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How to Make a Website Homepage Using Elementor (Review and Guide)

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Beginners in the internet world often suffer from creating a stunning homepage, because most of them don’t have enough knowledge about, “How to make a website homepage”; the frustration grows bigger especially when they discover tons of stunning webpages all over the internet.

Are you suffering from the same frustration? Are you finding how did others make stunning webpages? Are you looking to hire a developer or a freelancer to launch a homepage?

No need my friend, don’t waste your hard-earned money, don’t even feel worried. You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to create a beautiful homepage, neither you need to hire developers.

I’ll show you the best way to make stunning webpages using Elementor. There is no shame if you don’t know, but there is a great pleasure to learn new things perfectly. Even I also suffered from the same problem when I was a newbie because I was not a techie person. But with time I learned everything with the help of this platform.

I did it, so you can do it too! Indeed, nowadays it’s easier than ever to create an awesome webpage.

So let’s create a perfect homepage for your website from scratch, step-by-step.

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 1: Launching Website

If you already own a WordPress website you can skip this step.

In case you don’t have your business website till now, or you are not willing to make any changes to your existing website, you may follow the direction that I mentioned below.

There are several Webhosting platforms available out there, such as Bluehost, Hostgator, SiteRubix, GoDaddy,  A2, etc. You can choose any of those to host your website.

I have tested many hosting platforms so far and I personally recommend SiteRubix, mainly because of their extreme speed, facilities, scopes, ease of handling, and very prompt site support. In addition, Siterubix offers a FREE web hosting option that others don’t.

How to make a website homepage using Elementor - my recommendation
My Recommendation

SO, if you are willing to launch a brand new website, SiteRubix is definitely a great option; You can shift your website to a paid domain anytime you want. Or alternatively, you can start with a paid domain from Day-1.

On SiteRubix – WA collaborative platform you can launch your WordPress website literally within 30 seconds using their site builder facility.

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 2: Installing Elementor

No matter whether it’s a running blog or a brand new website, your aim is to create a stunning website homepage on any of those.

The first thing you have to do install, and activate Elementor Plugin. The steps are as follows:

  1. Download Elementor Plugin from HERE, and save the zip file to your desktop.
  2. Login to your website’s WordPress backend.
  3. Go to Plugin
  4. Add new plugin
  5. Click on “Upload Plugin”
  6. Select earlier downloaded zip file from your desktop and click on “Install Plugin”
  7. Activate Plugin.

Why should you choose Elementor?

The reason is simple; Elementor is #No.1 page builder in the world, and it is the best and cheapest option to create a customized homepage or any other webpage having a stunning look. It has a drag-and-drop option and you can design your website as you like.

There are both FREE and paid options to use Elementor. For a basic homepage with a perfect appearance, you may start with the FREE option. But definitely the paid option (Elementor Pro) offers a lot more exclusive options to create a stunning homepage, and this is very usual.

However, the subscription charge of the Elementor Pro (Paid version) is very low in comparison to others, and literally it’s affordable by anyone.

The following summary offers a clear view of Elementor.

Product Name: Elementor

Website: Click Here

Price of the Product: Free version: $0; Paid version: $49-$199/ year (depends on chosen plan)

Summary: Elementor is the #No.1 page builder plugin in the world; you can create stunning and responsive webpages using Elementor with a minimum effort using its drag-and-drop facility.

Our Rating: 90 out of 100

Recommendation: YES

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 3: Create New Webpage

I personally use the Elementor Pro because I find it a really useful plugin. Not only for the homepage but I prefer to use Elementor for my all webpages and many blogposts.

Whether you’ll start with the pro version of the free version, it’s totally up to you. As I mentioned there are certain restrictions in the paid version, but If those restrictions don’t harm your freedom to create a stunning webpage, then it’s fine to go with the free version.

Hope, you already login to your WordPress backend. Now let’s follow the step below to create your website homepage.

