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Coronavirus and the Life of the Bloggers — How does Coronavirus Affect the Bloggers’ Community?

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Coronavirus and the life of human beings, it’s now the biggest cue of the year 2019-20.

People all over the world are afraid now; more afraid because till now there is no proven medicine or vaccine available to cure the Covid-19 disease.

At this moment the coronavirus is affecting 180 countries and territories around the world; the numbers of total coronavirus cases are 308,615 worldwide, total deaths are 13,071, and 95,834 numbers of people already recovered (when I am writing this article).

Coronavirus and the Life of the Bloggers - affected area map
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You can CHECK HERE also to get the country-wise details of the latest report.

Under such a horrible situation people are mainly focused to stay safe, but not interested to buy new products that are not essential for leading life.

So, how is the present situation of the marketers and business personalities? — for most of the companies and business persons, this is not a great time at all, but some businesses didn’t get affected that much.

In this article, I’m not digging deep into the other discussion or the situations for the different categories of business, but here I’ll stay solely focused on a specific class of business personalities, the bloggers.

If you are a blogger yourself and recently noticed the traffic and conversion rate on your website are fluctuating, this article may offer you some important information.


The Present Situation of the Market

No matter, whether you are an experienced blogger or not, you need to study the market if you are associated with any business, it may be online or offline. The situation globe, market situation, business, blogging, all are related altogether.

So firstly take a look at the present scenario of the globe —

Countries such as India, Nepal, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Bangladesh which neighbors of China (the origin of Coronavirus), are fighting in strong hands against Coronavirus, and till date kept the situation under control, but the situation is pretty dangerous in Europe, USA and the few countries in the Middle East.

Many countries started to lock down several cities, especially, China, Italy, Spain, UK, Iran, Germany, USA, France, South Korea, India, etc. In some of these countries, the situation is extremely severe or getting dangerous day-by-day, some countries are trying to restrict Coronavirus before it becomes dangerous.

As expected, the situation of the market is also very pathetic, stock markets are going downwards day-by-day. Businesspersons and companies from several sectors are suffering greatly.

Coronavirus and the Life of the Bloggers - stock market

As I mentioned above, excluding other factors my focus is to highlight the relation between Coronavirus and the life of the bloggers — how does coronavirus affect the bloggers’ community?

However, the area of discussion is directly related to the market.

The Market, Coronavirus, and the life of the bloggers

In general bloggers and YouTubers make money online via affiliate marketing or from advertisements.

The question is, how does coronavirus affect the life of the bloggers? How the market situation during Coronavirus is directly related to the life of the bloggers?

Thousands of bloggers promote Amazon, eBay, and other e-commerce products through their blogs.

However, people are not interested to buy electronics, fashion products, cosmetics, or accessories; rather people are interested to purchase masks and hand sanitizers at this moment.

Travel bloggers who explore beautiful places in their blogs, are also in trouble presently.

The coronavirus scenario is critical now. Some of the most beautiful places such as Italy, France, Switzerland, China, the United Kingdom, Scotland are greatly suffering from Coronavirus. People are fighting against death, and as usual, tourism is completely close there. In fact, governments of most countries restricted international flights.

Not only international travel but many countries restricted domestic travel also by locking down several states. The number of intercity public transportation reduced enormously in several countries.

Coronavirus and life of the bloggers - People are avoiding these markets
People are avoiding online shopping and receiving delivery of the parcels; Many countries get lock down – this is not a right time for traveling

Simply, people are not thinking of tour and travel at this moment; rather they prefer to get locked down to their own home to stay away from deadly Coronavirus and survive.

So, obviously blogs by travel bloggers are not getting any priority during Coronavirus season, and eventually, they are losing traffic remarkably.

On the other hand, people are locked down into their home. They are more likely to search for make money from home, work from home, Coronavirus related information, other health information, stock information, etc.

Naturally, health blog sites, work from home guide sites, stock market information sites, etc. are getting more priority as well as higher traffic these days.

So, you can simply understand, there is a clear relationship between the market situation for Coronavirus and the life of the bloggers.

