channel if you own a Laptop and Camera.

Probable Profit margin: Unpredictable.

3. Create Online Courses

Online training courses are very popular nowadays, students are seeking online courses for general subjects or something innovative.

If you have the expertise on a specific topic or subject, you may create digital training courses. There are mainly two options to sell digital products online.

  1. You can sell your digital training courses on platforms like Clickbank, Udemy, JVZoo, etc.
  2. You can build up your own website and sell your online courses there.

Machines required: Laptop, Video Camera/ Camcorder

Other tools required: Video Editing Softwares, Online screen capturing tool, MS Office

Startup cost: If you already own a laptop and camcorder you need to purchase web hosting, domain, and online screen capture services only. If you are looking to sell your product on other online platforms you need even lower investment.

Probable Profit margin: Very high/ depends on your course quality/ unpredictable.

4. SEO Consultant

Small Business Ideas with Low Startup Cost — SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very important topic in online business. Big companies to small entrepreneurs, everybody want their websites to rank well in Google and other search engines so that visitors can reach out easily and make purchases (or place orders).

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy job as it depends on several things. If you have good knowledge of search engine optimization strategies you can start freelancing, it’s a highly demanding field.

Machines required: Laptop/ Desktop

Other materials required: A good knowledge — This Platform offers a very good online course on SEO.

Startup cost: If you know how to optimize search engine you can start this business free of cost.

Probable Profit margin: Equal to a part-time job.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Thousands of companies throughout the world want to increase their daily sales. Everyone is spending money on advertisements, but the market is too competitive; advertisements are not enough to leverage sales.

Nowadays companies want common people to promote their products via blogs, online videos or social media, because they realized new customers believe in common people’s recommendations rather than company advertisements.

If an impressed customer follows your recommendation and purchases an item from your affiliate link, the product hosing company pays you an affiliate commission. This is the fundamental basis of affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable businesses in the world; there are many super affiliates earning millions just by promoting others’ products.

However, the job is not difficult at all but still, many affiliates end up their business without earning a single penny, and that is mainly due to lack of knowledge or getting trapped by online scams.

The first criterion of affiliate marketing business is to learn the facts from a genuine platform; there are several tricks and strategies to become a successful affiliate, and unless you apply those in your business you may not succeed.

The second thing you have to maintain, don’t be trapped by online scams. There are tons of scams, you need to avoid those wisely.

Machines required: Laptop/ desktop

Other materials required: None

Startup cost: Join here as a FREE starter member (NO credit card required)

Probable Profit margin: 4-6 figures ($) if you can work hard following the guidelines.

There are several automated systems offers you easy earning opportunity, such as, Perpetual Income 365, 12 Minute AffiliateAffiliate bots 2.0, etc., and also several training courses, such as, 1K A Day Fast Track, Clickbank University, Super Affiliate Program, Simple Traffic Solutions, Commission Hero, etc. but neither of these programs offer complete knowledge and support, nor they are affordable for a beginner.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, I suggest you JOIN THIS PLATFORM where you’ll learn the Evergreen methods for a successful affiliate marketing business; besides you can host your several business websites in this platform without any extra payment.

They provide all the training courses, tools and hosting options at an unexpectedly low price, that is easily affordable for the beginners.

I personally learned all about online marketing right from this platform, and their lessons literally helped me turn my passion into profit. However, if you decide to join I’ll be there personally to help you all the way.

Wrapping up

Do you think the list is limited?

There are many other small business ideas with low startup costs, but with an INR 10-50K investment you’ll barely find more profitable business ideas.

If you are expecting more profitable business ideas with higher investment, Check another article explaining 10 Most Profitable unique Business Ideas.

You may find a few ideas common, because those are evergreen business ideas.

Hope this article helps you; If you have some query, you can post your requirement in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy the help you out.

If you find the article helpful, social sharing is highly appreciated.

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  1. Donny

    Your idea of making hand made jewelry is fascinating. I love the idea of something that is hand made, most people love that stuff because they are unique and you will definitely get to make some good sales if you do it well. I also love your idea of noodles making actually I had no idea they could be made so easily and with cheap equipment. Great small business ideas here worth bookmarking for future reference, I know I will need them.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      If you are an expert in handcraft you are at a gainer side, because make and sell any kind of handcrafted item is really fascinating and profitable. Here I just highlighted one or two handcraft business ideas, but there are several others too. I just highlighted the most demanding ones. However, not many people got good hands and ideas to make beautiful handcrafted items. So, definitely you have a great chance if you choose to make hand made jewelry, but obviously those should be attractive and unique.

      Most of the food-related manufacturing businesses need big capital to purchase expensive machines (it’s different if you go for homemade options). However, the cost of noodles manufacturing machines are relatively low if you are looking to start on a small scale.

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    1. Dr. SD

      I absolutely support your decision.

      Some specific online business is 1000 times more profitable than the businesses deals with physical products, while investment is also quite low; but never forget, you need to have complete knowledge and ability to work hard. Success never comes without hard work.

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    Thanks a lot for the insightful post! This has to be an eye-opener, not only for me but also for many others.

    You have provided a lot of valuable advice. As we know very well there are many scams online and people are looking for genuine information and ideas, for sure your post is going to be a greater help for many.

    Among the awesome list of ideas, my favorite is blogging. The best thing about blogging (as you mentioned) is we can start it at a very low cost. We can turn our passion into profits and interest into income.

    When I came to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine I was really amazed and shocked. I am yet to start my YouTube channel after reading your post I am determined to start my channel soon. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your appreciation.

      it’s great to know that, blogging is your favorite. Definitely blogging needs a very low start-up cost, but at the same time, you also need the passion to write and share your passion. The passion makes you successful.

      Blogging and YouTube channel are closely related. If you love blogging definitely you should start a YouTube channel. You can share your own YouTube videos in your blog. That’s great, right!

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