  • Click on page option at WordPress sidebar.
  • Click on “Add New.”
How to make website homepage using Elementor - Add new page
Follow the markings and add new page accordingly

A blanc page will open on the screen, where you need to make a little change on the right sidebar if you are looking to make a website homepage.

  • Watch Page Attibute at right side bar > Template > Select “Elementor Full Width”.
  • Add the title of the page.
  • Click on “Edit with Elementor”.
How to make a website homepage using Elementor - Edit with elementor
Now click on Edit with Elementor

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 4: Inside Elementor

Now you are on the Elementor editing page. On the left sidebar, you’ll find a list of options to create your website homepage.

How to make website homepage using Elementor - Dashboard
This is Elementor editing page/ dashboard

The page title may be visible on your Elementor page. I guess you don’t want to keep the title “Home” on your home page. There are to options to hide the page title.

  1. Go to the settings icon in Elementor at left bottom corner > then activate “Hide Title”.
  2. If it fails, then go back to WordPress dashboard > Customize > General options > Page title > Select “Style” as Hidden.
How to make a website homepage using Elementor - hide page title
Left: Hide page title from Elementor; Right: Hide page title from WordPress customization

Now take a look at the left sidebar options. The options are divided into 6 categories:

1. Basic:

The most basic tools for designing a website will be available in this section and this section is accessible from both free and Pro versions. You’ll get here:

  • Inner Section: Enter this tab to create a divided section/ box.
  • Heading: Insert heading as required.
  • Image: Add image.
  • Text Editor: Add any text you want.
  • Video: Add video clips directly.
  • Button: Add buttons.
  • Divider: Divide to section.
  • Spacebar: Add space.
  • Google Map: Add google map to your website.
  • Icons: Add icons to a suitable position.

2. Pro:

Several useful options are available in this section to create your website more beautiful as well as responsive. You can add recent posts, portfolio, gallery, form, login option, sliders, Native menu, Animated headlines, price list, price table, flip box, call of the action button, media and testimonial carousel, reviews, table of contents, countdown times,  and several others.

I personally realized most of the options in this section are very useful and worth installing.

3. General:

The general category is accessible for the free users and this section covers essential options, such as image and icon box, star ratings, image carousel, basic gallery, testimonial, social icon, shortcodes, HTML, sidebar, alert, etc.

4. Site:

In site option, you’ll get native menu, table of content, search form, author box, post comment and navigation, breadcrumbs, and several others. These options are restricted to free users.

If you are not interested to go for Elementor Pro, you may activate most among these options by installing separate WordPress plugins. However, increasing numbers of the plugin may decrease your site speed, that’s an important point to be noted.

5. Woocommerce:

Woocommerce section is also dedicated to the Pro users. This section contains several options related to the e-commerce website. If you are running an e-commerce store you must have to create a stunning look for each of your product pages, because customers will not purchase from your store unless they believe it’s a legit store.

But if you are running or planning to start a blogging site or affiliate website, then this option is not essential for you.

6. WordPress:

You can add several things from your WordPress backend to your webpages, such as pages, recent posts, contact info, category, custom links, and others. Options in this category are accessible to both free and pro users, but these are not much worthy when you are making a website homepage.

Suppose, you are looking to insert your recent posts on your home page; then you must want them to be visible with featured images and short descriptions. The pro option can offer you such a design, but the “recent posts” option in WordPress section just highlights the post titles.

If you install free ElementKit plugin along with you can access several other options to make your website more beautiful.

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 5: Elementor Templates

You have two options to make a webpage using Elementor,

  1. Using Elementor’s built-in templates.
  2. Starting from scratch and architect a website homepage by completely your own idea.
How to make a website homepage using Elementor - select template
You can edit your homepage in 2 ways: either select an in-built template or architect a brand new theme by yourself

For the beginners, I’d suggest select a template and make changes to it. There are many stunning templates within Elementor for different page options, such as

  • Homepage
  • Landing Page
  • Product page.
  • Restaurant page.
  • About page
  • Service page.
  • Gallery page.
  • Contact page.
  • Course page.
  • Project page.
  • FAQ page.
  • And, many others.
How to make website homepage using Elementor - templates
In-build templates

Free members can access limited options, but good enough to start. Pro members really have an extensive template option and no need to go elsewhere in search of a perfect match.

