Introduction to Facebook Ads

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Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two most popular ways to promote products and services, while each of those are used for specific type of Ad campaigns. 

Google is a search engine and people search for specific products and information there. So, if your product type is well know to the people, Google is a good choice for Ad campaigns.

On the other hand, Facebook is a social media, in fact the biggest social media in the world where people from various tests and interests accumulates. So, if you need to shout out for a brand new product to let people from different category about your product, Facebook is the right place.

However, reaching the potential customers and getting conversion is not an easy job if you don’t have the proper knowledge of creating Ads campaign. Incomplete knowledge and wrong campeign campaign may lead you to lose a lot of money instead of erning profits.

In this course we’ll be discussing the technical ways to create Facebook Ad campains, while this lesson is dedicated for the introductory part of Facebook Ads.

Required things for Facebook Ad Campaigns 

Following are the list of things you need to have to create a Facebook Ads proper way.

  • Products to promote
  • Facebook profile and business page
  • Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Facebook Pixel incorporation
  • Facebook Advertising Policies

Let’s have a quick overview on the above topics.


You can promote physical, digital or affiliate products on Facebook.

Physical products are those which you can touch while using, such as clothes, real estates, books, food, toys, accessories, etc.

Digital products are virtual; you can feel their existence and you may benefitted from them but you can’t touch them.Such as online music, movies, learning courses, tutorials, graphics, progrmming, etc.

Affiliate products may be either digital or physical, but not a product that you own. Others products which you promote to earn revenue in terms of commission, is known as affiliate product and the this business method is called affiliate marketing.

WordPress websites are the place to store any product virtually; for selling physical products you may start an e-commerce or a droshipping website. For digital servises and affiliate marketing, a blog based webiste is the best option.

Facebook profile and business page

I guess, you already own a Facebook profile. If you still don’t have create it immediately.

For Facebook Ad campaigns you are strongly suggested to to create a busines page and decorate it proper way. In the next lesson I will help yoou to create a professional business page. 

Facebook Business Manager Account

Under every post of your Facebook business page, you can see a boost option. But boosting a post from Fcaebook page is NOT recommended. You can’t track your campaign and visitors properly from Facebook page.

You need to create a Facebook Bussiness Manager account to promote products professionally and track the campaigns right way. You can create several ad accounts there and operate all of those from a single place.

It’s easy to create Facebook Business manager and Ad accounts. I’ll guide you right way in the next lessons.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel tracks your website visitors.

May be you have listened about or already installed Google Analytics on your website which also tracks the website visitors in terms of loction, time of visit, top visiting pages, device, etc.

Facebook pixel is another powerful tool that waork in a similar way, but in addition it also tracks you Ad results which help you to optimize your ad campaigns.

From the track results of Facebook Pixel, you can understand who are your potential customers and who are not and you can create your next ads accordingly.

We’ll have a in depth discussion on this in later sessions.

Facebook Advertising Policies

First of all you have to have a deep look at this specific section. It’s very important to learn about the terms and contions for Facebook Ads, otherwise your Ads may get disapproved or even worst, your Ad account may get banned.

Fistly you should be aware, sme areas are prohabited from Ad campaigns on Facebook. You can’t break the Community Standards of Facebook; any type of Discriminatory Practices, Third-Party Infringement, Misinformation, Personal Attributesare not allowed; promotion of Illegal Products or Services, Unsafe Supplements, Alcohol-tobacco-drug related products, real money gambling, Adult content, etc., are not allowed on Facebook.

I suggest you take a look at THIS Advertising Policies to grab a clear idea.

There are many rules and restrictions, but with proper tricks you can promote some of the look-alike products corresponding to the restricted ones. But I strongly suggest you not to promote any scam products ar kind of products which are not good for the society as well as human beings.

    Take Action

    So, today we had a basic introduction on the Facebook Ads materials; to learn things properly, you need to take action in terms of practicing. As per todays lesson, you have to following tasks to complete.

    • Read the article carefully
    • Figure out your niche and launch your business website (If you don’t have)
    • Create your personal account of Facebook (if you still don’t have)
    • Read Facebook Advertising Policies

    In the next lesson we’ll head over to create a profession Facebook Page which is the first requirement on your Facebook Ads journey.

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