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10 Most Profitable Small Businesses : Get Unique Business Ideas to Start Your Trade Journey

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Welcome to a full informative article that explores the ideas for 10 most profitable small businesses.

With the decreasing rate of suitable job opportunities and the increasing number of job haters throughout the world, people start to rely on personal ventures nowadays.

Are you are one of them, not enjoying your day job anymore or not getting a scope to a suitable job, and want to start your own business for financial freedom?

Are you are a bit skeptical… from where to start, or which one to start with?

Millions of people are starting new businesses every day, but many of them are neither passionate nor properly knowledgeable of their startup. As a result, many are experiencing unfortunate results and losing a lot of money, and finally closing down within just a few months after starting.

To get rid of this problem you need to be very selective in choosing a business. In this article, I am expanding unique ideas for 10 most profitable small businesses which may help you to decide further.

I want a business idea“…

I understand you are here to have a unique business idea, but before I start I want to say a few things.

Firstly I’d like to mention, this article is not for those people who are the owns of millions of money and can spend and waste any amount anytime. Rather, this one is for those people who are involved in the day job which they want to live, who are not employed, and the retired person who is looking to invest their savings proper in a proper place.

To be more clear, My intention is to help those people who are searching for a profitable business idea at low startup investment. Anyone who is looking to invest his/her hard-earned money to initiate a small business, they should continue reading this article.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - start small, grow up big
I am intended to help those people who want to start as small but grow up to big

Secondly, I’d suggest you be sure about your passion and expertise. You are going to receive some unique business ideas below, but it is not recommended to jump in blindly and get started.

If you make the mistake to start a business without your passion or expertise, you may receive hopeless results.

I am not saying you to have both passion and expertise, but you must have at least any of these for your chosen business idea. I personally prefer to listen to my passion or interest. If you have a passion for something, you will learn quickly and become an expert on that field faster than others, because you are working from your internal love (or passion).

I suggest you read this small article to get an in-depth idea of choosing the right business for you.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - choose the right one

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses You may Initiate

I am presenting here a list of 10 most profitable small businesses which you can consider for your startup. I hope, now you are well aware of the strategies to choose the right business to suits you.

1. Plastic Waste Recycle

You have listened the worldwide slogan against plastic… “plastic makes our environment more and more polluted“, “ocean life is under threat due to the introduction of tons of plastic waste inside the deep sea” and few more like these. Environment scientists from every corner of the world are shouting against plastic usage.

But you know plastic or insoluble polymers are equally important in our daily life, and usage of polymer can’t be stopped until scientists can discover a cost-effective alternative.

So what is the solution? How to control the plastic to save the environment?

There is no better way than recycling plastic waste; you don’t have to invest millions to start a plastic waste recycling factory. In fact, you may get a lot of support from the government if you choose this stream as your start-up business.

To start a plastic recycling business, you have to invest in land, machines, raw materials (plastic waste) and manpower. Purchasing fully automated machines can reduce the requirement of manpower remarkably.

What are the things you can manufacture from waste plastic?

The list is long, but all may not be considered for a low-cost startup. The prices of machines for some specific product categories make a remarkable difference.

I am listing here some recycled products which are possible to manufacture in a cost-effective way (machines’ costs are low), and at the same time, those are highly profitable.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - plastic recycle

At the lowest investment, you can recycle waste plastic to manufacture new bottles, food packaging containers, PET straps and PP straps for packaging, bubble sheet, packaging foam sheet, etc.

If you can invest a bit more, you can manufacture polyester fiber from waste plastic; you can’t imagine how profitable this business idea is!

There are several other options to recycle plastic waste to manufacture thousands of items such as toys, travel appliances, home appliances, vehicle cabinets, etc. The addition of external polymer flakes may be required in these cases to maintain quality. However, the manufacture of these products needs integrated machines of higher cost. You may think of those for a late-stage extension of your business.

2. Make Natural Soaps and Bath Lotions

Soaps and bath lotions are among the essential appliance that people use every day. In the past, most of the people were not aware of the compositions of the commercial soaps and bath lotions. But now, in this age of the internet, people accumulate every detail right from the internet. Today, we all know about the harsh effect of the chemicals used in commercial soaps and bath lotions.

If you are passionate about this particular segment, you may help people to enjoy a chemical-free bath. A high-quality natural bath cosmetics are really demanding nowadays, and of course, it’s a great option for you to earn a lot.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make natural soaps and bath lotions and where to get the ingredients. The following courses offer a really in-depth idea of making soaps and bath lotions.

>> Create Bath and Body Products From Natural Ingredients <<

I must include herewith, marketing is too simple in 21 century because there are Amazon, Walmart, and other e-commerce platforms. You can sell your products through those platforms, or you can start your own website to sell your product directly.