There is also an option for adding several blocks to your website. These blocks offer you a really effortless page building options. Just click and insert a block wherever you need.

How to Make a Website Homepage – Step 6: Edit A Page Using Elementor

Now let’s show you how to make a website homepage using the Elementor template. It’s very simple and much easier than you expect.

I have chosen a template, now let’s explore how to modify the same. Here, I’ll show you the ways to edit one of the sections. Let’s choose the header section and edit it.

How to make a website homepage using Elementor - Start editing
We have chosen a template; now start editing this one.

In the above image, you can see the website banner contains several text blocks and a background image. You may change everything as per your wish.

First, choose the main box and set the layout from the left sidebar. I’d suggest keeping it “boxed” and set the box size as per your requirement. Also set Columns Gap, Height, Column Position, HTML Tag position, and other options as per your need.

How to make website homepage using Elementor - Edit this section

Next, move to style option (you’ll get it at the top-left position). You can change the existing image by uploading a new image that is related to your niche. The dimension of the new image should be the same as the existing image, otherwise part of the image may remain invisible.

In the “Advanced” section you can optimize the margin, padding, effects, attributes, etc.

Now come to the texts within the banner. In this column, there are 3 three items inserted,

  1. Heading
  2. Divider
  3. Heading/ Text editor

If you select the heading, new options will appear on the left sidebar. Now edit your title in the box, and set the alignment.

How to make a website homepage using Elementor - edit heading text
Edit heading text from the left sidebar.

Next to “Content” in the top left, you’ll find the “Style” option where you can change the color, typography, etc. In the “Advanced” section you can make other changes such as margin, padding, motion effects, border, attributes, etc.

After finalizing it, move to the divider. Select the appropriate style, width, and alignment. Change the color and gap in the style section, and set the advanced option as per your need.

In a similar way, you can make changes in the next heading text.

You can delete the second heading if you don’t need it, you can add a text editor or a button, or something else within the header banner section. It’s very simple, click the triple line on the top left, then click on the back button that will appear in the same position.

Now you are in the main side menu bar. You can add any option as per your wish simply by dragging them to the box.

In the following image, I dragged the button option and you can see the button appears on the box. Now you can make changes by type, text, icon, size, alignments, etc.

How to make a website homepage using Elementor - Adding button by drag and drop
Drag the button and drop on the box (If you want to introduce a button here)

Down arrow

How to make a website homepage using Elementor - button appeared
The button has now appeared, you can edit it from the left sidebar

In a similar way, you can edit the other sections one-by-one to make a beautiful website homepage.

Explore more HERE >>

Things I like about Elementor

I like almost everything about Elementor; if I start listing here, it will be a long list. So, in one sentence I’d like to say, Elementor helps to create awesome website pages simply by drag-and-drop option.

It really helps you to stay away from the expensive developer and freelancer services, and let you design beautiful websites by yourself only. Even, if you can practice a bit, you can help start your own freelancing services.

So, it’s a great tool to rock on.

Things I don’t like about Elementor

Elementor is a wonderful tool for the website owners, and it’s really difficult to figure out the negatives. But nothing is 100% perfect in the world. In search of the negatives of Elementor, I find 3 negatives.

  • Unless having an image with a perfect dimension, you may not create a responsive header banner using Elementor free version.
  • The above drawback can be solved by using the slider option, which is an even more dynamic option, but the slider is available for the pro version only.
  • Several important options are restricted in the free version, though I think it is very usual because you can’t expect everything for absolutely free cost.

There is an alternative option to use the slider in Elementor for FREE. You can check the details HERE.

Conclusive Remarks & Recommendations

So far, I discussed all about “how to make a website homepage using Elementor”. Now it’s time to listen from you.

How do you feel? Can’t you make your own webpages by yourself now? Don’t you think it’s pretty easy?

