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Paying Social Media Jobs Review [Paid Social Media Jobs SCAM Alert]

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  • Post last modified:June 13, 2020

Welcome to Paying Social Media Jobs review.

It’s an update of my previous review on Paid Social Media Jobs. Recently in May 2020, they changed the name from “Paid Social Media Jobs” to “”, but keep most of the other things unchanged (except some policies).

You know, a platform/ company changes their old name only when it gets stuck somehow.

In my updated Paid Social Media Jobs Review, I just want to send you a strong alert about this platform.

I’ll keep this review short because I already mentioned the major points in my old PSMJ review.

Product Name: Paying Social Media Jobs (Old Name: Paid Social Media Jobs)

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: $77 (+ upsells)

Owners: Annie Jones

Summary: Paying Social Media Jobs offers a 4 module course for managing Social Media, and claims to offer you paid jobs that are associated with social media activities.

Our Rating: 15 out of 100

Recommendation: NO

What is Paid Social Media Jobs about?

In this headline, I didn’t change the name but don’t be confused; Paying Social Media Jobs remains almost the same as it’s the previous version.

Similar to, the new version also claims to provide you a great training on Social Media activities and Social media managing. At the end of the training, you’ll get jobs from their database.

But what’s the reality?

Let’s explore below.

How does Paying Social Media Jobs work?

Some policies have been changed over the old platform (

When you join the platform you’ll be asked to provide $1 for the training; they calls it a charge for a free trial. The training is not very bad if you are an absolutely newbie, but it may not be useful for real-life social media management.

Once your 3 days trial period gets over they will auto-debit $77 from your credit card without informing you. Initially, when you paid $1, they saved your credit card information, as well as auto-debit permission; from now your credit card will be debited with $77 every month unless you unsubscribe.

After sucking $77 from you, they will give you access to their job database. It’s nothing but a list of mad employers demanding some impossible jobs; in fact, the training you received from Pay Social Media Jobs platform, that’s not gonna work there.

If someone asks you to get 5,000 likes on a post in just one hour, can you make it possible?

To be honest, this is not possible unless you own an illegal bot in your hand.

I personally run paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram to promote my new products; even Facebook takes one full day to optimize an advertisement.

It’s just an example, but the targets the employers in PSMJ database provide, most of those are very unreal.

Things I like about Paying Social Media Jobs

There is nothing good in PSMJ. Still, let’s consider 2 points…

  • They provide training on Social Media managing, which may be useful to you someday.
  • Thanks to Clickbank, there is a return policy.

Things I don’t like about Paying Social Media Jobs

I’m not going for an in-depth discussion this time, because I already discussed negatives in-details in my previous Paid Social Media Job review. I’m here just highlighting the major negatives here.

  • PSMJ Auto-debits your money without informing you.
  • The program is full of fake sales pitches (I already mentioned HERE)
  • The course is not worthy at all.
  • They will provide you impossible jobs from their database
  • Sucking your money by the false claims of job offer.

Is Paying Social Media Jobs Scam?

YES, it’s a scam.

In my previous Paid Social Media Jobs review, I didn’t directly mention it’s a scam. But now with the changes in their policy, it becomes a total scam.

I suggest you be aware of these types of programs.

Better Alternatives

I hope, from this Paying Social Media Jobs review, you can clearly understand that, any legit program would be better than this. If you are interested in social media post related jobs, I’d say you should start freelancing at some well-reputed platform like,

For the newbies, I’d suggest Fiverr, because it’s the most popular freelance marketplace worldwide, and thus there is a huge scope to become successful.

I’m not sure whether you are interested in Entrepreneurship or not, but I’d say this is a far better option to make money online. Social media jobs or freelancing are just a source of part-time income, but entrepreneurship can change your life (if you can follow the proper way). Specifically, entrepreneurship that deals with affiliate marketing and dropshipping business made thousands of people millionaires.

If you are interested, you may check This Platform; as per my personal experience, I can say THIS PLATFORM is the most legitimate place to learn entrepreneurship, it’s an ideal place to turn your passion into profit and convert your dream into reality.

==> Check here for details <==

So that’s all about Paying Social Media Jobs platform, and related suggestions and recommendations.

If you have any queries, you may post the same to the comment box below. I’ll get back soon to help you out.

Stay safe and healthy.

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  1. Norman Richards

    It is so sad to see the many platforms out there that can not be trusted. They will make it seem as if once you join their program you do not have to do much and the money will just come in by the shipload. Many have been scammed with these types of platforms. Thanks so much for uncovering the vail from this platform (Paying Social Media Jobs) so we can really see it for what is.

    1. Dr. SD

      You are right Norman, people are nowadays scamming the newbies badly. Initially by their landing page Paying Social Media Jobs platform doesn’t look like a scam, but by digging deep I uncovered the cruel reality, it’s just another scam!

  2. Thank you for your review and thoughful insights on this. You have saved people time and money by providing this information. All the Best.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thanks for your insight.

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