>> How To Make Soap – Homemade Soap Making for Beginners <<

This is a great startup idea, mainly because of the very low investment. Additionally, you can run your business right from your home. In the initial stage, if you can satisfy your customers with your product quality, they will become your permanent customer.

3. Make Natural Body Lotions and Cream

Just similar to the last one people are sicking for natural beauty products because most of the people are very well aware of the negative effects of the chemical ingredients that are present in the commercial body lotions and creams. Long term usage of those low-cost commercials beauty products can cause critical skin disease, or even worst.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - make herbal cream

I guess, this business idea is more suitable for the women candidates, because women are much aware of the creams and body lotions than a man. However, that doesn’t matter, anyone can accumulate the knowledge and get started.

If you don’t have enough knowledge on making natural body lotions, creams and body butter, you can click the following link to uncover a great course. You get all the explanations, procedures and resource ideas within this course.

>> Natural Beauty: How to Make Lotions, Creams and Body Butters <<

If you are passionate about beauty products, you can start producing natural cream, lotions (also can include soaps in the list) right from your home and sell online. Nowadays You can launch your business website within minutes by yourself.

4. Aquaponic culture

Do you love gardening?

If you do, aquaponic culture is an awesome business idea for you. Aquaponic farming is very popular in many countries nowadays, especially in Israel, USA, and many European countries.

Due to the lack of sufficient farmland, Israel innovated hydroponic culture for the first time. They uncovered the science to produce vegetables and crops within water; No soil is necessary for this farming method. Later the same process becomes popular in other countries.

Click on the image to explore

Aquaponic is the upgraded version of hydroponics, where fish and vegetable culture is possible together. There are several ways to design an aquaponic system. As a basic, there will be one container for fish culture and another for vegetables. Water needs to be circulated within two containers along with the systematic addition of the right nutrients to grow up the plants and fishes.

If you can manage 3000-5000 sq feet of land, you can easily start the aquaponic culture unit. This is really a profitable business idea. Many people utilize their home garden or back yard space to set a domestic aquaponic system. But if you are looking to commercialize it, you need a bigger space as I mentioned. Bigger will be space, more will be the production as well as profit.

>> Aquaponic Gardening: Growing Fish and Vegetables Together <<

5. Vertical Farming

In the last section, I introduced the hydroponic farming system. Vertical farming is a kind of hydroponic system.

In cropland, plants are harvested horizontally. In vertical farming, you can set several rows vertically to harvest your vegetables. In this system, you don’t need any soil to harvest the vegetables; the roots will grow up in water medium. Proper addition of nutrients and circulation of the water is necessary to grow up the plants.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - Start vertical farming

You can harvest 5 times more vegetables in vertical farming than you can do in an equal area of cropland. You don’t need to worry about the birds’ attack because it is a fully indoor system. Additionally, pest, bacteria and fungus attacks are very rare in hydroponic farming. That means you don’t need to use hazardous chemical pesticides; you can produce fully organic vegetables.

>> How to set up an Hydroponic Garden <<

Overall, vertical farming is really a profitable business idea. A few years back I set my own hydroponic (vertical) and aquaponic units mainly for research purposes; however, the rate of production of some vegetables really astonished me; in fact, this is far better than general cropland!

6. Organic Farming

Before entering a different area, I’d like to present another farming-related business idea that is getting extremely popular day-by-day.

Organic farming!

In the present day, people are very health conscious. They know the long term effects of leached chemical pesticides (leached in crops and vegetables) in the body. That’s why in the first world countries many chemical pesticides are getting banned.

On the other hand, educated farmers started realizing that, excessive chemical fertilizer decreases the fertilizing power of the cropland by increasing the acidity and unwanted chemicals. At the same time, the friend micro lives in the cropland get diminished as the worst effect. Due to this reason, the farmers started moving on biofertilizer to get back the fertilizing strength of the lands.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - start organic farming
Organic farming: A great startup idea

In the present decade, farmers over the world started focusing on organic farming, while people prefer to eat fully organic crops and vegetables to stay healthy.

Controlling pests, bacteria, and fungus organically is not easy. You need to have an in-depth idea about the disease in the different crops, then you need to learn about the biotreatment of those diseases.

>> Organic edible gardening <<

If you have your own cropland, you can start experimenting with organic farming. You should treat your land with cow dung manure and friendly fungus (i.e. Trycoderma), then use compost or vermicompost instead of chemical fertilizers. To get relief from the pests you can use pheromone therapy and save your crops from bacteria/fungus by treating with biopesticides.

For your information, to sell or export your organic products, your land needs to be approved and certified for organic farming.

7. Online training courses

Now let’s have some ideas on a different field where you don’t need any land to start a business. This is called the online business.

If you are an expert on any topic, you have a great option to make money from that. All you need, a desktop or laptop, internet connection, and a speaker headphone.