Get Elementor Today >>

I’d say you can do it for sure. In my early days, even I also suffered a lot due to the same reasons. But with time I learned everything by myself while I received a great help THIS PLATFORM.

Website design is a small part of the whole online business; to be honest, I actually learned all about the internet marketing right from the awesome training courses in this platform, which literally helped me to turn my passion into profit.

In addition, weekly live webinars, 1000+ tutorials, and an amazingly helpful community keep me updated always. Besides the awesome training courses, the platform also hosts 10 websites, and provides all the tools that are required to run an online business. It’s definitely an all-in-one platform that you’ll not find elsewhere.

It’s good news if you are already making money from your website. But, if you are still suffering I’d say This Platform can make things changed.

In this article, today you learned how to make a website homepage; so I guess, you can make some beautiful webpages overnight. It’s a great thing if you get thousands of site visitors every day.

But what happens if you don’t have enough audience? Who is gonna see your beautiful homepage or other webpages?

So the very first thing you should focus on, generate visitors for your website, and that is preferably organic traffic (traffic without any paid Advertisements). This is what you cannot do overnight; even I’m not talking about overnight success (it’s literally a forbidden term).

However, in this platform, you’ll learn the evergreen tricks to monetize a website is a legit way, and those precious lessons will help you to build up a successful online foundation just within months. And definitely, you need to dedicate and focused if you really want to turn your dreams into truth.

The good news is, you can join here for absolutely FREE of cost; it doesn’t even need any credit card information to start.


If you have any further queries, feel free to drop your question in the comment box below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Have a nice day.

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  1. Roy

    I am new in affiliate marketing, but have some years of experience in designing websites, mainly using Joomla. I have also been using a couple of bloc editors like Elementor.  The experience form those bloc editors is not positive as they have been badly documented (user guides) and the functionality was not good. You couldn´t do what you wanted with these solutions.

    When I started with affiliate marketing approx. 4 months ago. I got to learn Elementor. I was a little bit in doubt to try it out, but as it has gotten very good reviews and that it has been some time since I used the other tools, I decided to try it on my own site.  And it is really good! It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, and there are several new “terms” to learn, but after a short while, it all becomes quite easy to use.

    The biggest benefit of Elementor is that you are working with the method “WYSIWYG”- What You See is What You Get”, in other words, you see immediately how it will look like on your website.

    Be aware that when you first start using it, and want to quit using it you have to take a back-up of you´re website. The reason behind this is that you can risk ” breaking your website” returning to the normal editor of your theme on your website.

    I can highly recommend Ellementor form my own experience.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for sharing your own experience with Elementor. It’s pretty like another mini-review on the comment box!

      Good to know you have started using Elementor, and I personally think this one of the very important tools for the website builders. The free version is good enough for the beginners although sometimes it needs to install some extra plugin on the WordPress backend which may slow down the website. However, experts should pick up the full version because it really offers tons of good features.

      By the way, good luck to you… build up an awesome website using Elementor.

  2. Gomer

    I’m using Divi in my own site which works like Elementor. Most of the followers of my blog don’t have the big money that’s being asked for a yearly subscription with Divi; however, the price is much less with the lifetime subscription, still, it’s a lot.

    So, with that predicament, I started looking for an alternative and good thing is I found this review of yours about the Elementor plugin for making awesome home pages. Not only that guided the readers in the installation process, but I find the demo also easy to follow. 

    For those who can’t afford Divi, I think Elementor is a good alternative.

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Gomer,

      Looks like in your blog you are suggesting the followers use DIVI but they can’t afford it because of the price, right?

      See, Divi is definitely a good pick, if someone can afford, but Elementor can provide you even more innovative page design ideas especially in their paid version.

      Nevertheless, I suggest using the free version of Elementor to the beginners. Even using the free version you can create amazing homepages. Once a beginner becomes intermediate and starts earning from their site, it’s easy to get shifted to the paid version.

      I refer to Elementor as the first pick, not as an alternative.

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