Which blogs are losing traffic due to Coronavirus?

As a summary of the above section, we can simply figure out the list of the business area which are not in priority level during Coronavirus season.

  1. Electronics: people are not wasting money on purchasing electronics for fun.
  2. Fashion products: People are locked down in their homes, so Apparels are not required now.
  3. Cosmetics: People are not wasting money on fancy cosmetics.
  4. Accessories: Clothing, travel and other accessories are not necessary now.
  5. Travel: Travel destinations are locked down, transports are limited; travel business is in great trouble.

So, it is clear that people who are promoting the above products in their blogs, are not making much money while losing traffic. The examples of blogging areas which are suffering:

  • Blogs by Amazon affiliates
  • Blogs by e-bay affiliates.
  • Dropshipping store promoting blogs.
  • Fancy cosmetics promoting blogs from affiliates.
  • Fashion dresses promoting blogs by any affiliates.
  • Travel bloggers.
  • Blogs from,, Tripadvisor, etc affiliates.

Which blogs are gaining priority due to Coronavirus?

People are afraid and getting inside the home during this Coronavirus season, and surfing the internet in search of the following topics,

  1. Coronavirus related news and information.
  2. Health information.
  3. Make money from home information.
  4. Work from home ideas.
  5. Digital products idea.
  6. Staying healthy ideas.
  7. Stay fit – yoga-related information.

It is fact that an article related to Coronavirus is worthy at this moment. But so many brilliant bloggers already understood the fact far earlier and they started creating Coronavirus related content. If you search the internet, you’ll find tons of Coronavirus articles there.

Although Coronavirus is a hot topic at this moment, competition becomes very high even in this new field. If you are looking to create Coronavirus related content for your blog, you have to choose the right keyword to get ranked on the first page of Google.

Caution: You should make a mistake by creating a Coronavirus related blog that is not related to your niche or website topic. Google doesn’t like this. As an example, if you are a travel blogger, avoid writing a blog entitled, “How to cure Coronavirus”, this is not related to your website niche. “How to cure Coronavirus” is a perfect blog title for a health niche site.

Coronavirus and the digital market bloggers

It is true that, coronavirus season has mostly uplifted health issue related blogs, but suddenly make money from home guides become highly popular in the last few weeks.

After a deep investigation I found, this is the peak season for the blog sites which are providing genuine information about digital marketing, or work from home ideas; in fact, a very high volume of Google searches were performed in the recent past due to the following reasons —

  • People are locked down to their home – feeling bore – searching for money-making alternates.
  • Physical products’ market is poor – business personalities are earning none – looking for a digital marketing option
  • Schools and colleges are closed – They want to utilize their free time – they are looking to make money online.
    People are looking from work from home options
    People are looking from work from home options

People realized, becoming a digital product affiliate is the most sustainable earning option at this moment as you don’t need to go outside to earn money, the digital product market inactive always – Coronavirus can’t affect this market. Moreover, digital products generally offer pretty high affiliate commission (30-70%) in comparison to the physical products (2-15%).

There are many profitable business ideas both physical and digital, but due to the Coronavirus situation people are avoiding outdoor business searches at this moment; instead, they are searching for a legit online money making platform.

In the recent time, the top searching platforms are, Wealthy Affiliate, Super Affiliate Program, 1K A Day Fast Track12 Minute AffiliateSimple Traffic SolutionsCommission HeroSwagbucks, Clickbank University, etc.

Dropshipping services such as Alidropship, My Business Venture, etc. generally stay at the top of the search result throughout the year, but due to the worldwide lockdown situation, international and domestic shipping options got affected greatly. For that particular reason, people are avoiding these dropshipping services at this moment.

Conclusive Remarks

Highlights of the recent scenario — just take a look below:

  • The blue planet is suffering from deadly COVID-19.
  • 150 countries got affected by Coronavirus.
  • Several countries announced lockdown.
  • People are not purchasing physical products except the essentials.
  • Physical markets are facing a huge loss.
  • Stock markets trying to rise but it’s a tough time.
  • Tour and travel businesses are totally stopped.