You may have expertise in trading, online marketing, competitive examination, making something, yoga training, bodybuilding or anything else. Whatever is the topic you are expert about, you have to focus on people’s problems and solve those problems.

You can create video training or written tutorial on a topic and then sell those in ClickBank or Udemy. If people find your training courses are really solving their problems, you’ll experience a huge conversion.

>> Online Training: How to become Online Trainer <<

An alternate way to earn money from your training courses is YouTube videos. You can start a YouTube channel to upload your video training. When the number of views and subscribers will increase, you’ll be receiving advertisement requests on your channel. You’ll get paid from the advertisers.

8. Dropshipping e-store

You know e-commerce is very popular worldwide in the present decade. More than 75% people prefer to purchase from the online stores rather than moving physically to the shopping malls. For the same reason, Amazon is one of the richest companies in the world.

Would you like to launch your own e-commerce platform?

Maybe you are thinking, how can you start e-commerce, it’s a matter of a lot of investment!

Yes, you are absolutely right. It needs a lot of money to start conventional e-commerce. Not only money, but you also need manpower and a place to store products.

But, I’ll show you a better alternative.

In the last few years dropshipping becomes a highly popular business idea. Many people are starting their own dropshipping stores on specific niches. The major positives of dropshipping are,

  • You can launch your e-store in a small investment (in comparison to conventional e-commerce).
  • You can operate your dropshipping store right from the comfort of your own home.
  • you don’t need to store any product.
  • you don’t need lots of manpower, one-handed operation is possible in dropshipping.
  • No tension for inventory, shipping, and delivery. The host platform and sellers will do these all for you.

To maintain a dropshipping store you have to do just a few things.

  • Import virtual description and images of the products to your web store from the hosting platform.
  • Focus on marketing; grow your customers using social media or search engine optimization.
  • Receive your customers’ orders to your dropshipping store.
  • Place order to the host platform.
  • Earn profit.

that’s it!

Maybe you are thinking you have to compete with e-commerce giants like Amazon or Walmart. But, That’s NOT true!

In your dropshipping store, you can sell specific niche-oriented products at a very competitive price, because you’ll get them at very cheap rate as you’ll be dealing with the whole sellers or factories directly. If you add some unique items in your store, you never know how much popular it’ll become overnight. In fact, many people are getting rich from their niche-specific dropshipping stores due to having unique collections there that people will never find in Amazon or Walmart.

If you are interested to know more about a dropshipping business you can click here.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses: Start Drop-shipping

9. Travel Portal

This is a good option for people who love traveling.

But, I must mention, this field is very competitive. If you want to launch your travel portal, you have to compete with the big brothers like Tripadvisor, Expedia,, Airbnb,, Agoda, TripSavvy, and many others.

You have to build up a travel web portal first, and then you need to contact the hotel owners, trip arrangers, airlines, etc., to sell via your website in exchange for commissions.

Though traveling is becoming popular day-by-day, still it is not an easy job to build up a successful travel portal. You need to work very hard inside and outside and spend a lot of money on advertisements.

But somehow if your website becomes popular to your customers, no one can stop you to become a millionaire.

10. Affiliate Marketing

The final one I am going to discuss today is “Affiliate Marketing“.

As per my personal experience, affiliate marketing is the best business idea among these 10 most profitable small businesses.

In affiliate marketing, you have to promote others’ products using the given affiliate links. You can promote products on your own website or on social media or on YouTube. I would suggest you build up your own website for a long term prospect. It is very easy to create a website!

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - Launch a website

More than 5 billion people are surfing the internet every day and people are searching for solutions to various problems. Someone is looking for the best suitcase reviews, someone is searching for a tourist place, few are looking for the best online training reviews, and many more.

So, there is a huge scope for the new affiliate marketers.

If you want to get started, first you can choose a niche that you are passionate about. Then try to solve the niche-related problems by posting blogs on your website and add some affiliate links. If you can send helpful messages to the people, your website will become popular gradually. Once the visitors start believing on your site, they’ll start purchasing from your affiliate links and you’ll earn revenue.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses - Start Affiliate marketing
This is how affiliate marketing works

Now you may have a question, why am I claiming that affiliate marketing is the best business idea?

There are several reasons, my friend…

  • You can start affiliate marketing with a minimum investment (even for FREE).
  • you don’t need any land to build a shop or factory; All you need, a laptop and an internet connection.
  • you don’t have to deal directly with any physical product.
  • you don’t have to be involved in any outdoor business.
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home (or from any place you want).
  • With time, you may become a millionaire or super affiliate, if you work properly.
  • Finally, you can convert your passion into profit, while earning a lot.

So, how are you feeling? — ” Wow! Affiliate marketing is so simple“, are you thinking this way?

