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Travel bloggers may be interested in a affiliate program review because it suits very well with any type of travel-related websites. If you are building a website that is related to travel accessories or backpackers’lifestyle, still, the affiliate program is a great addition there.

There are so many travel booking websites on the internet, and probably none of them are as popular as, which due to their long term reputation and trust. This is basically a house of hotels, resorts, homestay, flights. Recently the addition of rented private property made the choice more wide for travelers and the backpackers.

Although their rate of commission is very competitive, still it is worthy to join such a reputed company for a travel blogger. If you are a travel writer and interested to include for adding some extra money to your pocket you can positively join the affiliate program. It’s totally FREE to join.

A short description of is a Netherland based international hotel booking portal that earned a great reputation and trust to their customers. Though the headquarter is located at Amsterdam it is actively providing service worldwide, and extremely popular in Europe, Asia, and Australia. I personally am a customer and so far booked a great number of the hotel for my several trips.

Through you can check out a list of a wide range of hotels in any destination and most importantly you are eligible to book a property without advance payment. In the case of many properties, you are also eligible for free cancellation (up to a certain date). You’ll rarely get this property in another hotel booking portal.

So this obviously a good reason for promoting because you’ll get lots of satisfied customers.

In fact, the majority of backpackers and leisure travelers check at least once before book a hotel. There is a great scope for you to promote hotels from the portal is your travel blogs to monetize your website.

Products available in

Not only the hotels but also provide any type of accommodation, flights, and a rental car to their customers upon their demand.

Accommodation: Besides commercial hotels, you have many other options such as homestay, rented house, resorts, villas, etc. Offbeat travelers and backpackers generally prefer low-cost homestays rather than 5-star hotels. And most of the time they get a great homestay in remote places when they search in, while other portals fail to offer accommodation in those remote places.

Flights: If you are traveling a long distance it is far difficult for you to make your journey in a single flight, especially if you are traveling to a regional destination. Purchasing tickets for multiple flights separately cost a lot. combines several flights to make your journey easier, connective and inexpensive.

Renal Car: a partner portal site of Booking com offers rental cars in several regions which makes a journey hassle-free.

Commission News in

For your each sale offers you up to 25% commission. This is not actually the percentage of the total rent of a hotel. Let’s explain elaborately for your better understandings.

It is the percentage of the amount which is making by selling a product. That means some property registered to @$100. is earning 20% commission from that which is $20. And you are making a 25% commission from which is $5. If you are running a popular website you can earn a lot daily from a big amount of booking redirected to the website. Suppose you are selling a minimum of 100 properties per month, that means the minimum revenue you’ll be earning is $500+.

However, the rate of commission varies to some extent. The more you sell from your website, they’ll offer you more commission. See the chart below. That’s why I said if you are the owner of a very popular blog site you have a very good opportunity to make a lot of money from Getting commission regularly from will not only monetize your website but this will make a great partnership with a giant company that is actually good for your online business.

When the guests (who reached through your link) will complete their stay, the commission will be added to your account. Upon completion of a cycle of $100 in your account, they will pay out the money to your bank account. Suppose in a single month you are able to earn $80, then this will be rolled over to next month. Once you’ll hit $100 you’ll be getting paid.

Are you a property owner: Get connected to Today

So far I said all about the travel bloggers who can include on their website. But, I forget to send a valuable information to the Property owners.

Are you willing to rent a property for travelers and backpackers? Have you connected your property to

If you haven’t done yet, here is a great information for you…

Join with from THIS LINK and complete your first 5 bookings totally commission-free. That means will not take any commission from you for the first 5 bookings if booked through So you have a two options availale while listing your property in,

  1. Make more money by selling your property
  2. Or, keep the price lower to attract more guests. Affiliate Program Review - the joining form

List your property to by clicking the above link.

Tools inside help you to make money via the affiliate program provides you several tools inside their affiliate program which will help you to earn money through their affiliate program. Let’s see what’s inside.

Links: Suppose you are writing a travel blog on a certain place and willing to offer some great hotel ideas to your visitors. Simply include a list of hotels and make custom hyperlinks with your affiliate.

The links provided by help you to highlight a specific hotel, flight or rental car in your blog.