Now, take a look at our focused topic — Coronavirus and the life of the bloggers:

  • Bloggers associated with e-bay or Amazon Affiliate programs are losing traffic.
  • Travel bloggers are suffering greatly.
  • Health-related blogs are gaining high traffic.
  • Inclusion of Coronavirus related information in the blog is worthy at this moment.
  • Blogs with Digital marketing guidance (Clickbank, JVZoo, etc. affiliates) are receiving good conversions.
  • Work-from-home blogs are getting high traffic.

Upon investigation, it was found that the following blogs are receiving huge traffic during this Coronavirus season—

  1. Health-related blogs.
  2. Make money from home guides.
  3. Digital product blogs.
  4. Stay fit / yoga related blogs.

It’s a good season for you if you are the owner of the above-mentioned niche sites. Keep working and earn more.

I suggest those bloggers who are losing traffic in this season, don’t be worried, just keep working for your blogs. Good time will return back soon, you all will be dancing down the track once again.

It’s a tough time for all of us. We all need to fight back and we’ll do it soon.

Coronavirus and the Life of the Bloggers - my blogging way

(If you have any sort of queries, you may drop your question in the comment box below, I’ll be more than happy to help you. If you find the article useful, share it socially to let others know the fact)

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  1. Brian

    These are certainly troubled times for everyone which includes bloggers. You’re definitely right about people being more interested in purchasing masks, hand sanitizers, and even toilet paper. I do think some electronics and other things are still being sold just for the simple fact that people are now stuck at home and are wanting things to do, but they certainly have seen a drop off from what it was before the pandemic. I feel really bad for travel bloggers as they are taking a beating right now since travel is pretty much out of the question. Do you think some bloggers should venture out into other niches or just stick to what they’ve already been doing?

    1. Dr. SD

      About electronics: No, my friend people are not investing much for electronics, rather they happy with what they have. They are surfing for new things but they aren’t purchasing at this stage, because educated people know, it’s not safe to receive a parcel from an unknown person, anyone may be affected by Coronavirus. 

      However, people are obviously ordering essentials and foods, because they don’t have another option.

      About bloggers who are suffering for Coronavirus: They should stick to their niche, don’t move over but keep working on it, and of course, stay at home. Once the coronavirus issue will getaway, everything will be fine for them.

  2. Volkert

    True the life of a blogger in some niches like mine are truly being affected as we are losing out on traffic and the number of sales. Since most of the people ain’t interested in buying electronic things at the moment. But would rather check out the ways to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus since its affect the globe at large.

    1. Dr. SD

      You just answered the question of another commenter, Brian. Your voice is clear proof that people are not interested to invest the wrong way at this moment, because they don’t know how long they have to fight for survival.

      And obviously, it’s better to check out the ways for survival first. Coronavirus is the greatest thread for the world now. Hope things will get better very soon. 

  3. Mary Ann

    I really enjoyed this article and I must say I agree with you. I have a couple of websites and I have noticed that one is doing extremely well as it is health-related. The other one is on travel and is not doing well at all. It is times like these that we must learn to diversify and look for other opportunities.

    1. Dr. SD

      I personally think there is no necessity to look for other opportunities, because things will be normal again soon. Rather people should focus on their niche and build up their website perfectly at this time.

      It’s good to know you own a health niche related website, however health niche performs well anytime although this particular coronavirus season is a bit more perfect time for health niche.

  4. Faheem

    The only one I didn’t quite expect were the stay fit/yoga blogs, but you know what, it actually makes sense. Since people are staying home and not going to gyms due to Coronavirus, they’ll look for ways to make their home a gym in the cheapest way possible.

    I feel like those that will suffer the most are the beginners. The older marketers have been through ups and downs, but I fear that beginners might end up despairing and even giving up on their blog and look for a different niche.

    1. Dr. SD

      Yes, definitely that’s a piece of bad news for the newbies who just started travel blog or a beauty suggestion blog or something similar. But they should keep building their site at this stage.

      Stay fit/yoga blogs are not only getting popular for spending free time, but Yoga really enhances the internal fitness and immunity power which helps to fight against Coronavirus. 

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