Yes, affiliate marketing is simple, and anybody can do it, even a college dropout can do. But it is not so easy to achieve success. You need to move through a deep learning curve to learn the hidden tricks that lead you to success.

I personally learn all about affiliate marketing right from THIS PLATFORM and I am highly grateful to this platform for helping me to Turn My Passion into Profit. You can also try this for FREE if you are interested.

10 Most Profitable Small Businesses: Learn online marketing

Conclusion Remarks

In this article, I shared some unique ideas for 10 most profitable small businesses. You can start any of these at a moderate and low investment (the last one is possible to start with even for free). I picked up the business ideas from 4 different segments you maybe passionate about.

Although I personally prefer online options mostly, choosing a business depends on your personal passion and expertise. Online business generally needs low investment and no land or outdoor deals required to start. As a return, you can earn an unbelievable profit if you can work systematically.

However, if you have your own land or you can invest more money for your business, you can choose any offline options. All the mentioned business ideas are very profitable.

So, now let me know, did this article meet your needs? Could you choose a business idea from this list?

Unless you share your insight, I’ll not be able to understand your further needs. Once I receive some feedback, I’ll modify accordingly or create another article as per your demand. So, I request you to let me know your thinking on this article; just leave a comment in the comment box below, I’ll get back to you at the earliest.

If you find the article helpful, please share the ideas by clicking the social buttons.

Thank you for your visit and attention.

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  1. Rodarrick

    These are the best means of earning a meaningful income online or offline. Though they do not look simple and seem also competitive. however, they also look great too. This is really massive to see here on my side because i value every bit of this. Thumbs up to you for sharing out here. I feel more comfortable with online courses and affiliate marketing here. Thanks

    1. Dr. SD

      Glad to see you find this as a valued article. Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to start because this one is much hassle-free and offers infinite profit with time if you can continue it in a continuous way.

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    Hi Dr. SD, thank you very much for these fantastic ideas. I am indeed trying to build a small business so I can arrive at your website.

    My goal to look for ways to make money through a profitable business, that is because I really want to get out of the 9 to 5 zone and circle I have. Because to be honest, I really hate this job. I really want to be able to live according to my passion, where I can volunteer for abandoned children. But, of course, you know, to be able to do that, surely I need funds to at least be able to live.

    That way, I think it’s good to try to do business. And from what you write, it seems like I’m more interested in becoming an affiliate marketer. Because there are some of my friends who are successful from there. However, the obstacle is that I do not have experience or knowledge about the internet world. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Dr. SD

      Affiliate marketing is, of course, a good choice as I mentioned here in this article. It’s the best option to become a millionaire if you can build up this business proper way employing the hidden tricks; on the other hand affiliate marketing is a business of frustration if you run just blindly without knowing things.

      At the bottom of each business idea, I included a link to learn the business. You’ll find a similar link at the bottom of the affiliate marketing business idea, that is the platform from where I personally started my journey.

      You can simply subscribe to the program for FREE of cost, just fill in the form, NO need to share any credit card details for free subscription.

      Best wishes and hope for the success of your business.

  3. Tom Wiler

    i learned a lot from your website about profitable businesses. I like how you took the time to break everything down, from recycling plants to soap production, all the way to drop shipping and Affiliate Marketing.  You’re obviously quite knowledgeable about the subject, and it shows in your writing. I think you’re absolutely right about the point you made about the importance of choosing something that you either have experience in or are passionate about. You know the old saying, “If you do something that you love, you never work a day in your life!” 

    I bookmarked your website; I will be back to read the rest of your articles!


    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Tom,

      I am extremely glad that you liked the article and bookmarked.

      Yes, I am knowledgeable about all the sectors I discussed here. All are not my own business, but somehow I am involved in most of these business sectors; in some cases, I am involved for research purposes, few are my or my wife’s hobby, few are my partnership business, and a few are my sole business.

      I just tried to share my personal experience to help people to find out a unique business idea.

      You can ask me anything regarding these topics, I’d be really happy to help you.

  4. Paul

    Hey There, I found your post to be really interesting. Some of your ideas are very thought-provoking to say the least. They are all very different ideas so there has to be something for everyone here. I am a member of WA and recommend it highly enough, I have a passion for what I do now and it is so fulfilling.

    Thank you


    1. Dr. SD

      I am glad that you find the article interesting.

      It is good to know you are a member of WA. Wealthy Affiliate fulfills it’s purpose although it needs hard work initially. In fact, every startup business needs initial hard work to make it stable.

      As you are trying to fulfill your passion, you’ll succeed for sure, because I personally turned my passion into profit with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. What you have to do, just focus on their official training session and complete all the tasks given after every lesson. Don’t skip any task, and don’t miss the weekly live training sessions.

      I can assure you, you’ll be successful if you follow them. And don’t leave your business in the middle. Like any other business, you need time to build up your online business. You can’t get rich overnight anywhere.

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