Search box: Attach a search box on your website and offer custom search to your visitors. In this box, they can search whatever they exactly want, such as hotels and flights for any destination, any dates, and number of travelers, etc.

Inspiring search box: This is another interesting search box that offers more specific details for a destination, such as the number of properties available in a location or pricing list, etc.

Map widget: This one shows the map of a particular location. It is more useful for the property owners to set this widget so that people can find out their hotel location easily.

Deal finder: This widget banner shows the best deals of a place, like the most popular and cheap hotels, etc.

Other banners: There are several other banners within the platform to set them at the header, footers, sidebars, etc. Option to create a new banner is available also. Affiliate Program Review - the join here

Few among the above widgets can be directly installed from WordPress. After installation and activation don’t forget to insert your affiliate ID in those plugins. Without the inclusion of your affiliate ID, you’ll not get the commission.

What are the other affiliate options?

For your travel-related website, is a very good option. If you want a price comparison option for your customers then you can sign up for a few other similar affiliate programs. Agoda, Expedia,, TripAdvisor, Hotel combined affiliate programs may be included in your list. In the case of some of them, you have to join through a third party.

The hotel combined is a good option especially if your website is hotel review-based. You can try this for your travel website also, in fact on your website you can add as many affiliate programs as you want, but you have to maintain them properly, and it is time-consuming to maintain a lot of affiliate programs.

If your niche website is travel accessories related then the Amazon Affiliate program is a good option for your travel gears.

Positives and Negatives of affiliate program

Let’s show you what are the pros and cons of affiliate program.


  • The program is free and easy to join.
  • It is easy to set up your account.
  • No start-up cost required like most of the dropshipping programs.
  • You get many interactive banners and widgets to set then in your sidebar, header or footer.
  • They pay you more you can sell more.


  • They’ll not pay you unless you hit $100 in your affiliate account.
  • You will be paid after two months of a booking completed, not before that, even if you hit $100.

It is true that money flow is relatively slow in the program, but still, I’d say it is a good option for monetizing a travel website. In fact, travel affiliate programs offer you amazing payback if you work on it the proper way.

Finally, are you running a profitable website or NOT?

I am just wondering whether you are an experienced affiliate marketer or just a beginner in this field!

You are searching for a affiliate program; so I guess, you are familiar with the affiliate marketing.

How are you doing right now? Is your website profitable yet? Have you been stuck while spending hours on your website and still,  searching for a sign of success?

Don’t worry, if you are struggling someway! This is a very common problem and I personally solved it for several folks in the past. Beginners often get lost in search of success and move from one door to another to find out the secrets of success in affiliate marketing. Even, I also lost money and time before I discovered this program.

Now I run several successful niche websites and able to make a sustainable full-time income by turning my passion into profit. After joining THIS PLATFORM, I never turned back again and I was able to make a stable income within just a few months of hard work, which actually helped me to quit my day job. Affiliate Program Review – I turned my passion into profit

This organization focuses on building websites that can offer you long term success. The secrets and hidden tricks I learned here help me to monetize my website in a continuous motion and it is still growing.

If you have any further query please don’t hesitate to ask, please post your query in the comment box below.


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  1. Norman Richards

    Hello and thanks for sharing an informative post. The pros section seems to offer a lot of great stuff but in the cons section it seems like a long wait to be paid but the good part is that you can build this business earn more and have success.

    1. Dr. SD

      Receiving the payment late is obviously a drawback of affiliate program, but it is the company policy and you have to obey this if you are interested to grab the other facilities. Overall, I must say is a very good affiliate program for travel bloggers.

  2. Joseph William Stasaitis

    Thanks for the review and info on this as I did not know much about them before. Much appreciated.

    1. Dr. SD

      You are welcome. is one of the most popular hotel booking websites in the world and its affiliate programs are very well disciplined. This is a very profitable option for the online marketers who are working on a travel-related niche.

  3. Louise Barry-Taylor

    Hi there
    Thank you so much for sharing your review of I love to travel and am building out a website which has a travel element to it, so will definitely be looking at becoming an affiliate with through your link.

    1. Dr. SD

      Great! is one of the best affiliate programs for travelers. But I suggest you promote hotels or homestays wisely. As you are already a traveler you are knowledgeable of several hotels and homestays, and so you preferably promote those in your blog.

      Best wishes.

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